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Found 123 results

  1. Can be found here. Here's the text for the lazy ones: Go easy on medicated lotions, creams, gels Story Highlights With muscle creams, rub in a quarter-sized dab not more than 3-4 times a day Pain-relieving methyl salicylate rubs may interact with prescription blood-thinners Self-tanners' color can throw lasers off; allow self-tanned skin a week to fade By Leslie Goldman Lidocaine, methyl salicylate, hydrocortisone. You probably don't think twice about using over-the-counter creams with
  2. I've been suffering with patellar tendonitis (jumper's knee) for about a year now.
  3. okay. this might sound silly. but i'm one of those people who has a new theory about my skin every week and i'm always trying a billion new things. but just a little while ago as i was sitting at my desk with my ultra magnifying mirror, analyzing my face, something new occured to me. now, even though i still break out every now and then, pimples are not something i worry about anymore, i've learned to ignore the few pimples i get now every week... but what DOES bother me however is the overall
  4. Hi-- I am a 30 year acne sufferer. I think I have something worth saying and I will post it everywhere. After 30 years i believe this is a hormonal disease that affects the skin-- the skin is an actual body organ and needs to be addressed as such. Hence-this organ is malfunctioning and NO ONE can tell me that it is a cleansing and bacteria problem. I am going thru menopause and since my estrogen is dropping, the male hormone is dominating and my acne is worse than when I was 20. I am searchin
  5. ...... just wondered how old you have to be before you 'grow out' of acne!! Seems like a stupid question but im 38 and have NEVER been as bad as i am now..... hormone levels can get worse as u get older but i cant recall ever seeing any '40 something' year old people with acne...... can you get acne in the menopause? i'm still looking for something that works for ME.... maybe i'll find it by the time im 40 - maybe i wont!
  6. i work in a pharmacy and we get weekly drug magazines coming in, its kinda like the argos catalogues for pharmacies (dnno if they have argos shops outside of UK). anyway, i saw this article in it about a new drink called mangosteen. sounds pretty interesting and i looked it up on google, it has these fruits in it. DH Organic Black Cherry Juice Concentrate: Helps to relieve joint pain and discomfort. DH Organic Cranberry Juice Concentrate: Helps to support urinary tract health. Organic Raspb
  7. Has anyone heard of Zeno? it is a new gadget which uses heat to kill acne bumps and can reduce the size of them/eliminate them in a day.,.... i found this article on netscape, the problem is it cost 230 dollars...hell im so desperate im willing to try it!!!!!! this may be the biggest acne breakthrough since accutane! heres what the article says: "NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Zits... pimples... whiteheads... if one of these has marred a date, interview or photograph, you may want to read on. An a
  8. I'm 32. I developed acne when I was in my mid twenties. (Never had it as a teen). I'm in my 2nd month of accutane (40mg every other day). I'm thinking of quitting because it hasn't helped a damn bit. I underwent the initial break out, but other than that, I have about the same amount of acne as before (along with the added benefits such as nose bleeds, dry skin, and cracked lips. ) This is my third time on accutane, so I know it's not a cure. But maybe my body has become immune to it or someth
  9. I have been reading with a great deal of interest the information and posts on this site. My 21 year old daughter is getting married in July. She has suffered with acne since the age of 12 (onset of puberty). We have spent a fortune with dermatologists and "systems" which we have purchased off of infomercials and internet sites to absolutely no avail! She is such a beautiful girl, even with the acne. She has a great attitude, but I would love to help her find a way to keep it at bay for he
  10. Just curious. I started getting acne at age 22. Is this considered adult onset acne? I'm asking because I heard that people who get adult onset acne usually will have acne all through their life until menopause.
