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Found 20 results

  1. Hey everyone, Just wondering, what seems to cause your acne the most?
  2. Goldiclocks

    Telling Causes Of Acne

    First off, sorry new here not sure if I posted this in right place. I was wondering if it was possible to tell what causes my specific acne by how it manifests. Say I got lots of acne around the mouth that could mean excessive touching of mouth areas, but i was wondering if it would work for if I had lots of dead skin cells clogging up my pores would this cause more whiteheads than normal? Or perhaps it might be localized to forehead, mouth and around ears which would hint at dead skin cells
  3. Hi everyone, New to this forum and planning on reading the many helpful posts but wanted to start by asking the question that landed me here. I am 28 and have had acne since I was 15. The only other health issue I have is some digestive problems (bloating, constipation, etc) but nothing too serious and have never noticed patterns between the two. I've tried an incredible variety of topical creams, antibiotics, birth control pills, natural remedies, and nothing ever really had an effect. A ye
  4. So lately, I've been under extreme levels of stress and anxiety. I stressed out big time over everything, but mostly on my acne returning. Last Sep 2012, i had a horrendous breakout from maybe wrong skin care, body changes(was 23, now 24), poor diet and stopping BP. The breakouts lasted for about a year and eventually subsided but i did have very mild acne which makeup covered beautifully. During March was the time when my acne was the worse...so when March of this year rolled around, i freaked
  5. Hey, i recently came across this article about face mapping and what may have caused acne on that particular area on the face and i just thought that i would share what was written in it to you all. Forehead: Acne here may be connected to your digestive system including constipation Brow bone: may be connected to the liver or even an unknown food allergy Under eye: may be connected to the kidney Right cheek: may be related to your lungs or a high sugar intake Nose: could
  6. im kinda curious its that thing when you think of various reasons to not go to invites from friends or others not attending events anymore and even skip school/uni when you feel really uneasy around people, its hard to look people in the eyes and talk and so on. soon days goes into weeks and there you have it. google it if you dont know what is that. but the thing is you didnt have it before, it appeared after you got acne.
  7. What Causes Acne?

    Hormones Diet Vitamin Deficiency Stress Evolutionary Biology Inflammation And more... The cause of pimples is unknown. The process by which a pimple develops is highly intricate. While we do know that a pore collapses on itself and blocks sebum (skin oil) from escaping, we do not fully understand why this process takes place in one sebaceous gland versus another. This article discusses what are believed to be the main potential causes of acne. Hormones Acne is at least in part a hormonal disease. We...
  8. Clear My Skin

    Acne In Motion

    First of all, I am in no way associated with the products advertised at the end of the video nor do I use it, I just thought the video was very simple and explained how acne is actually formed. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* I just wanted to share with everyone (if you are unaware) how we get clogged pores and why we get acne in general. EDIT: Oh, and this video has actually stopped me from picking and squeezing my whiteheads!
  9. LexieBee

    15 Years of Acne

    I am a woman turning 27 in a few weeks. My face has been covered in acne since I was 12. I have not had clear skin for 15 years and it is causing me severe depression. I have struggled with everything from mild to severe acne, cysts, whiteheads, and pigmentation on almost every part of my face. As a teen, my acne was primarily in my t-zone, accompanied with oily skin. As an adult, it has migrated to my jaw with occasional cysts on my forehead. The oil has dissipated. HISTORY OF TREA
  10. Hi people! So, I ate peanut sauce with a dish today and i'm pretty scared if my skin will breakout. Cause I've did lots and lots of research about peanuts. And I came to a conclusion that peanuts or peanut butter do breakout for me. But I didn't take that much of peanut sauce actually. But quite curious whether peanut sauce is the same effect of peanut butter or peanuts. Cuz I always follow my skin diet and take anti-acne capsules and I feel so weird when I accidentally eat stuffs that I'm not s
  11. Ive struggles with acne for 5 years that used to cover my face, back and chest. for 4 years i have been on a strong contraceptive (norimin) that has helped 80% of the acne and only during certain times of the year when the weather changes do i get small breakouts. In australia its winter which is when my skin freaks out because of the cold. Usually it will have gotten used to the weather by june/july but I've had sensitive cystic and pustular acne around my mouth chin and jawline! Ive research
  12. Lauren29

    What causes acne?

