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Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?


Posted : 05/24/2013 11:30 pm

Update: Saturday 25 May 2013

I did two sessions yesterday:

Morning x 30 minutes with evoo + tea tree oil

Night x 15 minutes with evoo + tea tree oil

I also added Retin A/ Steiva A before bed along with beta glucan B3, B5 & evoo.

Today, I notice a slight improvement from yesterday. Some superficial scars and lines have nearly vanished. It seems to plump the skin and boosts the Retin A/ Steiva A product. However, be warned, immediately after the message, your skin is red and the scars are accentuated. However, the next day, they have somewhat faded.

Today, I cleansed my skin with New Directions' Gentle Cleansing Lotion and washed off. I applied evoo and massaged skin for 30 minutes and then washed off. I used a tissue to wipe off the excess oil and then applied Retin A/ Steiva A.05%. After 5 hours, and a little gentle exercise/ sunlight, my skin is looking quite good (much better than how it looked first thing this morning).

I will use, henceforth, a scale between 1 to 100 (where 1 = my skin condition on 21 May 2013 & 100 = the healthy skin I aspire to achieve i.e. scarless, healthy, clear skin that I'm 100% satisfied has healed) to gage my progress.

At the moment, I gage my progress between 15 to 20. Not too bad at all!

Will see how it goes....

Is anyone else testing this method?


Posted : 05/25/2013 9:01 pm

Update: Sunday 26 May 2013

I did two sessions yesterday. Unfortunately, I used the RetinA/ Steiva A with Copper peptides for two days in a row. My skin can no longer tolerate this combination as it once did prior to my "glycolic acid " mishap. My forehead is still okay with this combination, but not the rest of my face. Which is a pity because the Retin A/ Copper peptides were doing wonders for my skin. So, to "rescue" my skin, I decided to sleep with the evoo on my face. Which was not good. My skin doesn't like evoo left on it...

If you have sensitive skin, I don't recommend the evoo...I went to sleep with it on last night and my skin this morning has a cauliflower texture...I tried to add miosturizes etc but it did not I washed everything off and just applied the beta glucan. Thankfully, my skin LOVES Beta Glucan. And 2-hours post application of beta glucan, my skin is looking a lot better, not great, just better than this morning. I will try and get the grapeseed oil (maybe even rosehip oil) and use it tonight or tomorrow for the massage therapy.

I think my skin has regressed somewhat with the Retin A & copper peptides. I did lightly single needle last night to remedy the complications, but this morning I noticed a scar on my skin that was fading but has resurfaced because the Retin A & copper peptides exfoliated my skin cells too much (and I think my skin needs to be rebuilt not exfoliated). So, even though I'm tempted to resume the retin A & copper peptides because I used them successfully in the past, my skin clearly doesn't like this combination any least for a good while longer. I will, therefore, concentrate on beta glucan & vitamin topicals and possibly rosehip oil.

Today, I would say overall my skin has in some small ways improved, but in other ways, regressed, so I will say my "skin grade" is no longer 15 to 20 but a solid 15 out of 100.


Posted : 05/26/2013 4:50 am

Update: Sunday Night

I only wore beta glucan today. Then later tonight, I did a full needling session. I just added beta glucan liquid over it. About 2 hours later, I trialed a new massage strategy. I will no longer use oil, but only my natural skin moisture/ oil and beta glucan liquid. For Example:

About 3 hours after applying beta glucan liquid, I massage my skin firmly yet gently with one middle finger. Concurrently, I hold a handheld mirror with the other hand while doing this for 30 minutes under good lighting so I can find all my flaws and scars that need massaging.

It seems to be a more concentrated and targeted way of massaging my skin, and I feel that my skin actually looks better not worse after using this method. I'll see tomorrow what results...

Also, I don't recommend people buying B5 or B3 alone and using it anymore. I noticed that it works well on my forehead, but it seems to be too strong elsewhere, so if you want to use these vitamins, stick to a reputable product containing safe amounts of these vitamins.

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Posted : 05/26/2013 7:45 pm

Update: Monday 27 May 2013.

Skin is definitely looking MUCH better. I did, however, use a little retin A .05% in certain areas of my face for an hour and washed it off and replaced it with beta glucan. I have to be careful with it as it can accentuate my scarring if I leave it on too long (this has only happened since receiving skin burn with the glycolic acid "mishap"). However, today, my skin is significantly better and less red too. Beta Glucan liquid from New Directions is highly recommended.

I also did 100 star jumps yesterday for exercise. Had a little bit of time in the sunlight (on my face). And a scoop of chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass in my mango/ apple juice (one in the morning and one at night, so two in total, this is the brand I use ). I think that helped too. Along with a full skin needling session and 30 minute massage session about 2 hours post skin needling. I just added the beta glucan on my skin after the skin needling.

This morning, I see scarring is improving, redness dissipating and general skin condition is significantly better.

It seems the single middle finger massage + beta glucan gives a more firm and effective feels like I'm rubbing out flaws. The full skin needling session also proved beneficial and boosted the massage results.

Today, I did not wash my face, only added beta glucan liquid then massaged for 30 minutes. I did, however, add a very small amount of retin A/ steiva A .05% to help my skin remodel and activate my skin cells. (If I find the retin A is too strong, I'll wash it off in the evening and only add the beta glucan).

My skin is now estimated to be at 30 out of 100 reflecting the significant improvement I've seen overnight since stopping the oil, using beta glucan liquid only with the massage and the skin needling session.

So far so good...


Posted : 05/27/2013 8:16 pm

Update: Tuesday 28 May 2013.

Well, it's the half-way mark to my 2-week 30 minute daily massage test. And my face is certainly looking a LOT better. In fact, something quite remarkable happened yesterday, my face sort of 'lifted' and looked far more youthful; e.g. my nasal-labial lines looked better and lifted, and my under eye area looked plumped and far more youthful too. I think this is a secret way to stay youthful!! I know there is a device called the Wellbox that is quite expensive that is reputed to help scars etc and maintain a youthful appearance...I think the hand massages basically do the same thing. And it's not too bad. In fact, 30 minutes is not a strain at all and it also acts as an exercise for your upper arms and sides/ hip. I think I might be doing nightly 30 minute massages as an ongoing routine just for these benefits alone...

As for my scars, yes, this has helped, I would say my face is now a 40 out of 100. Even my deep surgical scar (from a mole removed and having stitches a very long time ago before the advent of non-invasive surgical procedures) has lifted and become more shallow (although, it is larger in size because the center has lifted and made the circumference larger). However, the scars/ burn marks I had on my top lip are 95% plus gone! In fact, I can hardly see them at all...however, I did use a little Retin A on them too with beta glucan...I also have a TCA acid scar mark on my forehead that was very reduced significantly with skin needling (about 70-80%), but these massages have nearly erased it completely! (NB PLEASE DON'T USE TCA ACID, IT CAN BE VERY DESTRUCTIVE, SAME GOES WITH GLYCOLIC ACID, ONLY USE A LOW STRENGTH OF GLYCOLIC ACID i.e. 10 % to begin with and work your way to 25% (over 6 to 12 months) and ONLY IF YOU HAVE VERY DAMAGED & PERVASIVE SKIN SCARRING/ SEVERE SCARRING, OTHERWISE, YOU COULD DO FAR MORE DAMAGE TO YOUR HEALTHY SKIN TISSUE!!!). My scars on left cheek through my 2nd degree skin burns are nearly healed i.e. 80-90%. The redness has nearly gone. But It was on the mend prior to these massages (BUT it took 3 months to get to this stage with using nurturing skin topicals like beta glucan/ needling etc). Even the partial skin thickness burns on my right cheek has improved and the collagen returned (but also, this is due in major part to the beta glucan and skin needling etc I have been using for 3 months; as well as exercise, good healthy nutrition, vitamins, a fresh daily juice with a scoop of super greens like chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass). Overall, my scarring is much improved. My forehead has improved, but still has a way to go...yes I ruined my forehead skin with BP etc, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT IF YOU WANT HEALTHY SKIN LONGTERM...My forehead skin cell's DNA were damaged severely by BP...but I see they are looking better and healthier...the massaging has helped plump it up and lessen the scarring too. My other acne scarring have healed considerably too. However, I don't have ice-pick or box-car scarring...but I feel my surgical scar would be on par if not more deeper than any ice-pick or box car scar, and my surgical scar is healing well with the massaging.

