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For Females Menopause and Acne The hormonal changes in menopause can, in rare instances, cause an increase in acne symptoms. Acne after menopause is very rare, and if you see... September 04,2018
Diet How Fatty Foods Affect Acne It may be the calorie content in fatty food more than the fat itself that might lead to more acne. However, there is simply not enough evidence for us to conclude anything about fatty food and acne until we see randomized controlled studies on the subject. September 03,2018
Body Acne Why Do People Get Acne Mostly on the Face and Upper Body? The skin of the face and upper body produce more skin oil than the rest of the body, which is the primary reason why these areas are more acne-prone. The skin of the face and upper body also tends to contain higher levels of hormones, which can also lead to more acne. August 24,2018
Sun Exposure Active Ingredients in Sunscreen in the United States There are 17 active sunscreen ingredients approved for use in the United States, but only 8 of them are commonly found in sun-protection products. These 8 include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, oxybenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, and octinoxate. September 03,2018
Emotional/Psychological How Are Acne and Depression Related? Acne and depression are correlated, which means that acne can make depression worse and depression may also worsen acne. But there is not yet a definitive cause-and-effect relationship from the studies we have. Still, common sesne tells us that clearing up the skin obviously leads to lighter moods. September 06,2018
Stress Does Stress Affect Acne? Despite a lack of rigorous studies for us to draw from, since stress—particularly chronic stress—may lead to increased skin oil production and inflammation in the... September 03,2018
For Females Premenstrual Acne Acne in women tends to flare in the premenstrual window, approximately 7-10 days prior to menstruation. This is likely primarily due to the fluctuation of hormones. It can be kept in check with proper acne treatment, and/or oral contraceptives. September 05,2018