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Zinc Gluconate

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May 10, 2018
Asking for help?
I need your help! Can Zinc cause an increase in DHT? I read that it boosts testosterone naturally. I've been taking 50 mgs of Zinc for months, and I dont think it helps... My acne is hormonal, I also take Saw Palmetto and I feel like that really helps. But I recently came across an article about testosterone and Zinc. And I'm confused. Was út a mistake to take the two supplements together? Did I boost my testosterone levels with mega doses of Zinc? (50 mgs daily, I'm a 50 kg girl). I stopped taking Zinc for a few days, but I'm really confused, and I havent found information on the internet that would help. Can you guys help me? My acne came back more severe after stopping birth control pills after 2,5 years. Input down the pill last June. Thank you for your help!
June 2, 2018
Zinc is supposed to balance the testosterone levels in your body but in excess it'll only increase the amount of testosterone your body produces. Homeopaths will usually recommend you take no more than 20mg of Zinc a day.
September 4, 2017
good addition to skin routine
I started taking zinc gluconate tablets a couple of months ago now, they're not too expensive so I thought id give them a go instead of piling more products onto my skin. I live in the uk and got my tablets from Holland and Barrett , I have generally seen an improvement in my skin and the amount of breakouts I've been getting recently has reduced however its difficult for me to tell whether this is a result of the zinc or a combination of other factors as I've been altering my skincare routine a decent bit recently and introducing a few new products. overall I think it may have helped my skin at least a little and thats good enough for me. it might work better for you but since its not much of an investment ill probably keep taking them.
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June 26, 2017
Not sure
I thought this worked for some time, but then nothing changed. It didn't make it worse but definitely didn't cure my skin from acne.
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February 20, 2017
Stops breakout but doesn't cure..
I started taking zinc (50) and vitamin d3 (2200)tablets and vitamin c (1000 wit rose hip) twice a day it stopped breakout , in this two months I have had very few breakdouts that disappeared in 2-3days but it didn't do anything to my red marks on face it still looks the same when I started taking ...
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September 1, 2018
It’s not going to do anything for red marks! Marks will go away with time... expoliating accelerates the process!
December 3, 2015
From the reviews I can see that Zinc helps guys way more than it helps girls. Zinc made a very small difference for me, but not a big enough one to waste money on it. Vitex helped far more (this is only for women and it is more for adult acne.) It looks like Zinc is good if you're a guy, but if you're a woman, I would probably skip it. There are better natural treatments out there. I would recommend this to a guy, but not to a girl.
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September 3, 2014
pretty good
it makes a difference in your skin and pimples do heal faster however it is not something that will completely clear your skin ..make sure you take it with food !
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June 29, 2014
Didn't hurt, didn't help
I took 50mg of Zinc every day for almost 3 months and did not notice any worsening or positive progress. Every person is different so definitely try and see if supplementing Zinc works for you.
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September 10, 2013
It's effective for the skin but it messes with my menstrual cycle


Reduces inflamed pimples
Makes skin looking brighter and healthier
Less Oily skin


Does nothing for whiteheads
I experienced side effects
It messes with my menstrual cycling

I knew about zinc through acne.org. I read a lot of reviews and decided to try it. Why not? I have nothing to loose. I was aware that taking zinc supplements would deplete the absorption of copper. I bought zinc from the brand Now Foods (Optizinc - 30mg), which also have copper in it. I paid less than 5 euros for 100 capsules. I take the birth control pill for birth control purposes (obviously) but it never did anything for my acne. I took the pill Diane in the past, but it didn't do anything for me... I have whiteheads and sometimes inflamed pimples around my jawline, and blackheads in my nose and cheeks. I have also oily skin... Zinc seemed ok to take, and many people said it helped a lot with their acne and oily skin. I only took it for 2 weeks, because after that i had to take antibiotics, and i was afraid that zinc would affect it's absorption - i read something about this. After one week i had to take it only 2 to 3 times a week, because i was experience a lot of tiredness and a little of nose bleeding... But i notice a difference on my skin. It was looking healthier, less oily and inflamed spots were gone. I also noticed a difference on my period which came a couple of days after i stopped zinc (one day after it was supposed to). The bleeding was really minimal and very different from my usual periods even, which i clearly attribute to the taking of zinc. Zinc levels play an important role on menstrual cycle, by regulating the hormones. Its proven to make menstrual cramps better, but it also reduces bleeding. (i had no premenstrual pain, which i usually do) I'm now very skeptical about taking it again... if it can do this with my menstrual cycling, it's because is messing with it in certain way, and i'm not really comfortable with that... It's a shame...but i really don't want to mess with my internal system, i can make it worse by not knowing exactly what kind of imbalance i have. I recommend to give it a go, but make sure you know about side effects and how it can mess with your internal system.
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July 17, 2013
Not seen a benefit, it may work for you
I've had all types of spots and very oily skin since I was 12, I have also tried many over the counter and prescription treatments nothing worked as well as Roaccutane. I just want something to work hence the trying of new things. But I guess we are all different and react in different ways. So far my skin has not been very cooperative. lol. I take 1 tablet of 15mg zinc twice a day. I've always had strong nails and long shiney thick hair, so I can't really see a differnce. I've been taking this amount of zinc for over a year. I may do a test and see what happens if I stop taking Zinc for one month. And I'll update.
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June 28, 2013
Never seen much of a difference.


Good for overall health in moderation.


Didn't have much effect on acne

Awesome supplement for your health.. but when It came to my acne, I never seen much of a difference.
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