I only did one 30 minute massage yesterday. However, last night, I placed 100% rosehip oil (by Thursday Plantation) on my skin. It has vitamin A (natural retinoic acid), omega 3, 6, 9 and is non-greasy (it's called a dry oil). It did not make me break out this morning...Rosehip oil is scientifically reported to improve scars, wrinkles, burns even I'll see how it goes...

I did a 30 minute massage session this morning with both beta glucan + rosehip oil using my middle finger (alternating between the pad and tip of the finger) under good lighting with a handheld mirror to target the scars etc. I know my skin loves beta glucan liquid by New Directions, I hope it also loves Thursday Plantation's Rosehip oil as I think my skin needs a natural oil to properly nourish it..hopefully this is the one oil that it responds positively to and loves...


Posted : 05/28/2013 6:30 am


I have been following your posts and I have a few questions:

1) I have noticed that in your earlier posts you have certain information "with a line through it", as if the information was "crossed out" our should be removed. Is the meant to be an underline to emphasize the info. It info looks "crossed out" whether I am using an Apple or PC browser.

2) You mentioned that your scars seemed to have "lifted". That would be the surgical scar and other, I presume, rolling scars. Are these considered tethered or non-tethered. You seem to indicate that the scars are being "released" in some fashion so that indented scars can rise, at least in your case. Is that about right? Are suggesting that perhaps the "tether" that holds indented rolling scars may be able to be broken by massage?

3) Beta glucan- The company you provided for beta glucan does not provide the percent of beta glucan in the solution. From what I have read it seems that 1% is optimal, and more will have no additional benefits. I also see he did not specify the source of the beta glucan (oat, yeast, mushroom or barley) and I have noticed there are some other chemicals in the solution. Perhaps some of the other ingredients are providing some of the benefits you see. Your thoughts.



Posted : 05/28/2013 9:53 am

Hi John777

Great questions! Here are my answers:

1. I placed a strike through several items as I am no longer using these products in my massage therapy (or only tiny amounts as specified). Essentially, I want to show that I no longer advocate evoo, and don't advocate Retin A as the principal topical used in my massaging. [Retin A helped my skin tremendously before I burned my skin, but now, it's far too aggressive and accentuates my scars, same goes with copper peptides....I wish I could return to them knowing how effective they were in the past, but now, they are detrimental to my skin, as I believe my skin is thinned/ fragile post burns]. Besides, it's possible that the topicals are secondary to the actual massage itself. And I don't want to advocate/ or give the impression of advocating evoo to others as it made my skin texture like "cauliflower"...not good...whereas the beta glucan liquid does not break out my skin but leaves it looking healthy (i.e. I can clearly see that my skin texture looks healthier e.g. red areas have subsided and I have seen it regenerate new skin tissue in face after applying it post burns). However, please do your own thorough research on this product and choose a product you find beneficial (and has no contraindications and has been scientifically verified as safe & effective). I will also contact New Directions and ask more questions which I'll share on this board. It might be a good idea to contact them directly too or send an email with your questions.

2. I don't have box car or ice pick scars. I did have shallow rolling scars. And with my burns, I received scars that were shaped like x marks and stars (I know that sounds weird, but that's what they were). I also skin needled too early when I burned my skin (i.e. when my skin was still very thin/ fragile, I made many line scars across my cheeks and sort of dig/ puncture holes in my skin too...but these are now 90- 95% gone, the massaging has really cleared them up!). Others were more like typical burn marks where the skin is 'seared'/ silvery...and I have a TCA scar on my forehead (and through the more recent glycolic acid mishap, near my mouth and on my forehead and a few on my cheek - I also have some areas of skin with 'dips' where collagen is missing - and I did have partial skin thickness burns, where there are several different layers of skin heights...but the beta glucan really helped, as did the later needling, and now the massaging has really boosted the healing ); i,e, these areas on my skin that have had dips or deep lines/ crevices and other areas missing collagen (as a result of the second degree burns) have since plumped up with the massaging and healed/ smoothed!

Thus, my scarring is a mixture of many types of scarring...i.e. - Surgical scars, 3 of them in total, caused by a PS through surgical mole removal before non-invasive techniques - i.e. cuts and stitches were used. (Two of them have really improved by needling in the past, and the major one that is really depressed has really lifted since massaging. I think it was rather deep and strongly tethered. I have been needling it in the past too, but it seems to be "lifting" with the massaging. Give me another week and I'll confirm whether it is mere micro-swelling or truly healing. But I think it's healing, because it looks bigger but more shallow). - Smaller scars/ burn scars (that are not deep or tethered) - these get a red outline after massaging for a few days, and then seem to lift...the red outline then fades and the skin is smoothed etc However, most of my scarring, including the burns, have improved with skin needling & key active topicals. The massaging is helping a lot now too.

Overall, apart from my surgical scars, I would not say my scars are very deep. But the burn scars were pervasive. Also, I'm sure if I had not intervened, the burn scars could have set as rigid scars instead of remodeling and healing as well as they did. And yes, every scar can heal and remodel. It just takes time and good healthy living, good mesotherapy & good topicals i.e. great overall health, nutrition and exercise is very important to help speed-up natural healing and produce innate growth factors/ collagen. So, if the overall body is unhealthy, I don't think massaging would help a great deal and skin needling results minimal. A wholistic approach to healing is key

Re my general complexion/ skin texture: it was severely damaged from harsh topicals which has been difficult to rectify (i.e. coarse, irregular, not smooth under harsh lighting). I also had pervasive redness and visible capillaries on my cheek/ nose...I think it's the early stages of rosacea from BP. Furthermore, my forehead was ruined by BP. i.e. it was leathery, coarse and bumpy.

Lastly, my face is 'lifting' and plumping-up through the massage i.e. looking more youthful and fact, I think I'm getting the same effects/ results as using this expensive machine!!!

Essentially, I'm at the stage where I can use tinted coverage on my face and most of it looks quite good (apart from my forehead, which is obviously still damaged and my surgical scar/ TCA scar/ and some remaining burn marks/ scars), but I'd like to not wear tinted coverage and just have clear skin (like we all do!). So, I'm testing the massaging. And I'll let you know truthfully how well it goes. And of course, you can test it yourself. And then you'll know for yourself...

3. New Directions beta glucan liquid is a wonderful product with no contraindications I've seen thus far...only positives. Please look at research citing beta glucan for healing burns, cancer, scars, diseases etc. Beta glucan, therefore, is obviously the key active ingredient helping my skin in the New Directions product. There may be other brands out there (in fact, if you look at scar therapy products/ many - if not most - cite beta glucan), however, this New Directions brand is one I can vouchsafe as effective on my own skin, so I can recommend it.

You could contact New Directions directly for more info about the product and ask them specifically what type of beta glucan derivative it contains...however, it does work...but feel free to shop around, there may be a superior product, to this brand and if so, please let me know! But you're right about the chemicals, I'm not enthusiastic about the preservative/ solution stabilizers, but they are pretty stock standard in dermatological products...if I source a beta glucan product without the chemical additives I'll let you's always best to stay away from any additives.