    Hi everyone. I'm new here so if I'm doing this wrong or posting it in the wrong place please just let me know... I'm becoming desperate at 20 years old I still have acne. I've had acne since the 4th grade which was even before my period started in 5th grade. (As you can tell I'm female Ive been to countless dermatologists to find out what is wrong with me and why I keep breaking out and I've tried all their regimens and nothing's working. I've been trying to cure my acne for years. I get ac
  13. There are a lot of causes that have been proven (?) or are extremely likely that do cause acne from the inside, and I was just wondering if someone here who really knows there stuff could make a list of these and write out ways to find out if that's the cause of your acne. I know a few causes such as Hormones, candida and etc. It'd be really helpful not only to me, but to others I'm sure if someone could make a list like that. For eg; for hormones, who would you see, how do you find out if
  14. I've always had mild-moderate acne. Always struggled with lots of blackheads, a lot of bumps and then I'll get the big hard painful ones sporadically. About 2 years ago I managed to get it cleared up with the help of medication and that lasted for about a year and a half. But the last dix months it's just gotten worse again. Tried going on medication again but that hasn't done anything. I have a good diet (vegan, lots of natural foods, little junk), I exercise regularly, wash my face twice
  15. I suffered from fairly severe acne on my face, back, shoulders, arms, and chest. It was so frustrating because it seemed like I tried everything. Nothing seemed to work. Once I altered my approach, I saw significant results. I decided to treat the cause of the acne and irritation instead of trying to treat it after it had already formed. I would like to share this with you guys. Hopefully you will see results, too! After doing some research, I found some information that I was willing to try
  16. Hi, I post here once in a while, not often though so dont expect me to reply... i just want to share some info.. Anyway, I found that I started scarring about 2 years ago - skin would not heal and then I'd be left with holes in my face... Never happened before. I thought it could be age, sun exposure, or tobacco related. However, I think now it may have been parasite related. A while ago I started having bloating etc, and my stomach had been troubling me for a long time. Once, after eati
  17. I already cut out dairy. I'm also gluten free. Allergic to oats. No sugar. I had to cut out fruit also because in these forums they say that even natural sugars from fruit causes acne! Potatoes cause acne, rice causes acne, nightshade vegetables and certain fruits cause acne, nuts cause acne, beans&legumes causes acne, soy causes acne... The list goes on.. What is there left to eat? I cant find anything to eat! I'm SCARED to eat because they say nearly everything causes acne! Im severely und
  18. Hi all - my name is Eloise and I've just joined this community after finding myself here for research many times over the last 3 years. I need help understanding acne. I have an understanding of what it is (POTENTIALLY), what it is POTENTIALLY caused by, and what can POTENTIALLY treat the symptoms, but I want to understand this: Does acne ever go away for good? Is acne entirely treatable? What causes acne to appear initially, especially after years of clear skin, and why - most importantly -
  19. hello guys, i wanted to share with you all some of the effects of masturbation regarding acne.As we hit puberty a few changes are made in our body i.e. hormonal changes,which result in production of oil on our skin,when we masturbate excessively this oil production also increases and in time it leads to acne breakout. Many doctors and experts say that masturbation is not related to acne but sadly it is(indirectly). Excessive masturbation raises the internal temperature of our body excessively d
  20. I've been trying to trace back to when my acne started. The last time I remember having a bout of clear skin was when I had just moved out. I was about 18, had been clear for a few years and barely even thought about my skin, I thought I was one of the lucky ones who had grown out of their teen acne. When I left home, with my newfound freedom and sudden obsession with skincare, I went out and bought a magnifying mirror and an extractor tool. God knows why. I proceeded to become obsessed with