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Found 6,255 results

  1. slowandsteady

    Accutane Bo?

    I have been on accutane for 2 months now and ive noticed that my BO smells differently, almost more chemically....? and definitely stronger. Has anyone else had this problem? Did it go away after treatment? Also, seeing as I dont really sweat from my face anymore ....just my eyebrows? Will my skin go back to normal and sweat as it usually did?
  2. lalaland24


    i have been on roaccutane for 3 days and am feeling quite itchy on my face, scalp back and arms! is this a side effect? is there a way of easing it? will it go away? i feel like people are going to notice im itching and think i have nits or something LOL
  3. I have a giant pustule that has reappeared four times in exactly the same spot over the past two months. It becomes a giant red whitehead that leaves red hyper pigmentation after it leaves. However, it never REALLY leaves. After it bursts (I don't pick it), I can still feel a tiny little speck, which lets me know that it's going to rear its ugly head in another week or two. How do I get rid of this sucker once and for all? I'm also on Accutane, so I have to be cautious about that as well. I just began my third month.
  4. My partner is on claravis can he still give me oral sex? Also will it affect our unborn child I'm 15weeks? We do use protection having sex.
  5. chin acne69

    Chin Acne

    So, I have been on the antibiotic keflex for the last year and a half. It has kept me relatively clear (my whole face is clear always except my chin) I have tried to ease off of it and hope my acne would not come back, but after a few days big red cyst come up on my chin (2 to 4 at a time).... then i get back on it and it clears it up and i will only get small ones every now and again. I have been suffering from acne since i was 18 and now im 23.(male) I have tried all different topicals. (differin, retin a , salicylic acid, benzyol peroxide, etc) also have been on multiple antibiotics. I am tired of taking the keflex bc even with this i still a break out every 2 weeks or so just not as often and persistent if i wasnt on it... (like i said before when i come off of it my chin flares up with pimple after pimple after pimple) I have been thinking about accutane for a while now.... Do you guys think this a good choice for me, to just whip this acne out where i dont have to wake up worrying if i have a big red pimple on my chin? I have a dermatolgist appointment august 12th, and am currently on keflex which is keeping me relatively clear... do you think my derm will wanna prescribe me the accutane or do i need to stop the keflex to show her how bad my skin will get when im not on it....!?!? some1 help? i just wanna stop this acne ASAP so i dont have to deal with it for the rest of my life Also 2 of my brothers and my mother have taken accutane in the past and there skin is flawless now and never have to worry about acne no matter how bad they eat or drink
  6. Hi, I've been taking 60mg of accutane for a little less than the last two months and within the last week my side effects have dissipated. With that being said my skin has also dramatically improved within the last week as well. Both of these coincide with me starting my second perscription package of accutane. So my question is, is this a normal part of the treatment, have I gotten lucky with side affects or is this some how signally that the medication isn't working? Thanks in advanced for all your help, advice and answers.
  7. Okay, so I have a derm appointment in 5 days and I'm seriously considering accutane. Right now my doctor has me on Clindamycin and Differin and several moisturizers. (I've also been prescribed Minocycline and Tretinex before) There really hasn't been any noticeable change in my acne for a number of months, but my skin is unbearably dry and flaky. Every time I go to her, however, all she says to me is, "The acne and blackheads are nearly all gone. The redness will go away soon." None of the redness has gone away and I still break out. Also, my back is horrendous, but she wont even bother trying to help me on that. This lack of change is throwing me off. I still continuously have to wear heavy foundation to cover the redness and bumps. So with this in mind I've decided to consider going on accutane, but my main worries are her not prescribing it to me (She doesn't seem open to discussion on my treatment) and the dry skin. As my skin is already super dry I have doubts if I'll be able to deal with the dryness. (I'm using basic cetaphil and cerave moisturizers right now.) Has anyone here gone on Accutane who already had really dry skin? What will it be like? Also, do you think I should get a second opinion from another doctor? (Note I mainly have a couple of whiteheads, occasionally small cysts, and papules. I usually get them on my chest, face, and very badly on my back.)
  8. Sammiesam17

