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Found 1,000 results

  1. I have loads of whitehead spots which look really horrible! Should I pop them or shall I leave them alone? Will the spots clear up if I leave them and not touch them at all? HELP!!!
  2. Makeing me Quackie!

    IM so sad 22 with acne?????

    Ok about a month or 2 ago I broke out. Ha no biggie I tohught it was from PMS well it didnt go away and Im getting painful white heads. I poped 2 today and now Im mad that I did. Has anyone gotten acne in the 20's? Im hopeing this passes. I never knew what it was like to have these things and never go away and now I know. Worse thing is I model and I cant wait till monday to call a doc. I hope something helps.
  3. I have a red mound growing on my cheek, but a relatively clear face overall. I have a dinner thing I'm going to on Saturday and I hope I can be rid of this by then. Any advice on getting rid of a pimple in 2 days? It feels like I could pop it, but there is no head to puncture with a needle or anything. Will it be gone in a couple days if I don't touch it and just go about my regular routine? I use the clear skin regemin, except Benzaclin (Rx) instead of On-the-Spot or the gel.
  4. MochaSoca

    Last Day on Monday

    Alright, my last day of school is on Monday, meaning I have 2 and a half months to treat my acne and make my senior year an enjoyable one. My main problems are as follows: Hyperpigmentation (I'm black, but have slightly ligher skin, a horrible combonation since I'm dark enough to get dark spots, but light enough to show redness) I don't remember the exact name for them, but they're large bumps under the skin surface; too deep that I can't pop them like regular pimples, they just sit there for
  5. everybody that didn't read my last post, heres a pic of the thing on my chin from me tryin to pop a clogged pore (whitehead) when it wasn't ready. my whole chin swelled up for about 5 days and its been about two weeks now. it hasn't gotten any smaller, it never became red, and never came to a head. any ideas of wtf this is and how i can get rid of it? [attachmentid=4708][attachmentid=4710][attachmentid=4709] ps i dont get acne or anything, i just had some clogged pores for awhile from doing a
  6. Delboy

    My Nose!

    My acne is thankfully coming under control at last thanks to red/blue lamp treatment but it still persists quite badly on my nose. In the corners and above the nostrils are really red and I get lots of little whiteheads which pop easy but remain very sore for days after. Unlike the rest of my face, my nose hasn't responded to the light treatment and gets very greasy I wondered if anyone here has dealt succesfully with the nose problem?
  7. hey guys. im pretty new here, and i was wondering what are the steps i need to take to correctly and safely pop those pimples that are red around the base and have a big white "bubble" of puss or whatever at the top. hey look like mini-volcanos. I beleive the correct term is whitehead, and theyre the only type of acne i get and usually there pretty big. i hate having those massive white volcanos on my face, and need to pop them, but am unsure of the correct way to do it so i dont get scars or
  8. I have recently got this huge spot as seen in the post before... the thing is I poped it this morning because it needed it soooooooooo badly Its incredibly painful and its swelled up by my lip The pain is real bad and i can't talk, eat or anything!! Should I put ice on it.. or will it make it worse? Anyone else used ice before? Thanks xxx
  9. Quest2bclear

    Quick fix help!!

    Hi guys i need a quick fix for 2 bumps that are abt to pop. I suspect a cyst. I have a outing on Monday and i need some quick fixes on this to make it go down and not swell. Which should i use? Vinegar or Retinol? I tried retinol previously and it caused me to peel for almost a few days continuously and i don't really want the flakes but it kills off bacteria fast. Or should i use vinegar to bring it down and bring the whitehead out. Which should i use? Need advice here.. Thanks!
  10. wadsthepointofliving


    why does a whitehead grow back even after its popped?
  11. A couple days ago I started to form this giant cyst on the right side of my nose. It's huge, red, and looks like it won't be going away for a while. It's embarrassing like hell also. I just started using the regimen about a week ago. It's been working, I don't have many pimples, just many red spots where pimples used to be. Though, this giant cyst just decided to pop up regardless. I need some advice on how to treat it and get rid of it as soon as possible. I don't wish to see a dermatologis
  12. Hi i know popping whiteheads or any pimple isnt good for your skin. But I have acne around my mouth and chin. I found that when the whitehead is ready to pop that if i press with my tongue or push with my finger on the inside of my mouth where the pimple is on the outside they pop and all the puss comes out. Do u think this is better way of popping the ones that are ready to be poped and are around my mouth.
  13. tanglepants290

    ugh.....please help!!!

    alright, i had a very tiny white head smack dab in the middle of my forehead and i was doing really well about not picking at it, then another tiny one showed up right next to it and i caved. i tried to pop them, but it didn't go too well, and to make a long story short i now have this weird scabby like thingin the middle of my forehead. Does anyone know how i can get rid of it fast????? please help, it's so obvious and really noticiable.
  14. aussiegirl

