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Found 4,354 results

  1. jweibel

    PIH caused by N-Lite laser

    I recently went through two N-Lite sessions for my acne. Sadly this resulted in hyperpigmentation. I have one area near my left eye that has turned grey and an aera on my nose that has turned red/brown. A couple of times in the past I've battled with red marks caused by acne and on both occasions the red marks took about a year to fade away. I would like to know whether I can expect the same turnover time for these new hyperpigmentation spots, or if it takes longer when they are caused by a las
  2. deletethisshit

    Laser leading to PIH?

    Hey everyone, here's my situation: I used to have 2 small brown spots or "birthmarks" on my cheek, and they really bothered me. I later found out that laser could remove them, so I gave it a shot. Both birthmarks have had 3 laser treatments each now. One has been treated about 7 months ago and the other around 15 months ago. I must say the brown pigment seems to be gone, but I'm still left with red/purple/pinkish marks (which I am told is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). Apparently they f
  3. Greetings... I have been reading u on this forum and learned a lot of things that lead me to wanting to get Fraxel. I do however have a few more questions and want to get the members take.. I am dark skinned ..not wesley snipes dark..but more like that dude kumar dark.. people are talking about hyperpigmentation risks but it cant be any worse than uneven skin..ice picks i think..i hope.. having said that any good and "reasonable" docs in the Socal area that you know for sure have worked o
  4. I have had red marks for probably 4 months that won't go away. I have been on tretinoin and doxycycline for 10 weeks to get rid of them. Nothing has happened. Now I am using benzamycin in addition. Do you think this combination will work? How come everyone is saying benzoyl peroxide is bad for red marks? Isn't that in benzamycin?
  5. I'm not saying this is the worst ACNE ever... but these are teh worst red marks ever........ anyone will agree with me on this.
  6. Hi guys, I'm still struggling with my PIH mainly and some scarring that i have left over. I visited a derm 2 months ago and have been using 0.025% tretinoin cream since then. Although i have seen slight improvement, i'm not sure if it's just the effect or time or the cream. I am wondering if i should increase the strength of the tretinoin cream to 0.05% or to stick with 0.025%. Will increasing the strength increase the rate/effectiveness of the cream in removing my PIH? Also, how long can i
  7. I have several red marks on my face, and i don't know how to classify them. They're smooth, so they don't seem to be scars. They're not irritating either, just repulsive to look at. Does anyone know what they are? If so, how do i get rid of them? If it helps, I've started taking Accutane about 3 weeks ago.
  8. Ok, so I've been on DKR for like 8 months now and so far my face has cleared up a lot. But I have one problem, for the last 4 months or so I've had a small (3 mm) red spot on my face that will not go away. Its always dry and flaky unless I have moisturizer on it, and I've tried a few different kinds of moisturizers right now I'm using dans moisturizer. For some reason I just can not get it to heal.. oh and I havent been putting BP on that spot for at least a month.. please tell me someone has so
  9. Hi, I've posted these pics because I'm sick of the stubborn redmarks I've had for over 6 months and the shallow scarring/big pores on my face. Of course in this lighting, it's a little hard to tell the severity, but all I have is a scanner to do this with LOL. I can tell you that most of the scars are pretty shallow, I just wondered if anyone has had a similar looking problem that they have cleared up and how they went about doing it. I'm thinking about trying the Intense Mini-peels by Purede
  10. Hello i am not sure if i am in the correct section. But please bare with me. I am deeply depressed with nose. I never realized how big it was it doesnt match my face at all. Today i was reading about rosacea and how it can cause excessive tissue in the nose makinh it look bigger than usual, when i was yung i had a very small nose, now it is just out there. THE QUESTION IS are the pictures yu guys are about to see really rosacea ? My nose has enlarged pores and purple around it, also thickend ski
  11. I was on accutane @ 30mg for 3 weeks. So far I have hardly had any breakouts on my face. I still have some on my back and get red pimples, acne on my shoulders. I have been given another 3 weeks @ 60mg. Thing is I have around 5 red marks in the middle of my chest - which are now flat but different colour to the rest of my skin - They have been like this for about a month now. I also noticed I got a red pimple a few weeks ago just as I came off the first course on my bicep and its pretty m
  12. Importracer280

