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July 23, 2018
Miracle cure! My acne care routine :)
This is the only thing that gave me relief from very bad hormonal acne. I'm 42...43 in a couple weeks and ever since last summer I have been struggling with horrible breakouts the week before my period and the acne would linger for weeks. I'm a horrible picker and that gave me some pretty bad scarring to deal with as well. My face is very sensitive and anything prescription related would make my skin worse. Here's my routine that I started last week and I have seen a significant change! Anyone with questions feel free to ask. Here's how I'm doing it. First off WASH YOUR HANDS! Never touch your face without washing your hands good first! I learned this the hard way! Then, I wash my face with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda into 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Spread the mixture lightly onto your face in small circles focusing on your bad areas. Leave mixture for 10-15 minutes. Let the baking soda and coconut oil donuts magic. Rinse well with cool water and wipe with a CLEAN washcloth. Pat dry or air dry. Now WAIT 5 minutes and let your face fully dry it may seem dry but it's not yet. While you are waiting drop an aspirin into a small bowl and add a couple drops of water to dissolve. After the 5 mins are up get a q-tip and start placing the dissolved aspirin all over your face focusing on your acne. I put it all over my face and under my chin and jawline. Let this sit on your face like a mask for 20 minutes. (Or longer, first few times I let it sit for a half hour or longer) Rinse again with cool water and a clean washcloth and pat dry. After the FIRST application I saw a dramatic improvement in redness and inflammation! Not to mention it REALLY tones your skin and helps to clear up your scars by reducing pore size and exfoliating dry skin cells. After letting your skin dry for another five mins or longer it's time to moisturize with a GOOD moisturizer. I use Hyaluronic acid lotion. This helps restore collagen production and restores volume to dry and wrinkly skin caused by acne, aging and drying caused by other acne products. (Especially useful for those of us who are aging). Repeat this morning and night (with a face wash with ONLY coconut oil around midday if you can). I followed this routine religiously for a few weeks and my skin hasn't been this healthy in a LONG time, if ever. Also, stay away from sugary processed foods and dairy, especially during a bad breakout. Our diets play a HUGE roll in skin health. Good luck!
August 25, 2017
Holy sh*t
Aspirin is the miracle I needed for my skin ðŸ' - I had had a couple of huge red pimples next to my nose and it had been a month since they first appeared, and they didn't seem like they were going away too soon... I honestly didn't believe this would work but I decided to give it a go... And the next day VOILA!!! The pimples were not red anymore and they had considerably shrank in size! I'm in love with aspirin and I'll keep on using them forever ðŸ' -
April 16, 2018
did it work on acne?
September 9, 2016
Aspirin works well, just give it some time.
I often refrain from reviewing things online mostly due to my own dis belief about the efficacy of the product. I read a lot about aspirin mask on the Internet, watched a couple of reviews on YouTube and finally made up my mind to try it. Although i have quite mild acne vulgaris, I usually end up getting different types of acne - cysts, smaller ones and those that occur beneth the skin. I had moderate results from using benzoyl peroxide and accutane. I have tried aspirin on all types of acne and can confirm that it works well to reduce inflammation, redness on each types of it. If you suffer highly cystic acne then I suggest you have some patience and apply the mask or do a spot treatment atleast 3 times a week until it clears off. If you have sensitive skin then make sure you use an oil free cream after rinsing off the mask. Aspirin mask also helped with my acne scars a bit, they look 40% less visible than what they were before. If you're thinking whether or not to try it, I say give it a shot. Good luck people.
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October 13, 2016
Uhm. HI so I am about to use the aspirin mask and I just wonna know how many times you do it to see results, how much time do you keep the mask on your skin and how visible the results on red spots is
July 22, 2016
awesomeeee... fastest method... everyone must try
I have been applying aspirin mask just from last 5 days... and not even a single popup is there.... i have never reviewed anything on internet... but when anything helps you this way... its a sin not to appreciate it... Go ahead frndz... mix 6-7 aspirin tablets (disprin in india..just rs5 for 10 tablets) with one tablespoon of water and apply the paste(some may call it a peel) on your face evenly..let it dry for 10 mins... then wash it off... You can see the results even in 12 hours off application.... Thanks everyone....have a try..
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August 29, 2016
Actually I made the paste of almost 10 tablets and lot much paste is left so can we use it the nxt day or have to make it new its colour is smewat change frm white to light pink
July 11, 2016
I have been using an aspirin mask for the past 5 days and the results are truly wonderful. I have tried every product under the sun for my oily/acne prone skin and this is far and away the very best investment , not only is it dirt cheap-it works! I think the reason the previous reviewers didn't like it was because they used it with vinegar,which I think is way too harsh to mix with aspirin. After a bit of experimentation I've found that yoghurt is the best base, (vinegar, too drying) aloe vera is ok, but yoghurt (has lactic acid) counterbalances the slight astringent effect of the aspirin and is nicely moisturising. More importantly it is hard to make a decent "mask" with water and vinegar, you need something gloopy that will stay on the skin, water based aspirin masks flake off rather messily. instead crush 5 or so tablets into a powder with the back of a spoon or dissolve them in a few drops of water, and then add a little natural yoghurt,(maximises the efficacy of the mask) massage on in circular movements (it feels grainy,like a scrub) and leave on for 15 mins . When you have rinsed it off you should have really soft & smooth,fresh-looking skin. It also calms redness & heals acne scars ,and overall balances tone.
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June 6, 2016
Really helps bring down inflammation
Aspirin masks have treated me so well! Have done this (crushed up a few aspirin and mixed with water to apply to face) for like 3 years now. It's not some kind of cure, but it takes down inflammation quick and quite effectively, so when I get a breakout and my face is red and irritated, I love doing this mask to calm my skin down. It is drying, so afterwords use your regular toner and moisturizer or whatever you typically would do.
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May 17, 2016
home made mask
works pretty well as a toner/mask combo! Aspirin is actually a exfoliator when it is crushed up and used on the skin.and excellent for reducing whiteheads too.
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May 16, 2016
This is great if you have breakouts and you are looking for a cheap and effective way to treat your skin. i use one pill mixed with a little water & abit of honey to keep it gentle enough for frequent use. Doesn't dry my skin out this way, and I'm not worried about overdoing it on the aspirin.
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May 10, 2016
I love it for overnight spot treatment
This is honestly great for upcoming big breakouts, or pimples that may be really red or painful. My birthday was the other day and about 5 days before I felt a painful pimple on my cheek coming up. I used this mask on it before it came to a head, and everyday just on the pimple and within the 5 days it came, formed on my face, and left. The aspirin helped it to not be painful to the touch, and it also dried out the pimple and it was flat and pretty much completely gone by the time as my birthday came. I love this stuff. I usually just use one pill and like a couple of drops of water just so i can crush it into a slight paste for spot treatment overnight. Or if I feel like it I may mix about 7 aspirin with water or an oil and apply it as a full mask.
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March 21, 2016
Great For Swelling
If you have cystic acne this is a great treatment as it helps to ease swollen or irritated skin. It also helps with other forms of acne, it just seems to do the most good with cystic acne. It's great if you're travelling and don't have access to other facial treatments as it's simple and easy to whip up. By the way if you don't have any aspirin I found that ibuprofen works too. For my aspirin mask I take 1-2 aspirin and dissolve them in some lemon juice then mix in a bit of tea trea oil. I apply it to my face with a cotton pad and then leave it for as long as possible (if I'm short for time 20 minutes will be sufficient). It isn't the strongest treatment in the world but it's effective enough and I like that it's all natural.
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