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Found 5,747 results

  1. missanimemusic


    So I started taking Accutane 3 weeks ago, I'm on 30mg dose once a day. But people noticed my hair got a lot thinner, is this because of accutane but it's only been three weeks? I'm so worried, I think I'm going to stop but will my hair be thick again? Please and thank you for any input! <3
  2. Hi, i'm debating taking accutane and i would like to know what sort of after-effects it may cause. I don't care about side effects during the treatment. I Have read about them, so please only post if you have taken accutane yourself, or if you know someone who has taken it and tell me if it changed you/that person in any way. Did it affect your brain at all? Did you take an iq test before and after? Did it make your sex-life worse? I hope as many as possible of you who has taken Accutane, will reply to this
  3. Hey everyone! So today, I got prescribed Accutane! Yay! And like everyone else who's gone through this, I have to wait thirty days and get my blood drawn, before I actually get to start it. However, what I'm confused about is that my Dermatologist told me to stop taking all of my current acne products. I've been taking Differin, Aczone, and an antiobiotic for almost two years now, and it truly does keep my acne under control. So, if I go off of it for THIRTY DAYS, I'm going to have a huge breakout before I even get to begin Accutane! She told me that I can't be on my antibiotic in combination with Accutane b/c it can cause your brain to swell. But I've read many articles online of people being prescribed Accutane and an antibiotic together. But besides that, why can't I continue to use my acne creams? My guess is that my derm thinks that the creams plus Accutane, will dry out my skin too much. If that's the case, then I understand. But why do I have to stop using my acne creams NOW? Why can't I just quit using them once I actually start Accutane? Please give any advice!
  4. Hi all im new here, I started taking accutane last year on September for 6 months course 40mg, after that my face was all clear and no more acne growing. My acne was just mild but it was persistent. After 1 year since i started accutane, mild pimples are growing on my face. I started using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and mosturizer morning and night for a week but it seems to be in no effect. Im thinking of prescribing of doxycycline to my local GP. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I'm about to have oral surgery for my overbite very soon in Mid March, I heard that having surgery while on accutane can be very risky and that I should wait at least six months. So I told my dermatologist about it and he said I should be FINE. And when I asked my surgeon he said I should be fine too! So this is just confusing me and sort of scaring me a bit. And I don't know if I should cancel the appointment because it has already been canceled two times due to my teeth not being straighten very well yet by my braces, what do I do?!??
  6. So I have been struggling with acne since my freshman year of high school, now a senior. I have been prescribed every possible acne medication, along with using them religiously, but nothing has worked. I finally set up a meeting with my dermatologist a couple weeks ago, and was prescribed accutane. I was very nervous at first, but realized this was the only way to completely remove my acne forever. So I took the plunge, now on day 6, and have endured some mild side effects. On the first couple of days, I had stomach pains, which was probably just my body getting used to the pill, which passed by day 4. My face has been progressively getting dryer by the day, but can be handled with the right moisturisor. I have been experiencing muscle spasms in my right chest muscle, nothing too severe, and chapped lips. The only downfall is that I have broken out worse than I ever have before. I hope this passes soon, but other than these few symptoms, my body is reacting just fine.
  7. Hey guys! I'm a 20 year old female, 5'4'' and 115 pounds. This is my second round on accutane. I was only on it for three months last time until I had to stop because I couldn't afford it anymore. Last round I was taking Claravis and it cleared my face up really fast without any initial breakouts at all. Now that I can afford it again, I'm on accutane for a second round because it came back a little more severe but still moderate. I started Absorica on July 29, 2014 at 20mg. I'm currently at 40mg and have an appointment with my dermatologist next week. My concerns are whether Absorica is helpful. It's better absorbed and all of that, but I'm only getting worse, not better. It seems as if this initial breakout is going on way longer than necessary. If Absorica is absorbed so much better than the rest of the brands, how come I'm not seeing results faster? The side effects are apparent but I'm dealing with them just fine. However, I must say my back is amazingly clear. Which is great and all, but my back wasn't bad to begin with and it wasn't my main concern. I would love to hear some responses about Absorica and how long it took for it to work in your experience. I will mention my concerns to my dermatologist anyway, but I still think it's very helpful if I start blogging about my progress. I'd love some encouragement (wouldn't we all!) and any products that I should try out while on Absorica as well. Thanks guys!
  8. Hi, I'm an 18 year old male whos been prescribed 80mg of accutane per day. Today is my fourth day, however I have been up all night with a bad cough and a headache, I feel constantly cold, I can sit next to the radiator and still wont feel warm, I was wondering if this was down to accutane or maybe I just have the flu. Any Advice would be appreciated - John
  9. vpexplorer5