[NB They also have pure beta glucan powder but I have not tried it and only mixtures containing 1% - 5 % pure beta glucan is recommended. After using pure B5 and B3 from New Directions (which I dissolved in their moisturizer Marine Collagen + Aloe Vera before applying it, I noticed that initially my skin loved these vitamins - especially my forehead - but that other parts of my skin 'overreacted' i.e. the B3 really lightened my decolletage, it's also toxic at high doses so you need to ensure you only use the stipulated safe amount (which is a very tiny amount) ... so I think B3 & possibly B5 (although I think this is milder) may have the potential to negatively affect the skin if not used correctly, so best to stick with reputable dermatological products containing safe doses of B3 and not use the pure ingredient only...however, I should add that I think in reality, B3 doesn't truly lighten skin, it only rectifies skin damage/ photo-damage which may appear as lightened skin, but in reality, is damaged skin returning to its natural healthy coloring sans skin damage. However, the difference was stark, so much so that I'd like to do more research about the optimal dosage before I trial it on my skin again. So, yes, they are great to use, but you must be TRULY certain of the dose...otherwise, it seems these pure ingredients are powerful and could possibly have contraindications if not properly applied at the safe dosage/ and won't scar the skin]. That's why I recommend their beta glucan's ready for application.

Anyway, I probably babbled too much here...sorry about that ! And it's quite late so hopefully what I wrote makes sense!

Cheers [Edited image out]


Posted : 05/28/2013 8:33 pm

Update: Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The New Directions beta glucan liquid + Thursday Plantation's 100% Rosehip oil are going really well with the daily 30 minute massage. My skin seems to really like the Rosehip oil and so far, no breakouts.

I did one 30 minute session yesterday, and went for a walk for exercise.

I would say that my forehead has improved on a scale of 30 - 40 out of 100

But my below my eyebrows (i.e. the rest of my face/ cheeks/ chin etc) has improved at least by 50 out of 100!!! Massaging is ABSOLUTELY working for me!!!


  • Specifically, my major deep surgical scar is far more shallow and has faded incredibly - by at least 50% prior to starting this massage!! This is great news that I hope inspires people with ice-pick and box car scars!!!!! If it can help my deep surgical scar heal [that was cut and stitched-up), then it can help all types of scars!!!!!
  • My general redness has gone down by 50%
  • I had a small indent on the tip of my nose that has plumped out (still a little red but no longer an indent!).
  • Scars on my chin have nearly gone.
  • Large burn marks and redness on my left cheek healed by at least 50%-70% - very light now !!!
  • Large/ long 'dip' on the lower side of my mouth (smooth line that looked like missing collagen - I received this after the burn), has 95% plumped up and faded!!
  • Right side burn marks (more silvery/ seared in appearance and extensive improved by 50% - now very easy to cover-up with tinted coverage)
  • TCA burn mark/ rather deep and big on forehead 90% - improvement
  • General skin texture improvement 30 - 40 out of 100.
  • Under-eyes - far more youthful, plump, healthy looking!!! 70 out of 100 improvement
  • Nasal - labial lines - far more youthful, lifted !!! 70 out of 100 improvement
  • Bridge of nose (i.e. between the eyebrows) - far more youthful, plumped !!! 70 out of 100 improvement

Great result!!! This is clearly not quackery!!!! I have another week to go, so we'll see how far these positive changes can go....

PS Please note: I did do one full skin needling session during this massage therapy treatment (and pricked my skin with a single needle a few times early in the treatment). I also did use a little Retin A a few times (I think maybe 3 times - and sometimes only briefly before I washed it off at it was too strong for my post-burn skin - I applied beta glucan liquid instead. However, if you can tolerate it/ and don't go overboard/ I think Retin A does wonders for severely scarred or damaged skin texture...not sure if it is advisable to keep using this product long-term though...of course, you can reassess your skin daily and choose to use Retin A rarely or weekly or just use it short term until your skin is improved and until you find a more nourishing/ gentle/ natural topical to use instead of the Retin A. Please thoroughly research the positives and negatives of Retin A use to make an informed decision).

Essentially, I noted the aforementioned as they may have influenced the results somewhat. However, the massaging is clearly helping my skin. Also, I truly believe the chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass super food scoop (i.e. ) in a fresh juice daily is really boosting my results. I also take a potent quality multivitamin/ mineral daily and gently exercise (as well catch a little direct sunshine on my face for vitamin D). I also eat very healthy, vegan, natural, mostly raw, wholefoods, organic, quinoa, mushrooms, kiwi fruit/ apples/ fruit/ vegetables/ seeds/ nuts/ rice/ fresh lemon juice & flaxseed oil on salads plus salt + pepper, hummus, lentils, chickpeas, peas, raw kale, 85% cocoa vegan dark chocolate, evoo, berries, sprouts, carrots, pumpkin, spices like turmeric/ thyme etc, fresh raw herbs - coriander/ mint/ flat parsley/ thyme etc, non- GMO foods, vegan meals/ vegan sausages/ vegan patties etc, red spanish onion, spring water, fresh juice, baked potatoes/ sweet potatoes (even healthy seeded bread or traditional breads like Turkish/ Wraps/ Lebanese/ Pita bread - but I try and avoid gluten as far as possible) etc

PPS, I also eat honey, like manuka honey/ raw honey...I know some vegans are against the consumption of honey, but I'm not opposed to honey use as I believe the bees are free to fly as they will and the honey has many potent health benefits...e.g. I like to take a cup of hot water, squeeze a fresh lemon wedge in it, then place the lemon wedge directly in the cup of hot water, and add a spoon of honey. This is my equivalent of a coffee/ tea (NB please avoid coffee/ tea as they can leech minerals/ vitamins from the body...they can also induce acne!). I also like vegan organic cocoa/ cacoa in hot water for a hot chocolate drink.

PPPS There's a detox treatment called the 'master cleanse' that uses organic quality 100% maple syrup/ fresh lemon juice/ organic cayenne pepper etc to help the body detox. I have not used it yet, but it looks quite good.

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Posted : 05/28/2013 11:14 pm

Thanks for keeping us posted with your progress aquasea, i hope (at least some of) your improvements are permanent.

I don't have much to add but i found a topic of a french guy claiming great results with simple massages


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Posted : 05/29/2013 12:45 am

Hi Miko :)

Thanx for your reply. And you're very welcome :) I hope this information is useful to you and others and that this non-invasive method is successful so others can benefit from it too...

And thanx for notifying me of the other poster. That is very encouraging to read !! He doesn't seem to be active anymore on this board so maybe the massaging did work long-term?

Yes, I will continue with this reporting everyday for another week and give my overall verdict. I also would really like to resume the retin a/ steiva a .05% topical (as it really helps the appearance of skin greatly), but I think I won't be able to use it for a while until my skin fully heals. However, I will continue with skin needling.

Have a great day :)


Posted : 05/29/2013 7:13 pm

Update: Thursday, 30 May 2013

I did a 1-hour massage session in one sitting yesterday. I actually enjoyed the massage as I could see such a vast improvement to my skin - so much so that it encourages me to massage longer. I concentrated on key problem areas and my forehead.

I would grade my progress as the same as above, but the only changes I'd make is my skin texture is now a 50 out of 100; and my forehead is a 50 out of 100 too !!!

What I'd also like to note is that I used New Directions' beta glucan liquid + Thursday Plantation's 100% rosehip oil for the massage in the day - but at night, I only wore the 100% rosehip oil to sleep.

The Thursday Plantation's rosehip oil is AMAZING!!! NO contraindications, and no breakouts (which I don't get anymore and I'm glad to see this oil doesn't make me breakout either). If you don't buy the beta glucan liquid, at least buy this quality organic 100% rosehip oil. It contains vitamin c, omega 3, 6, 7, 9 and retinoic acid (vitamin A). So, it's sort of like retin A without the irritating factors. It soothes, nourishes, heals, strengthens and builds the skin from within!!! I can't believe I have overlooked this incredible natural oil. Please folks, I'm not yourself a favor and BUY Thursday Plantation's 100% rosehip oil and use it at least every night before bed (and in the morning if you want too). It is non-greasy (it is called a dry-oil) and leaves your skin silky, balanced, hydrated and glowing!!!

