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Found 500 results

  1. In a bit of a dilemma dealing with skin issues… I might be one of the guys that has to go through an Accutane cycle once a year to remain clear, so 2 weeks ago, started taking 60mg daily, with a 120mg dose one of those days of the week (to accelerate the process—total broscience). In the meantime, trying to figure out how else my flare-ups/irritation/inflammation can be minimized…. Maybe I just have overactive sebaceous glands, which Accutane uniquely treats and is very effective at minimiz
  2. hi everyone .. I'm a 15 year old girl with moderate-severe acne and I've had acne since I was around 11. I turned 15 last august so am around 15 and a half now. nothing and I mean NOTHING got rid of my acne over these years, I literally tried everything, so I went to a derm and asked what I could do. he offered me Accutane. obviously at first I was a bit sceptical about going for it because of all the reviews, but then I was so desperate for my acne to go away that I figured i'd try everything.
  3. So I stopped using accutane 6 months ago and my skin is clear i just have some whitehead on my nose sometimes but thats not really bad , but i’m st Really scared when i want to eat something unhealthy, like today i ate a chocolate and i feel really guilty about it i’m scared that my acne would come back now that i’m off accutane So can you eat whatever you want after you off of accutane or still you need to be careful?
  4. It’s been a month since I took my last accutane pill. I was on 20,40,55,55,55,55. I just wanted to share my experience with the drug as, for me, it didn’t impact my life at all. I would point out that I do think my spots will come back. I’ve had a few that have crept up already BUT my skin is looking beautiful most of the time. I’m currently using differin gel at night too. I go out without makeup, my friends have said it looks incredible and with makeup it looks insane! I’m so so happy I
  5. Hi there I’m 16 years old and weigh 54kg. I’m on 40mg of accutane per day and going into my 5th month. The big problem is I’m seeing no results on my face. It cleared my back within the first month but after that it has given me painful acne on my cheeks that I’ve never had before. (Only ever on my forehead). When will this finally work and what should I do to speed it up?
  6. So about 20 days on accutane i was at the gym and i was deadlifting and i herniated a disk in my lower back. Since then i have had extreme pain in my entire back. When i pick up weights and drop them the pain is excruciating. I had to get off accutane after 2 1/2 months cause the pain was so bad as well as the joint pain when i attempted to take it easy while working out. Every second of my day, i am overwhelmed with pain in my back wether im sitting or standing. Please help me, its been 3 month
  7. Hey everyone, I know ive posted about this before but I’m getting desperate for some solutions/ feedback. I’ve been off accutane for what’ll be 3 months here on April 4. My cheeks and nose are always at least pink/ red. I also flush probably about once a day in which my cheeks turn a dark red/purple. My face was never red and I definitely never flushed prior to accutane. I played a lot of sports and could play 3 baseball games in the middle of summer and keep a normal skin tone the entire time.
  8. What’s up guys, So I took accutane back in 2015 due to my major acne on my chest back and face. I was on 40ml zentatane. All was fine only had the minor side effects dry skin, lips and rashes from the pill on my arms but went away. All acne cleared I was exited but then now I the beginning of 2019 out of no where bam back at it again acne relapse. So I go back to my dermatologist and was prescribed again accutane but this time the generic version was Claravis. Idk if generic brands differ b
  9. It's been around ten years since I finished my course of Isotretinoin (Accutane). Here is the blog I made at the time: https://www.acne.org/forums/topic/220074-my-amazing-accutane-log-finished/ Back then I was extremely shy, self conscious, and had zero confidence. Probably quite typical for a teenager but I'd say the acne really held me back from developing myself and gaining the confidence to be who I wanted to be and do what I wanted to do. I obviously don't know how my skin would have b
  10. ive been like this for more than a week now, i literally moisturize my skin every single fckin hour and it just doesnt do anything AAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELP ME
  11. Hi! I'm dealing with severe acne since I was 13. 7 years later I have tried everything on the market for acne. I've also taken several antibiotics for acne, and tried many topical creams and nothing worked. The only thing that is left for me to try is isotretinoin. I was so happy when I heard about it, thinking it would cure my acne for good. But after reading about isotretinoin online, I have found out that it contains soya oil, and that patients who are allergic to nuts and soya can't take thi
  12. Hi all, Anyone know if accutane protects you against sugar induced breakouts/breakouts from eating food? I had a party, and over the last 2 days I ate quite a bit of sugar (cake, jam, scones, chocolate etc.) - *for the last 4 ish weeks I have avoided sugary food I feel as though my accutane is kicking in now, but do you think i will break out? did anyone else experience otherwise I appreciate the help
  13. I took Accutane a year ago and it cleared my skin beautifully. However, around a year later, I am noticing that my acne is relapsing and it is getting back to the state it was before. I weigh 53kg and calculated that my cumulative dosage was 5880mg back when I took Accutane. Is my acne relapsing because I didn't take enough Accutane? What is the minimum dosage I should be on to maximise the chances of clearing my acne permanently? I am considering a 2nd round. Please help! Thank you!