    Pre Accutane

    Hi, I'm about to go on Accutane next month. My appointment was on the 12th on which I received my first pregnancy test, and they scheduled my next one to be on the 12th of July. Realizing this wouldn't work since July is a really busy month, I had to reschedule (my second pregnancy test before I'm allowed to go on Accutane) to the 18th, and then the 25th because I have to rely on my parent (UGH) since I'm not 18 yet. Is this okay even though it's a little over 30 days?
  9. I had swollen painless lips throughout the accutane course. I took my last pill of accutane four weeks ago but I still have swollen lips. I have tried vaseline, blistex, paraffin ointment and currently using QV lip balm. Last week, my doctor prescribed hydrocortisone cream for me to apply on lips before sleeping. However, I can't see any progress. My oil is coming back but my lips are still swollen. Have anyone experience this? lf yes, what did you do and how long did this side effect last? I am very afraid that it will pose permanent damage to my lips. Sorry for the poor english as english is my second language.
  10. Hello Everyone, I am currently in my third month of Accutane, 60 mg per day. This is my second course. It's going well and I am happy with my progress. As if getting Accutane isn't difficult enough, this morning, after taking out the trash, I realized that I had accidentally thrown away a started blister pack with nine pills in it (I thought it was empty and didn't realize till after, and yes, I did dig through my apartment complex's dumpster - gross!). I feel really dumb. There's not much I can do, but I have two options. I can either take the dosage as needed and miss the last 4.5 days until I can go see my doctor again, or, I can take 30 mg instead of 60 mg every three days (so a pattern of 2 days on 60, 1 day on 30, and then continuing the pattern.). Has anyone been in a similar situation? I appreciate your help!
  11. Hi everyone, I have been on Accutane for about 9 days now and have been experiencing very bad joint and muscle pain, I only do light exercise so I am sure it is not working out that is causing this. Of course was well aware of all the side effects before I started the medication but having come across this forum just after starting I am now extremely worried and wonder if I should stop the medication. It seems sad as I have been pushing for 4 years to be approved for the drug (on the NHS) and I am really cannot do anything else for my acne, however I would much rather have complete health than end up with long term side effects. I know that everyone reacts differently, my mum had only dry skin when she took this, but the joint pain is really worrying me. I wonder how much of the post Accutane side effects are truly ignored by health professionals. I have spoken to the derm and they have told me to decrease from 30mg to 20mg but I am not convinced it will help as for the last two days I have only been on 10mg and nothing has changed. if anyone has any advice or similar experience I would be greatful I really am just completely stressing about this and feel I have no one to confide in about these problems, am I putting myself in danger?
  12. Hey guys! I'm a newbie here on the forum. Found it browsing google for some visual documentation and stories about patients progress with Accutane. I'm 25, male, 160lbs on 80mg/daily and will be at 3 months in about a week. Just wanted to add to the numerous other posts detailing what other people are experiencing, showing that I'm not alone in the suffereing of dealing with the side effects and the whole ordeal of acne itself. I'm posting some pictures to show how my face is doing currenty. (I didn't take any photos at the beginning) And don't mind the ragged facial hair either. I have reduced shaving to once a week because of the irritation it causes. Also, I still get new pimples and cysts almost daily, in a range of sizes. I feel like I'm still enduring the initial breakout after this long and I shouldn't be. Just some background on my history of acne and treatments in the past: Well, to start off I never had acne through my teenage years except for the occasional pimple and some blackheads, nothing compared to the hell I began enduring in about 2008, at 20 years old. I have been using benzoyl peroxide and a basic antibacterial face wash since I was about 14-15 so that has been my base level treament plan for a long, long time. I went to the dermatologist for the first time and was prescribed Ziana and doxycycline, 20mg twice/daily. I didn't stay on it long, maybe a few months, because I couldn't afford to pay for doctor visits and prescriptions without insurance. Fortunately in 2011 I was able to get coverage under my father's insurance, at least til I'm 26. I tried doxycycline again that year, along with a clindamycin topical and benzoyl peroxide facewash. This I continued til January 2013 when my acne hadn't been very bothersome for quite a while and I failed to keep up my appointments and filling prescriptions. Recently (this past September) I moved back home from living in Arizona for over a year to go back to school. It seemed like the stress of relocating and finding a job and making the arrangements to enroll for the spring semester got my acne rip-roaring again. I started Accutane the first week of October and since then I think my acne has been the worst it's ever been in my entire life. I was already in the midst of a break out when I began treatment and things turn from bad to terrible. I have been experiencing a lot of what I have read from other members on the forum. The dryness of skin and lips was definitely expected and I haven't been bothered so much by that. The skin on my face has become red all over and the marks left behind by the disappearing pimples are very noticeable (in the places where there hasn't been a pimple in weeks or months). Even where no acne exists, the skin is flat and smooth, but red. I have had deep cystic acne in the past but I never seemed to take so long to heal or to leave behind such tell-tale remnants. I am thinking this has to do with the dryness and the thinning of the top layer of skin not being able to heal as efficiently. This is a bit of a put-off because I want my acne to go away but I don't want to be left with a mess of craters on my face.