Also, I drank a carrot/ apple/ ginger juice with my scoop of super greens (chlorella/ spiulina/ barley grass/ wheatgrass) and took my multivitamin. I also drank my honey and fresh lemon juice (with the lemon wedge left in the hot cup of water while I drank it) during the course of the day and night. I recommend this drink, it feeds your brain, detoxes your body and clarifies your skin. (You can also use a quality organic 100% maple syrup instead of the honey). Drink this instead of coffee/ teas etc and junk soda drinks (which leech minerals/ vitamins out of your body) and your body/ mind/ skin/ soul will thank you smile.png

All of got to say is that this massage treatment WORKS!!! Yes, Panos, YOU were right!!! smile.png

Now, I will continue to massage with the beta glucan liquid + rosehip oil in the day, and only wear the rosehip oil to bed at night (because, I only want 100% natural products on my face to replenish/ nourish/ heal/ rebuild my skin while I sleep, and the beta glucan liquid has preservatives etc in it (which John777 noted - thanks John777)...100% natural/ safe/ effective products are always best for your skin.

Have a good day smile.png

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Posted : 05/30/2013 10:15 pm

Update: Friday 31 May 2012

Well, my skin is looking good today, and like Miko stated, hopefully it's permanent...

My overall skin is now a 60 to 70 out of 100 ...yes, so much improved i.e. more even tone, less redness, more smoother, scars healing...HOWEVER...

I did a 1-hour vigorous massage on my skin last night, and right afterwards my skin looked REALLY BAD i.e. my scars were accentuated, the partial thickness burn lines had reappeared, my surgical scar deepened, and the scar on my chin resurfaced again....even my forehead looked bad...I couldn't believe it! So, I got my single needle and pricked the surgical scar and the pronounced scar on my chin and one on my cheek till little drops of blood appeared. Also, about 2-hours post my 1-hour massage session, I did a full skin roll session with the 0.25mm needle from and then generously applied the beta glucan liquid and the rosehip oil. When I woke-up this morning, my skin looked soooooooo much better!!

What on earth is happening to my skin? Obviously, the scars are still present, but the massage is fading them away - or is it micro-swelling?

Well, it seems to me that my skin is still in the process of being remodeled. And it takes 1-month for skin cells to renew and 2-3 months for collagen to rebuild. It also takes at least 1-year for damaged skin to resume it's original tencile strength. See diagram below....

Also, it took this person 2-years to fully recover from his deep scarring....

http://www.truthinag...-removing-scars (Thanks for the link NUBY3)

So, I'm thinking that my skin is trying very hard to rebuild itself, but it will take 12-months to make the changes permanent IMHO. So, I need to be careful what I do with my skin. Thus, I'm not going to massage for 1-hour, only 1/2 hour, and I will also leave my skin a few days, maybe even for a week or more (?) to allow the skin cells to properly rebuild/ remodel/ heal. So, I guess on I'm on this skin remodeling 'train ride' for another 12-months....

At least I know the massage helps, as does the single intensive needling on major scars and the full skin needling rolling too. I would say that:

  • Daily 30 minute massages are good for: general skin tone/ texture/ redness/ glow factor/ health factor/ youthfulness/ tautness/ superficial scars/ superficial lines/ crevices/ burn scars/ partial thickness burns & lines.
  • Intensive individual skin needling is good for: deeper scarring/ deeper wrinkles/ targeting key isolated scar area.
  • Full skin needling/ rolling with 0.25mm needle is great for: waking-up the skin's auto healing response mechanism; improving skin texture/ improving all types of scarring; activating your skin's remodeling mechanism; enable the deeper penetration of healing skin topicals like beta glucan liquid and rosehip oil; faster natural healing times/ processes; enhancing your skin's overall health/ texture/ look...

Retin A/ Steiva A is also fantastic for improving skin tone/ rough skin texture/ orange peel skin/ scarring. However, some people find Retin A too aggressive for their skin and it doesn't help them. I would advise these people to try Rosehip oil or an organic skin product with Retinaldehyde (e.g. see Pure Skin Junkie etc); a much gentle form of Retin A. But don't use peels or other aggressive treatment while using Retin will thin the top layer of skin making it very sensitive and far more susceptible to MAJOR damage. Pure vitamin E is also great under eyes, it stops you from getting wrinkles if used night/ day - just don't squint/ stretch your skin around eyes/ and try not to squint when smiling (at least when you can avoid it).

Lastly, I'd like to share this link: How to make a scar vanish: There are a host of treatments but do any of them work? | Mail Online . It had some interesting info...I'm thinking of getting a handheld facial massage gadget...I also thought the ointments listed were interesting too...has anyone used any of these listed products containing silicon or collayxl?


Posted : 05/31/2013 5:10 am

Aqua sea,just take it slow,as you also say.

Sometimes skin looks good,sometimes bad.

Do your massage to bring high quality blood there(all the nutritients from a healthy plant diet).

It will take time.But remember that you are building also your whole health!

If i knew how much impact diet has on skin,i would be in a better position years later.

Comfrey rocks for organic plant calcium.Also the ointment rocks cause it splits the cells

and renews the skin.I have to obtain it asap.

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Posted : 05/31/2013 7:20 am

Yes, Panos, I won't massage my skin tonight, I'll just give it a rest for one night, and I'll see what it looks like tomorrow...

Re "Comfrey rocks for organic plant calcium. Also the ointment rocks cause it splits the cells and renews the skin."... that sounds great !! I will look into it...cheers smile.png.

And you're absolutely right about the bad diet link with acne. As an adolescent, I had doctors/ dermatologists tell me diet does not cause I ate a typical teenage diet, i.e. chips, hot chips, fast food, tap water, dairy, lollies, lots of meat, soda, McDonalds, Pizza, KFC, ketchup skin was horrendous, but all the "experts" kept telling me it wasn't food causing my bad skin, it was hormones etc (and I believed them, because I saw friends eating the same things and they had clear skin - but their bodies were also being damaged, but in a hidden way - possibly in a worse way too, because the damage surfaces in such people as cancer/ illness/ disease/ diabetes etc...essentially, acne prone skin is a super efficient detox system expelling toxins efficiently from the body through the skin [NB I read here on this board a while ago that one girl had her severe cystic acne contents analyzed by a toxicologist and it turns out it was filled with PLASTIC!!! Yes, PLASTIC!!! Her body was expelling poison/ plastic that could have seriously harmed her body...and her cystic acne was her body's way of trying to save and heal her, not hurt her, but a way to expel severe toxins from her, what if this plastic got stuck in her body, liver, blood or brain, would she have become susceptible to cancer etc???

So, yes, our food/ water etc are contaminated by toxins via "bad food/ GMO/ tap water/ fluoride/ parabens/ aspartame/ toxic drinks/ sodas/ microwaves/ BPA/ plastic/ pesticides/ vaccines etc", and our skin is the first line of defence where these toxins are released...but if they are not released there, then it stays in the system and other organs will try to expel them like the liver/ lymphatic system...but if there is toxin overload, the organ gets damaged and disease sets in...that's why detoxing is so important & eating super nutritiously to strengthen the immune system - and saunas are also great for releasing toxins by helping us sweat - so we must avoid GMO, MSG, additives, gluten, corn syrup, aspartame, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic dairy, toxic meats, toxic fish, toxic modern wheat/ grains hybrids [whereas ancient varieties of grains are good for you i.e. Amaranth etc], vaccines, fluoride, tap water, non-organic food, toxic junk foods/ drinks/ sodas/ energy drinks/ sports drink...just research Dr Rima Laibow & nutricide for more info or see .

