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July 23, 2018
Miracle cure! My acne care routine :)
This is the only thing that gave me relief from very bad hormonal acne. I'm 42...43 in a couple weeks and ever since last summer I have been struggling with horrible breakouts the week before my period and the acne would linger for weeks. I'm a horrible picker and that gave me some pretty bad scarring to deal with as well. My face is very sensitive and anything prescription related would make my skin worse. Here's my routine that I started last week and I have seen a significant change! Anyone with questions feel free to ask. Here's how I'm doing it. First off WASH YOUR HANDS! Never touch your face without washing your hands good first! I learned this the hard way! Then, I wash my face with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda into 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Spread the mixture lightly onto your face in small circles focusing on your bad areas. Leave mixture for 10-15 minutes. Let the baking soda and coconut oil donuts magic. Rinse well with cool water and wipe with a CLEAN washcloth. Pat dry or air dry. Now WAIT 5 minutes and let your face fully dry it may seem dry but it's not yet. While you are waiting drop an aspirin into a small bowl and add a couple drops of water to dissolve. After the 5 mins are up get a q-tip and start placing the dissolved aspirin all over your face focusing on your acne. I put it all over my face and under my chin and jawline. Let this sit on your face like a mask for 20 minutes. (Or longer, first few times I let it sit for a half hour or longer) Rinse again with cool water and a clean washcloth and pat dry. After the FIRST application I saw a dramatic improvement in redness and inflammation! Not to mention it REALLY tones your skin and helps to clear up your scars by reducing pore size and exfoliating dry skin cells. After letting your skin dry for another five mins or longer it's time to moisturize with a GOOD moisturizer. I use Hyaluronic acid lotion. This helps restore collagen production and restores volume to dry and wrinkly skin caused by acne, aging and drying caused by other acne products. (Especially useful for those of us who are aging). Repeat this morning and night (with a face wash with ONLY coconut oil around midday if you can). I followed this routine religiously for a few weeks and my skin hasn't been this healthy in a LONG time, if ever. Also, stay away from sugary processed foods and dairy, especially during a bad breakout. Our diets play a HUGE roll in skin health. Good luck!
August 25, 2017
Holy sh*t
Aspirin is the miracle I needed for my skin ðŸ' - I had had a couple of huge red pimples next to my nose and it had been a month since they first appeared, and they didn't seem like they were going away too soon... I honestly didn't believe this would work but I decided to give it a go... And the next day VOILA!!! The pimples were not red anymore and they had considerably shrank in size! I'm in love with aspirin and I'll keep on using them forever ðŸ' -
April 16, 2018
did it work on acne?
July 4, 2017
Great for cystic acne
I have really bad cystic acne on my back from hormones, sweat, and probably other factors. If I get a cyst, I will crush up a bit of aspirin, mix a drop or two of water with it, and pile a bunch on top of my cysts for spot treatment. I usually leave it on for about 20-30 minutes, and the cysts seem to be less swollen and less painful after washing it off. It's no miracle cure, but great for painful cysts.
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June 23, 2017
Great spot treatment for those pesky, painful, persistent pimples
I LOVE ASPIRIN FOR ACNE. I first came across aspirin masks in high school from an old school Michelle Phan video: [link edited out] I used them about 1-3 times a week and noticed they were having an immediate effect, with my overall complexion improving within 1-2 weeks and with the larger, cystic pimples shrinking pretty much right away. This makes sense considering the masks are a combination of salicylic acid, exfoliation, and if you add honey, moisturizer (all important soldiers in the war against acne). The masks did not, however, completely cure my acne, and after a while seemed to lose its initial magical effect. I think this is because not only was my skin getting somewhat used to/resistant to the salicylic acid, the mask was still very drying for my dehydrated skin, and the harsh grains of the aspirin were too strong of an exfoliant for my sensitive skin on top of that. However, this is still an amazing spot treatment for painful, pus-filled cystic acne that can last up to a month and cause dark marks for weeks after. Not only does it immediately calm the pain and dry up any oozing, it also reduced the size and redness and helps them heal a lot faster. Since I'm going for the full drying effect for these types of pimples, I'll usually skip the honey and just crush one aspirin with a droplet or two of water to make a paste, rub them on and around the pimple, and leave it there until dried (about 5 minutes). Then I'll wash it off, ICE that sh*t to calm the swelling even more, pat dry with a clean towel, and put on a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide. Sometimes I'll even pop an ibuprofen if it's an especially painful one, or put on a Nexcare Acne patch if it's an especially oozy one. Thank you, Aspirin.
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April 7, 2017
Clears redness, very drying.
I like to take two un-coated aspirins and let them sit in some water until I can mix it into a paste. I apply that to problem areas and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes then gently rinse off with lukewarm water. Redness is instantly reduced, but skin is severely dry. Applying an oil based moisturizer is a must after this. I use Nivea Soft with one drop of 100% tea tree oil. Works great!
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November 18, 2016
Can be useful.
Oh, aspirin. This used to be the only thing that kept my skin clear. I would dissolve 5 or 6 uncoated tablets with enough water to make a thick paste and mix it with honey and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Probably better for those who are dealing with redness/clogged pores and a few break outs here and there. Unfortunately for me, now that I'm 23, my skin has been doing some weird stuff and this no longer helps with my breakouts, which tend to be deep, under the skin cysts. It's worth a try. See how it works for you. :)
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May 2, 2017
For these deep cyst like acne lesions use peppermint oil.
September 26, 2016
It was okay
It made my skin brighter, but my acne was still there and my face felt dry and itchy.
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September 13, 2016
Worked for a little bit, then stopped working long time. Sometimes if you put it on as a spot treatment over night it will shrink the pimple by morning.
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September 9, 2016
Aspirin works well, just give it some time.
I often refrain from reviewing things online mostly due to my own dis belief about the efficacy of the product. I read a lot about aspirin mask on the Internet, watched a couple of reviews on YouTube and finally made up my mind to try it. Although i have quite mild acne vulgaris, I usually end up getting different types of acne - cysts, smaller ones and those that occur beneth the skin. I had moderate results from using benzoyl peroxide and accutane. I have tried aspirin on all types of acne and can confirm that it works well to reduce inflammation, redness on each types of it. If you suffer highly cystic acne then I suggest you have some patience and apply the mask or do a spot treatment atleast 3 times a week until it clears off. If you have sensitive skin then make sure you use an oil free cream after rinsing off the mask. Aspirin mask also helped with my acne scars a bit, they look 40% less visible than what they were before. If you're thinking whether or not to try it, I say give it a shot. Good luck people.
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October 13, 2016
Uhm. HI so I am about to use the aspirin mask and I just wonna know how many times you do it to see results, how much time do you keep the mask on your skin and how visible the results on red spots is
August 12, 2016
Honestly I tried it once, and it did nothing. I am not sure if you have to do it everyday, but I read somewhere that if you do it for a day, you should see the effects by the next day, which is probably not true, but still .Idk! Give it a try!
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September 5, 2016
what are you even supoosed to do with it