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Found 2,722 results

  1. This is quite embarrassing for me to even post, but I really have hit the lowest point. I went to a dermatologist about eight months ago, and she prescribed me Tazorac. I have been using it for these past eight months and as you can see, my acne still remains quite severe. It helped a bit, but I don't know what the hell this is even. I wash my face everyday, change my pillow sheets every week, change my towel every week, use a cleanser every morning, and this is the result. Can somebody tell me what I'm even supposed to do at this point? Like, I have exhausted all my options and I have never felt this terrible before. I have never picked at them or popped anything before so I don't know what the problem could be. I also drink plenty of water/seltzer and try to not consume any soda.
  2. ok so i usually get this in that area and on the other side, it starts out as a hard spot then inflames alittle and becomes hard after awhile i see a whitehead and pop it then the skin sheds/peels and looks like this, not sure if its acne or worst case herpes
  3. Hi! I'm new here So this may seem quite rude posting this straight away but do you think someone will be able to help me identify my acne? Let me explain a little about my personal life first... I'm 18Planning on moving onto University next yearExercise at the gym twice a week (as transport is only by foot)I live relatively close to the country (so almost zero pollution)I drink 8 or more glasses of water a day, most times with a slice of lemonI have short hair to avoid having a fringe or bangs over my foreheadI go outside at least twice a day (whenever the sun is out and it's not zero below)My diet includes plenty, if not MORE than enough of: Berries, Nuts, Seeds, Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits etc. and I'm zero tolerance for fizzy drinks or sugary junk food. I am currently using a topical prescription treatment known as "Duac once daily gel". I had very good results with this only of course it had severely dried out my skin by shutting down my oil glands preventing any clogged pores. I do not use any harsh chemicals on my face except for clean & clear daily gel cleanser day and night before I then moisturise with a perscription and over-the-counter product known as "Aqueous Cream BP". I use absolutely nothing else on my skin apart from the above mentioned in bold. I do admit to being rather hormonal sometimes and sadly... have come to the conclusion that stress does create an imbalance in my hormones shaking them about a bit to the point where their literally saying "Right, not having this. A spot here and a spot there". I am calm a lot of the time and get out and have fun and have a laugh, though it's hard to face the fact that I'm at that age, where my skin has become less tolerable to the acne causing bacteria which may of been lurking around on our skin most of our lives. In my current position of having no way of hiding my acne and moving onto University and seeking for a Job, it is quite hard to be taken seriously as an adult when you have a teenage problem. In the picture I have attached, I am very confused about the type of acne I have. You may or may not notice that none of them are actually spots at all, but little red marks and strange spots which have been left over from previous spots which I have never popped. I would be ever so grateful to receive some advice on how to treat these scars/fade marks? as even my own doctor does not really take me that seriously and yeah! I can probably see why if I put myself in his shoes, then again I'm in my own shoes (well slippers at this point) and this is my problem which to a lot of people, wouldn't seem like such a big deal. I remember before I ever had a single spot, I would never even notice other people's spots; obviously having acne has made me a little more self conscious and aware of imperfections So yeah I shall end this now I do hope I will receive some feedback on my issue, thank you for anyone still reading this! Never let acne rule your life, see it as a imperfection on it's own, not an imperfection of yourself Kind Regards x
  4. Smack'd


    Hi, I'm 16 and I have bad acne on both my cheeks. I've been using Proactive for 3 weeks and I'm seeing little results. Yesterday, I was reading on the internet that table salt can help with acne so i soaked a cotton pad with table salt and left it on some red marks left by acne for 3 minutes. I woke up this morning and those red marks grew a sore white head. Is this a good thing or a bad thing and I'm thiking about popping it? Thanks.
  5. bemaree

    What Is This?