So, anyway, my dermatologists gave me toxic pills/ horrible harsh topicals/ squeezed my skin etc...and my acne got worse....and then I discovered BP...I thought I found a miracle product...but, by the time it stopped working it had TOTALLY ruined my skin, and the acne came back, along with scars & horrible textured skin...only when I became vegetarian (for ethical reasons) did my skin start to get better, and then I started using cruelty free natural products, learning about natural health, and finally, when I became vegan (and used sea salt wash/ tea tree oil and ate nutritiously) for ethical reasons - my acne cleared 100%. If I had known there's an irrefutable link between a bad "western" diet/ chemical toxic acne products & acne back in my teens, I would have had clear skin in my teens and no scarring right now too (as you've also stated Panos). However, it was the harsh toxic acne chemical laced products and harsh acne washes that pushed my skin over the edge where it started scarring...

But, now we know, and now we can heal...and hopefully, people will start to wake-up to the truth, stop living in denial, and start eating well, gently detoxing and using natural health remedies.

~ Peace [Edited image out] ~

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Posted : 05/31/2013 7:53 pm

Update: Saturday 1 June 2013

I did not massage my skin yesterday. I gave it a rest for a day. I only applied Thursday Plantation's 100% organic Rosehip oil on my skin. I did not even wash it.

Today, I had an apple/ carrot/ ginger juice with a scoop of Synergy SuperGreens (chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass). I also gave myself a 30 minute massage (using circular strokes going toward my nose from each side).

I can say the changes in my skin are not temporary. It is not micro-swelling. My skin is visibly healing. Many superficial scars have completely disappeared, along with superficial lines. My pores are tighter. And I forgot to mention a hypertrophic scar I had is nearly level with my normal skin (only some enlarged pores are left as remnants of it). It's about 90% faded. My large, deep surgical scar is about 70% - 80% improved and nearly level with my normal skin. My left cheek burn marks/ scars are 95% gone, it's mostly just redness there now (which is a huge deal, as I received major 2nd degree painful burns here in early was weeping and sore...however, prior to the burn, this part of my skin was scarless, but it did have redness/ capillaries/ possible early stages of rosacea through BP damage).This is amazing!

When I first received my 2nd degree burns, I initially placed lots of manuka honey (10 factor) + evoo + tea tree oil on it for a month before finding out about beta glucan liquid from New Directions. I started to single needle prick my skin/ scars about 2 or 3 weeks after first receiving the burns every 3 or 4 days...and then I skin rolled with a .25mm roller needle (which was too early as my skin was fragile and I made scratch marks/ lines/ scars and dig marks on my cheeks/ sides of noses. They are 99% gone now thanks to the massaging!

The Rosehip Oil has also transformed my skin. What an amazing oil! It's got vit A, vit e, vit c, omega 3, 6, 7, 9... it is really nourishing my skin and leaving it feeling silky & soft....and my skin is NEVER silky and soft!!!

As for my leathery severely damaged forehead, it's so much better...but still not completely healed....this was by far the most damaged part of my skin from BP. However, it is truly healing and the rosehip oil is visibly nourishing it and conditioning it.

My redness is still going down and my chronically red nose/ capillaries is also visibly healing with normal/ healthy colored skin appearing on it now. I also had a very red scar of my left cheek that is 95% gone. The TCA burn scar is also much improved. And my partial thickness burn scar is almost invisible - I'd say 95% gone. And the skin looks level. - which is major, (as one cheek had slightly different skin layer heights - from the burn scar)..there is still slight discolouration in this area though, but only slight. I mostly have some enlarged pores as remnants of the burn damage now...Note: I did treat some of the area with retin a/ steiva did help...I just can't use it often as my post-burn skin can't take it...however, I will continue to treat this burn area with retin a/ steiva a .05% sporadically, but daily with rosehip oil & beta glucan.

Today, I rate my score as 75 out of 100. I am in no doubt massage therapy (along with skin rolling/ needling) has transformed & healing my skin structurally. I also highly recommend the Thursday Plantation's 100% Rosehip Oil (and beta glucan liquid from New Directions for burns/ redness).

NB If your skin can tolerate Retin A/ Steiva A (and you have strong skin but major scarring/ major skin damaged skin), you can use that for a while, i.e. 6 to 12 months then switch to 100% organic rosehip oil. Just be VERY careful, Retin A thins your top layer of skin so don't use it EVER is you plan on getting a peel, using harsh treatments/ topicals or plan being out in the sunshine for long periods...(this is how I received my 2nd degree skin burns - using a peel while I was treating my skin with steiva a/ retin a). Also, I would not recommend Retin A for anyone under 27 or 30. Stick with 100% organic Rosehip oil.

Retin A can help smooth the texture of skin for most, but other people report it gives them 'orange peel' skin after using for it for a long time. So, please avoid it if your scarring is light and overall have good skin texture. Only use it if you have significant scarring and bad skin texture/ major orange peel skin. And then only for a short time i.e. 6 to 12 months, then switch to safe & effective 100% organic rosehip oil longterm.

Also, there is a form of retin a/ vit a without the side's called Retinaldehyde. Pure Skin Junkie has it in their products. It's said to be just as effective as Retin A but without the side effects. I'm thinking of trying their products just for the Retinaldehyde. But if I keep seeing fantastic results with rosehip oil...I'm sticking with this 100% natural product.


Posted : 06/01/2013 11:34 pm

Sunday: 2nd of June 2013

My score today is still 75 out of 100. I will not go above this score unless I see phenomenal improvement as a score of 100 = perfect, healthy, clear, scar-less skin and I'm no where near that at this stage. However, from where my skin started 2 weeks ago, my improvement is MASSIVE i.e. many surface scars/ lines/ crevices have totally disappeared, redness has subsided, clear new, healthy skin has surfaced in some areas, dips have disappeared or nearly gone, my surgical scar is 2/3 smaller than when I started and 2/3 of it is raised at my normal skin level, while only the center is somewhat a little depressed (but only less than 1/2 the depth it was originally) but it is a little lighter in the center still etc...same with my TCA scar, it too is 2/3 smaller...and my partial thickness burn line is disappearing, I can hardly see it all pigmentation issues still need working on though...

Also, my general skin texture/ burn scars, though much improved, still need to heal....however, it should get better with time as it's a surface imperfection, rather than structural one. At this stage, I can use coverage and my skin looks okay, even good if I exercised for 1/2 hour too (as exercise really makes my skin glow, plump up, look less red and refreshed/ hydrated). However, my objective is to wear no coverage at all and have healthy, clear skin. It is attainable for me, so it will be attainable for YOU too (honestly ALL scars - so long as no anatomical features are missing- can FULLY heal - but even if anatomical features are missing/ damaged, reconstruction plastic surgery can help recreate them with artificial implants/ fillers, and so, improvement can still be 100%). BUT, if your scars aren't superficial, you WILL need to intervene to help them heal/ improve).

It will just take: effort, diligence, time; good effective (not harsh) topicals (rosehip oil, beta glucan + retin A or retinaldehyde); research; effective non-invasive mesotherapy (all over skin needling with a 0.25mm roller/ individual, more intensive needle scar pricking for deeper scars/ 30 minute daily massages/ time-off allowing the skin a rest for a week or two to remodel and heal itself); excellent super nutrition/ fresh juicing/ supergreens like chlorella- spirulina-barley grass etc; a quality potent multivitamin/ mineral daily; flaxseed oil/ omega 3; gentle daily exercise; lots of meditation/ sound therapy, prayers, sunshine and laughter smile.png It may even take laser therapy (but I'm NOT advocating laser at ALL...I've read far too many people suffer MAJOR negative, longterm consequences from using lasers so I feel it is far too risky at this stage to use...however, some people find it useful - but I'd rather not radiate my face - which can affect the fat deposit underneath the skin making it age faster and look disfigured in some cases - but, perhaps, skin needling could reactify such laser damage?).