    Hey all, I posted a while back ago stating I was nervous to begin on accutane. I still haven't gone to the dermatologist for the prescription as he recommended it to me the last time I was there but I turned it down. I feel as if my acne is just stubborn and now really more than ever starting to effect my relationship. It looks like I'm almost forced to go on accutane as I have been considering it for the longest time! However now more than ever I may be forced to go on it! Any advice as to what I should do? What products should I start stock piling on? Such as mostirizers, cleansers, sunscreen, best shaving cream.. Etc etc... Another thing I have noticed my eyes are dull dreary and have dark circles under then for a young adult male this shouldn't be happening! Any advice as to which other products may be useful?! Thank you all! My accutane journey may be beginning sooner rather than later! Thanks all!
  10. Hi, This is my first post on this forum and I'm in desperate need of a response. Long story short, I want/need to go on a second cycle of accutane. I was on it for 5 months, the first three months i believe I only took 40mg a day. The last 2 months 80 mg a day. Possibly only did 80mg a day the last month, cant recall. Regardless, my derm mentioned I was under dosed for my size the first few months. I'm male,6'2 180-185 depending. I have been off accutane for 7 months total now. The first 5 months off I was completely clear. I had absolutely no complications or problems while on accutane (claravis) besides chapped lips, blood test and liver always tested perfectly fine. However, my acne is back, and becoming unalterable. My skin has become extremely oily again. My derm said I needed to wait a year before a second course of accutane!!! A month ago she put me on doxy, again, which doesnt do anything at all! I have been reading all over the internet and have found no "MINIMUM REST PERIOD" before a second cycle of accutane, Although it seems to be recommended 2-3 months to wait before starting again. Is there really a minimum rest cycle of accutane?????? I understand the effects it has on the body, but I feel i was under-dosed for my size and am ready to go back on it/NEED TO. can someone please ellaborate whether or not there is actually a wait time between cycles? I saw nowhere on ipledge where this was stated. I plan on demanding that I begin a second cycle at my appointment on Wednesday.
  11. Hey guys, First of all let me start by saying that before Accutane my acne was moderate. I would get whiteheads and comedones but no cysts. After failing many other prescriptions, I went to the dermatologist for Claravis/accutane. I weigh 155 lbs and she started me off on 60 mg/day. The first months was absolutely horrible. I broke out like I have never broken out in my entire life. There were cysts all over my face, and I couldn't wash my face without popping a pimple. I went backed to the dermatologist, and she was horrified as well. She said that such a severe reaction is not normal, and she lowered my dose to 30mg/day and put me on prednisone for 3 weeks. After the prednisone was done, I broke out again but not like that first months. Now the dermatologist increased my dose to 40 mg/day and she will put me on 60mg/day starting next month, assuming that nothing goes wrong. However, right now my face is still worse than it ever was before accutane, and I'm worried that I might have some scarring from that first months of hell. Also, I'm worried that I won't get up to the required cumulative dose and this scarring and embarrassment will be for no reason. So for clarity sake I took: 60mg/day for 1st month 30mg/day for 2nd month I will now take: 40mg/day for 3rd month In the future: 60mg/day until she decides to stop treatment. What do you guys think? I have finished 60 days of accutane and my face looks worse than ever. Is it worth it even to continue or should I just go back to minocycline which was more effective at keeping my face clearer.
  12. So I started on accutane just over 3 months ago and the effects were amazing. I had no new cysts by 2 weeks and only mild - moderate acne up until about month 2. For a couple weeks after month 2 everything was clear, but about 3 weeks ago I started breaking out in mild acne on several different areas of my face, which has still continued until now. And this morning I wake up to find a big cyst forming on my nose (which is where I used to get the worst of my acne). So if anyone has an answer to why this may be happening I would like to hear it. I've been on 40mg a day from the start and that's what my doctor plans to keep me on for the entire 6 month course. The side effects have taken a pretty bad toll on my skin but should I ask to up the dose? I have been on a perfect schedule, missing no doses. There haven't been any drastic changes to my diet, and I haven't been stressed out. It's really frustrating because now the past 3 months almost seem like a waste. Every new cyst that I get seems to last for a month or longer and leaves a nasty mark for ages. Any knowledge you have on the subject would be great. Is this normal? Will it continue to get better? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  13. Arsenal17