  14. I am on my 4th month of accutane, low dosage: 20mg for the first 2 months and 3mg for the next two. it started off great, skin wasn't absolutely awful to begin with but I had just had constant acne since I was about 13 (am now 20, female, 120lb). for the first 2 months, things were going well. skin was dry but spots were disappearing and for the first time in forever I didn't feel like I had to wear concealer. then the dosage moved up to 30mg and things went downhill very fast. I now have
  15. Hi everyone! So this is my first post here on acne.org. I would really appreciate any advice or personal experiences! I've basically had moderate but persistent acne, on my face, back and chest, since the age of 11 and have tried everything out there - nothing worked. Finally last November (when I was 17) I began my treatment of Accutane; I was put on 20mg for the 1st month, 40mg for 2nd month and 50mg for the final 3 months (I weigh 52kg). Accutane was a miracle and my skin was clear
  16. I am on day 40 of Accutane, 40MG once a day and about a week ago I noticed how red and blotchy my skin is. I moisturize twice a day and rarely step out in the sun. It’s gotten considerably worse over the passed week. Is this normal, should I follow up with my derm. Advice anyone please!
  17. Hi all! I’m a 34 year old mom of three, just starting on Accutane. I’ve chosen the low dose, extended treatment time for a few reasons: first, I’m past childbearing, my husband has a vasectomy and I’m already on birth control (Yaz) so any birth defect issues are exceptionally unlikely. Second, I get terrible cold sores specifically when my lips get chapped or sunburned, so we are hoping the lower dose = a little bit less dryness of the lips. And 3rd, I almost never drink anyway, so abstaining fr
  18. I've been taking Accutane (Myorisan) for about month and a half, 40mg x2. Everything seemed to be working well other than dry skin and lips but about 5 days ago my neck suddenly began to itch so I scratched it, but it didn't stop I woke up the next morning and my entire right side of neck was red and swollen a bit. I thought maybe it's just another side effect and put on OTC anti itch cream. But the itchiness spread and it went upto my face and made my face red, swollen and sting. Then it
  19. Hi, Background: I'm a male in the 20's that have had flawless skin up until I turned 19 when I was going through a bad break up and other negative things striking at the same. I started getting skin-colored bumps on my cheeks and I started to pick them but they all became inflamed red cysts that left huge scars. From that point I went through a year of cysts only on my cheeks and awful scarring but started to calm down with time to white heads. Anyways, I started a course of very low dos
  20. I’ve been off Accutane for 8 months with no hiccups or anything. I was used to tiny pimples that would appear once in a while and disappear the next day. However, recently I’ve started breaking out heavily again from before. I believe I am relasping as my acne from my body is back as well. Now my friend reccommended I try birth control since that was never an option my dermatologist gave me during our trial and error of acne medications. Is it wiser for me to go back on accutane?
  21. I am one month on 50mg accutane. I wanted to share my personal cruelty free survivor kit (I.e. regimen) to combat symptoms dryness. A month in and my skin is not flaking. Please note, not everything is vegan. My motivation to share this stems from the belief and misconception that CeraVe and other such brands are the only go to for accutane. ----- Facial Cleanser (2 times a day): Biossance, "Squalane+Antioxidant Cleansing oil" ($30.00, non-comedogenic!!!, vegan) Facial Moisturizer
  22. My derm prescribed me only 40 days of accutane but i think i need more amount of accutane to achieve a clear skin. So i am thinking to buy accutane without prescription. Is that okay?
  23. If anyone could give me a little insight that would be great!! I have been on Isotretinoin (Claravis) for a about a month and a week now. My derm started me on 40mg once daily for the first month, and recently increased the dose to 60mg daily (30mg X2). By the first two weeks I came down with a horrible cold flu like symptoms with really tender/ swollen lymph nodes behind my ears and neck. About a week later it subsided. A few days after starting the 60mg, my cold came back, and this time s
  24. I have been dealing with acne for nearly 4 years now. It was very minimal at first and only got it sparingly but over time it has definitely escalated exponentially. I went to my family doctor to see what I could do to treat my acne. My skin type is oily, and I have semi-large pores. I do not have many blackheads at all. My main concern is acne and the red marks left behind and some slight scarring. I have tried many things from salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and even some more natural trea
  25. Hey, I have acne since January and i’ve been to the dermatologist, she told me that my Acne was moderate, she prescribed me a creme ( epiduo gel). She told me to take Tetralysal if i had no results after 2-3 months using epiduo. Now it’s almost 3 months, my Acne became almost severe. I wanna take accutane, I have a rendez-vous with a new dermatologist wednesday. I wanna ask him accutane but I don’t know if he will prescribed me if because I never took antibiotics. I know my brother took it, he