Help us keep the Community helpful and supportive!

The following are the community rules at Moderators reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to edit/remove/move/hide any content posted on the site.

  1. No fighting. Personal attacks and bickering are not allowed. Healthy disagreement is welcomed, but do not flame ideas or another person.
  2. Avoid NSFW and offensive posts, images, and links. “NSFW”= Not Safe For Work (This will be defined as what most mainstream employers would not find appropriate for an employee to be viewing during work hours). This includes nudity, porn, inappropriate cartoons and videos, etc. “Offensive” will be defined as anything that incites anger or bad feelings directed at a persons race, sex, social status, religious preference, sexual preference, appearance, etc.
  3. Anything relating to pornography/nudity will be dumped. This applies to post content as well as pictures. The forums are for people of all ages. Please use discretion and common sense. When in doubt, please ask a moderator if something is appropriate or not before you post it.
  4. No sexual discussion. We are a web site for all ages. Posts about flirting, “liking someone”, non-sexual relationship questions, and other innocuous material is welcomed. However, because of the wide ranging ages of our members, sexual banter is inappropriate. Posts about masturbation or sex in relation to acne is the only exception to this rule, but such posts should remain scientific and information based.
  5. Swearing. Intermittent cursing is ok, but constant, disgusting language will be dumped.
  6. No discrimination of any form will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, sexism and ageism.
  7. Don’t share user accounts or create multiple accounts.
  8. Don’t spam, troll, harass or bully other members. does not tolerate e-bullying in any form, including posts, PMs, gallery/profile comments, etc.
  9. Don’t post illegal content.
  10. No promoting illegal behavior.
  11. No posts relating to recreational illicit drug use, whether street drugs or prescription medications, unless specifically related to acne.
  12. No promotion of illegal procurement of prescription drugs.
  13. No offering to give/sell/donate prescription medications to fellow posters.
    (This rule also applies to asking people to give/sell/donate prescription medications).
  14. Advertising/Soliciting. We do not allow advertising or soliciting in any form. This includes linking to or advertising other products or web sites in your posts, status updates, blogs, galleries, messages and on your profile page. We allow one exception: if you need to link to a product you are currently using in your skin care regimen and need to ask a question on a one time basis. We also do not allow any advertising to sell any products on the forums. This includes new or used products, regardless of brand or type. That pertains to offering to give people products as well. There are many web sites on which you can advertise, so please use those services if you wish to sell unwanted products.
  15. Linking. Linking to an external website will only be allowed if the information provided there is relevant to the topic, and if it does not conflict with the board rules. Linking to websites containing illegal or objectionable content is prohibited. Repeatedly linking to the same website/blog (including your own), or using referral links, is considered advertising/spamming, and will be dealt with accordingly. The moderators reserve the right to remove any link at their discretion.
  16. Quoting. While you may quote other members, you must remove those quotes if/when you are asked to. People who want their quotes taken down should make the request themselves. Moderators should only be brought into it as a last resort.
  17. Potentially dangerous content. Any medical procedure must be performed by a qualified board-certified doctor. Do not post advice or how-tos on at-home, do-it-yourself, and/or illegal medical procedures or treatments that could be dangerous.
  18. Doctors. Due to the peer sharing nature of, we ask that members do not represent themselves as a doctor nor have a doctor related username or profile.