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Looking for the best treatment to combine with subcision


Posted : 05/18/2023 1:55 pm

Hey all,

I have some gnarly scars on my cheeks along with lost volume from a horrible breakout 5 years ago (the volume loss is hard to make out in photos but it's super evident in overhead light). So far I've had 2 fraxel laser treatments and 4 microneedling (skinpen) treatments which did hardly anything. I know now that I need subcision to untether the scars but I'm not convinved that subcision alone will be enough so I'm considering either a fat graft or something like RF microneedling. I don't really want filler since it's temporary and I'm also not convinced by things like sculptra. Any input would be appreciated!


Posted : 05/18/2023 4:19 pm

I would leave it like that. Acne leads to scars, but I think your skin healed very well and there are no harsh edges.

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