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Found 10,000 results

  1. megaaaanb


    I've used mineral makeup for about 4 years and love it. But after a trial with Yasmin my breakouts around my period are awful, and the minerals just arn't cutting it anymore. I can't cover a red spot without having to cake it on all over my face. Does anybody know of a good liquid concealer that I can wear under my mineral makeup and it won't dry out or anything? Also one that *will not* clog pores. After 17+ weeks of retin-a my skin is super sensitive and many products now make me break out.
  2. I am a 20 year old male. I got acne around the ages of 13-16, but since that time I have only had minor breakout here or there. The big problem is my awful pih, which cover both cheeks and some of the forehead. I started wearing a little makeup as a temporary fix until I could take care of the pih. 4 years later I am still covering my scars every day. Its gotten to the point that I dont want to go outside, go to any of my classes. I dont know how to bring this situation up to my parents for help
  3. Robert

    New 55% Lactic Acid Peel

    I just received the following e-mail from Kathie (she's great) at Makeup Artists Choice: "We have our new 55% lactic acid pH 2.4 peel here....we simply haven't had time to list it yet, but hope to get it online sometime next week. That should help you tremendously and keep you in the lactic line so that we don't have to worry about undue irritation with glycolics or salicylic acid." She is sending me a sample. As soon as I get it (and try it), I'll post my feedback to this forum. (I kno
  4. sephora28


    My makeup hasn't been sticking to anywhere on my face is seems the past few days. The only thing that seems to be sticking is my panstik but I don't like wearing that everyday since it is so thick. Just wanted to let y'all know of my makeup disasters as of late.
  5. Ok, I figure keeping a log might get me through the harder times when I look at my skin and I jsut want to cry. If this keeps working, I might try it elsewhere on my body. I just started using the clear skin regimen gel a week and a half ago. I was thrilled when a cyst threatened to come up, and didn't! Current condition of face: Almost spot free! I had a big one appear on my chin, y'know, where it's painful when you yawn, or smile, or brush your teeth... There are still some smaller spots, bu
  6. I found numerous articles stating that temporary skin discoloration can occur when using benzoyl peroxide and sunscreens containing PABA (para amino benzoic acid). Those of you that are having this discoloration problem, you might consider using just a plain non-spf lotion and see if the discoloration goes away. This means you will need to avoid sunlight like the plague though! (wear hats and stay in the shade). But supposedly the discoloration will fade if you discontinue using anything with
  7. Took Bactrim(sulfameth) for a week, on 4th day, had low-grade fever for entire day, chills flu-like feelings of weakness, terrible headaches, eyes hurting when focusing or looking sideways, Severe lower back, and joint pain, stiff neck and shoulders, constant body aches for 2 days, it felt like someone took a bat and beat me to a pulp. Was always sleepy from pain but couldn't sleep(insomnia too) itching at night (pins and needles). I stopped taking it the 5th day. 6th day I was OFF but develo
  8. I tried searching for a similar thread, but no luck. So here goes.... Does anyone have a good way to prevent BP from staining clothes. Washing my hands after application doesn't seem to be working, even when I wash with hot water! I am about to go buy disposable gloves. I am also having a problem with collared shirts. My lovely lavender button down now has a pink collar!! I apply the BP about 1 hr before I get dressed, but I seem to be leaching it all day. I wear makeup, which I apply ab
  9. Okay, here's a little history on me. I was a quiet little kid in elementary. Always did my work, never broke the rules (to the teachers' knowledge), liked to write (still do), a nice guy. When my parents got divorced, I wasn't affected at all, aside from having to go back and forth an hour's drive every weekend. Fifth grade I was forced to move with my mother, who had moved back to the city and lived about a half hour away. At the time, I wasn't a fan of my new stepdad because he was a lot
  10. I was checking out product reviews on Makeup alley, when I was researching something for Burts Bees. What got really good reviews for acne was Baby Bee Diaper ointment. I say huh? And has anyone here heard of it or tried it?
  11. neuflar

    Log: Here's to hoping!

    Hi reader, Well, I have been on this combo for a quite a few weeks now and decided to post my experiences so far - this is my first post, I have gotten a lot of information from this website and figured it was only fair to return the favour by contributing to this fantastic forum of experience! Here's a little background: I'm 24, female and have only experienced acne this year. I began taking Diane 35 when I was 19 for PMS reasons, and have been fortunate to have problem-free skin until... La
  12. Have any of you had success with controlling acne by using the bp over moisturizer? It takes so much time to do bp, dry, wash hands, moisturizer, wash hands, lets it sink in so there's no streaks, and then do makeup. Thank you!!!
  13. ILoveMyPuppy