  13. Hey everyone. I've been on a low dose accutane treatment for a month now. Just wanted to let people know how my experience went and what to expect on it. Well firstly i was given Erythromyocin to use for the first 6 weeks. I think this was to combat the IB, or maybe lessen the effect of me getting off minocycline. Dosage of accutane take was 10mg. Reason was due to previous attempt on accutane-40mg (which lasted 2 weeks) but had to stop due to VERY severe side effects. This was 5 years ago This time around, all i experienced was mild dry lips. Back and chest acne was cleared almost immediately. Face acne has seen no improvement. I have an appt with derm on monday and according to him i am going to up dosage slowly (probably to 20mg?) So overall i am happy with chest/back acne (it was mild), but very disappointed in face acne being the same, as that is what everyone sees. So what i am trying to say is don't expect too much on the first month of low dose accutane! good luck to everyone on their own personal journey! leave replies if u have any questions or anything
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new in San Francisco and I'm looking for a good Dermatologist here! My acne got really worse and I don't know which doctor can help me and talk about taking Accutane again. If it's possible I'd like some recommendations from people who is on Isotretinoin in San Francisco Thanks
  15. Hello all, I am a 21 year old male struggling with acne. I've been through countless dermatology appointments and have tried it all. Before I left for a semester abroad in Europe, my doctor said I could try accutane if I so chose to. I am still tentative and my parents do not like the long list of side effects. Anyways, my acne is 100% due to the overproduction of oil, my nose/forehead/chin becomes an oil slick a few hours after a morning shower. It's unfortunate but realistically the only way I can stop my acne is by stopping the oil production (I believe). I am hopeful that a 20mg dosage would curtail oil production and I could continue on living life. I get dry skin and lips without accutane, however, so I am concerned about that in terms of severe side effects. I know accutane must be run for a certain period of time, I am planning on consulting with my doctor soon. Any advice before I reach out to her? I am setting a goal of trying to get clear by summer, so any advice would be very helpful.
  16. Hello. I have been taking Accutane for 4 months now. I started on 30mg two times a day for first two months and then went to 40mg two times a day. I weigh about 80kg. Anyways, I just went in for my latest dermatologist appointment to have blood work done and the derm. seemed a little concerned I was still getting new pimples at this point in the treatment. I had a pimple when I went in that day and I had a few from a few days prior that were just clearing up. I have been taking the medicine for the previous four months and have been VERY consistent with it. My dermatologist told me that he thinks we should just do the final 5th month as planned (after the 5th month I will be at a cummulative dose of 135mg/kg of bodyweight) but he told me that IF I feel like I should, we can extend it a sixth month. I did the math and this will leave me with a cummulative dose of 165mg/kg of bodyweight. I am here for opinions and perspectives. Is there any benefits to having this higher cummulative dose? I don't care if I have to put up with the side effects for a little longer, I will manage. The side effects for me are actually very mild anyways (a few nosebleeds and chapped lips). What I do not want to do is stop the treatment after 5 months, if an extra month could make all the difference for my results. Thank you for anyone who can provide insight.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm on my 3rd week of Accutane and I'm taking 40mg 2x a day. I tried Accutane for the first time maybe 5 years ago and my skin went back to it's normal oily state after I got off it. Hopefully this time around is permanent. I've tried everything out there...all the 'cyclines, and nothing seemed to help except for Doxycycline, but as many of you know, there's been a shortage of that and it's been crazy expensive. (Accutane is expensive too...but I'm hoping it fixes my troubled skin) So far, I just have itchy dry sking, chapped lips, and weakness with no energy. I tried bench pressing yesterday and I could barely do anything...total muscle fatigue.
  18. Hi, everyone I'm a long time lurker and life long acne sufferer. I was on accurane for 8 months slowly working my way up on dosage. Max dosage was 80mg a day. I was clear by month 5. And had clear and glowing skin for at least 3-4 months post accutane. The red marks from scars began to show whenever I would become warm. I assumed this is common and the best thing to do would be to allow my skin to heal and moisturize daily. More than a year has passed, and the temperature sensitivity is still there. What concerns me the most is that whenever I wash my face (cold, warm, room temp) my face gets tomato red spots all over it for 5 minutes or more. Though this vanishes, i worry that these are sites where acne will reappear, or portions of my skin that have been severely damaged. (Physically and chemically). I currently only use cetaphil wash and Nutregena Moisturizer as needed. Summary: -Pre accutane skin was oily -During accutane dry yet clear -Post accutane occasional random/temporary red spots, and very few blemishes on the surface. If anyone has experienced this or can offer any advise it would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hello! My Derm perscribed me Accutane for the first visit and I was reading through some articles on some terrible stories and even through all that pain, they still didn't get cured. Will that happen to me? . Also, how long will I have to take accutane, I weigh 205 and 5'8. Also my age is 15 and my acne look way worse in real life. (pics)
  20. Jdog31