    Accutane Journey

    Just popped my first pill, slightly strange and scary feeling before hand! lets hope my body likes this drug and helps me. DAY 1 Numero uno on accutane, 20mg a day. Now to play the waiting game, a long journey.
  14. I'll start this blog/forum/"New Topic" by saying I don't usually participate in the melting pot of information that is the internet. I don't blog, I don't comment, I don't tweet, and aside from the occasional "Happy Birthday!!" I don't post on facebook. If my bafflement at what to even call...whatever this is isn't proof enough, then it would suffice to say I'm pretty out of my element. I'm starting this blog/forum/post, however, because I think it's important. To survive the cracking-dry skin-chapped lips-sore joints that is a full course of accutane I think I'll need a place to vent. I'm going on accutane because I finally want to stand makeup-less under the most unflattering of fluorescent lights and feel confident, but rumor has it it's not a fun process. I've decided to write here so I have somewhere I can log my thoughts and keep perspective. Somewhere to remind me that at the end of the tunnel is that shame-free fluorescent lighting. My Skin History: I would say I've been getting pimples since the beginnings of puberty- mostly on my forehead/upper cheeks- and I've always had oily skin. About a year ago, however, my skin got even more oily and I started breaking out on my chin, getting A LOT of whiteheads on my cheeks, and blackheads on my nose/forehead. Within the past 6 months (for reasons explained below) this morphed into full blown cystic acne. It was terrifying. It is terrifying (hence the accutane). While my skin has never been great, until this point it hasn't caused any permanent damage either. Recently however, I've been noticing a bit of depressed scarring. I have tried Proactive, "The Regiment," Minocylin (antibiotic), Retin-A, and Ortho Tri Cyclen (birth control). I'm not sure if anyone else has had this same problem, but Ortho Tri Cyclen destroyed my skin. Like I mentioned above, my skin had issues before, but the birth control gave me cystic acne along with causing major anxiety (which I'm blaming on the birth control because within days of going off of it I was feeling infinitely better, thank gouda). The Plan (according to the good'ol derm): 20mg/day roaccutane - taken in the morning with something fatty (like toast and peanut butter) for 6 weeks 30mg/day Prednisolone (a steroid) - 15mg in the morning and 15mg at lunch. This dose will decrease by 5mg/week until I'm no longer on the steroid by the end of 6 weeks The Why (feel free to skip over): For me, it's always important to understand why I'm doing something a certain way, so for my likewise curious readers (if they exist lolz) I'll be giving a bit of an explanation of what I'm taking, why, and some other interesting things I learned from my derm. Roaccutane- I'm starting with such a small dose to gradually ease out the acne-nasty in my skin instead of quickly pumping it out like like a factory in china. Think a trickling brook vs Niagara Falls...which one is gonna get through your shrinking pores (thank you accutane) the easiest? Back in the good'ol days of accutane, patients would start off with heavy hitting doses of the stuff and break out like crazy for the first couple of months. Obviously there's still an initial breakout period, but nothing quite so bad as what those poor, brave pioneers had to deal with. After this first 6 week period, I'll meet up with my derm again to reevaluate. I was told to keep track of when my lips get to that infamous accutane-induced level of dryness. Apparently, if it starts within the first 2 weeks of taking the drug then you're sensitive to accutane, meaning you'll likely experience a greater degree of side affects later on than the person who experiences dry lips after 2 weeks. Suffice to say I would love to pass that 2 week benchmark. Prednisolone- This is a steroid that I was prescribed in hopes that it would further ease that initial break out period. It should work to keep inflammation at a minimum. It's important to note that, like accutane, prednisolone is a potentially nasty drug. Definitely don't go self-prescribing this one. Fun Facts (don't quote me on this)!- Did you know that in the past 5-10 years, the accutane molecule has been chemically tweaked and engineered to the point that it completely bypasses the liver? Ya, me neither. At this point, the regular blood tests required by the EU and in the US are only around for two reason. The first of which is the obvious: blood tests prove and disprove pregnancy, and pregnancy with accutane is NOT good. The other reason a misinformed and outdated one. Back in the 60s, the original drug given in high doses had some pretty scary side affects (like Hepatitis). Situation-appropriate measures were taken by the governing bodies and their alphabet soups of committees (FDA, PRAC, CHMP, etc) to prevent any further liver destruction or Hepatitis cases. At the time, it was a good move. Now, however, many doctors (or at least my derm) are questioning the necessity of such expensive blood work. What does this mean for me? ALCOHOL. And no liver damage. Basically, I was informed it is okay to drink in moderation aka no hard liquor and no getting wasted. But, you say, won't my liver be totally fine?? Welllll yes, but as you probably know alcohol dehydrates you. On accutane you're already very dry on the outside, no need to be very dry on the inside as well. And in my personal opinion, it's better to be safe than sorry. More Fun Facts!- What has always bothered me about trying to research accutane on the internet is there are no gosh dang numbers!! You'll hear a lot of qualitative information, but that should be taken with a grain of salt. Like anything reviewed on the internet, the majority of the people actually bothering to comment on a product online are at one end of the spectrum or the other. So is accutane a miracle drug or will it ruin my life for forever and always? I finally got some (admittedly ball-parked) data from my derm. Apparently, of the 4000-5000 people his clinic has percsribed accutane they've only been forced to take 13 people off the drug. Of those 13 people, 4 had pre-existing liver conditions and the rest were for depression (mainly in 16-18 males, I was interested to hear). For someone who just dealt with my first ever and hopefully only bout of depression/anxiety, this was reassuring. Also, for anyone equally nervous about possible depression, I was told a good way to keep accutane from blocking your serotonin receptors is to eat lots and lots of leafy green things, which I will be doing. ***NOTE: Take the exact science of this with a grain of salt, I'm going off of what I remember my dermatologist saying. Much as I wish I did, I don't have perfect verbatim memory recall.*** Alrighty, I'll leave this alone for now. I'm starting accutane tomorrow so I'll be back to update soon and in a decidedly shorter manner.
  15. first pic is 3 months on accutane , second is before I started treatment
  16. Hey, I've been on accutane for 7 months now. (mainly 40mg, with around 2 months of 60mg.) At my last appointment with my derm, she said that I had reached the lower end of the reccomended dosage. She said that I could either stop taking it now, or do another month of a low dose, or just 2 weeks of the 60mg to reach the total. I decided to stop taking it last week, because my 19th birthday is next week, and I plan on drinking. I also hadn't been breaking out for 3 weeks prior. In the past few days, I've gotten 3 new pimples, mainly just small white heads. Is it normal to get small pimples while finishing up the course? I'm not sure if I should go back on the tane, or wait untill my brithday is over and then go on, or maybe just stop now.
  17. Heyy! I am about 2 weeks into the treatment and I have started to break out a bit....its not horrible but it is def the biggest break out I have had in a very long time. I was just wondering how long an initial breakout generally lasts? Is this something that goes on for days/weeks/months? Before I started accutane I had mild acne but I have had it for the past 10 or 11 years and I AM SOOO OVER IT! haha Does anyone have any suggestions to help the peeling skin? I've been moisturizing but idk if that is defeating the purpose of drying the skin out and it doesnt seem to help the peeling anyway
  18. Primetime828

