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Found 500 results

  1. Okay so I had a little bit of what I think is an IB. What happened was I got a bunch of little pimples all around my mouth area. And then I still had some of the bigger ones I had before taking Accutane. So all in all I probably had a total of 15 pimples all along my chin/jawline and like I said most of them were little but anyways my chin mouth looks like a minefield on my face so of course I had to mess with them. :/ Yes, I tried popping them ALL. they look red now and some of them didn't even
  2. Should I pop this or just leave it ? its not going away, currently on the acne.org regemine started 2 days ago. Thanks
  3. For the past year or so I've been getting some really painful acne around the moustache area and nose, which look a lot like whiteheads. When they first start developing, you can't see them unless you're really close but you can feel a very small bump with very slight pain. After this, a whitehead starts forming, then, it starts getting bigger until a whitehead has completely formed. They usually last 2-5 days, but I get them constantly (so much that it looks like I constantly have a cold from t
  4. (Yes I know, never pop cystic acne, I've learned my lesson) This morning I couldn't take it anymore and popped a cystic acne on my nose, now it's all red and somewhat flaky (not raised). What can I do to make this go away? I've heard everything from Neosporin to BP but decided to make my own post because I'd really like to get an answer for my own situation. I know this pales in comparison to some of the other horror stories I've seen on these boards, but any help is appreciated -- I'm going ba
  5. I've had some big cysts and pustules, deep under the skin, that have left NO scars or hyperpigmentation whatsoever. The whiteheads I get are small and they scab over, and they always leave dark little pinprick-sized spots of hyperpigmentation. I don't get it. For example, a few weeks ago I got a pustule on my left cheek. It seemed pretty deep, there was no head.. it hurt quite a bit. I left it alone for a few days and there still wasn't a head. I tried popping it, first blood came out, then
  6. I've had this one blackhead on my upper cheek for awhile. I have a skin picking habit, but it's not as bad as it used to be. I would occasionally gently pick at this blackhead, and just today it's not all red and infected looking. I'm 90% sure I've gotten these before, but I usually resolved them by popping them and I don't want to do that this time. Is there any way I can cure this without traumatizing my skin any more than i already have? Please help. Thanks. ps. I'm going to try putting a
  7. I don't know if this is the right section or not, but I'm going to post here anyway. If this isn't the right section, please redirect it. Anyways, is it normal to have pimples on your acne scars? I have scars on both of my cheeks and most of the scarring is redness and PIH (NO indention, their surface scars). But I have quite a few pimples on the scarring areas and I'm wondering if anyone else has this. Some are actually on the surface (noticable) and some are under the surface. It's like when
  8. I guess my main problem is huge, isolated, cyst-like pimples. I don't know if they are cysts or just very large pustules. Once I had one over 1cm in diameter that lasted about 4 weeks, with a LOT of swelling. I had lots of little spots before all over my chin area when I was a bit younger (guess it was mild acne) but I found that much easier to control and hide with make-up than these huge things I get now I'm later in my twenties. Horrid. I am on birth control (Yasmin) which has really sorte
  9. So before summer came along I didn't get any acne on my forehead. Now since it has been summer, 3 times now I have had a severe case of 'forehead acne'. It comes in the form of tiny bumps all across my forehead that are not filled with anything and do NOT pop if I squeeze them. They are in various sizes. Now I didn't know what caused these bumps but I would put tea tree oil, BP, aloe vera, honey...etc on them and eventually they would calm down and go away (I believe mainly due to me picking th
  10. Okay, so I have 4 days to get rid of this 'horn' on my head!!! I squeezed it and after ages it finally popped, then blood came out followed by a watery blood. I dunno what to do and it still fells swallowed and hurts even to touch!! please help!!! THANKS
  11. Alright, so I usually just get the garden variety type zits, small and red.. sometimes have a white head, black heads are rare. But... everynow and then I'll get a huge red bump. Extremely painful, whole area around it becomes red and elevated. I think it's cystic acne but I wouldn't consider my acne severe because I only get one of these every once in a while. So, one of those lovely things popped up overnight, and I tried putting a pea sized amount of acne med right on it (my usually response
  12. Hey All, OK so let my start off by saying I am not a troll etc. I am actually a very masculine guy who would not normally post stuff like this but I really wanted to share my cure with people because I know how fighting acne can be draining both in terms of energy and self-esteem. Let my start by saying I have had a mix of acne problems, with specific areas being worst (like right below my mouth and on my chin line). I have had white heads (my biggest problem), black heads, and the pain i
  13. Is it true that most pustules and papules do not scar (if you do not pick at them)? According to my dermatologist, unless you have severe acne, chances of scarring from pustular acne is quite low, unless you pop it.
