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August 13, 2015
Not a miracle, but makes your sling bright and smooth
I really like my Mia 2 clarisonic. I haven't really noticed a difference with my cystic acne but it totally gets rid of my blackheads and leaves my skin flake free! I think it's worth it!
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December 10, 2015
I have the same problem. My tip you can try is to put honey over your cystic acne. It works very well for me, I hope it works for you. oh and drink lots of water :)
February 17, 2016
I just wanted to say i had major issues w cystic acne the last two years (its leveling out now) but after tons of reading and evaluating my life, stress got the best if me. It recked havic on my face, my skin is now very different, even looser like it stripped collogen. I also lost a ton of hair, and was overwhelmed and upset too easily. Not sure if this resonates w u...Anyhow, what has helped me more than anything has been reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, to get my mind straight, meditating to find my center, drinking lots of herbal tea, and finding out abt and heavily researching Candida. If u notice any white on your tongue, then probably the stress nocked your hormones off, because of too much cortisol in your system, and now you have to work towards purging the toxins. It will get better...but u have to actively remove stress from your life to begin w. Whatever u VERY careful abt messing w cystic will leave a mark. I wish u the best!
January 24, 2015
I need advice/help!
well ive always wanted the Clarisonic and i finally got it for christmas. A little back story is i used to acne but it went away. I switched to the dermalogica breakout clearing cleanser in semptember and my acne still stayed away. Some pimples here in there but nothing major. So when i got the Clarisonic for about a week it was the same but im now recently seeing a lot more acne back on my chin. I have no idea if its just me or is the Clarisonic is irritating my skin? Any advice or help?
January 18, 2014
Week One


Brings lingering acne to surface
Glowing, dewy skin
Better moisturizing

I've never contributed to any online forums before, but recently bought the Mia2 system for acne and thought it was worth a shout out. I'm only a week in, and that initial purge stage has definitely started, but despite this I've already received the first compliment on my skin EVER. A friend said that I looked fresh and absolutely glowing, and asked what I was using on my face! A little background: I've had moderate to severe acne my whole life, and have tried just about everything under the sun. I recently started to make major changes to my diet (as an already active and healthy person), realizing that the band aid solutions available through prescriptions and over the counter medications that we pile on our skin day in and day out are probably made to keep us buying these products. I had a bit of a wake up call when my fiance pointed out that the products I was putting on my skin would literally bleach bedding and clothes, asking why would I put that on my face! Touché. I've since stopped using any acne related products - not even spot treatments - to see what would happen. As a person who could stand in front of a mirror obsessing over my face for hours, and has probably spent thousands on acne products, this was huge. Before I wouldn't even stay over night somewhere without these products. To my surprise, nothing changed. No changes in breakout severity or consistency. I do still use a moisturizer (Impruv) which is designed for dry, sensitive skin. Stay away from those big name brands, they really don't help. Combined with my new diet, my skin actually started improving for the better with less cystic acne. I bought the Mia2 system to address all those little bumps under my skin and get rid of acne once and for all. The breakouts from this purging phase go away within a day, and are less irritated and easily covered by makeup. My skin is refreshed and glowing with use twice daily, rotating from the device's cleanser and Cerave hydrating cleanser. I'm looking forward to seeing the results in a few months! Definitely buy this, but consider a lifestyle/diet change along with it. If you're willing to invest in products, you should start from the inside out. The device will get rid of previous issues, but it can't digest that pizza you ate last night for you.
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December 9, 2013
Quit waiting, BUY THIS! The price is worth it!


Daily Use
Feels nice


Replacing the brush

Let me tell you, I waited over two years before finally coughing up the money for this thing, and I am so mad at myself for waiting. I finished an 8 month course of accuntane in 2011. While my acne has NEVER come back in the severity it was before the accutane, I would get a couple of pimples a month, I had scarring from previous breakouts, and what really bothered me was that my cheeks felt like sandpaper. I had little tiny bumps along my jaw line. When I took pictures my face always looked grainy. I would get microdermabrasions when I could but at $100 a pop, I could only afford them a few times a year. For over two years I would see and read about the Clarisonic but it was really expensive and I didnt want to spend money if it wasnt going to work. I have used it now for three weeks and my face already looks and feels so much better. My jaw lines is almost completely bump free. My skin looks brighter and fresher, Like I just got a facial!I have been using it at night with Cetaphil cleanser. I take off all my makeup with a makeup wipe, then use the Clarisonic. Why did I wait SO long???? AMAZING product! The reason for the four stars is Ive only been using it for three weeks.
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August 26, 2013
Fresh Skin


