Licochalcone (Licorice Root Extract)

Powerful Molecule Contained in Licorice Root Extract, Isolated for Our Use

Licochalcone (Licorice Root Extract)

Article Summary

Licochalcone is a molecule derived from a specific species of Chinese licorice root that helps calm acne-prone skin. It is what gives Moisturizer and AHA+ their characteristic yellow color. 

What Is It?

Licorice root has been used in skin care for millennia. According to the National Cancer Institute it has, "potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant...activities." Licochalcone is a molecule contained in licorice root extract which helps control oil production, and is anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory. In short, it helps calm and soothe acne-prone skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin, and imparts a natural yellow color to products.

It is a key ingredient in both the Moisturizer and AHA+.

Licochalcone - A Key Ingredient in Moisturizer and AHA+

My Bottom Line on It


  I am skeptical of pretty much any extract that comes along, but when I learned about licochalcone at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists meeting 6 years ago, I found it intriguing. I decided it was worth a closer look. After doing more research, I found myself impressed by the company that makes it and by its potential. Several trustworthy mentors of mine in the acne community also espoused its properties specifically for acne-prone skin. But as we all know, the proof is in the pudding. So I worked with our team of biochemists to make some test products with this ingredient, I absolutely adored them and what they did for my skin."


Licochalcone (Licorice Root Extract) -

One Challenge It Presents

It is very expensive ($6000 per kilogram), so it increases the cost of products. Thus you will not see it used in many products.

Where to Get It

Our store. Licochalcone is a key ingredient in Moisturizer  and AHA+ (10% glycolic acid plus lichochalcone).

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Licochalcone (Licorice Root Extract) Effects in the Skin
Licorice Root

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