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Persistent acne scars (w/ pics), please help with treatment suggestions in Canada


Posted : 05/08/2023 9:58 am

Hi there!

I recently just discovered this forum and am hoping the folks here can help as Ive done a couple of treatment but feel like I havent seen any improvement.


The treatments Ive done:

1. Nano-fractional (2019): improved pigmentation but not texture

2. Picosure (2019): again, only pigmentation improvements

3. Microneedling (2020): skin tightening, still nothing on the scars

4. Fractora InMode (2021-22): some improvements? dont get breakouts as often


Please see below on the type of scarring, would love to improve on my pores as well if possible.


Posted : 05/08/2023 9:59 am

Pics here

Member Admin

Posted : 05/10/2023 11:05 am

Seems like you've done a lot of non-invasive (more or less) treatments. Most of the time they don't do too much for scarring. If your scars are really bugging you (personally, I probably wouldn't even notice them if I were in person with you), I would imagine a combo of:

  • TCA CROSS for the few icepicks you have
  • Maybe followed by ablative laser or a deep peel

...might actually end up showing you improvement. But, most important is to get under the care of a really good and experienced doc / plastic surgeon who does this stuff a lot. Educate yourself and then find a good person, and only get your next treatment when you're feeling really sure you're in good hands.

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