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September 23, 2019
Works for me!

Instead of just splashing water on my face, I wet a paper towel and very gently wipe my face with it. This way I'm exfoliating and cleansing at the same time. I've been doing this for 3 weeks and can't believe how clear my face is. This is the longest I've gone without acne in 15 years! Yes it was that bad! I'm also in the process of getting my digestive health in better shape because I'm almost 99% positive that it is the cause of my acne to begin with. Anyway, if you decide to try the water only method remember that you will still need to exfoliate somehow. Otherwise, those dead skin cells will pile up and clog pores causing even more acne than you had before. 

June 4, 2018
Going to try this!
I'm thinking about giving this a try I'm 31 yrs young lol and every time I use my cleanser and moisturizer within an hour my face is super oily and I've been doing some research and I want to give this washing my face with water a try but I want to know do you guys use any moisturizers after cleaning with just water?
April 11, 2018
hey guys. i've suffered from acne for 1-5 years now and it's only moderate nothing severe like that. i have oily skin but few breakouts anymore. i have tons of scarring from acne and i used to use all cerave products and an epiduo retin a thing prescribed by my derm. i'm really interested in this regime because im lazy to wash my face here and there because it takes me 20 mins morning and night! i'll update everyday and today is my first day :)
February 22, 2018
This works for me
I did this for years (since I was a kid) and I had really good clear skin that I got compliments on. Everytime I used soap I would break out so I just used water. I told someone once and they looked at me like I was a freak and said, "Ew. How do you get your face clean?" So I never told anyone ever again, but I kept washing my face with water. Recently I found a very mild face wash that had water as it's first ingredient. I started using it and I noticed that the pores on my nose were a little better looking. I do have slightly oily T-Zones. So I started using this face wash regularly. But what do you know, the area around my mouth started to dry out, chap and discolor, and my cheeks started to break out which caused me to want to pop them (I can't help it), which left hyper pigmentation. I went back to washing with just water.
January 26, 2018
only thing that worked
1 month today washing with water only + zinc supplements and good diet (no dairy, high glycemic food). still few blackheads but almost completely cleared from cystic acne/whiteheads. best thing ever done to my skin
January 19, 2018
It works!! seriously, I have used all types of cleansers, toners, mosturizers, and other products to keep my skin clean but i just ended up getting even more pimples in the morning. I looked up using only water after my brothers acne cleared up since he used nothing on his face at all and its been great. I wash my face first with warm water to open the pores, then rinse with cold water to close them. Nighttime I do the exact same thing but at the end I use bio oil on my face and go to sleep. Literally only done this for a week but my face is glowing and I've gotten no new pimples whatsoever.
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November 19, 2017
Try it! It really works!
I didnt know whether to write under the water only or jojoba oil blog but here goes...... I'm a 23 year old woman who's had breakouts since I was 10. I have dry sensitive, acne prone skin. I have moderate acne. I used different otc acne products since then. Nothing ever really worked. I minimized my junk food intake since 2013 to just once a week. It helped but it wasn't enough. When I break out, I used to get frustrated and overwash with cleaners, I would pick, hoping to scrape the bumps off my face. Just a month ago I did just that and I got a horrible breakout and I got so angry and I just felt like my face was gonna always be like this. Then I looked at the rest of my skin on my body......the rest of my skin is nice and I hardly manipulate with it. So I thought to myself maybe that's what I need to do with my face. So since 2 weeks ago, i've been washing my face with bottled water and a rag. Being that I also have dry skin, I decided to try an oil, being that I wanted the most natural moisturizer. I was looking for non comodegenic or an oil with low comodegenicity (Idk if that's a word loll). So I chose jojoba oil. Since I started this regimen, my face had cleared up tremendously!!! I still have a couple acne scars (I use aloe Vera gel straight from the leaf for this). Water, aloe, and jojoba oil is all I use and the results are beautiful! I love how my face looks now!
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January 8, 2018
Did your face start to become dry once you stopped using the otc products? I'm on day 4 of this regime and my face hasn't broke out since. The only thing I notice is it's starting to get dry. Not an uncomfortable dry, I just notice it. It looks like its drying up my pre-exisiting acne also. I wasn't sure if this was normal or if i needed to start using an oil?