    Can I Take Accutane?

    My question: Is accutane a possibility for me? I have moderate adult acne for the past year, and have been prescribed things like acanya, atralin, tri luma, and all have made my skin worse. Also I have taken minocyline pills the last 6 months. Right now I started a new regiment for the past 2 weeks using clindamycin gel in the morning and ziana in the evening, I also take 75mg of minocyline pills in the morning. My face is not producing many new big pimples or zits, but I have a lot of discoloration, hyper pigmentation, and new small ball like scars from hard/clear see through like balls forming once or twice a week. *also have minor back and chest acne. At this rate I know that my current regiment will heal my face slightly but I have have a feeling that if I take accutane in low doses it could do a complete 180 on my face and allow me to live my life without having to wear make up as a guy. Please help and any addition info would be great. I know accutane is for severe cystic acne and has a lot of possible side effects, but mine has been extremely persistent and has not really shown much improvement over the last year with retinoids and other topicals because basically my face has continued to become worse with spots and dark marks to the point where I stay inside all day, or have to put make up on to feel normal. Please help if you can or how your face was before starting accutane . I am going to the dermatologist this week and planning to ask to get on accutane.
  21. On my 3rd month of 80 mg a day accutane and this is the second time in a week where for a brief 2 seconds that i got uncontrollably dizzy..where like i felt the world just switched upside down. Then after 2 seconds, i feel normal, but very nautious for 10 min, and then i feel fine. The second time happened after i smoked weed, but i literally only had 2 hits, but then again i really do not smoke a lot at all, so my tolerance is low. I just dont want this dizzy spell to happen like when im driving, or standing, because i almost fell out of my seat. Also, I have been having a lot of dry boogers, almost scab like, that smell kind of bad when i like wipe my nose on my arm (don't judge me, sometimes i dont have a tissue haha) The snot thing has been going on for like a month and i just started to try and use saline spray to maybe moisturize it..(could the smell be associated with dryness??)
  22. Im about 2 months post accutane. My dose was 20 mgs daily and it went on for nearly 10 months. Im breaking out all around my nose and on my cheeks. My skin is still really fragile and red. Im really pissed off and want to look in the mirror and it be gone but no everyday a new one. Anyone got any tips. Please be nice about this ive had a few nasty responses in here and if you feel the need to be nasty then just dont respond. PS my skin wasn't oily b4 i started treatment. Cheers
  23. So today is day 60 of my accutane treatment and I have maybe 1-2 actives but lots of red marks from where acne was when I started my course. Now obviously I'll have a few more months of accutane but I'm just wondering if pretty much all my active acne is gone, is this the best my face is going to get for my course? Did anyone else' acne clear quite fast then see any results for the red marks left over by the end of their course? Thanks!
  24. Hello guys again. The summer is coming and my dermatologist will most likely prescribe me Isotretinoin for my acne (He put me on doxy for a month while I was making my analytics to reduce a little bit the inflammation and after this month he said he will give me something stronger) so i'm worried about sun. I will start Accutane, let's say on May 14, so would I be able to go the swimming pool or to the beach during summer? of course using sunscreen and stuff. What's your opinion?