    Day 8

    So today is my 8th day on Accutane (Generic version), and so far I have experienced dry lips not cracked yet but they are quite dry. I also have experienced a little increase in acne, but feel that the worst is just about to happen. I see a bunch of pores that looked clogged under the skin so I expect them to reach the surface soon. What I'm really waiting for is the dryness of my skin to occur soon, and if anyone knows does the chest and Back tend to clear a lot quicker then the face?
  19. I finished a 6 month course of Accutane last November, and my skin is in good condition now (no new breakouts since, starting to get oily again though). My dermatologist told me to stick with a gentle facewash and oil free moisturizer and use Differin (Adapalee 0.1%) gel at night. I've been doing this and haven't seen much improvement or difference with the differin. I've avoided manual exfoliation as I know it can be quite harsh. However last week I used a sample of a Dermalogica daily microfoliant and it made my skin feel great. Just wondering how much exfoliation is too much? would I be overdoing it if I used this microfoliant + Adapalene + another chemical exfoliator (e.g a lactic acid or glycolic acid renewing peel). And also, I want to introduce a daytime serum into my routine and I'm thinking a hyaluronic acid based serum. Is this a good idea? I've heard it's ok for acne. Please reply as I'm super confused. Thanks!
  20. Hello guys, I have been battling acne for decades - my face is mostly clear from acne, but I have extremely oily skin and enlarged pores with lots blackheads - My current dermatologist is out of state and she has agreed to prescribe Accutane, or the genetic stuff, but she mentioned I have to go in person for a visit in order to be placed on that medication. My issue is that the docs I have seen in my area will NOT prescribe the med - they are against the medicine altogether. Does anyone here know a doc that works with Accutane in the Philadelphia, south jersey area? Thanks very much for your help!
  21. so after 10 years of struggling with acne and 4 years of thinking of starting accutane i funally decided to start it... Ive been prescribed 20mg in the morning and 10 in the evenig. Its my day ten and i already feel it working... The wrong way. Well i mean i know with accutane it might get worse before it gets better but i wasnt expecting it for myself. my acne got really bad during these 10 days and i have alot of side effects like 1) dry lips(dont care) 2) dry eyes (not all the time) 3) much more breakouts and they are more painful then usually 4) a bit weird side effect but i guess im not alone because i found similar reports in google.. So i got my urethra red, i guess it dries out the penis aswell 5) ear pain. Not sure if its connected but ive never had ear pain before thats it for the first 10 days. Im gonna be updating. Hope sb finds this interesting and helpful btw im alex, 22 years
  22. Hi guys, I've been on accutane 10 days (20mg) and I've noticed some changes in my acne. What was largely hormonal and poppable (sorry!!) is now deep under my skin, like a large, very hard bump, more like sebaceous cysts. About the size of a fingernail. I have about 6 on my face asides my regular visitors... Is this normal? Will they continue until after my treatment? I think everyone panics in the first few weeks that accutane will make their skin worse, I'm just checking to see if anyone else experiences these? They are pretty painful, probably because deep... Thanks in advance!
  23. Thathappycat213