    Red Marks

    Ok, so like many other people ive heard that acne or red marks left after acne will go away, but im not sure if it hasnt been long enough for the marks on my face to go away, or if they wont go away. Since ive heard of many ways to help get rid or fade away marks id like to try some of them before i go out and buy any thing. Can anyone tell me of some if you know any? Also, does anyone know if Proactiv help marks go away? How about the new Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading, does that work? Thanks
  13. my skin is completely clear but doesnt look clear bc of hyperpigmentation and light ice pick scars. should i began scar treatment for the ice picks now or should i wait and let them heal as best they can on their own? i feel like if i wait then they will just become more "permanent" in my skin, if that makes any sense. btw im 16, got over cystic breakout in january and now i literally get one pimple a month, maybe.
  14. But, it turns out they were just buried spots that have been there for MONTHS! Seriously, they have been there for so long, and haven't been able to feel them or anything, that I thought they were red marks and started treating them as such. Well, lately I've been taking massive doses of fish oil (10g a day), and have noticed it seems to have a retinoid effect. Well, this brought all of my "red marks" to the surface, so now they can heal It's weird, now that all of them are at the surface, I
  15. silentflower

    Patiently Waiting

    Hello Everyone, I just joined this forum today because I'm quite upset at this moment because I am getting pretty tired of waiting for my life to start. I have had acne since 5th grade and I am now 21 years old. My acne never goes away and I suffer from hyperpigmentation so every single pimple that I get leaves a scar or a dark mark. The texture of my skin resembles that of an elephant's hide. I have been made fun of my entire life by horrible kids and my parents and brothers criticize me f
  16. I use talc. I swear to god, it is awesome. no seriously. obviously I use a perfume free one, just normal talc, ok, so it hides, it doesnt make them dissapear, but in my opinion, my red marks are hardly visable anymore. its especially good for if you hate youre scars/redness, but dont wanna cover them up with make-up, its easy, and also, dries youre spots out too, I think, and gives the skin a good texture, it seems to help my skin, whilst making my skin look better. also good for tane users
  17. I have never really been "red" at all... I am a white male, 17, and on accutane. About a month (maybe a little more) into accutane, I basically turned red. MY theory is I went to the beach and was outside just way too long, got burned, and its taking a little bit longer to fade. But, its been 3 or so weeks... If I compare my stomach to my arms, my stomach is normal, whiteish color, and my arms are RED (but only really forearms and partially upperkindA). And my face... my face is really pretty r
  18. Hello, i've recently had a break out but it now seems to be calming down and i now have flat red marks there (which look just as bad!). My doctor has said that the BP will get rid of these, but i don't know whether this is true or not. Does anyone use BP to get rid of the red marks?
  19. Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this. all my red marks left after acne, even the small ones turn black immidiatly and they wont go away. Ive been on doxycylin for over 3 months now, but i have seen that this is a common side effect of this medicine. i stopped using benzoyl peroxide a little while ago, and the new acne that i havnt used BP on also turns black. Whats going on??
  20. Ive been using Proactiv for 5 weeks.- Wonderful results. but i still have redmarks- (ive had them before i started Proactiv) What can I use to help my Red Marks but not disrupt the Proactiv cycle?
  21. what website or emu oil brand is good for getting rid of red spots left froma acne
  23. So I'm currently a sophomore in college and had managed to get through high school and my first year of college with pretty clear skin. But last semester, my skin broke out like crazy all of a sudden. I got on ortho tri cyclen birth control and it managed to clear up my forehead after a few months pretty well, but left red marks everywhere. The area around my mouth also got some pretty big red marks that don't seem to go away or even fade! I just started Differin about a month ago, and it caused
  24. Chocolate Monkey

    Some weird marks, advice please...

    Hey, so i had to acne cysts randomly for the first time in years appear on my cheeks, i was prescribed erythromycin, and its all gone...my skin was really clear for about a week, and the colour tone even etc... but over the last few days, ive noticed some hyperpigmentation on cheeks in the areas i had the acne, and its getting darker....but the scary part is, the pigmentation seems more black rather than brown.... im a VERY fair asian.... so i dont get how pigmentation can arrive so delayed i
  25. hey guyyss. i am currently. drinking lemon juice. using bi-carb soda applying olive oil using bp and at this very moment have an egg based protien mask on my face (bleh D:) if any body else has some kinda miricle cure for those damn red marks please tell me