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Zinc Gluconate

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Not the answer
Reviewed on December 19, 2017

17 yo male. I have mild acne(maybe moderate) , I have read in here about supplementing zinc , hoping it would be the answer. After finishing my first pack of zinc Picolinate 22mg *2/3 a day, let me tell u, it didn’t really change anything. Still bought another one as I I’m so desperate so im not really thinking logically..

Breaking out and getting acne scars after going vegan, ZINC SAVED MY ASS
Reviewed on December 12, 2017

I tried with everything. Always going by the healthy way trying to get my acne under control, but i couldnt. Creams, diets, cleanses, they did some good but still something carving inside trying to push my acne out. And after zinc my acne started to diminish a LOT. After a month almost no acne. WORST A TRY, even more if you are vegan, vegetarian or have a zinc defiency.

And by the way, read about zinc-copper ratio. After taking zinc ive gotten a copper detox and more symptoms i was having dissapeared (anxiety, bruxism, constipation).

I use natural life brand (gluconate), im taking 1 pill (25mg) with lunch, and another (25mg) with dinner.


Zinc and Selenium for Thyroid Acne
Reviewed on November 30, 2017

I started developing severe cystic acne when I was 20. They were huge red cysts with three heads each that would grow on both cheeks (almost symmetrically), and wouldn't stop being inflamed for two weeks at a time. It was ugly and really painful, and they left marks that would not go away for atleast three months and scars that are still on my cheeks.

As I went from acne-free to covered in horrible red acne and scars on my face I became depressed and lost five kgs. I also started to *lose my hair* and had *dry flaky skin on my palms and face*. The skin on my palms would peel off and my hair would fall in clumps. I noticed a decrease in the *quality of hair, which became extremely dry, frizzy and lost its overall shape and texture*. I felt like I had a different person's hair on my head. I went to several doctor's who could not help me, and I got hormone and thyroid tests done which did not tell me anything. After studying my acne and symptoms over a year I self-diagnosed myself with hypothyroidism. Self-diagnosis can be dangerous, but sometimes it's about reading your body's signals. As I took measures to deal with hypothyroidism, my acne went away and I have been cyst-free for six months now. Here is what helped and what didn't:

What did not help:

Cutting carbs : Helped with weight-loss but acne kept coming

Drinking lemon water in the morning: Good habit but cysts continued

Burdock Root: did not take full dose and suffered from horrible purging breakouts over jawline on both sides of my face

Green Tea: Helped with overall health and skin but cysts continued

Vitamin A and D :Helped with overall skin but did not do anything for cystic acne

What really helped:

Calming myself down: stressing about my cysts made them worse

Makeup and concealer: You can always conceal redness; it took me a while to discover this and I have been at peace since then, cysts or no

ALOE VERA: This gel is magic and will speed up scar healing so much, and make your skin glowy. Tip: Keep it on overnight, on full face.

Zinc: I started taking 15mg of zinc daily because it can support your thyroid. This was the key to being cyst-free. It might not work for everyone, but my hair and skin only returned to normal once I began to take zinc. Don't take too much! [I take 15mg Zinc Gluconate daily from Holland and Barrett. I've been taking one every day for a year now with no side-effects. No nausea or hair loss; my hair is almost too thick right now.]

Selenium: I eat one brazil nut everyday. I have not had a single cyst or even big pimple since. It can really support your thyroid. Try it! It's magic. From my experience, zinc is not enough, but in combination with selenium I have almost zero acne issues.

Magnesium: I swam in the ocean for a week, and when my skin and hair drastically improved, that's when I suspected I might have thyroid issues. I don't know whether it is the magnesium or zinc or whatever mineral that is present in sea water that did it, but it changed my skin health soooo drastically (just a week!) that it was insane. So try magnesium sprays, tablets, or a swim in the ocean!