Exfoliates and cleans well
Leaves skin looking dewy- not shiny
Skin feels baby soft


Purging process creates more pimples

I bought this for my birthday hoping it would help me maintain clear skin, as it is supposed to draw out impurities and shrink pores. It works very well to exfoliate and control my oily skin- it even reduced my pore size and blackheads. I noticed my skin start to glow and feel smoother. Though the problem I have with the Clari is that most people experience purging for a month when used on a regular basis. I have used the Clari regularly for five months and the purging hasn't stopped yet. I get a LOT of white and black heads now, but, because I exfoliate so much, they are usually gone within a day or two. I recommend this to my friends who have severe acne because, even though there are more pimples, the skin overall looks and feels healthier. It does a wonderful job of removing makeup too, which prevents pores from being clogged.
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October 29, 2012


-Great for fading Acne Marks
-Feels great so you will remember to use it
-Smooths skin
-In my case severity of outbreaks was reduced


-Cost, just get the Mia, the body attachment isn't worth it, you will rarely use it.
-Your skin has to withstand a lot of exfoliation.
- Not for delicate or sensitive skin!!

Before you splurge $150 or more on this product first find out how your skin deals with light exfoliation. A simple scrub of caster sugar and water should tell you how. Take a small bowl of sugar into the shower, rub it gently in circles on wet skin and then rinse off. Do it for a few days and if it makes your skin flare up then don't bother this product, it isn't for you. My skin deals extremely well with a lot of exfoliation, so using this twice a day is fine for me. I've had acne for over ten years now so I had a lot of scaring to fade, the clarisonic is excellent for this. I still get break-outs but they are reduced and they do fade quicker. This is by no means a cure-all but it does have excellent benefits for people whose skin can take it.
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March 14, 2012


-Does clean skin and pores thoroughly
-Removes make-up very well
-Works great with liquid cleansers
-Easy to operate
-Works very well on oily/acne -prone skin


-Can easily be over used if the person using it is not educated about how often they should start to use it and increase the frequency of use so that the skin gets used to the device.
-can irritate certain skin conditions like rosacea and cause the skin to become very sensitive and increase inflammation.

-My experience with the Clarisonic Mia was fine. Be sure to use the correct brush head for your skin type. Slowly increase the frequency of use until your skin becomes accustomed to the device. It does help certain skin issues like clogged pores and oily skin. Be sure to use a moisturizer and sunscreen as part of your skincare regimen - Also be sure to allow the brush head to dry and not stay wet. This will help with preventing bacterial growth on the bristles. -Please do not share the same brush heads with other people as to keep down on cross contamination. - Do not apply alot of pressure to the device when using it on the face. Allow the product to lie flush against the skin and let it doe all the work. -Do not use cleansers which contain any sharp pieces of nuts like walnuts. This will damage the Clarisonic.
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January 25, 2012


Skin is Smooth



I have been breaking out a bit I hear from reviews it will go away sO hopefully it will clear up. I usually don't get acne but I do occasionally :)
January 19, 2012


- SUPER clean face!
- Brighter, more even skin tone.
- Gently removes dry skin.
- Doesn't make acne worse, helps with scarring.


- Expensive (+ need to replace brush heads regularly which aren't exactly cheap).
- If you use it twice a day can cause redness and soreness.

I finally bought this with my Christmas money and I really don't regret it, my face has never been so clean or bright. I have really oily skin, huge pores, a lot of redness, and the Mia has really helped. It hasn't stopped my acne (hormonal) but then it never promised too, but the spots clear up much faster. It has also visibly cleared my pores and freshened me up. I have also been using Differin cream for ages which usually leaves a lot of dryness, and the Mia really helps buff away all the dry skin. I would really recommend it, but obviously it is hugely expensive. Also a word of warning - start slowly, maybe using it once every two days, and gradually build up. I learned the hard way (bright red, sore face!)
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January 9, 2012


A great exfoliator for when you wear a lot of makeup or feel really grimy


if you have acne it probably will make it worse.

I got the brush over a year ago when my acne was fairly bad. I used it for 3 months and it just made my acne worse - redder and more sore. I got the dermacleanse system and took the capsules and used their cream and liquid exfoliator for my blackheads and stopped using the clarisonic for 6 months and my acne cleared up totally. Since my acne cleared up a few months ago I started using the clarisonic a few times a week after wearing a ton of makeup or after a good workout where i'm really sweaty on my face. and now this works really well. If you have blackheads or a little acne I think it works really well but if your acne is really bad you need to not exfoliate it hard with this brush and do something herbal or medicinal to take care of it.
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