Solodyn : Oral Antibiotic

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Active Ingredient:
Minocycline hydrochloride.

Inactive Ingredients:
Lactose monohydrate NF, hypromellose type 2910 USP, magnesium stearate NF, colloidal silicon dioxide NF, and carnauba wax NF.

The 45 mg tablets also contain:
Lactose monohydrate NF, hypromellose type 2910 USP, titanium dioxide USP, triacetin USP, and iron oxide black JPE. The 65 mg tablets also contain Opadry II Blue which contains: hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, FD&C Blue #1, polyethylene glycol 3350 NF, FD&C Blue #2, titanium dioxide USP, triacetin USP, and D&C Yellow #10.

90 mg tablets also contain:
Hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, titanium dioxide USP, iron oxide yellow NF, polyethylene glycol 3350 NF, and triacetin USP.

115 mg tablets also contain:
Hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, D&C Yellow #10, triacetin USP, FD&C Blue #1, titanium dioxide USP, and FD&C Blue #2.

135 mg tablets also contain:
Hypromellose type 2910 USP, lactose monohydrate NF, titanium dioxide USP, polyethylene glycol 3350 NF, iron oxide red NF, and triacetin USP.

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October 15, 2018
TRY IT OUT! I'm a mid-30 yo female that has always been acne free. Stress and bacterial infection from clarisonic caused acne break out all over forehead and cheeks. My dermatologist has put me on Solodyn 55mg and Aczone 7.5% once a day. Here's my routine: Daytime - Purpose facewash, Kiehl's calendula toner, Aveeno posivitely radiant spf30 moisturizer. Nightime - Purpose facewash, kiehl's calendula toner, Aczone, after 5 minutes CeraVe oilfree PM moisturizer, oral Solodyn at night. I have been taking Solodyn for 6 weeks now and I think this and Aczone are a really good combo! Solodyn does not give me any side effect issues but I am also on 55mg - which is a lower dosage and based off of my weight. I would definitely try this out before any other antibiotic. I will keep you all posted once I am done with my course! Stay hopeful!
July 15, 2018
Love this!
I'm a 13 year old girl with moderate acne. I've recently just started taking this along with spiro and it has started to get better! I definitely recommend this although the first couple weeks are a little rough. I was getting stomach aches and slight nausea for awhile but it's totally worth it
January 13, 2018
Not sure it's worth the pain
I am a 56 yr old female, I have suffered with acne since the age of 13 and have been on every product known to man including accutane twice, Retin A and a host of others, My dermatologist prescribed SOLODYN 55mg about a week and a half ago. I came down with what I presumed to be a stomach flu 2 days ago, I was extremely dizzy (vertigo) ,upset stomach,and very tired , When I got up this morning to take my daily medication I just happen to read the side effects for the heck of it and Viola! It was everything I was feeling for the past 3 days , Unfortunately my doctor wont be in till Tues because of the holidays but I will cease my medication until then and see if it stops and I'm able to return to work.
July 24, 2017
Cleared skin
Definitely take it with a snack when you take it because it might upset your stomach if you don't. Other than that, I had no problems with this med! I was on it for quite some time last year and then stopped taking it because I don't like being on anti-biotics for more than 3 months. My skin was fine though, and I like how if I have a flare-up, I can just take a few and my skin improves quickly!
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April 28, 2016
please answer this question!
I am 13 and have been having acne for about a year. I tried a lot and my doctor just prescribed me solodyn. also onexton in the morning and ziana at night. I have been using this routine for about 10 days. I haven't seen much improvement. but I want to know does this product really work. and should I just give it some time? and if so how much time?
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July 15, 2018
I’m on pretty much the same thing as you! I’m also thirteen! I also take spironolactone and use a retinoid instead of ziana. I’ve been using it for about a month and seen a slow improvement from about 2-3 weeks, so It takes awhile you just need to be patient but if it comes to like 3 months and there’s no improvement talk to ur doc! You should be fine so far though!
March 20, 2016
Side effects.
Solodyn (Minocycline) side effects. Had a sebaceous cyst removed. After 14 days, was oozing some and doctor couldn't determine if was infected so gave some samples of Solodyn of 80 mg. Infection seemed to go away but was some seeping after I quit early because of other side effects. Didn't clear up any life long acne. When I quit, the acne got worse for about a month. After approximately 3 months, no change. SOLODYN left a greyish discoloration of the skin on my back of around 10 inches in diameter. Tiredness after approx. 5 days but didn't attribute that to the drug until more symptoms started to occurr including tighter tendons and muscles, the feeling moving fast might cause a charly horse in legs, a short headache (almost never get these), a few seconds of ringing in the ears (rare for me),woozy heavy head, chills(indicates fever) that I sweated out in one day, abnormal achy, spent more and more time in bed dragged down, my knees started to get sore (Not Normal at all), and vertigo when I rose from bed that would go away if I sat on the edge of the bed for a moment. Quit the meds 10 days in because it became clear they were deleterious. Started improving immediately but took about a month to feel totally myself again. I also took Probiotics to avoid diarhea which started to happen with this drug but went away afterwards if I took them daily. I kept taking probiotics for at least a month afterward to correct that. Read the paper