    So I'm Starting Accutane Soon

    Hello I am going on accutane in a few weeks and I was wondering if there was anything I should know to make the process easier?
  24. I am on about near the end of my fourth month of Accutane. For the first Two months it was 30mg twice a day now its 40mg twice a day. Essentially i have noticed zero difference in my acne. Sure it has fluctuated like it normally does but has I have never really noticed much of a difference. The only difference I have noticed is that the left side of my face is pretty clear but the right is a night mare and i'm not sure why. Although the drug has essentially been melting off my face. I am peeling CONSTANTLY around my mouth and chin. I now carry lotion in my car and in my backpack and am applying it a lot. has anyone else here had similar experiences should I keep on hoping? or begin trying alternative methods? Regimen: Wash face with CeraVe Hydrating cleanser, then apply Acanya Gel on problem spots (this is a prescribed spot treatment), after I have let that sit in I apply ample amounts of moisturizer. I do this when I wake up around 6AM, then immediately when i get home from school around 6PM and once more before bed at around 11 or 12.
  25. AndromedaAxis

    Accutane Second round?

    Dear all, I am Shaun, 18 years old. I have been a sufferer of acne for a longgggg time. I first had reallly bad acne around the end of 2015 after I had a misstep in topical cream application for my acne and it flared up super super bad, i swear pustules nodules literally everywhere. At that time, I didnt know about accutane, and I thought it was a good idea to go for a facial thinking that was the solution to my dilemma. Everyday, since I was a teenager then, I had to go to high school and people would make fun of me and my acne. A week later, I found out about Accutane and decided to give it a try. I went to the National Skin Centre and had to undergo some blood tests to check my liver condition and see if it was ok for me to take Accutane. I was 16 at that time and the doctors started me off with 10mg. During the course of Accutane, I would experience side effects such as dry lips, and dry skin in general. I play sports such as waterpolo and this required me to spend long hours in the sun, so I had to apply sunblock everyday without fail. Accutane really changed my life for the better, it caused the acne to just dry up and just fall off and in my own words I would say its magic. However, during the course of accutane I would have suicide thoughts as I would look at my acne filled face and just cry in the basin and actually wanted to kill myself if I did not have the help of my friends and family. Anyways, I was clear for a long time about a year and a half and I would only get a few small pimples here and there and I was really happy, really confident and life was going well. And fast forward to 2017, mild acne started to return and the doctor prescribed for me Differin, Clindoxyl and moisturiser for night usage, and benzoyl peroxide and sunblock in the morning before I go to school. The acne cleared up and I was clear for a few months. Around beginning of 2018, I started to get more mild acne and I went to visit my dermatologist and she prescribed me erethromycin. I started to take erethromycin for 2months and my acne was gone for about 2 months and till mid 2018 (now), I would stress about school, internship, and relationships, and now I am experiencing a really bad outbreak, definitely not as bad as the first time but its enough to make yourself question "why is this happening to me??" Mind you, I was super careful about my diet, cut out dairy , no whey protein, ate whole foods, ate very little fried food, so I believe the root cause of my acne is STRESS. Its so bad till I dont want to leave the house but I am forced to since I have to go for internship. I am literally breaking out everywhere, my right side cheek, my left side cheek, my mouth area, My forehead has one, my hairline has one... bruhhh so pissed off like literally looking at my friends who have clear skin but dont wash their faces is so frustrating to see. Now I am facing another dilemma, do I go on a second round of accutane, or take erethromycin OR should I just ask my dermatologist for help. Another thing is that I am a "frequent" clubber so I usually club during the weekends and consume alcohol once in a while so I am afraid if I take accutane and drink alcohol at the same time, I might need a liver transplant soon lol. Hope any of you guys can help me with this, and feel freee to ask any questions cus I feel sad facing this problem alone... Cheers!