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Found 123 results

  1. My mother told me how it helps with digestion, so I decided to put it in my oatmeal and shake. It has been a few weeks now, and my face is pretty much staying relatively clear. The right side of my face has been clear awhile for now. If a pimple does start to show up, it stays really small and goes away in a day. My left side of my face gets a few pimples here and there, but again, never really forms, and goes away a day later. Here are the benefits:
  2. The question has been raised several times about experiencing hair loss or thinning hair while taking spiro. There's very little in the literature out there regarding this, and most docs who prescribe spiro (for acne or for its intended use as a bp med) typically don't pay much attention to this as a possible side effect. I took spiro in the past for only about 9 months, and during that time I took other meds and had an illness (Lyme Disease) that could have caused my hair to thin. I'd love t
  3. I've had adult acne a long time and finally got it under control. I thought it might help to share my observations of what works and what doesn't so that maybe other people can get the same results. Here is what I've learned after years of research, reading books, reading forums and finally following through with a multi-pronged longterm treatment. Basically what doesn't work is only doing one part of what has to be a multi-pronged approach to controlling chronic adult acne. So avoiding cert
  4. Who ever said you grow out of bad skin is a liar who needs to be afflicted with a horribly disfiguring skin problem. Life is truly unfair to those of us hard worker types who struggle for everything we have including: laser eye surgery because I was born with poor vision, horribly crooked teeth which I paid a fortune to straighten, & the unfair metabolism of a female who now lives on no carbs.... so let's top that off with cystic acne shall we. I see people daily who do not pamper and baby
  5. Hi I'm new to this forum, sorry if I didn't post this topic correctly. Anyway, I'm 23, female and I've had acne since my early teens, but it gotten worse when I was around 18. I started taking Diane35 and it helped. I'm off the pill since January and the acne are coming back. I'm assuming these are hormonal acne, because nothing has helped other than the pill. I have an appointment at the endocrinologist, but it's in April 2012 and honestly, I can't wait that long. Now, to the question. I'm a
  6. I was reading through the symptoms of Celiac Disease, the symptoms that usually aren't mentioned. People usually are looking for "bloating, diarrhea and stunted growth" but because the majority of Celiacs are "Silent Celiacs" (have little or no symptoms at all), a list has been compiled of symptoms that can indicate Celiac Disease. Elevated Enzymes is one of them. Elevated enzymes are usually caused by alcohol use, smoking, drug use or antibiotic use, but if you have done none of these, you m
  7. Ok so i've been on here the last few weeks bugging people for their accutane experiences trying to grab some balls and just get on this stuff already and now here i am! i have an appt. with my doc this friday and am DETERMINED to walk away with a perscription for tane. I have always had problem skin, and know that i will most likely forever, even my dear old daddy still gets the occassional zit and he's 55 so from a genetic perpsective i have no hope of ever outgrowing acne. that said i have t
  8. I was wondering if anyone knew if you had to wait a month to start using accutane if you practice abstinence. In the ipledge program brochure it says if you commit to not having sexual contact then you do not have to follow the birth control requirements. I want to start on accutane right away but I'm worried i'm not going to be able to. Does anyone know for sure? ...this is what is said in the ipledge brochure.. You would not have to follow the birth control requirements of iPLEDGE if: â€
  9. Hello fellow acne sufferers, I'm new to the board but have been lurking and learning for a long time. Today I decided I need to post since I have a nagging question about BP and realize there's enough expertise here to possibly get an answer--or at least some informed food for thought to help me put my own experience in context. Several years ago I had my one and only successful regimen for controlling my acne adult, hormone induced cystic acne when I worked regularly with an esthetician in t
  10. hi eveyone, wondering if anyone can help me with this difficult decision. i have done lots of research and read lots of logs on this fantastic site but still cant decide!! heres an overview of my story: im a 30 yr old female, i have suffered with moderate acne only on forehead and chin since i was 16. tried antibiotics, topical treatments etc, they didnt work, so at 19 my dr prescribed dianette ( diane 35 in US) this cleared my skin amazingly, i had ten acne free years on this bcp. i decided
  11. hatesacne