November 10, 2017
The most effective "treatment" or lack there of for bacne (folliculitis)
Before: Face: Mild Acne (2-5 active pimples and 1 cysts every other week) - High inflammation Body: Severe Acne (Follicultitis) with about 5-20 pimples and 3-8 cysts - High inflammation - Affected everywhere: Chest, shoulders, sides, lower back, buttocks (the worst place ever) I have tried washing frequently and ended up with dry-oily bacne. I have tried not showering as frequently, and ended up with oily bacne. I have tried "non-comedogenic" washes/lotions/moisturizers on my face and body, only to have more breakouts. I have tried eczema washes and gentle soaps and cleanser, to no avail. I have tried washing my face multiple times a day or just every other day, both different, yet acne prone results. Tried head and shoulder as a wash, anti-fungal washes, BP washes, Anti-bacterial washes, and for dandruff, both my acne and dandruff get worse. Shampooing with typically sold shampoo, causing large scalp folliculitis. Sports washes made my skin itch and break out. Antibiotics improve face acne/redness and INCREASES body acne/redness!!!! (Like doubled or tripled breakouts!!) Currently Face: Occasional small pimples (1-2 per week) that go away in a day or two, no cysts. Low inflammation. Scarring FINALLY healing from my moderate acne days. Easily cover the tiny zit or two with concealer, but most days I am fine bare faced. Smoother skin, less oily, and only slightly dry. (Also dark circles under eyes went away since upping my water and sleep a bit) Body: 1-2 pimples per week (small) and no cysts, and low inflammation. Scarring and post-inflammatory marks fading. Less oily and dry, smooth and perfect balance rather than being oil AND dry combination. What I do now: Shower 1-2 times a day. Short showers, 3-5 minutes. Only use non-dyed shampoo. Use cool to lukewarm water. Only use dr. bronner soap in the groin and "crevasse". No body wash or conditioner. Lightly splash cool water on face. Never wash my face or use moisturizer. I change bed sheets a few times a month. Two weeks without changing MAX! Guzzle water. Like 12-24 glasses of tea, coffee, or water. (I used to drink 5-10 glasses) I use baking soda to wash clothes, or occasionally get expensivish unscented hypoallergenic detergent My new "routine" actually saves me time and money (TONS OF $$$), along with clearer, softer, and smoother skin. I feel comfortable with my partner rather than opting for a shirt to cover zits. And apparently, I am "angel-soft", have "beautiful skin" and smell "extremely clean". Little does he know I used to have horrible acne covering the entirety of my body a few months ago. I wish someone had told me about this technique sooner! I have wasted so much money and time to literally make my skin red, dry-oil, inflamed, and prone to infection.
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November 8, 2017
How did I not know about this sooner???
After getting off Accutane last year and still breaking out, I was done. I was so frustrated - Accutane had been the cure for both of my brothers!! I finally decided to tackle my diet and cut out dairy/gluten/alcohol/caffeine/sugar and slowly introduce them back in to see what made me breakout. The problem is, my acne never really cleared up, so how was I supposed to tell if any of the foods were making me breakout? I was searching this website for an answer, for a cure!! I finally stumbled upon the phrase "caveman regimen" and people saying it actually cured them, along with eating better. I thought maybe this could be it. Maybe this could be the cure!! My regimen is no water, no products, no makeup (except eye makeup) and no touching - and it's working!! In the first two weeks, it COMPLETELY cleared up my cysts. I started getting some whiteheads (which is not normal for me, I normally get cysts only), but they would shrink and push out the pus very quickly and totally on its own - WAY faster than when I had used BP or any other product! My pores are shrinking, my hyperpigmentation is fading and my skin is becoming less oily. The first two weeks I had to blot it everyday but now I don't even have to do that. I did put a little bit of jojoba oil around my nose but then I had some whiteheads so I'll stop that. Also because it cleared up ALL of my cysts, I was able to start introducing inflammatory foods back into my diet with very obvious results!! I KNOW now that dairy definitely causes cysts for me and gluten has no effect on my skin at all. Neither does alcohol. Sugar is the only other thing that I'm still testing out in varying amounts to see how much my skin can handle without breaking out. I do eventually want to add foundation back into my routine because I miss the way it makes me look, but I definitely don't want to do it at the expense of my new clear skin! I'm thinking I'll wait even more until my skin is super balanced and healthy and then play around with the idea. (I've completed three weeks with this regimen and this is my experience. I think I might wait until after three months to start introducing foundation.) NOTE: I do want to say that I think the reason this worked so well for me was before I quit all products, I slowly weaned myself off. I had been using an all natural cleanser and only used BP as a spot treatment instead of all over my face. I also had just finished a parasite cleanse where I was eating super healthy. If you are using a ton of chemicals on your face and eating really processed, sugary foods, quitting cold turkey is NOT a good idea! Your body needs time to adjust. Yes this is a long term solution and takes months to really get it right but it is SOOOOO worth it!
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September 12, 2017
It's Working So Far ...
When I was young (Under 15) I never took notice of my skin & never washed it other than when I was in the shower, I had flawless skin & never had any pimples. When I turned 16 I started to wash my face twice a day (AM & PM) and suddenly I kept breaking out, mainly on my chin but I had the odd few elsewhere. I thought it must of been hormonal as I was also suffering from bad anxiety & depression. I tried everything, multiple different cleansers, benzoyl peroxide, cutting out dairy, drinking a gallon of water & nothing was working I constantly broke out every other day or so. Then I read a couple of articles & watched a couple of videos about stopping using products & just using water. It's been a week now & my skin is clear (other than the scars from old ones) & I've never felt more relieved. It makes sense though as I've never had a spot on my chest or back & nor have I ever used cleanser or any products on my chest or back. Hopefully my clear skin continues :)
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