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Found 5,748 results

  1. Hi I am on my 10th day. Taking 40 mg accutane. The 3rd, 4th, 5th day I had dry lips and now I have no dry lips. I see dead skin on my nose and near my eyes. I took a lot of different medication last year and for first-two weeks the medication works and then it stops. I dont want this to happen to accutane. This is my last resort and if this doesnt work I am screwed. I have been getting acne since I was 14 and it looks horrible. I have so many scares.... I just want to know if t
  2. Hello everyone, I started acctuane almost 2 months ago. I was prescribed to 40 Mg then my break outs turned into really bad face swelling, i asked my derm and she said that my skin may not need this high of a dosage so she put me on 10 Mg. i am now on 10 Mg and my face is really sore and irritated and it is also breaking out badly. Also i take showers and use cetaphil and ill dry my face with the towel and my face will bleed. I really appreciate help, this accutane is driving me crazy. Mild acne
  3. So my problem is relatively well illustrated by the attached pictures, but I'll include some backstory. So I'm post Accutane (Isotretinoin) currently, I started it in October of 2015 and ended it in March of 2016... It worked extremely well, removing I'd say around 95% of my acne. Now I'm dealing with the remaining 5%, which is mild scarring and discolorations. Also I should note that I haven't had ANY breakouts in months, so these spots have lingered for awhile now. Any ideas about treatment
  4. November121

    Day 75

    Wow:). My skin looks the best it's ever looked in over a year! I LOVE these new medications. Let's start with my left cheek- it's smooth, 80% clear, not as red... It's gorgeous. My jaw line is improving a ton too. Still covered in tiny dry pimples but not that bad. My forehead is doing better, just small red splotches that I don't even care about. My nose is weird; the scaly skin peels off and leaves sensitive red skin. I'm sure it will heal soon. My right cheek is 60% clearer, and I can just te
  5. My first month on Accutane I was on 40 mg. Now I am on my second month on day 35 on 60 mg. I have a few questions can you guys please help me. 1. I don't have dry lips yet. They are just a little bit dry. They don't hurt is that normal. 2. I have pimple under the skin. Will they come up to the surface?
  6. 27love94

    Month One

    Hey guys, well today is the last day of November, marking my accutane journey as "Month one." Negative side. My lips! My poor pink sensitive lips. It's absolutely horrifying! It's intensely dry. URGH. I occasionally have dry lips, but right now does not compare what I use to recall "dry!" I've tried Nivea, Vaseline, Vitamin E (oil), chapstick, mother-f-ing everything. I'm still having a search party on which lip treatment would be the jackpot. Sometimes my lips crack and bleed, and the weath
  7. SunshineKenzi

    Day 60! c:

    My Acne has been ok... but I have been picking A LOT! I just have been stressed for absolutely no reason! I'm pretty sure it's the Accutane that's making me feel this way. My Bacne is really good I've only seen 3 tiny blackheads on my back which I popped. I know I know I shouldn't pop zits. Acne stresses me out and so does school and other stuff that's why I pop. My side affects are the usual... tiny back aches and sore in the knees when I run but it's all good! ps: Watch America's Got Talent
  8. mklein

    How To Get Accutane?

    ...one other thought - For the last year I have been on mynocycline and tazorac, but it's not working. (In addition to trying Pro-Active, Obage, Clearasil, and every OTC product out there) .... I really don't want my derm to put me on another type of prescription treatment that is not going to work. I have tried to schedule my doctor's appointment at a time when my acne is particularly bad, so that she can see what I'm dealing with. Problem is, it takes a few weeks to get in, so by then
  9. Hello guys again. The summer is coming and my dermatologist will most likely prescribe me Isotretinoin for my acne (He put me on doxy for a month while I was making my analytics to reduce a little bit the inflammation and after this month he said he will give me something stronger) so i'm worried about sun. I will start Accutane, let's say on May 14, so would I be able to go the swimming pool or to the beach during summer? of course using sunscreen and stuff. What's your opinion?
  10. November121

    Day 36

    I had my 1 month appointment with my derm today. He bumped me up to 40mg per day. Finally! Anyway, my skin is doing pretty bad. My forehead has a minor breakout, I'm breaking out under my eyes and by the side of my left eye, my cheeks are breaking out a lot, my right jawline is full of bumps under the skin, and my left jawline is full of peely pimples. My chin has a small breakout. But on the bright side, my nose isnt filled with blackheads! Also, my hair is a tad less oily, as with my skin. My
  11. I am going to be starting Accutane in a day or two and my dermatologist told me to eat foods that are high in fat when I take my pill. I am a vegan and I am just wondering what some good foods are that are high in fat. So far I can think of olive oil, nuts (like peanut butter), and avocados. Would vegan butter be a food that is high in fat? Or can you tell me any other foods that would be good to eat?
  12. gypsysunshine