It's depressing to deal with acne but try and listen to your body. Don't go gluten and dairy free without ruling out hormonal or thyroid and other endocrine issues. Two years ago I was in a horrible place, and was constantly sad about my skin. Today it's something I think about maybe once a month, and only if I can see my scars. Otherwise I can get away without washing my face, eating like crap, being stressed, getting no sleep, having sex, etc. without it showing on my skin! It's only because I know my body needs certain nutrients. If you have any of these symptoms, try what I did! I hope I help someone.

Not my Cure
Reviewed on November 10, 2017

I took Zinc 50/mg daily for 4 months with evening premise oil and have noticed no changes. This did not help me.

by Keira27 on 11/16/2017 02:46
Try 50mg
by slurpeedude on 11/16/2017 20:28
thats what I meant to say! thanks
No more acne with zinc
Reviewed on October 31, 2017

I have had mild acne all my life im 27 years old. I tried everrything but i still get one or 2 big cystic acme every time of the month. Some days are worse. I tried zinc 50mg, vitamin e ,vitamin c altogether at night . And im telling you. Its been 6 months and i still havent have acne . Im completely clear. Not even a small dot on my face. Im so happy. I hope it will last

by jhaden_08 on 11/29/2017 16:41
hi, how long did it take for you to get the result?
by Keira27 on 12/12/2017 07:30
Only a week or two. Its really a miracle. Try it with vitamin e and vitamin c 1000mg
Reviewed on October 24, 2017

i'd say it's most likely helped but i dont know if the zinc pills are the ones thats helping with my acne considering that i have a whole routine and diet and im definitely not just gonna stop everything just to see if the zinc pills actually work so yeah im stuck in the middle of it so i'd say it's a "maybe it did work"

A disappointment for female hormonal acne.
Reviewed on October 22, 2017

So I have waiting exactly 3 weeks from the start date of taking Zinc Picolinate 75mg daily before leaving a review. I am female, age 28, moderate to severe hormonal acne for 15 years. I can say with confidence that this dosage of Zinc has done absolutely nothing for my skin. It is exactly as bad (if not very slightly worse) than it was 3 weeks ago. I am truly disappointed, as I wanted this to be the natural fix that so many have said it was for them - or at least see some difference, but no. I am now left wondering whether to try upping the dose or to just quit altogether. I can report though that I've had no bad side effects from this dose - and that I have been taking copper also, to make sure my levels don't drop, so no problems there. If I have any further revelations I will come back to share!

by Lannybrnkr on 12/28/2017 18:00
Maybe try a lesser dosage. Some studies have shown benefits with dosages between 30 & 50 mg.
Right Dosage for Zinc
Reviewed on September 10, 2017

How much zinc should I take? Is it good for me to take 50mg? I have pimples but not that severe, my breakout is every other day and what combination of vitamins is best for acne? Thankyou.

by acneray on 10/14/2017 05:58
Zinc is an essential trace element for humans, and there is evidence that it is similar to antibiotics in improving the condition of inflamed acne. The effective dosage is not clear. However, most studies indicate 50-100mg. We advise you not to take any more than 100mg because excessive zinc may lead to deficiencies in other vitamins and minerals. These supplements can upset your stomach. To prevent nausea, always take Zinc with food. We are also recommending that you discontinue taking the zinc once you are completely clear. We are not suggesting this as a preventative.
good addition to skin routine
Reviewed on September 4, 2017

I started taking zinc gluconate tablets a couple of months ago now, they're not too expensive so I thought id give them a go instead of piling more products onto my skin. I live in the uk and got my tablets from Holland and Barrett , I have generally seen an improvement in my skin and the amount of breakouts I've been getting recently has reduced however its difficult for me to tell whether this is a result of the zinc or a combination of other factors as I've been altering my skincare routine a decent bit recently and introducing a few new products. overall I think it may have helped my skin at least a little and thats good enough for me. it might work better for you but since its not much of an investment ill probably keep taking them.

Dooo it
Reviewed on June 28, 2017

26, moderate breakouts. 1 Zinc Chelate tablet a day 25mg. My skin hasn't been this clear in 12 years. Where has this been all my life?

by jhaden_08 on 11/29/2017 16:44
how long does it take for you to get the result? is it weeks or months. thank you

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