Solodyn : Oral Antibiotic

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Active Ingredient:
Minocycline hydrochloride.

Inactive Ingredients:
Lactose monohydrate NF, hypromellose type 2910 USP, magnesium stearate NF, colloidal silicon dioxide NF, and carnauba wax NF.

The 45 mg tablets also contain:
Lactose monohydrate NF, hypromellose type 2910 USP, titanium dioxide USP, triacetin USP, and iron oxide black JPE. The 65 mg tablets also contain Opadry II Blue which contains: hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, FD&C Blue #1, polyethylene glycol 3350 NF, FD&C Blue #2, titanium dioxide USP, triacetin USP, and D&C Yellow #10.

90 mg tablets also contain:
Hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, titanium dioxide USP, iron oxide yellow NF, polyethylene glycol 3350 NF, and triacetin USP.

115 mg tablets also contain:
Hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, D&C Yellow #10, triacetin USP, FD&C Blue #1, titanium dioxide USP, and FD&C Blue #2.

135 mg tablets also contain:
Hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, titanium dioxide USP, polyethylene glycol 3350 NF, iron oxide red NF, and triacetin USP.

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August 5, 2014
Works... But not for me
I've been using Solodyn for about 3 weeks now. My dermatologist has me taking half of a 115mg Tablet once a day along with Aczone and Acanya. It's definitely cleared up most of the inflamed acne but everything else is still present. I think this is because I have extremely oily skin so my pores are constantly being clogged. Before this I was on Doxycyclin for a little while which did absolutely nothing. Then Aczone and Acanya with little improvement. Hence the reason why my doctor threw in Solodyn. If cystic acne is your main problem then this will probably work for you. But personally I'm just waiting on my follow up date so that I can beg for Accutane.
July 15, 2018
Doxycycline literally did absolutely nothing for me either!
July 10, 2014
Did absolutely nothing!
I took this medication for about a year after trying many other orals and topicals and my doctor was certain it would clear me up. At first it seemed to help a bit, less noticeable bumps and small break outs. But after a month my skin returned to its normal state. My doctor was convinced that I should stay on the medication and I somehow ended up on it for a year with NO change. One day I decided to stop taking it on my own and honestly my skin improved. At my next appointment my doctor commented on how the medication was finally working and I simply laughed and told her I wasn't even taking it.
June 29, 2014
I was on solodyn for 6 months. While on this pill my acne got worse before it got better. When my doctor took me off the pill my skin was clear, but two months later its back. Seems like it only works when you're on the pill.
June 14, 2014
Pretty ineffective
I have severe cystic acne and took Solodyn for about a month. It might have helped decrease some of the pimples, but did very little for the inflammation of my cysts. If your acne is not severe or cystic, it will probably work for you. If it is, you'll probably need something stronger.
December 17, 2013


Reduces redness Gets rid of blemishes


Takes time. BE PATIENT don't give up Gets worse before it gets better

LISTEN TO ME. I understand everybody reacts to medications differently , but I believe solodyn really works. I've been using it for a little bit more than a month. I'm using solodyn 55mg. It got worse a few times in this first month month, but I dealt with it. It was weird because as soon as I finished my 1 month bottle, I saw a difference in my skin. I have VERY sensitive skin, red, bumpy, inflamed and discolored. Taking this before bed is best so it absorbs better with an empty stomach. BUT besides solodyn I STRONGLY suggest taking turmeric curcumin supplements AND using the turmeric face mask 2-3 times a week. Here's the link for the ingredients of the mask. [link removed] This WORKS. Especially for sensitive skin. It makes your skin extremely soft and smooth and brightens tone! I know you've tried EVERYTHING and so have I ! But I finally found something to control my inflamed irritated skin. I highly recommend solodyn and the turmeric face mask and supplements. Also drink a lot of natural green tea with antioxidants! A cup a day. Let me know how this work!
December 13, 2013
Caused low white blood cell count


Cleared up acne


Caused low white blood cell count

This product worked great for me for 2 years. I did not see any negative side effects until I got a routine blood draw. My white blood cell count was so low my doctor suspected Leukemia and recommended a bone marrow test. Thankfully we did our research before proceeding. Solodyn can cause a low white blood cell count and other auto-immune problems (you can find this info on the manufacturer's website). I stopped taking the drug and my count went back to normal!
January 13, 2017
After you stopped taking the Solodyn, did your acne come back?
October 24, 2013
Question about Solodyn


clears skin


possibly counteracts birth control

Solodyn works great for my skin and I take it along with my birth control but there is a possibility that it can counteract my birth control I was wondering on here if anyone has had that experience? I'm not sure if continuing solodyn would be for me if i knew there was an increased possibility of getting pregnant while using this product
May 16, 2013


Works fast! Completely cleared my skin within a month No serious side effects


Expensive if you don't have very good insurance

Solodyn was the very first thing my dermatologist ever prescribed me, and it worked wonders! I saw a huge difference within just 2 weeks, and not a month later my skin was completely clear. I was on it for about 5 months (the best 5 months of my life!) when my insurance switched and no longer covered the cost, so I had to switch to the generic which is Minocycline. After switching to Minocycline, my skin started to breakout again and it got really bad. The worst my skin has ever been. My dermatologist recommended staying on it for at least 3 months to see if it would get any better, but it never did so I went off it completely. A few months later there was a change in my insurance again and I got back on Solodyn, but unfortunately it never did anything as I suspect my system grew immune to it. But the months that it worked were probably some of the best months of my life and I wish there had never been an issue with the insurance so I could have seen how long it would have kept my skin clear. It was a miracle worker while it lasted. :)
March 18, 2013




Hives Burning and Itching all over Dizzyness Body Aches

My daughter took this medication for 3 weeks. She suddenly broke out in hives. They looked like someone beat her with a belt. They were burning and itchey. She wanted to jump out of her skin. This lasted about 2 weeks. Cannot in good conscience recommend this to anyone.
March 2, 2013


Works very good


Takes time Few break outs early on Expensive

Suffered with acne since 14 and it has never gotten better till I was put on Solodyn. Truly a blessing from God! I can now not worry about my acne, and continue life with my new gained confidence.