Anyway, I did a 30 minute session massage yesterday & today and added beta glucan liquid with Thursday Plantations 100% organic, cold pressed rosehip oil, I also went to sleep with the 100% rosehip oil. Today, I applied both products plus a little bit of steiva a/ retin a .0.05% far, my skin has tolerated the retina/ steiva a today...will keep monitoring it and if it gets too much will wash it off.

Lastly, I've been reading that massage therapy is highly recommended for scar revision by specialists, including Plastic Surgeons. They also state that it's critical to commence massage therapy as early as possible. So,if you're reading this, perhaps, you should try it ASAP too and see how it goes...

PS Here are some links to info I've found useful and products that might be of interest to you: (highly recommended organic, cold pressed, inexpensive 100% rosehip oil) (this skincare range uses retinaldehyde - a milder but just as effective form of retin a) (heavy duty coverage) (Pai skincare...said to help Rosacea + good for sensitive skins - but it's a bit pricey). l" rel="external nofollow">
http// (NOTE: If you're under 27, and your overall skin condition is good/ very good, but you have isolated ice pick/ box car/ other types of scarring or light scarring, this DNA EGF Renewal topical or Dermefface Fx 7 topical might be good to use on your scars ONLY and massage them for 30 minutes nightly. Do this short term until your scars heals. Also, you could try "dermastamp" on your isolated scar only or individual single needling mesotherapy on your isolated scars ONLY). Rosehip oil is also a great & safe to use long-term. (good way of reversing pigmentation issues with natural products) (has anyone tried this cosmetic/ skincare range?..saw this on TV and was impressed by the also contains really good products like argan oil/ rosehip ol...the inventor is a make-up artist to celebrities so he seemed to know what the best products are to fix flaws/ improve skin texture and use healing/ beneficial topicals). (skincare range devised by 'supermodel' Miranda Kerr - so I guess she would be in the "know" as to what are the best products for maintaining healthy/ clear skin since it's her "trade" and she has access to the best products/ expert advice etc); Wellbox®; I'm thinking of investing in this for a longterm home massage therapy maintenence program, but perhaps hand massaging is superior, but this would be good for the body too...but maybe a regular beauty therapist massage would be better?? (Anyway, IMHO, if you're thinking of expensive risky laser therapy and spending $1000s of dollars, or getting invasive surgical procedures and have major scarring, I think you are better off investing in this gadget [or an equivalent effective home facial massage device] is recommended for burn victims and other scarring types (including acne). It is definitely worth a try and would be highly effective no doubt. Otherwise, try the 30 minute daily massage with your hands for 2 weeks or more, this is also highly effective ). Used in conjunction with excellent topicals/ super nutrition/ healthy lifestyle/ exercise, it could give you the clear skin you've been searching for...

PPS Here's a basic intro to Retin A (Steiva A) reviews. (IMHO, this might be an excellent option for people 25 -27 years and older - with major scarring/ bad textured/ aged/ pervasive & very damaged skin/ orange peel skin - but not fragile/ thin/ harshly treated skin...please don't use Retin A if you are using peels!!!! That's how I badly burned my skin!!!).

You can try Retin A for a year, then probably switch to 100% safe, natural organic, cold-pressed rosehip oil (or try the milder version, that's just as effective - especially for rosacea skins - called retinaldehyde):

PPPS, I'm thinking of getting this ...both the gel (topical) and the liquid (internal). I know silver is a fantastic health product, it's better than any antibiotic and can even stop superbugs/ super infections that other pharmaceuticals can't fix...everyone should have this for an emergency at the very's also good for animals/ kids and is said to heal scars/ acne...thanx for recommending silver Panos smile.png !!

PPPPS Use pure vitamin e around your eyes, and rosehip will keep them wrinkle -free smile.png

Have a lovely weeekend smile.png

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Posted : 06/02/2013 2:19 am

Wow! Thank you for all of those recommendations!Keep it up!

They say using Willard Water(water with different structure developed by drWillard) and colloidal silver will eliminate scar tissue.

I think everyone can make overtime a solid routine for scar removing.

The trick is to build again the internal organs with diet.

As a result, every external method(especially needling will be more effective).

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Posted : 06/02/2013 12:33 pm

Thanks for the thread aquasea, it's been an interesting read to say the least. My acne was really bad last year, but has dwelled down. Unfortunately, I get lingering hyperpigmentation from my continual breakouts. I started Retin-A about 3 weeks ago and my overall skin feels better and my breakouts have been healing quicker. Hopefully this means I'm starting to get less overall acne and will soon be able to focus on my hyperpigmentation/scars. I have rosehip oil in my house because I use it once in a while on my scar I had from a sports injury. I'm afraid to use it on my face right now since I still do have somewhat active acne. When/If I stop breaking out, do you recommend doing the 30 minute massages with the rosehip oil and then applying the Retin-A? Thanks!

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Posted : 06/02/2013 6:41 pm

Thanx Panos !! :) Your knowledge & posts have been very inspiring & helpful to me too... l've learned a lot from you about natural remedies and healing that I never knew about previously...thank you sooooo much!!!!! :)

And, yes, I'll look into Willard Water. Not heard of that before... thanx :)

And I agree with you wholeheartedly, true healing skin starts from the inside/ healthy organ function, that's the only way I stopped acne & have been effectively healing the it's both DNA & cellular healing that gives you the most dramatically positive healing & overall health results...

~ Peace + Light ~ :)

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Posted : 06/02/2013 8:28 pm

Hi JJohn117,

Thanks for your post smile.png

Here are my suggestions:

A) Basically, I would recommend after you've gently cleansed your skin with an all natural gentle vegan cleanser or sea salt + water (NB let it air dry, don't use a towel on your face), massage your skin for 30 minutes in the morning with Thursday Plantation's 100% organic cold pressed Rosehip oil.

B) Then after the massage, apply a few drops of Thursday Plantation's100% organic tea tree oil all over your face (and then add 100% organic lavender oil directly onto the blemishes only - lavender oil is too drying and too strong to be placed all over your skin).

C) Then at night, you can cleanse your skin gently and add the retin a. You can add the rosehip oil over it if you wish (just wait at least 30 minutes or 1-hour before applying the rosehip oil).

Here are some other suggestions:

1. Take a quality potent multivitamin/ mineral daily ( please research natural, organic health board reviews for best brands so you don't get a brand using aspartame or other awful fillers...i.e. see etc ).

2. As for breakouts, you need to start eating SUPER healthy. MAKE EVERY MOUTHFUL NUTRITIOUS!!! Don't eat any dairy. Don't eat any junk food, chips, hot chips, processed foods, processed dressings, processed sauces, vinegars, processed tomato sauce, fast foods, pizza etc....Instead, eat organic, mostly raw, wholefoods, vegan... i.e. Eat lots of fresh green salad daily with fresh lemon juice, evoo/ flaxseed oil, salt + pepper (add some of the following to it: avocado, salad spinach leaves, capsicum, mixed salad leaves, cos lettuce, thinly sliced raw kale, red spanish onion, quality organic seeded mustard, coriander, mint, flat leafed parsley, cucumber, tomato/ mixed nuts/ mixed seeds [if you're not allergic to them], quinoa [learn how to prepare them, even sprout them - this increases their nutritional content], quality hummus, whole lentils [that you have prepared from dry packets - don't buy canned ANYTHING! Other good foods are peas, broccoli, capers, eggplant, garlic, french beans, cauliflower, red cabbage, carrots, apples, berries, mandarins, strawberries, kiwi fruit, chickpeas, chia seeds, tempeh, quality vegan "meats"/ vegan sausages/ vegan patties/ beans etc

Only purchase glass & paper packages - also don't eat any fried/ microwaved mostly raw foods like fruits/ vegs... but if you have to cook, then steam, poach, bake or use a toaster oven for light heating...