    New Regimen

    I went to a new dermatologist b/c the other one kept giving me the same stuff to use. This dermatologist may be using overkill though. I have called the office twice. My jawline began itching, my legs are tingling and I'm getting more and more depressed. I began this new regimen on 09/18. This is another in a series of regimens I've followed in the 43 yrs. I've dealt with acne. This dermatologist told me that women who've dealt w/acne before menopause usually have more problems w/it afterward b/
  12. So I have been trying to figure out a reason for my acne, oil and cysts for awhile now. I have recently discovered the connection between cholesterol and hormonal imbalances. Cholesterol makes estrogen and progesterone. If we don't get enough cholesterol in our diet, our bodies take cholesterol from our endocrine system to use for brain function and repair. Anyway, this website has very interesting and useful information http://www.womentowomen.com/menopause/estr...etabolicpathway In all of m
  13. OK, amid my recent neverending research, I bumped into this article. This is important for those that have PCOS or perhaps a subtype (SAHA, HAIR-AN) along with a myriad of other's with "mysteriously" developed diseases.
  14. First off, I want to say my skin cleared before I came to this board. So this isn't a log of my progress, at least not with acne. I just summarized my acne story from age 10 to now here: Diet for Clear Skin: My Acne Story - 30 Years Before I Discovered Diet Would Clear My Skin http://dietforclearskin.blogspot.com/2013/02/my-acne-story-30-years-before-i.html And I did most of my research several years ago and don't always remember the reasons for everything. Especially about how each
  15. Well here I am again....I recently did a 7month course of Accutane and after a few months I was clear,happy and confident... I was myself again. So about a month and half off tane and the acne is starting to creep up again,full swing before my period.Yesterday I went to the Derm and he basically told me that I will have acne until I reach menopause .Im 25 years old and I started crying in front of this man that I call my derm. He told me that either to try accutane again or that I could go on S
  17. Hey there. This thread caught my attention big time! My skin sounds a lot like yours, lion: I have always had very mild acne, so I'm lucky in that sense, but my skin is just horrible-looking. I'm 25 years old and since I've been about 14, I've always had lots of tiny bumps and whiteheads w/ super-clogged pores. I have been using the DKR method for a little over a month now and I'm REALLY happy with the results. It has completely cleared up all my bigger pimples and the majority of my littl
  18. i've been on my second round of accutane for almost exactly a month now. the first time was from late december 05 - mid-march of this year, only three months, i know, but i stopped taking it because i felt it was affecting my mood. looking back i think the reason for that was a lot of other shit going on in my life at that time.. anyway - due to the length of the round or whatever reasons there could be, the acne came back and i'm back on accutane. so this time i have quite a few questions.. m
  19. Factors Aggravating Acne Continual Touch and Picking An on-going irritation, pressure applied, picking, wearing tight sweat bands and rubbing increase the acne and heighten the risk of scarring. Cooking and Frying Household women cooking heavy and deep fried food are exposed to flying grease or oil particles in the air and fumes. It can worsen their acne condition. Hot and Humid Weather Intense heat and humidity often lead to excessive sweating. This coupled with low evaporation of sweat irr
  20. This is driving me slowly mad ](*,) I took Accutane 3 yrs ago and it dried up my oilies and cleared up the zits. 2 months ago, the pimples and the oil returned again -- mainly centered on my chin. I think this has to be hormonal, it really flares up towards the end of my cycle. And my mother's acne and oily skin cleared up completely after she went through menopause -- that's a LONGGGG ways off for me!!! So what has helped your hormonal acne? I've tried most of the "acne"-helping BC pill
  21. Women, Stress, and Acne

    Psychological stress is a negative state of mind that women as a whole tend to experience more than men. If stress continues for long periods of time, it can become chronic, leading to disorders like chronic anxiety and depression, and also potentially more acne. To understand how stress might result in more acne, let's delve deeper into the connection between the two. The Connection Between Stress and Acne Research is clear that people with acne are more stressed...
  22. I've been taking low estrogen birth control pills since about September and have been miserable since. It has done nothing for my acne (I'm actually breaking out on my chest and back now), and I still have severe cramping and spotting. I had taken Ortho-TriCyclene in the past and had great results with my skin, but it was an emotional roller coaster ride towards the last 3 months (was on it for a year). I'm starting to think that for me, hormones are playing a big part of my acne. I've been u
  23. Menopause and Acne

    While acne occurs most often in girls and young women, it occurs also in women who are older, including those who are going through menopause. The skin is sensitive to hormones, so some of the hormonal changes that occur during the early stages of menopause can lead to acne in some instances.1-10 However, as women get older, acne decreases, and this trend occurs even through the menopausal years. In other words, while menopausal acne can occur,...