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Zinc Gluconate

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December 20, 2017
Not the answer
17 yo male. I have mild acne(maybe moderate) , I have read in here about supplementing zinc , hoping it would be the answer. After finishing my first pack of zinc Picolinate 22mg *2/3 a day, let me tell u, it didn't really change anything. Still bought another one as I I'm so desperate so im not really thinking logically..
June 2, 2018
Try taking 10 000i.u Vitamin A and 20mg Zinc once daily. This combo completely killed my acne
October 24, 2017
i'd say it's most likely helped but i dont know if the zinc pills are the ones thats helping with my acne considering that i have a whole routine and diet and im definitely not just gonna stop everything just to see if the zinc pills actually work so yeah im stuck in the middle of it so i'd say it's a "maybe it did work"
July 12, 2016
Wasn't For Me
I'm 14, almost 15 in a few days. I would get one pimple on my nose every few months at 11 and 12. I've had mild acne since I was 13. I was taking zinc for 43 days. I usually took 2 supplements a day, sometimes 1, rarely none. After the first day I noticed a slight difference but then my skin basically stayed the same but I had hope if I took it long enough it would work. I stopped taking zinc about a week ago because I noticed my hair was falling out. Mind you I'm 14 and have really thick hair. My hair is pretty thin now. It doesn't look that thin but if you feel it and put your hands through my hair and scalp it feels pretty scary. I have no bald spots though. It's still falling out when I brush it but not as much. It's probably due to take 2 supplements a day (50mg each). Now I'm just gonna try only washing my face with water and see how that goes, wish me luck. :(
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November 2, 2016
What happened is that you accidentally created a copper deficiency in your body by taking too much Zinc. Signs of copper deficiency are hair thinning/baldness, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, anemia etc. The recommended daily supplemental dosage for Zinc is only 15-25mg So you essentially need to half a 50mg tab of Zinc- maybe break it up further too. I hope your hair is growing back! :(
November 18, 2012


Works wonders!!
Glowing skin
Reduced scaring


Pulsating headaches
Dizziness and terribly sleepy

I have been suffering from moderate acne since 12 years, have been once on accutane which cleared my skin for 5 years and then relapsed again, was reluctant to take it again given the side effects hence tried various homeopathic and holistic remedies but none have worked as well as zinc, it's amazing for the skin and acne, took it for 2 weeks and my skin had never looked so well, started with 50 mg zinc gluconate from Solar then reduced it to 25 mg (splitting the tablet in two), however I started getting unexplained fever, flu like symptoms and pulsating headaches, was sleepy all the time, I figured out that since I added zinc in my regime, that could be causing it. Hence I had to stop taking it. Pls be aware of overdosing on it and its severe side effects, it'd rather live with acne.
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May 19, 2012


Easy to use


Initial breakout and also when i stopped takikng it (coincidence?)
No improvement
Unwanted hair growth

No improvement in skin after over a month of use. Seemed to break me out when i first started using it and after i stopped taking it. No noticeable effects on acne. I did notice I got some unwanted hair growth. It increased libido. Zinc contributes to testosterone and I noticed when I ate a bunch of oysters, these side effects occurred. Not really a deterrent in itself, just the hair growth and no change made me figure it's not worth it.
April 26, 2012


No stomatch aches


No improvement
Decreases copper absorbtion

Disappointed.. people on here said they had 50% clear skin by the second week, I reaaaallllyyyy wanted this to work for me too and I heard it helped balance your hormones, which I'm almost sure is the cause of my acne since I'm 13. But it has been almost 2 weeks of taking 50mg a day and I've seen no noticeable improvement, if anything I've been breaking out more.. I really wanted my skin to be clear for the end of the year and I was positive this was gonna get me there, I guess I might try fish oil now.
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October 24, 2011


+Easy to take
+Can buy almost anywhere


-Doesn't do much
-Can make nauseous
-Hard to remember to take everyday

I've taken this for about 3-4 months straight. For the past month i haven't taken it at all. I see no difference in my skin. But hey why not give it a try. May work you if it truly did for others. May prevent colds if anything. *Virtually impossible to know when taking this whether this is what exactly is making your skin clear or one of the other things you're doing to treat your skin.
October 14, 2011


I have been taking zinc for 2 weeks..i think its working somewhat...but nothing like what people are saying about it..i will take for alittle longer


made me very sleepy

does not work for everyone...But do give it a try
September 17, 2010


Non for me.


No cons either.

I rated this item about a month ago and gave it 2/5, and I'm still sticking to that. A month ago I decided to give zinc a nother chance and switched chelated zinc to zinc picolinate. I also upped my dose to 180mg per day and have done this for about four weeks with absolutely no effect. I really don't feel any effect on my body. I'll be reducing my dose to 60mg. Happy to see it's helped so many people here though.
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September 12, 2010


Mood lifter, appetite suppressant


Made my acne much much worse

I guess this works for some people & not for others. I started taking zinc just to boost the good results I was getting with progesterone & benzoyl peroxide, and at first my skin looked really glowy & pretty. I felt great while taking it too- very giddy & energetic but within 2 weeks my face started *exploding* with acne. Not just my face either- my back, my chest, and I even got a few on my neck & I NEVER break out on my neck. My skin is also feeling very sensitive & irritated now. Once I made the correlation I immediately stopped taking it & I hope I can get this acne cleared back up quickly. Such a disappointment. I hate to stop taking it. I loved the happy feeling it gave me but it's not worth being covered in pimps.
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