that came with the bottle regarding side effects. Not just the back of the bottle! Some of my symptoms listed made me wonder how they line up with their side effects list. Capitals are what I experienced in the listed side effects.: -Intestine infection of watery DIARHEA. It kills all the beneficial bacteria which I found out later is a huge part of immunity. -Liver problems-Causes sleepiness & TIREDNESS. -Central nervous system effects-light headedness,dizziness and SPINNING FEELING(vertigo) -Benign intracranial hypertension-high pressure around the brain(,my WOOZY HEAVY HEAD),blurred vision,loss or UNUSUAL HEADACHES. -Auto Immune system-incl. a lupus-like syndrome'-'JOINT PAIN, FEVER,..MALAISE' And then they recommend testing? Just stop taking the stuff'. When I later read it can cause Lupus symptoms, I chastised myself for not reading the side-effects first. Who wants to gamble with your body like that? Then I read this stuff hasn't been evaluated in the treatment of infections. It's meant for inflammatory lesions of non-nodular moderate to severe acne vulgaris. I'm shocked that so many people are on it long term when the instructions say it hasn't been tested for more than two times at 14 days each with the mean age of the population at 20 years. It says 'The mechanism of action of SOLODYN for the treatment of acne is unknown', 'Long term animal studies have not been performed to evaluate the carcinogenic potential of minocycline. A structurally related compound, oxytetracycline, was found to produce adrenal and pituitary tumors in rats.'
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September 9, 2015
Great Success! Worth the Wait
I have been taking this medication daily for just over 2 months now, and I finally have nearly clear skin. I've struggled with cystic acne since I was 13 (now 22) but it was never bad enough to where I just wanted to hide in my room for months until about 2 years ago. I started getting getting more than just cystic acne and it was all over the lower half of my cheeks and sometimes on my chin. I didn't start seeing results until 2 or 3 weeks ago, but it was like it all vanished at once. Today I only have 2 small cysts and the rest of my skin is completely clear (though it's hard to tell due to the massive amount of scarring.) Despite the face that I've also been trying a few topical products alongside this, I'm sure that Solodyn is responsible for most of the success since I've tried almost everything topical under the sun over the last 9 years and have never had results come even close to clear. The other products I've been using are Acanya, Cetaphyl oil control wash and Cetaphyl oil control moisturizer SPF 15, also recently added Aloe straight from the plant.
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August 18, 2015
Works, but only when I'm using it.
I was prescribed Solodyn 105mg for the second time recently. What I can say is this: it does wonders. My face began to clear up about two days after I began taking the pill. It stops all breakouts for me as well as reduces the redness from pimples dramatically. The only issue is that when I'm off it, I begin breaking out just like before around a few weeks after I stop taking it. The first time I took Solodyn, I was using it for three weeks. I stopped taking it for around a month, and am now back on it after breaking out pretty badly once I was finished the first course. Solodyn works for me very well, but only when I'm taking the pill.
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June 16, 2015
Finally acne free!
I felt the need to register here again cause acne really was troublesome for me. I cannot say that I have tried "everything" before, but I did try a lot of things: differin, regimen (for more than a year), salicylic acid, peels, dieting, exercising, drinking more water, tea tree oil, even going without make up. None of those helped me of course. I did go to dermatologists, one didn`t even glance at my skin and prescribed me his expensive regimen (which of course never helped me). After that was very skeptical about going to dermatologist again. I though she would put me on Accutane (which I was afraid of), but she prescribed me this paired with topical cream that didn't do a thing to my skin. This saved my skin! I have been on it for a bit more than 2 months and I NEVER get red pimples again! I do have a bit of whitehead action going on on my chin, but it`s getting better with AHA+ glycolic acid thing that I bought here. I am happy with the skin I see in the mirror for the first time on last 1,5 years and I wish everyone the same thing! Hope this thing will work magic on y'all too!
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August 15, 2015
Does it only work for red inflamed acne?
March 17, 2015
Stay patient and hopeful
I never feel the need to write reviews but after battling acne I feel I need to. I am 20 yrs old and have had clear skin up until I was about 18. Break outs were always mild but this past year my jaw line and cheeks were constantly broken out. Been to three dermatologists and NOTHING worked until my latest derm. She prescribed me solodyn and today marks my 12 week point. I am very impatient and was losing hope because it did not seem to be working. This past week however my skin is noticeably clearer (knock on wood) and breakouts have stopped. Listen to your doctor when she tells you to be patient! I also was prescribed spironolactone about 9 weeks ago so I am sure that is helping as well. Waiting three months for results is nothing compared to never having clear skin, trust me. I cleanse with Cerave and also moisturize with the brand. Still not perfect but I would say I am 85% better. Stick with it everyone, it sucks to hear that things will get worse before they get better but it is true.
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August 15, 2015
Does it work for whiteheads, blackheads and tiny pimples?