    Blush and Eyeshadow

    so i would like to glam up my look, but i read some of the list of stuff not to get when buying blush and stuff and its hard to get a list of ingredients from some makeup companies, so i thought it would be easier if i would jus find out what brands work best for you. And also the best brush to use blush. So thank u. And any brand and and color choices or prefrence you like would be greatly appreciated to know
  14. I recently went off minocycline, an antibiotic that made my skin PERFECTLY clear. I've had to result to using more topical products, like benzyl peroxide. The problem is, I think my skin gets too dry and irritated during the winter that it looks worse than acne. The main problem is when I put foundation on, the dry skin makes it look really obvious and not natural, like when my skin has more natural oil, the oil absorbs into the makeup and looks great. So, my question is, will mixing jojob
  15. So we had this thing in history where we had to dress up as a historical character and present our views on different things. Our teacher was playing along with the role and he was debating with us against women's rights. (Just for the dress up part). So then at the end he goes (in his role), "This discussion has ended! Over there we have a crazy woman" - he points to the girl next to me - "there, a loud one" - points to the girl a bit further away, "and there" - points to ME - "the UGLY one
  16. So I've been trying everyday minerals lately and I'm so lost on how to do it. I got one of the kabuki(?) brushes and I brush it on ever so gently and lightly, but so far I've had two people ask if I was wearing make-up and I had to pretend that it was my moisturizer Anyways, I know the color is spot-on, there's no problem there. I think I'm just not blending it correctly or something. I try getting it all over my face, and down my jawline and around my neck so it blends perfectly, but it's st
  17. I have just heard of this and it seems so crazy, alot of people say that it works the same ,or if not better than many high end makeup primers, I was just wondering if anyone here has heard of it, tried it, and if you have does it control oil well? It seems so odd that a chafing gel could be a primer!
  18. How to react if someone find that I'm a boy with makeup?... I start put makeup, sometime I feel ashamed, like, im a man and im wearing makeup, but sometime that make me so happy, no more stress to know if my redmark are more red or no, 'cause I can't take anymore of my skin, I jsut finished Accutane like 3 weeks or 1 months ago, my skin have improved a lot, but that not perfect, and I want perfect, i've a problem, im to obsessed..anyway, the main subject, is what Can i say to my friend if they
  19. Apparentely before mascara came it tubes it came in solids called "cake mascara". I really want to try some, it's what all the old 1930s and 40s actresses used! Here are some brands that offer it: http://www.makeupmania.com/details/TI-0006-14-000.cfm http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...categoryId=5631 http://www.isadora.com/default.asp?groupid=2003825151235144
  20. I just don't know what to do, my skin tone looks better with makeup, but my pores look so much worse. Any help? It just makes them even more noticeable!!!
  21. lovepinkkx17

    what is your beauty routine?

    Here's mine: Morning: 1.eyeshadow 2.eyeliner 3.concealer 4.foundation 5.blush 6.mascara 7.lipgloss i would NEVER leave the house without makeup!!! Night: 1.St.ives blemish control 2.Honey 3.Moisturizer(if needed) 4.St.ives eye stress gel (not for wrinkles, for under-eye puffiness)
  22. For all of the positivism that pervades this community (thank goodness), y'all's negativism is palpable and worrisome. If y'all could suggest a few realistic things that we as a community could help you with, I think there are enough of us who are interested in your well-being that we would strive to be of some small help to you both. Please try hard to refrain from a hostile reponse to this sincere effort to try to find out something that the community could do to try to make you feel just
  23. I heard about this book somewhere else (makeupalley.com?) and then randomly happened upon it one day on Amazon, and read some rave reviews (4 1/2 stars out of 44 reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Skin-Type-Solution-R...TF8&s=books ). then i planned to go to Barnes 'n' Noble to skim thru it, and see what I thought... when out of the blue, my mom told me that she'd bought it for me! lol. Since then I've heard about it in a couple more places, including today, when a co-worker of mine mentioned
  24. spydercomp01

    switching bp's

    i have been on the regimen for a couple of weeks now with good results, but i recently ran out of on the spot so i bought dan's bp gel. whenever i use it, my face turns red like it has been sunburnt and my skin feels tighter than normal. heres my regimen i'm using, tell me if there are any problems. 2 times a day: basis facial bar cleanser, bp gel, eucerin skin renewal spf 15 also, i just switched from using purpose dual treatment to the eucerin skin renewal because the purpose made my face l
  25. Ok... YESTERDAY in a frantic moment I went out and dropped $200 on this little thing that sounds like a ridiculous idea called ZENO (see my thread asking about purchase locations in Canada). They said I could return it if it didn't work so I went for the attempt. My background.....combination skin.....my face is normally pretty clear except for the odd pimple every few weeks, I used to have pretty regular mild acne which was a mixture of small pimples to the 'undergrounders' in the chin area ev