    My experience

    Just wanted to share my experiences - I first got a case of cystic acne last year, and was prescribed Yasmin to alleviate it, after refusing to take roaccutane, based on friend's experiences of it. Yasmin cleared it up in 2 weeks to the point where my skin was crystal clear. Then, I went off it a few months ago, and in early January, got some mild acne, which flared up into staphlycoccal aureus. I have spent literally thousands of dollars seeing specialists, and trying all sorts of medicine.
  15. alright i once in awile will get acne thats red and is a circle and a lil big not really...and theres never a whitehead so i can pop it ...it wont pop and it hurts plz help...
  16. Hi, My old Derm would do this treatment - basically you have a solution of acetone and dry ice which is applied to your face with some gauze on the end of a popsickle stick - The solution is very cold & immediately evaporates - This seemed to exfoliate and relieve light/moderate acne pretty well Has anyone else ever encountered this? Would it be practical to apply yourself - similiar to a chemical peel regimen?
  17. Panic!!

    Sudden Acne Help?

    Hey guys great board first of all and I'm happy to be a part of it. Ok on to my little issue. I'm male, 25 and I suddenly started breaking out on my forehead right by my hairline about 2 weeks ago. So at first I did the normal thinking to get to the root of the problem. Diet, sleep patterns, hygiene routine. I was baffled. I work out regularly, I'm a health nut, I eat a very clean diet except for the occasional splurge and the only bad thing I do is I go out and party 2x a week. Even so,
  18. thenry


    I had this pimple over christmas, a small white bump ( cant notice it much). And stupid me i decide to pop it. THis thing becomes 20x bigger from the squeezing and i'm left with a big ol mark on my cheek. So i decide to leave it and it slowly healed but i could still see puss underneath it. Just yesterday (its still around after over 1 1/2 months) i wanted to pop this shit out of it so it gets offa my cheek lol. So i squeeze and this cheesy stuff starts coming out then i see a hair! lol com
  19. joo02

    No more cyst

    I had alot of cysts. Big monsterous cysts deep under the skin. For over the past 10 years, I've tried everything. Washing face 3 times a day, clean hands every couple hours and never touch my face, noxema to neutrogena, antibiotics to acutane. I've done pretty much everything. Nothing seemed to 'cure' the root of the cause. (Btw, acutane worked to be the best... but too costly and it's a drug and we all know drug is never safe. ) Now, they're all gone. How? I just watched what I ate. Yes. Beli
  20. I am at a loss at what to do. My face responds to retin a and bp, and cleocin except on my jawline. plus it seems like the acne on the jawline does not abide by the sames rules as the rest of the acne. For ex, we are supposed to be able to pop white heads sticking out. On the jawline, if I do this is erupt several pustlues everywhere. Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of these. I am also on B5 (just started) and antibiotics (5 days). But this jalwine wont quit. Is is moderate to severe o
  21. lol first of all, i wanna say that i am obsessed with this board. obviously for a couple of days im off of work. anyway. i keep getting pimples in the same spots on my face, besides the one i already have everywhere else. i dont know what the hell man. right at this moment i have 3 papules on my left-eye corner, the two from last week is gone. i have another papule forming milimeters apart from the one i had last on my upper left-side forehead, and almost the same spot from the papule i had 2 we
  22. Charity Nicole


    Hey guys! I'm new here ! All tell you a little bit about myself just incase youll ever need anything. My names Chairty Im 13 and ive had pretty bad acne this past year and I know how hard it is because we all just want clear skin. Im FINALLY clear,and my skin looks really good, but instead of zits now Im all peely and red(lol!) Does anyone know a cleanser and mostroizing combo that stops acne breakouts and prevents them, but can make the peeling and redness stop or atleast help a bit??!?!?!
  23. Right, I had spots since i was like 14-15 i'm 19 now, It's really getting on my nerves i really dunno why they won't go, Doctor keeps putting me on some oxytetracycline tablet's but they only cure my back and chest acne, I stopped taking them they came back straight away as soon i started taking them again every single spot on my back and chest disappeared so that is a good sign. BUT My faaaaace, I'd rather really bad body acne than my face, Anything but the face! I don't even know what kind
  24. i have to squeeze them off as soon as it possible but i am not sure that drugstore or dollar store have it?
  25. As a long time(17+) yrs sufferer of this disease, am still looking for a decent treatment Was wondering if anyone else had this problem. The only acne I get is which develops into pustules and unless I pop it or it pops it by itself it stays on my face. It doesnt matter if I spot treat it with BP 10%. BP has never helped me on the new acne. The only time it helps is once I pop it and the whole crap drains out then BP helps dry it out faster. Over the years I have tried so many different t