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Scar treatments suggestions


Posted : 04/26/2023 3:57 pm

I know theyre really mild but its worse in person and do you think theyre fully cureable? (Theyre 6 months old and Im 20 years old as well)

Member Admin

Posted : 04/27/2023 5:05 pm

I don't see anything. But since you say they are there and worse in person, you could maybe try something fairly non-invasive (well, still invasive but not as invasive as some other things) like ablative fractional laser to smooth the scenario out.

More info on that and other options on the scars pages. Educate yourself, and then see what a good doc says and bring up hyperpigmentation concerns as well just in case since it looks like your skin might have a chance to end up with a little of that after a procedure.

Or...just accept it and be good. Sometimes a little acceptance goes a long way.

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