    I don't know if it's a pimple, cyst, or what. It is right dab middle on my nose and looks like a smooth red circle bump. It enlarged a lot (like half a dime or bigger) before and took forever, but it popped by itself leaving a brown flat circle where it once was. Now it's smaller but it came back and there is a bump once again. I want to leave it alone because I'm afraid it'll get bigger again. Does anyone know what this might be?
  6. I have these spots they dont seem to shift no matter what I do, I notice that my face is quite oily by the afternoon if thats any help. They are also mainly on my chin and hardly anywhere else. They often do have heads that need popping aswell. Thanks!
  7. I've had this one blackhead on my upper cheek for awhile. I have a skin picking habit, but it's not as bad as it used to be. I would occasionally gently pick at this blackhead, and just today it's not all red and infected looking. I'm 90% sure I've gotten these before, but I usually resolved them by popping them and I don't want to do that this time. Is there any way I can cure this without traumatizing my skin any more than i already have? Please help. Thanks. ps. I'm going to try putting a very steamy, damp wash cloth over it to sooth it a little. If things get worse I could try antibiotics or some cream but I don't know. Any advice is welcome.
  8. so, guys it's been a month since I've started taking accutane but these two cysts would never go away. They sore, sometimes pop, then they go inside the skin (I can feel them) after a month they resurface again. Please help me. I've been a silent-reader for more than year now, this is my first call for help.
  9. proper inglish

    Not sure what to do...

    Hi everyone. I've been browsing these forums for a while and have gotten tons of valuable information. Now I have somewhat of a problem and was hoping that someone might have some advice. Since September of last year I've been getting occasional cysts (1 every 2 months or so) in the area next to my nose. I'm well aware that it isn't advisable to pop a cyst, however this strategy seems to have worked very well for me. I can usually pop one in a day or so and it clears up leaving no mark. This time is different. Two days ago (after about five months of having it under control thanks to a few changes in my routine) I got a cyst. I attempted to pop it but with no success. At this point I'm really unsure of what I should do. I've attached an image so you can see what it is I'm dealing with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  10. Following are pictures of a possible Sebaceous cyst under my chin on my neck, right above my adams apple. herehttp://img840.imageshack.us/f/photo3jpg.jpg/ herehttp://img59.imageshack.us/i/photo3jpgd.jpg/ Background: It formed about 2-3 years ago as a big bump that kinda looked like an adams apple, but not as big. It finally came to a head and popped one day and a lot of puss came out. Since than, its been on and off pumping out puss, blood, and sometimes just blood. It's pretty small now, but still exists and is very annoying. it seems to get bigger and full of puss after Sitting in the cold weather for a long time, or after a very exhausting exercise like playing basketball or soccer in the heat, it will fill up with puss. (Seems temperature affects it) I have tried to leave it alone and not touch it for a few months and it will get smaller, but won't go completely away. Anything I can try to completely remove it?
  11. Rhiannonh8szitz

    Cyst pimple gone bad

    Okay so I got this horrible cyst pimple like a week ago at first it was like hard and it didn't really hurt all that much well as the days went on my cyst started getting bigger and redder and it started to hurt so another week went by and it still wasn't going away so I convinced myself there was a white head on it so last night I tried to pop it well I heard a like swish sound like the sound you hear when you pop a zit but the puss actually comes out.. Yeah well here's where I messed up... I went to pop it and instead of the puss and crap coming out it like moved to the side of my nose... I went to bed last night woke up and now my eye is swollen and my cyst is even bigger... WHAT DO I DO?! I need help :/
  12. wattar