  14. Hi guys i am currently using Differin Cream, 0.1% and have been for approximately 9 months or so, though am still getting very mixed results, i.e. One week i will have pretty much clear skin, then the next, bad breakouts will pop up left, right and center =[ All i do usually is wash my face in the morning, then moisturise, and at night, wash my face then apply differin before i go to bed. Normally i would have switched products by now, though i have been advised it can take a long time to work.
  15. I have a large cyst (actually seems to be 3 in one small spot) and one of them has on its own opened up. What is the best thing to put on it so that it will heal quickly? Thanks
  16. Im 24, female, caucasian. My skin is pretty much cleared of pimples, now that im older I get only the very rare pimple here or there usually disappear within a couple days. But my real problem is cysts. I get them on my chin and edge of my jaw mostly, sometimes on my cheek bones or lower forehead. I have 1 or 2 at any given time, they last minimum one week up to several months. They are very very deep under my skin, sometimes they aren't so bad, but they can swell to the point wheres its disfigu
  17. Ok, so for 8 days now I have had a red bump on my face. It is painless, and has not come to a head. I had a cortisone shot on Thursday, and it shrunk it a little bit. But now it is back, and seems to be getting larger. I have not tried to pop it, or play with it at all. Should I go back to the derm or give it some more time? I am freaking out because it is completely unlike any pimple I have ever had!!! GRRR.
  18. Hey guys, A couple of days ago I got this big pimple on my cheek, it's pretty much a big slightly painful pimple, filled with blood, it feels like it could easily be popped accidently and it almost seems to have two heads all squashed up together? Delightful, eh? Anyway, I was wondering if it was simply a deep pimple, or a papule or a nodule, or whatever, and what I should do with it (if anything). Sure, it's ugly, but the last thing I want to do is worsen it or cause permanent damage.
  19. Hi all I am new to acne.org. I just wanted to start out by thanking all of you for sharing you struggles and accomplishments with acne. I am 29 years old, a mother of 20 month old twin daughters, and a stay/work from home Mom. I have had acne pertty much all my life. It has really effected my quality of life, much like several of you that post on these boards. I have attempted suicide in the past and had to be placed in a mental facility for several days because I was so severely depressed that
  20. I think I just discovered something new the last few months. I got a clarasonic mia in Dec and maybe it's a placebo effect but I think my pores are somewhat smaller or at the very least the blackheads on my nose are gone. So one night I went a bit overboard and used the Clarasonic on my face several times and concentrating on my chin where I keep getting cysts on. (each cycle runs a minute. I must have done ten on my face.) I overdid it because my skin was really tight and dry the next day and I
  21. I'm new here and plan on seeking knowledge on my acne condition in due time, but at the moment I have an emergency. I had a large cyst on my face (I'm not too sure of the terminology, it was a large red bump beneath the skin). I took the advice on this forum and iced it yesterday, hoping to stop the swelling (incase it was an infection). Suddenly this morning a tiny white "head" appeared on the bump (again, I'm not sure if the terminology is correct, but a white circle formed on it). As the day
  22. hey everybody. i am hoping for some help/guidance as to what to do with my acne. i have tons of very small pimples all over my face, especially my forehead and the area around my nose, spreading towards my cheeks, and now even my chin and neck. i have bought one of those pimple popper tools to try and get rid of some of them because i don't see any other way, but i can only get maybe 10 out of 50, they're so small. i'm not sure what this is or how to fix it! i've been on minocyclin that worked
  23. I got this pimple below my lip two day ago. I popped it now it scabbed. I've been putting alcohol on it, but I want it to be gone by Monday cause that is when school starts.
  24. Ive had this gigantic thing next to my asscrack for 4 days now its driving me insane!. I literally cannot sit or lie down without being in immense pain, and even walking hurts insanely. Ive started putting BP on it since last night and havent noticed a difference yet. BTW i cannot go to a doctor until next tuesday cause of my current situation. should i try and pop it?? Or continue applying BP and wait to see if it subsides? Im scared i will literally pass out from the pain if i try and pop i
  25. I had a pimple on my cheek, near my mouth. It had a slight whitehead, so I put warm compresses on it and squeezed it. Some pus came out, and it seemed like everything came out because clear liquid is all that comes out now. However, I still feel a bump there. Does that mean that not all of the pus is out? Or does this simply happen after popping? Any help?