Other good foods are baked potato with their jackets (just place 4 in foil and bake for 1.5 hours) - then after you bake it add hummus/ thyme & salad/ flaxseed oil/ fresh lemon juice/ salt + pepper/ lentils ; you can also easily bake sweet potato/ pumpkin...

Avoid gluten products like pasta....but you can have traditional seeded/ buckwheat/ amaranth/ flaxseed/ lebanese/ wrap/ vegan breads etc on can add salad to this and avocado, guacamole, hummus, mixed nuts, lentils, falafel, red cabbage, lemon juice/ lime juice, red spanish onion etc...

Breakfast: Try gluten free muesli + LSA with pumpkin seeds in the morning with almond milk + a vegan toast with unhulled tahini/ hummus/ tomato / fresh lemon juice/ flaxseed oil/ salt pepper/ raw kale/ dried thyme / (optional - piece of quality fake vegan meat with b12/ zinc) + piece of fruit + fresh veg/ fruit juice like apple/ carrot/ ginger with a scoop of super greens

And for treats, eat dark 85% vegan chocolate, dried fruit without sulphites/ sulphur, mixed unsalted nuts/ seeds, trail mix, dolmades, olives, semi-sundried tomato, homemade kale chips (just lightly add evoo and sea salt to the kale and bake for 10 minutes), organic air-popped pop corn with sea salt + fresh lemon juice (and curry powder or cayenne pepper for an extra zing...just not often, as curry can flare acne on some people) etc ...

Also organic steam brown/ wild rice with steamed frozen thai vegetables/ bok choy dishes are great...just add homemade peanut sauce/ peanuts/ sesame seeds (if you are not allergic to it) or cayenne pepper/ turmeric/ fresh ginger/ fresh lemon grass + lentils or tempeh/ fake vegan 'chicken' strips + coconut milk etc...(even homemade sweet chili sauce - just be careful that you don't use too can flare acne)...

NB if you must eat an animal derived protein (which I don't recommend at all as they are treated cruelly, suffer and are loaded with hormones/ pesticides/ antibiotics/ heavy metals/ disease etc), then eat EGGS - eat them boiled or poached, never fried....and make sure they're quality, organic, free range eggs (preferably from a vegetarian farm too if you can)...Thursday Plantation's 100% Rosehip oil, that's the one I use and it's great and not pricey at all! I paid $12.50 for it.

You can place this directly over the retin a...just wait at least 1/2 hour or hour to give the retin a a chance to seep into your skin...however, you're only suppose to apply retin a once a day at maybe in the morning, you can add the tea tree oil, lavender oil and rosehip oil and only apply the retin a at night (also, you can add only a drop or two of the rosehip oil to the tea tree oil in case the tea tree oil is too strong for your skin...personally, my skin loves tea tree oil & it conditions the skin, reverses skin damage/ and prevents/ reverses skin cancer too!).

7. Don't drink coffee, tea etc (these just leech nutrients from the body)...instead have a fresh juice or take a fresh lemon, squeeze a lemon wedge in a cup, add a spoonful of raw honey (or quality honey) and then hot water...this is so healthy for your skin/ body and will detox your system, give your system minerals and vitamins & boost your brain power/ concentration (as the brain needs glucose from honey to function well...glucose is brain food)...research the hibernation diet...I drink lemon/ honey hot drink at least twice a day and it is delicious & healthy....see

8. Exercise gently daily (10 - 30 minutes) and get out into pristine nature often/ and the sunshine daily (without sunscreen for vitamin d....just don't burn).

9. Also, swim at the beach...salt water is so healthy for the skin...or wash your face with sea salt + water once a day until you skin clears...then switch to an all natural gentle vegan cleanser...I like Sukin...but I'm now using New Directions Gentle Cleansing Lotion...

10. Take a scoop full of supergreens in your fresh veg/ fruit juice daily...this heals/ detoxes/ revives your body at a DNA level...please research chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass...I use this brand & highly recommend it....

11. Eat lots of organic microgreens, they have greater nutrition...

12. Listen to sound therapy {waterfalls, forest birds/ ocean sounds/ relaxing spa music) and meditate often (or at least read)...sleep in a dark/ clean room/ cool room...get good quality deep sleep and get into bed before 10pm if you can and have at least 7.5 to 8 hours sleep....get away from or switch off wifi, power lines, tv, radios, computers, electromagnetic fields and get away from cities and out into the country/ wilderness as often as possible as they are a detriment to the body/ health...NB use LED lights rather than the new "environmental" long lasting light bulbs (as they emit 1000% plus more radiation, mercury and can cause ill health, negative moods etc)....invest in LED or regular light bulbs....and don't get a smart meter...really bad for your health....and lastly, use a herbal/ mineral toothpaste without toxic fluoride....

Of course, these are just suggestions, keep assessing your own skin and adjusting your treatment accordingly. If your skin is not reacting positively to any treatment, ditch it and research and trial a new safe method until you find success....And please research all products you're using thoroughly so you know how to use them safely and ensure you are receiving the best treatment....

Please keep me/ us updated on your progress!! All the best...

Cheers :)

PS Look into a safe quality dermatological product with B3 Niacinamide for pigmentation...Niacinamide also helps clear perhaps you should source a Niacinamide ointment too...Meladerm uses natural products for reversing pigmentation...I'm thinking of using it too...

PPS Stay away from GMO, MSG, additives, artificial flavours, colours etc; stay away from pharmaceutical drugs; don't get ANY vaccinations [very very BAD!!!]; use a few drops of wild oil of oregano essential oil in a small glass of water as mouthwash, just swish & expel...change you pillow case every 2nd day [sleep on new side each night]; make sure your bedding is clean; your room/ home has no dust, is clean, organized and hygienic; change your towel daily (and don't wipe your face with a towel..can cause acne - let your face air dry); use natural safe cleaning products for yourself & home & bedding etc; exercise gently daily for 10 - 30 minutes...

PPPS Don't use toxic deodorant with alluminium/ parabens etc...instead, use nothing (and take 100% chlorophyll liquid/ tablets to keep you smelling fresh) or use crystal alum (crystal deodorant) sometimes or another all natural, organic, non-toxic deodorant with tea tree oil etc; don't use toxic perfume, instead use 100% essential natural aromatherapy oils instead like tearose with jasmine or sandlewood with bergamot/ orange essential oil, vanilla + coconut etc [be creative and make your own/ or buy a quality 100% pure organic essential oil blend]....lastly, don't use regular soap or reguar shampoo/ conditioner...use vegan all natural, non-toxic shampoo/ conditioner/ body cleanser/ natural vegetable soap or learn to make you own vegan organic hair cleaning/ organic conditioner/ all natural vegan body cleanser....and learn to use natural oils and massage for your scalp and hair health...

PPPPS No processed sugars!! Only natural sweetners like raw honey, 100% quality organic pure maple syrup, blackstrap molasses etc...

PPPPPS Use 100% pure vitamin e around your eyes (morning + night) and you won't get wrinkles there...also, rosehip oil seems to be okay there too...and don't squint/ stretch your under eye skin or squint when you smile (if you can help it!)...


Posted : 06/02/2013 8:46 pm

Update: Monday June 3 2013

My skin loved the Retin A/ Steiva A 0.05%. I applied it lightly only once yesterday.

Today, my skin is looking much better. I will write a more thorough report tomorrow. But I rate my skin now as 80 out of 100!!!