    Breakout Help1

    So I was living the carefree summer...went on vacation. I didn't really paranoid about my face (unlike school time :/), and voila, my acne was gone. During the beginning of August, I told my self to take the initiative to completely clear my face of any imperfections. Started washing my face again, and popping every pimple or black head I saw (This usually works for me). I ended up breaking out. Long story short, I have 3 wierd pimples. I tried popping them but they were deep in the skin. Because I'm kinda stubborn, I kept getting at them, and I cut my skin with a tissue and nails. They healed to form a scar, but the pimple is there, and it still won't pop. What do I do? I also have a scarred up face atm, what can I do to speed up the healing process?
  13. Hey, here's my situation: I've had acne since i was 13 (i'm 15 now), not very bad acne, just random red spot that then would leave bad marks for days (my skin irritates easily, when i get a mosquito bite without scratching it, it leaves a scar even after 1 month. luckily acne scars go away in less than 1 month). Then, for 2 weeks since last monday, i suddenly stopped getting pimples like the ones i had during winter/spring, just no pimples at all basically, as far as i can recall. Then, like 4 days ago, i popped a small piple i had near my cheek, and it left a big mark, i still have it now, then my face started to break out small pimples everywhere, mainly on my nose and something even (not very bad though) on my chin. What is that? i thought the cause of it all was some chips (don't know the proper word, like pieces of potatoes), they were kinda full of oil. i ate them when i started to break out. but now after 4 days i still break out like i used in the winter, dunno why, i'm eating just normal stuff i guess (nothing worse than when i didn't get anything, and during that time i also ate pizza and mcdonalds, so..) what's the cause of this? also: i stopped going to the swimming pool like two day before i started to break out, and i went there during the 2 weeks when i didn't get anything, could it be that? sorry for typoes, i'm in a hurry
  14. Emilyx0

    Picking, etc

    Ok so i have very tiny, closed pores that sometimes come up to a head. But i tend to pick till the lil white stuff comes out. Sometimes i make a huge pimple for nothing!! i cant stop, like i cant stand seeing something visible on my face so i always have to pop it because i think it will go away! If i dont pop them, they dont go away! what do i do.. im just in a slump it sucks because i was clear for a good 3 to 4 months with bp (2.5%) but now that summer is here everything is BACK. i went from extremely happy, so extremely depressed. This sucks.
  15. I popped a pimple a month ago on my temple and it went away until 2 weeks ago when it came back but instead of turning into a whitehead it is just a dark slightly raised blemish and it hurts really bad if I touch it. I accidently hit it coming out of the shower and blood came out and nothing else. It looks like a big lump full of blood. What should I do? I am not touching it because I am afraid it will spread infection deeper. Could I try making a hole with a sterilized needle and letting it drain?
  16. KaizaYu

    cyst or not???

    okay i had this bump on my cheek for like 2 weeks that i am not sure if its a cyst. I tried popping it (i know bad idea) but nothing came out only blood but i can feel like something is under there. After like a few minutes clear liquid comes out constantly dont know maybe this thing must have been under. I am afraid that it is like hardened puss or something and it will stay under my skin for a long time. Any ideas guys???
  17. hesitation

    Spot treatment :D

    I rarely get those deep cyst like pimples that take a long time to heal and are pretty painful. Since they are impossible to pop unless they have a head, has anyone tried sucking the goo out with a syringe? And then injecting some tea tree oil in there? It should stop it from maturing and kill it. I have a couple of syringes lying around, so why not be creative.
  18. `Nearly Flawless

    How to reduce redness..

