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March 1, 2018
Worst thing you could ever do for your skin
I bought into the hype and wanted to take my skin to the next level. I've had perfect glowing skin all my life. Followed all the recommendations, instructions, and used the proper cleansers. Started breaking out but was consistently reassured online and by professionals that this was just a purging period and that my skin would be the best it's ever been after. WRONG. I am now suffering with the most severe acne I have ever seen. This product is harsh and not safe for people to be using uninformed.
June 13, 2017
Worst thing I've done for my skin
At the beginning I loved how it cleaned off any remaining make up. However it quickly brought everything to head (which I thought was a good thing) until I started getting huge cystic pimples (never had before) in areas not prone to break out. Within a week I had the worst skin I've ever had in my life. Once I worked out it was the clarisonic causing it and not the new cleansers I was using I stopped immediately. My skin was still sore and breaking out two weeks later I will say soberlene helped with the huge irratated areas. I was told to only use the brush every other day and with a sensitive brush head but I didn't see the point of pointing in so much effort for a tool that caused me so much harm. I'm happy for those that it works for. But people should know it's not for everyone.
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December 19, 2016
Waste Of Money
I have owned a Clarisonic for over a year, and my verdict is that it was a waste of money. It has made a minimal improvement to my skin, and the ongoing maintenance (cleaning & replacing brushes) is extremely tedious. I recently bought a Foreo Luna for Men and saw instant results, plus there is zero ongoing maintenance required. Don't bother with the Clarisonic when there are better alternatives available.
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June 14, 2015
The clarisonic made my acne 10x worse and actually tore my skin. I only used it once a day and I even used the softest brush head they offer. I stopped use and bought the Clinique sonic brush and my skin has never looked better and I have NO breakout. It is gentle enough to use twice a day from the start. I would recommend the Clinique sonic brush over the clarisonic any day especially if you struggle with breakouts like myself. Bye bye acne!!!
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November 3, 2013
Sensitive Brush Head Damaged Skin


Removes makeup


Sensitive brush head too abrasive, left with SCARS!
Expensive, must replace brush head every 3 months to avoid bacterial buildup
Not for cystic acne

I had cystic moderate acne with some scaring around the cheeks and I bought the clairsonic mia because I wear makeup everyday and I thought that it will help clear up my skin and get rid of the hyperpigmentation my exfoliating my skin. I used the sensitive (white color) brush head that came with the mia. I used the sensitive brush head for about 3 months. It ripped my skin! I had red marks from the abrasiveness of the product. Still hoping for a miracle I decided to switch to the delicate brush head (light blue color) and it was way more softer on my skin and I didn't scar more from it. I wouldn't suggest using this if you have active break outs because the sensitive brush head just ripped my skin and created lots of dark hyperpigmentation and scars. Before using the clarisonic I only had hyperpigmentation, after using it I have boxcar scars! I was in denial about its effectiveness and it ruined my skin. If you have cystic acne don't believe the hype of miracle products and don't waste your money! GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST! I wish I went sooner so I could save my skin from deep scars. I am now on medications my dermatologist prescribed for me and I have not had a break out in 3 months! But I am still left with hyperpigmentation and scars (which need laser treatments). My dermatologist also recommends I don't use the clarisonic because it might irritate my skin more. Now I am looking into products with fewer ingredients, fragrance free, and oils such as jojoba. It's an inexpensive, gentle, and effective way to take care of your skin!
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October 1, 2012




I bought this because I'm desperate to find something that helps my acne. Since using it my face has broken out worse than ever. I mean in my entire life. I'm a woman & I'm breaking out like a teenager.

I'm really bummed. This product does the opposite of what it says. I am super embarrassed & stressed @ how ugly I am right now.
September 28, 2012


Makes Skin Smoother


Not for active Skin

Because of the usues of this product my acne became so worst and out of control, i have to visit doctor now. Dont use it if your skin is too sensitive. My worst decision ever!!
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May 2, 2012


-enjoyed using it
-seemed to exfoliate well
-lasts a long time on one charge
-can use in shower
-skin felt very clean afterward
-good return policy (Sephora)
-powers off after 1 minute
-reduces fine lines


-gave horribly painful, cystic acne after about a week of use
-irritates sensitive skin
-does not live up to the hype (for acne prone skin)
-buyer beware

So I read countless reviews and bought into the hype surrounding the Clarisonic Mia. I was so excited to use this product! After about 5 days of nightly use my skin broke out with the most painful cystic acne I've experienced in recent memory. I continued to use the Mia for about another week and a half, alternating every night and staying away from any active pimples. (FYI - I would first remove my makeup with a sensitive cleansing cloth, then gently apply my Obaji gentle cleanser to my face and use the Mia for 1 min, following instructions). I returned it to Sephora after three weeks. My skin is finally calming down after about a month of hell. I have moderate adult-acne (hormonal) along my jaw and around my mouth. According to my derm my skin is very sensitive. I'm 28 and taking doxycyline. I cannot stress enough that this product does NOT work on acne prone, sensitive skin. You will break out badly. And we're not talking tiny pimples like purging from antibiotic treatment and other meds. We're talking huge, under the skin, painful bumps. It is too irritating for sensitive skin. I think the reviews that expound on the excellence of the Mia are from women with already clear and decent skin. I must admit it does reduce fine lines, probably from increased blood circulation. My skin was so puffy and swollen from the acne outbreak, though, that I started taking Advil regularly to reduce the swelling. (something I've never had to do before). There are other ways to exfoliate (chemical peels, glycolic acid creams) which I advise you to use over this. If you do purchase, please be sure to purchase from a retailer with a good return policy (e.g. Sephora) and consult with your dermatologist first. I'm now on a higher dosage of doxycyline (100mg 2X daily) and am turning to chemical peels and laser genesis to reduce acne scarring. I have no active pimples as of yesterday. I purchased the Mia on April 3.
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March 28, 2012


Feels nice
Removes makeup well


Didn't help with acne

I used the Clarisonic for 3 full months, twice a day and, sadly, it didn't do a darn thing for my acne. I had such high hopes for this brush but none of them were met. I may have seen a very slight reduction in the number of blackheads on my nose, but it definitely did nothing for the whiteheads on the sides of my nose or any of the inflammatory acne on my cheeks, forehead, and jawline. I also don't feel like I saw any general improvements in my skin tone or with any fine lines (I'm 34). I disinfected the brush head with alcohol before every single use. Oh well. This was my last stop before seeing a dermatologist for prescription treatments (I'm now 9 weeks into those and finally starting to see improvements) but I wish I had just gone to the doc first and spent the same chunk of cash on my scripts. Oh well. I did ask my doc for his opinion of the Clarisonic since I've heard that some derms are against them. He said it would be fine to use as long as it didn't irritate my skin but my skin is pretty irritated as it is, just from the topicals. Anyone want to buy a used Clarisonic? :-)
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September 20, 2011


Gives a good clean, skin feels wonderful after, has a self timer, can go in the shower


Spread my acne,extremely expensive

I read all the reviews and was extremely excited to received my Clarisonic brush. I started using it twice a day for two weeks and now I have super dry skin and my acne is far worse than I have ever experienced. I'm really sad that it didn't work for me like the other success stories. I assume it just spread bacteria around on my face and severely irritated my skin. I would suggest that you make sure you can send it back if need be. Don't waste your money if it might not work.