Posted : 06/03/2013 10:43 pm

Update: Wednesday 4 June 2013

My 2-week benchmark report:

After my 2-weeks of massaging daily for at least 30 minute (plus 2 x dermarolling with a 0.25mm skin needle, and 3 or 4 x individual skin pricking sessions with a syringe size safety pin (sterilized under boiling water), my skin attained 80 out of 100 improvement !!! This is amazing. NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE BONKERS IF YOU DON'T TRY THIS!!! I DON"T CARE HOW DEEP YOUR SCARS ARE, THIS WILL WORK ON ALL SCARS, AFTER ALL IT WORKED ON MY SURGICAL SCAR THAT HAD STITCHES ON MY CHEEK!!!

Anyway, if you have badly textured skin/ major scarring/ orange peel skin try using Retin A/ Steiva A too (I use .05% strength). My skin seems to be much stronger now after 2-weeks of massaging. I could wear the retin a overnight and it seemed to help my skin (this is major as I received 2nd degree skin burns 2-months ago).

So, here are my results after 2-weeks:

- my red skin (from severe BP damage) is now light pink!
- my chronically red nose and exposed capillaries are 80% healed; red patches are now light pink; and some sections of skin have returned to normal skin color!
- my 2nd degree burn scars are gone on my left cheek!! Only light pink marks left!
- 95% of my overall light scarring gone!

- My long smooth, skin 'dip' scar near my mouth GONE!
- Partial thickness burn line/ scar gone! (Skin now returned to the same normal height all over previous uneven burn scar)

- Deep surgical indented scar with stitches is now 90% on level with my normal skin (plumped up - and I can feel it has healed because when I place my tongue near it beneath my cheek to massage, it no longer feels thin, it feels the same width as the rest of my cheek!)..there is now only 10% that is still slightly depressed, and the depression is hardly noticeable, it's like only 5% indented compared to the depth of deep indentation before...also, it is a little white in the center, and there a few enlarged pores as its last scar remnant.

- My burn scars are 95% gone...only a few enlarged pores and a feint white lines that appears when I massage are evidence of them now; I still have a slight silvery/ seared looking burn scar near my nose, but it's so small and hardly noticeable...
- My pores are tight (I don't know whether the massage has done this or the Retin A, but I feel both have helped)

- My chin scar (that was quite prominent is now 90% can only see it if you really look hard for it now...or I stretch my skin, otherwise, you can hardly see it at all)
- My TCA scar is 95% gone...just a little bit more to go for it to vanish!
- My hypertrophic scars (left over from my two other surgical scars on my cheek from moles removed that were cut open and stitched); they healed with the skin needling previously (they were also depressed but lifted somewhat), but now they are on level with my normal skin. Only slight discoloration and a few enlarged pores are remnants of them now too. So they are 95% gone.
- My forehead, the worst part of my skin, it has healed 60-70%. More plump, less lines, less indentations, more healthy looking...but still not perfect. However, the progress is outstanding...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Overall, all I can say is that this method of scar revision WORKS!!! I'm now going to continue for another two weeks and see if I can score 100 out of 100....i.e. perfect, scarless skin...that may have sounded laughable to me 2 months ago, but from the results I've seen thus far in my own skin, I KNOW it is possible! Massaging your skin in TURBO CHARGED HEALING!!!!!!!!


Okay, that's it from me...I'm not doing daily reports from hereon...I'll only report if I have significant improvement between now and two weeks....PLEASE feel free to post your own results...I REALLY want people to know this isn't quackery and will TRULY help them too...


Cheers [Edited image out]


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Posted : 06/04/2013 7:42 am

Can i just massage my face without derma rolling nor retin a and still eliminate my not so deep scars? How do you massage? Gently or vigorously? Upward strokes, downward, side, or circular,etc. As of now, i still have acne. I have very dark red marks and brown marks. I also have a dogbite scar which turned into a hypertrophic scar. I just wanna get rid of this scars especially the red marks and brown marks. If i massage it, would increase blood flow. Woudnt this just make my red marks and brown marks darker/redder? And also, would massaging my face just spread acne on my face? Of course i woudnt massage the pimples but massaging the surrounding area might spread what's inside the pimple? Correct me if i am wrong pls. I just wanna learn and ultimately eradicate this scars.


Posted : 06/04/2013 8:50 am

Hi AghhNe,

Thanks for your question :)

I'm no expert in massage therapy...but here are some pointers...

Personally, I like to use my middle finger on my right hand to massage my face and scars (while using a handheld mirror in the otherhand). Good lighting or daylight is key, so you can clearly target scars as you're massaging. Also, I massage my scars and my entire face using circular strokes going towards my nose (and then reverse after a while). I do this for 30 minutes.

Make sure your hands are clean, your face is cleansed & clean (NB don't towel your face, just let it air dry), and make sure your nail(s) is/ are super short so you don't scratch yourself. Also, use a natural oil to help glide your finger firmly and vigorously across your skin - but without stretching it or damaging it.

I recommend rosehip oil...but you could use grapeseed oil/ jojoba oil etc. You can then wash it off with salt water after the massage has finished (or with a gentle cleanser), if natural oils makes your skin break out.

I only recommend this treatment for structural scars. So you should test this treatment/ massage on ONE brown/ red mark and see how it responds...if it's responding okay, then continue...if not, STOP! Personally, the massages have been helping my redness/ red marks/ capillaries etc and seems to improve my general overall skin tone too...(however, I'm not certain if this treatment is effective on keloid scars...I would say research thoroughly and talk to your doctor before attempting this on any keloid scar - as the wound healing mechanism is on 'overdrive' in these scarring types and perhaps shouldn't be stimulated further with the please get expert advice!)...

Re your dog bite scar, I can't see why it wouldn't help it...try it and see if it's helped my hypertrophic scar...

Re acne....well, my skin is acne free I'm not sure if this treatment is suitable if your acne is not under control yet....maybe you can test one section at a time...or use tea tree oil all over your face & your acne or lavender oil (only on individual spots) and see if that clears it (also, ensure you're eating very healthy & drinking junk food or junk drinks!). Acne infection can spread, so maybe you should wait until your skin clears (or just try this on one acne free part of your skin).

Re retin A, needling, dermarolling, you don't need to use these if your scarring is light or not very deep. The massage is enough...indeed, I'm certain that in the instance of deep scarring, the massage would even be would just take longer than 2 weeks to get the desired results. However, retin A is very effective for healing very damaged skin texture/ orange peel skin and pervasive/ significant scarring. But, if the overall condition of your skin is good (and you're under 25 or 27), you don't need Retin A - that's IMHO.

Hope this info helps!

Cheers :)


Posted : 06/04/2013 10:32 am

Hey Aquaseas, thank you so much for your in depth answer!

I appreciate the heads up on the rosehip oil, I've definitely had it for longer than 6 months lol. I've been trying to eat healthier/greener lately for not just my acne but overall health anyway. I'm still going to eat meat sometimes, but it's a work in progress! I've been making fruit/veggie smoothies daily and I have to say I feel way better and I think it's making an impact on my skin. It's hard to tell though since I've been on retin-a at the same time. Also, I told my dermatologist I didn't want to take an oral acne medication so he gave me natural multi-vitamin pills that help for acne prone skin (he's into the healthy-natural approach as well).

A few more questions though if you don't mind. You said not to drink tea, I found this interesting. Were you just referring to regular black tea or any kind of tea? I drink green tea sometimes being under the impression that it is good for my overall skin/health. Do you disagree with this sentiment? Also, I noticed you said sea water helps and I do agree. But for when I don't go to the beach, how do you feel about epsom salt? I'll sometimes take an epsom salt bath when I'm sore from working out or I'll just mix it with my cleanser and use it as a gentle scrub on my face/back. Lastly, I'm told not to take much sun because of my Retin-A and it was my bright idea to start taking it in the summer. I'm very pale right now and I tan rather nicely, should I try getting some color from the sun with SPF or will my skin just burn really bad because of the Retin-A? I feel like the sun will help my overall skin and the color will make my red marks look a lot less noticeable.

Once again, thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it.

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