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Zinc Gluconate

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May 26, 2020
Helps helps

I have to say this, I can’t be more happier and excited that I don’t have active acne anymore. 

What I’m taking daily is: 

Probiotic acidophilus 

Zinc chelate  30mg 


vitamin A 2,500 

benzoyl peroxide Cream - sometimes (I don’t want my skin dry anymore) 

moisturizer (olay) 

I wanted to take vitamin D but since is summer I’m going to try to expose my skin for at least 15-20 mins daily so my cells can produce it. 


I’m going to start trying to get rid of my red spots and scars. My plan is micro-needling, maybe a chemical peel with TCA at 13% and  maybe some glycolic acid but is low percentages. 




May 14, 2020
I wish I knew about zinc earlier

I started taking zinc supplements three months ago and it's made the single biggest difference for my acne. I am also using a 2% liquid BHA and benzoyl peroxide still just in case, but there's no more weekly battle of knowing something is coming up and using products for damage control.

Zinc reduces keratin so it keeps pores open. It kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, and lowers androgens. It's not water soluble though so don't take more than 40mg a day. I'm taking 25mg pills daily after a meal.

Zinc picolinate, zinc citrate, and zinc orotate are the kinds most easily absorbed.

November 25, 2019
Just started, but looks promising

I have started taking liquid Ionic Zinc. At the moment my skin feels and looks great, I hope that Zinc is doing its job! Will update after months, because I have been using different supplements and medications before and at the beginning it looks like it’s working, but later you end up with more spots. Fingers crossed 

July 31, 2019
I am currently trying zinc but it seems to be fine

So, i have very very light acne but the most damaged point is probably my nose, a lot of blackheads here, oily skin, pimples and thick skin.I noticed too the fact that my nose became pretty big and it’s the worst thing on my face now, the skin on my nose used to be really thin, acne destroyed my face shape and my thin skin on my nose became also really big and bulbous and the shape has totally changed.I have acne since 6 years, so i wanted to try something new and that worked for a lot of people if i trust some reviews on internet, i take 45mg of Zinc a day and maybe 3mg of B5 vitamin a day too, i noticed some little improvements which is great, the pimples on my forhead seems to disappear day after day, the skin is more smooth more bright, but i see nothing better on my nose...I noticed that Zinc had a big hormonal impact, i have heavier vaginal discharge, it’s always and it’s only since i am taking Zinc, it seems to work on my hormonal acne...I hope my skin will be clear and back to normal, which is a thin freckled skin...

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March 7, 2019


I took zinc for acne and honestly initially it did work however by time it started to make my acne worse. It also caused my upper lip and chin peach fuzz to darken. It also caused some hairs on back and chest to grow.  It also made my skin so oily. I also DIDN'T HAVE my period in THE 5 weeks AFTER starting zinc, UNTIL I STOPPED. Honestly listen do not take if you have acne or PCOS because if you eat meat and dairy you are unlikely to be deficient in zinc. I PROMISE ZINC DEFICIENCY IS RARE AND MOSTLY SUFFERED BY THOSE WITH EATING DISORDERS OR ANOREXIA. IT DOESNT CURE ACNE THATS A LIE. IT MAY WORK FOR SOME PEOPLE BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE. Zinc increases testosterone and androgens and this is scientifically proven which is why bodybuilders take it. It is bad for hormonal acne( caused by excessive androgens in women) and will exacerbate it. It will make you break out, have more acne, more oily skin and can make unwanted hair on back and chest. These are the same illnesses people with PCOS are trying to cure. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS TREND AND IM BAFFLED AS TO WHY THERES NO INFO ONLINE ABOUT THIS. 




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May 22, 2019

what the hell you literally copied 99%  of my review that I posted a month before you, like word for word! what is your problem???

February 12, 2019

After about 1 week it really reduced my redness and inflammation, and noticed about 20% less breakouts. But it matters what type of zinc you get. You should get zinc picolinate, it's the most easily absorbable. I tried zinc oxide a few years ago and didn't see any improvement and after researching I found out that the zinc oxide hardly get's absorbed by our bodies. I take 50 mg of zinc picolinate every day. 

February 11, 2019
Be careful

Zinc gave me worst breakouts on my life too on every occasion I took it! Zinc being magical cure for acne is one of the biggest lies on the internet!!! and yet it is recommended to everyone but really only few need it and in fact it can only make things worse. If you eat meat, eggs, dairy you are most likely NOT deficient in zinc, it's likely only if you're vegetarian or vegan, otherwise you don't need it. Taking extra will deplete your copper and iron and make things worse. and yet nobody talks about importance of copper which we are more likely to be deficient in. Zinc also raises testosterone and androgens, this is a scientifically proven and its why bodybuilders take it! In high doses it reduces estrogen. If your acne is hormonal and you're a woman with excess of androgens it will make it WORSE! This is why lot of women report it has make them break out, make them MORE oily, made their cycles even more unregular, and even made unwanted hair grow on their chest and beard area. Yet so little infor on that online :( And yet people recommended it for PCOS which baffles me because these are exactly the problems that ppl with PCOS are trying to cure... DO not buy into this trend and test is very carefully and if you see any symptoms STOP, its not for you.. do not think its just purging or something like that becasae that is nonsense, there's no reason this mineral would cause purging.

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January 18, 2019
holy grail

If I take my zinc everyday I have clear skin.  If I stop taking my zinc I get clogged pores and pimples.  Zinc and lots of water and I'm good! 

Works better for me than the topical acne treatments I've been prescribed in the past. 

June 5, 2018
Chelated zinc
Hi! Im a 19 yrs girl who has moderate acne. I just wnated to share my experience with zinc. It helped me minimize and control my acne. I took it 2 weeks ago and so far so good. I dont have any break out right now i just have 2 white heads on my forehead and that make me so happy not dealing with acne. Im vegan thats why im probably zinc deficient and taking it has helped me. I take the bramd Solgar chelated zinc because its vegetarian and a really good brand. Let me know if this helped you. And can you also help your girl out with hyperpigmentations??? I have a lot on my cheeks because of my previous acne and its not going away, can you share your experiece on how to remove my pigmentations? My dermatologist wants me to undergo a facial and glycolic peel and i know that really helps buuuuutttt i dont want the pricking part of the facial because that makes my skin have some little crater marks and i dont want that. So can you recommend really good products for my marks that wont break me out???
July 5, 2019

What dose of zink do you take?

June 2, 2018
Definitely worth a try!
Started taking 10 000i.u Vitamin A and 20mg Zinc about a month ago. I also started washing my face with Dove soap and a manual facial brush because I wear makeup regularly, I then moisturize with the Dove baby sensitive lotion. This has taken away all my acne (which I've had consistently for about 9 years now).. It's worth a try
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