    Hey guys! About a week ago I got a big break out around my mouth, It's most likely from the heat that is tormenting all of us right now I had the patience to wait and let them go down on their own, except few ones I popped. Right now I'm left with these small red blotchy things all round my mouth and chin area. They are painless but are like bright red.. you know up close it looks better than from faraway where you can just see a mass of red dots! :s So my question is what to do to reduce the redness of them? I didn't post this to Red Mark section because these are still raised and kinda like pimples without anything insde them..I kinda feel like they could go away completely if I took the right measures early enough :> Thanks for anyone in advance for help!!
  19. I'm moving to Minneapolis and need a good dermatologist in the Twin Cities, mostly for emergency cortisone injections and so forth. (My experience is that many derms don't really know how to inject/pop cysts in an effective way.) Do you know of any good derms in Minneapolis who are experienced/good at treating acne? Thanks in advance!
  20. So, I have terrible nodular acne right now (my face hurts), and whether I pop or not, I end up with broken pimples. Sometimes it happens when I wash my face, or sometimes I just accidently bump something. I need something to help heal these scabs! I'm afraid that neosporin or triple antibiotic cream isn't non acnegenic. I have heard of people using 100% aloe vera to help clear their acne, so maybe that doesn't cause break outs?? I really want something that is for sure not going to make me break out. PLEASE HELP!
  21. It has been 2 days ago and by now this pimple is starting to swell up red and I can feel the pain from it. This all happened when I was sleeping, and I felt a tingle on my face, which I gave it a rub on that spot then woke up the next day and could see a spot forming there. However, I am using Princess clarifying serum on it several times a day now but I am still unsure if I should continue with it. This isn't the first pimple I've got, as I have gotten a few on my nose a month ago, which I had to pop because I don't have the patience as it has trapped blood under the skin now, but is slowly healing with the princess serum and aloe vera I think. My dermatologist prescribed me BP acne treatment gel/wash about 3 months ago and it had worked to minimize all the acne I've gotten but then a month or 2 later, I started getting breakouts but they didn't turn out to be the ones I have now. Should I continue with applying princess clarifying serum on the current pimple on my face now? or should I apply BP 5% gel? Aloe vera? any home remedies?
  22. I have these hard acne things on the cheek that last for days-weeks that are hard underneath and they all form heads. Usually when one heals, another one pops up so I usually have a few concurrently. They are not painful though so are these cysts? I'm 27 years old and just tired of this. I am always thinking about my acne and don't want to go outside. This has severely affected my confidence and I am afraid to be around people.
  23. So my face was finally strarting to look "okay" this past week after looking atrocious for quite some time. I was getting excited because we have our class presentations Tuesday and I thought my skin was actually going to look normal! BUT Then a bit below from the corner of my mouth a lovely cyst decided to pop up. Yay... this week, (i discovered the nasty bastard last Sunday) I have been attempting to "drain" it. Its been zapped by my zeno several times over the course of the week as well as putting a heating pad on it for about 15 minutes at night before I put Neutrogena Sore Pimple gel on it before bed. And a week later its still active and pretty sore, although it is slighty open. Is there anything else I should or shouldn't be doing??? I would love for it to go away ASAP since we have class presentations Tuesday and I already have that to look forward too... NOT. Ugh! Help!
  24. So I've been on Retin-A for about 8 months now and my face was pretty much flawless. Then, within the last week or so, I saw a bunch of bumps pop up on my chin and they're all popping out at once. Its completely isolated to my chin/jawline and the rest of my face is pretty much acne-free, but theres probably 7 or 8 new pimples on my chin. Nothing has changed, I've used the same retin-a, still used cetaphil moisturizer everyday, and used the same face wash (I cant remember the name of it off the bat). My diet hasn't changed, the only thing that has changed has been that I've been exercising alot more (Running 6-8 miles every day). Could it be related to that? Any advice to help get rid of this breakout? I've been using ice and taking a couple of ibuprofen for the past couple days and that seems to make a slight difference, but i'm just worrying that for some reason the Retin-A is simply not working anymore in that area. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
  25. Hey guys. I'm brand new to the forum and I know most of you arent doctors but I wanted to ask you guys for help. So. I'm 18. I first got acne when I was 16 and it was mostly on my forehead. I had never had acne before so i tried Oxy and other cheap things and they only made it worse. Finally I went to derm. and got tazorac. I have been acne free on my forehead ever since starting taz but now have acne EVERY where else. I was put on tazorac and minocycline tablets. This was effective on forehead and chest and back until one night when for some reason, acne broke out everywhere on back which I never had experienced! So I got off the minocycline. Oh and btw I never put taz on my back cuz I didnt think my back or chest acne was bad. After this, went back to derm, and she prescribed me with taz again and sulfameth. used it for 3 months, again cleared my back and chest although i still have a little in my mid back from that one night!! (it magically popped up. lol) The sulfmeth gave me bad anxiety but i still used it! Didnt work. Now i went back to derm and she said Accutane. Believe me my acne is not terrible but i have around 4-5 problem pimples at a time which is very embarassing. (heck its spring break and im at home). Anyway Im going to mexico in a few days so, i obviously cannot take accutane b/c of the sun. So for the last week I have been trying lemon juice, oxy pads, aloe vera, everything, and nothing works. Anybody use these meds with no luck, and found something to work? Please Its senior year and I hate even going to school. If you guys need I will post pics of my acne tomorro! Thanks Please Help!