    Accutane Day 8

    I'm getting really discouraged about my lips and worried!! Today i woke up and they were peely, feeling weird and almost blister-like? Can anyone please please please recommend some good stuff for your lips, I'm using aquaphor but it's not helping! agh I also have started the dry skin- but by putting aquaphor on it at night, it takes away the dry skin for the next day pretty much! I am applying lots of it, I have a towel on my pillow to keep it from getting too gross I am am starting to
  13. Hello all, I am a 21 year old male struggling with acne. I've been through countless dermatology appointments and have tried it all. Before I left for a semester abroad in Europe, my doctor said I could try accutane if I so chose to. I am still tentative and my parents do not like the long list of side effects. Anyways, my acne is 100% due to the overproduction of oil, my nose/forehead/chin becomes an oil slick a few hours after a morning shower. It's unfortunate but realistica
  14. TT10

    Accutane journey

    So a little over a year ago I was prescribed accutane for my skin. My back was pretty terrible and I wasn't responding to any topicals or antibiotics All i wanted to do was be able to wear a bathing suit with my hair up and not have to constantly worry about how terrible my back looked! Especially since it was summer and all and this would be my third summer in s row having to hide my back all summer long with my hair and hope no one could see what was underneath all my hair. Anyway, feeling de
  15. Hello! I have some red and dark marks left after acne on my cheeks. I am done with my accutane course 30. May. I'm thinking around 1 month there will be full sun out and such. And my marks is probably not 100% gone by then... Can I tan without them getting worse? Or do I have to "hide" until my marks are faded completely? And 5. September - I'm maybe leaving to Bali and I will get sun on my face all the time there. But I think my marks will be more faded around that time though. What d
  16. Hi everyone It seems like I have been waiting a lifetime to finally get my roaccutane. I got acne when I was 11 and since then I've tried everything - over the counter treatments like freederm, prescribed topical treatments e.g benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, erythomicin.... Now I have finally been prescribed roaccutane and I am really hoping it works. I have been prescribed 20mg for the first 2 months, and then 40mg for the last two months - however my derm said if my body cannot han
  17. I just finished my 3rd month of accutane and I can notice my skin is starting to clear up a little bit. I know that this month it should be starting to clear up but I wanted to know how face it would clear up because I've seen that for some people, it goes away noticeably in one week. Is this true?
  18. Hey everyone! So today, I got prescribed Accutane! Yay! And like everyone else who's gone through this, I have to wait thirty days and get my blood drawn, before I actually get to start it. However, what I'm confused about is that my Dermatologist told me to stop taking all of my current acne products. I've been taking Differin, Aczone, and an antiobiotic for almost two years now, and it truly does keep my acne under control. So, if I go off of it for THIRTY DAYS, I'm going to have a huge breako
  19. I'm on my fifth and final month of accutane. I'm about 170 pounds and a sophomore in highschool. Over the corse of treatment I had 60, 80, 80, 100, 100 mg doses per day with the respective months in that order. I noticed however that in the middle of my second 80 month that the tip or opening of my penis became inflamed. At first I thought maybe I did something else to irritate it and it would subside but it never did. I've never had intercourse yet orally or otherwise so I can't imagine it's an
  20. So, all of the terms I have found in Texas will not prescribe accutane...AT ALL? Does anyone know of any that do? I have Providence insurance. Preferably in the Tomball/Houston-ish area? THANKS!
  21. Nowhere man


    Hi guys, im wondering if anyone knows of a good sunscreen that doesnt leave like a ghost face?.. also sunscreens a must for me, i really dont want more red marks
  22. Hi. Last year I took Accutane from May to December. A total dosage of 100mg/kg. I wanted to reach the recommended 120 mg/kg but I quit because I started to have strong eye irritations. The doctor told me that I could complete the dosage later. A month later (it was the middle of summer), he told that the treatment was over, that it was not necessary to reach 120 mg/kg. A few days later I began to have acne. I know that even with a full dosage, acne and oily skin can come back. But because the
  23. I'm about to have oral surgery for my overbite very soon in Mid March, I heard that having surgery while on accutane can be very risky and that I should wait at least six months. So I told my dermatologist about it and he said I should be FINE. And when I asked my surgeon he said I should be fine too! So this is just confusing me and sort of scaring me a bit. And I don't know if I should cancel the appointment because it has already been canceled two times due to my teeth not being straighten ve
  24. Hey guys, Looking for any advice here. I have an appointment with my derm in 3 and a half weeks but am a bit wary on what to do in the meantime. I'm 25. Around the age of 21, I started experiencing horrible adult acne. Painful cystic acne all over my cheeks and chin-- sent me into a pretty bad depression because I was really confused. Had never had anything more than a single pimple, and in my final year of college, my skin was a wreck. It took about a year of regimens (all the topicals, di
  25. LuvMyFace

    Week 2 On The Tane

    Well, I moved most of my conversation over to the Accutane personal blogs, but I'll still check in here periodically.