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Topical Antibacterial
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Note: Benzoyl peroxide clears the skin completely when applied correctly.
Topical Antibacterial
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It’s been a staple of acne treatment for decades for a reason. When used properly it can completely clear the skin. It is widely available and affordable. Comes with side effects for the first few weeks and can bleach fabric.
Topical Antibacterial
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This is an over-the-counter treatment. Here are some places you can find it online.
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September 23, 2021
Suddenly stopped working

I was a very happy user of this product for 3 years. It cleared my skin completely. However, for whatever reason now it causes me to break out. I thought maybe I was using too much and tried using every other day, but it still caused my skin to dry and gave me deep pimples and my skin wouldn't adjust to it. I read some other reviews that this happened to them once they ordered a new product once theirs ran out (ordered in Sept 2020). This is what I did so I am not sure if I got a bad product or it changed. I will be trying a different Benzoyl Peroxide treatment from a different brand.

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December 17, 2020
BP seems different

I used to love this product for it’s simplicity. The last bottle I purchased had a weird plastic odor and feels much more irritating on my skin. When I reach out about this problem I was sent a replacement bottle but the replacement also had the strange smell and felt slightly irritating on my skin. They said the ingredients haven’t changed. I’m wondering if there was a bad batch or something of the big size? I will purchase the smaller tube once more and see if it still has the weird smell. I’m very sad about this because I genuinely love this product normally. 

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September 24, 2020

It is not gentle, it does not remove all makeup and it does not help with acne in long game

Maybe if you want to wash your face with it twice

September 7, 2020
Acnecide face wash

Hi, I need help!! I have been using the acnecide face wash and spot cream for about a week now. The face wash has made my face really swollen and dry and red and doesn’t feel any better at the minute. Does it get better the more you use it? Do I carry on using it or leave it and try something else? 

July 18, 2020
Not for me

To be fair, I have only been using the product for two weeks. However I am not new to benzoyl peroxide. I used to use Clinique's 2.5% BP cream for 8 years until they discontinued it. I have been looking for an a new acne treatment since. I started using a 5% BP that was working at keeping my breakouts away, but it was a little too drying for me (even with moisturizing), which is why I decided to give this a try. I understand that this product could cause initial purging however downgrading from a 5% BP to 2.5% should not have caused one in the first place (especially as bad as the one I am having now) , considering my skin was relatively clear with a few breakouts here and there at a certain time. My skin got pretty bad within the last two weeks (the worst its been since I was a teen), which is why I am giving up only after two weeks and going back to my 5%. The new breakouts I am getting are definitely more painful and red, they also linger for some time, which is why I am not sure if this is an initial purging period, or my skin just doesn't like it. The reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because it did not dry me out or cause any irritation. It didn't even feel like I was using a BP treatment. I believe that 2.5% is strong enough and not everyone needs 5/10%, but I am not sure that this exact one works for me. My personal advice to someone starting out BP for the first time, don't give up after 2 weeks like me, stick to it for AT LEAST a month, because you might be purging in the beginning. In my case, I don't think I am due to my past experience with BP (which has never really caused purging in the first place). If you're switching from another BP treatment that was working well to this and keep having a bad reaction, I suggest going back to the old BP. The 5% I was using was medical grade and a lot more expensive than this, which was another reason I wanted to switch, but if it keeps my breakouts away, I am willing to spend the money! 

Update: I went back to my 5% BPO and my inflamed red breakouts have calmed down and are healing. This BPO was definitely causing a bad reaction and not purging, considering the breakouts weren't small and in the regular areas but were red and inflamed all over. 

January 13, 2020
My Skin was Unbearable on this

It did help my acne to some extent but my face has never been in so much pain from using these products. It seriously hurt to even move my face. It's so harsh I couldn't even put make up on and my face was bright red.

February 5, 2019
No different from other benzoyl peroxide products

If benzyol has not helped you in the past, it will not now. I was very hopeful about this product and it is not to say it doesn't work for people, in my experience it was no different from cheaper more accessible creams like proactiv which for me did nothing. I acknowledge that this is something I observed with my skin, and this will not be the case for everyone. Never the less, I spent $30 on this product and it made me break out and dried out my skin. I even tried the 2-minute leave on method which is shown to reduce irritation, but until I cut out this ingredient from my regime my skin was stuck in severe (keeping in mind I had other treatments going on like salicylic acid and retinoids, so benzoyl might have been too much on top of my regime). 

January 25, 2019
Product used: The Regimen
majorly mixed feelings

I have mild to sometimes moderate acne and the regimen itself defintely helped clear my acne. But it left my skin mostly my cheeks extremely red and irritated. Using the regimen my skin was extremely dry even having oily skin, my skin would constantly peel off sometimes in hard clumps. It also tanned my skin unnaturally. Don't use if you have sensitive skin.

May 31, 2018
Was working for a while
Worked great for awhile, and then acne came back so bad. Just a temporary relief for the problem. Not to mention customer service sucked. They kept sending me kits when i've cancelled months before.
April 14, 2018
not all that
drys my skin and doesn't help with my acne at all

Finding a Doctor

The right dermatologist can make a big difference to your patient experience and the success of your acne treatment plan. Here are the steps to find a dermatologist who is a good fit:

  1. Use the search feature on the American Academy of Dermatology website to look for board-certified dermatologists in your area, and filter the search results for doctors with a special interest in treating acne.
  2. Read online patient reviews of any dermatologists you are considering and ask people you know whether they have any experience with these dermatologists.
  3. Do your research and go to your first appointment with questions prepared.
  4. Listen to what your gut feeling tells you once you see a dermatologist in person. If you are not completely comfortable, try a different dermatologist.

Finding a Doctor

Only a select few plastic surgeons specialize in acne scar revision surgery. Be certain to find a provider who specializes in acne scar repair and who is passionate and experienced in this area.

Be sure to:

  • Look at before and after photos, the more the better, especially patients with similar scarring to your own.
  • Be realistic about results. Look for improvement, not a cure.

Questions to ask a potential scar revision specialist:

  • Are you board certified? Be certain that they are board certified.
  • How long have you been performing these procedures? Normally, the more experience the better, however, some younger surgeons may be more on top of the latest procedures.
  • Can I speak to some of your other patients? Ask for references for several patients who had similar scarring and speak to them about the process and their satisfaction with results.

Red flags:

  • Their story changes: As you discuss different treatment options, if they tend to change their mind easily, or agree with whatever you say, consider this a red flag. A confident, experienced surgeon will possess strong, unwavering opinions.
  • Your gut tells you "no": Trust your gut. If you just don't feel that the doctor is the right fit, trust that and move on. On the other hand, if you feel they are the perfect specialist for you, trust that feeling.