  11. I turn 50 in Aug.,which doesn't bother me due to being fit, and people telling me I look 35! However,I have had acne for 10 years..mostly t-zone.I never broke out in my teens,so this has been killer! I haven't started menopause, still cycle every 28 days, but can't use bcp.I eat a natural diet,no dairy,take tons of vitamins,green tea and soy. I have tried murad,dermalogica,bliss,proactive,md formulations and otc acne products.Nothing works!!! I have heinous white heads..that never come out and a
  12. http://www.infertilityphysician.com/androgen/intro.html Androgen Disorders in Men and Women INCLUDING THE INSULIN RESISTANCE - POLY-CYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME Menopause is the most common endocrine disease in women. All women will eventually experience it. Androgen problems constitute the most common endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age (puberty to menopause). Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome and its many variants is the most common reason for excess androgen production. A great deal of co
  13. I've been wearing glasses for reading for years but just lately they've been causing break outs under the edges of my lense on one side and sometimes in between my eyebrows. My general skin condition is dry and flakey around my hairline, eyebrows and forehead. I wash my glasses frequently hoping this would help. I have to use a light moisturizer for the dry skin and I don't think this is what causes it. The more I wear my glasses the worse it gets, I have to wear glasses for work but try to leav
  14. I know there have been tons of threads like this already but.... So I give up. I was doing pretty well on my topicals for a while (retin-a micro and duac), but as of late they just aren't working. I'm getting whiteheads, pustules, and occasionally cysts (just got one injected last week). My derm gave me an Rx for minocyclin, but I have no intention of filling it beacuse for one, I'm allergic to cyclins, and two, I'm against using antibiotics to treat ance. I figure if it's bad enough to war
  15. I was talking to a friend about NC and how some people are finding success with it and how I may use it to control my acne once I drop my Vitamin A down. She told me that a friend of her sisters who had really irregular periods (only one or two per year) was going to go on the birth control pill to see if it would help her cycles and help clear her skin but didn't want to cause of all the horror stories she'd heard of. She decided to use the NC instead to see if it would help her acne, well it
  16. Hello! I am a new member who was directed to your site from my favorite political forum. I find that the Regimen seems to be filled with solid, practical advice based on my 25-plus year battle with acne. I will use another occassion to deliniate my entire skin battle. I want to get to the meat of my question: How to adjust the Regimen for the members over 35 years in age who are battling wrinkles as well as pimples? Here is the scoop. After using Accuate very successfully a fifteen years
  17. I am trying accutane again because of this severe cystic acne. I have tried antibiotics for quite some time and it is still active. I tried Accutane 40 & 20 mg about a year ago and had severe headaches and decided to quit it. Now a year later my acne is worse than ever. So I tried to use 10mg every other day. I am having dizziness, head pressure and pretty bad depression and I haven't even been using it that long. I don't think I should use it anymore but this acne is ruining my life.
  18. Oily skin is shiny, thick and dull colored. Often a chronically oily skin has coarse pores and pimples and other embarrassing blemishes. It is prone to blackheads. In this type of skin, the oil producing sebaceous glands are overactive and produce more oil than is needed. The oil oozes and gives the skin a greasy shine. The pores are enlarged and the skin has a coarse look. Causes of Oily Skin Heredity Diet Hormone levels Pregnancy Birth control pills Cosmetics you use Humidity and hot w
  19. I would really appreciate some advice here. I have been on this pill years ago when I broke out and I know it cleared me up. I went off it as I had children. Now that I have had the kids I am breaking out again. I have tried so many different things and just dont seem to be getting anywhere. I went and spoke to my Doc today who told me that he has seen women who suffer from acne during their childbearing years to keep suffering till they reach menopause! this was just such a frightening thought.
  20. cystic acne appeared when my periods stopped and my doctor prescribed some bio-identical, plant-based hormones to manage my hot flashes, insomnia, lack of energy and mood swings. Actually some of the symptoms got worse and on top of that i got acne! She had prescribed a testosterone cream and DHEA pills because a blood test had shown extremely low levels of these hormones. The only noticeable effect was a very strong sex drive that nearly destroyed my relationship (i couldn't stop thinking abou
  21. Hi, I am so totally overwhelmed. After googling cystic acne, and stumbling upon this site, and coming to the realization that what I have is cystic acne which is so unbelievably painful, I feel like I'm losing it. And i don't even know if i care. i'm 47, female, and menopausal. My husband died 13 years ago when our daughter was 2 1/2 and so I've been raising her alone. My dad was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease on the heals of my husband's brain tumor diagnosis and so I lived thr
  22. I get a lot of questions or messages asking me how to tell what hormones I am high/low in based on symptoms. The short answer is you don't know based on symptoms alone. Many symptoms for OPPOSITE disorders are the SAME. Yes, this is terribly confusing. What you can do about it: 1. Get a hormones saliva test. This is not always conclusive but it can help. Maybe you are in the normal range but are "borderline" high or low. You may also have normal hormone levels but have a sensitivity to normal
  23. Let me be clear that I have never had acne before. Nuisance zits as a teen, clear skin by 16, and after I had my first baby I had this HUGE lump that was my whole left side chin...which a dermatologist put liquid nitrogen on it then gave me an rx for retin-a. NEVER had acne again. Until now. I am new to acne. Oct '11, I had a big purple shiny PAINFUL lump on my chin. It appeared overnight. The next day, there were probably 3 more red ones RIGHT NEXT to it! Making the lump even bigger!
  24. Acne outbreak is really a problem to many of you as it affects your appearance and confidence. There are many different ways for curing of acne outbreak, but you may find them not effective. Such ineffectiveness may be associated to your wrong concepts on the curing methods. You should read the following information if you acne outbreak is a continuous problem for you. Quite a lot of people think their acne outbreak is caused by hormonal disorder. Actually, hormonal disorder is not the most
  25. I see alot of great posts on Vitamin D3 helping with acne but I had the exact opposite experience. I'm 50 yrs old and I started taking 3,000 iu's per day as I heard it was good for women to prevent breast cancer amongst other things. Within a week of taking it I started breaking out - very cystic acne. I took it for about a month and didn't put it together initially but when my face was literally looking like a teen ager going thru puberty it suddenly dawned on me that it might be related t