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Found 10,000 results

  1. hey all, getting ready to start month 5 the final month!! i am so excited to be done! my skin has cleared although occasionally i get very small pimples here and there but that may be from my makeup or moisturizer. what can i expect as i am almost done? will my skin continue to improve after accutane??
  2. Anybody know of any? I want to get rid of my acne scars through a camouflage which ideally doesnt clog pores, as i will have another breakout.........and preferably one which is unnoticable
  3. is waterproof makeup bad for acne?? i've been using Almay's Moisture Tint Sports Formula and so far i haven't had any bad breakouts yet. but i'm afraid that all the sweating and stuff can cause me to badly break out later on.
  4. I am 34 years old...as of about three months ago I started breaking out terribly. It is really the first time (besides here and there) that this has happened to me. I don't understand... I HAVE made a lot of changes in the last few months (quit smoking...started exercising...wearing a bit of makeup). But this is aweful. I have one HUGE one right now that keeps getting bigger and bigger, and then a few smaller ones. some are like regular zits...some like acne...and then recently there are two that are not sore-don't seem to have a head, and look a little like a wart (although I don't think they are). I have started the 'regime' as of today...made an appt with a dermatologist for next month. Any ideas on why this is happening this late in life? I HATE this.
  5. I've been trying some samples from mariobadescu.com and have found some of their products to be fairly effective in treating my acne. However, I'm hesitant to try any of the full sized products because of their price. Has anyone had any success with these products? I'm looking at the reviews on makeupalley.com and they're fairly mixed. I'm particulary interested in the results from the Buffering Lotion (claims to help heal cystic acne), the Special Healing Powder, and the Anti-Acne Serum. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Is it ok to use Ponds Dry skin cream while on this regimen? has anyone else used it? Product Features Extra-rich moisturizing cream for softer, smoother skin During the day, apply alone or under makeup Apply generously at night over face and throat Makes dry skin radiant and touchably soft
  7. In about a week or so, my two best friends (Paul and Sarah.. the clear skinned friends from my other post I made on them) and myself are taking a roadtrip down to the Mall of America, because that place pretty much kicks ass (besides the loads of people and ridiculous high prices). Its our first "road trip".. even though its only a few hours away, but neither of them want to drive three hours back home that night, so they want to stay the night down there. They suggested us staying at my moms house, who lives down there.. and she agreed to let them stay. But lately.. my skin has been so shitty.. and I refuse to go a night without doing the regimen. But I am truely super embarrassed to let them see me without makeup... should I just take the risk and wear my makeup overnight? =\
  8. No, the party didn't suck at all.. the party was really fun... but the situation I was in sucked. I counted that all together there were 16 teens there (ages 15-17.. one was 18)... and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, excluding me of course, had absolutly FLAWLESS SKIN.. I was actually suprised to see that not ONE person had a pimple on any of their faces. and of course, heres me rushing to the bathroom to make sure my face isn't oily and that my face makeup is fine, etc. I felt kind of paranoid too. It sucked!
  9. longshot

    Salicylic Acid AND BP?

    I just noticed today that my makeup has 0.6% salicylic acid. How will this effect the Regimen? Salicylic Acid doesn't deactivate BP or anything does it?
  10. Have you guys seen The Elephant Man?? It was this movie that was made in like.. 1980. But it was a completely true story. He was extremely physically ugly... have a look at em Those are actual pictures of him. His name was Joseph Merrick and he suffered from something generally referred to as elephantitis. Throughout his life he was harrassed.. no one would employ him so he finally found work as a sideshow attraction, making little money. His whole life he wished that he could find a blind women who would not be terrified by his appearance. Eventually he suffocated in his sleep because he slept horizontally. His head was far too oversized to sleep "normally".. it is not known whether he slept that way intentionally to kill himself or if he was just desperately trying to imitate normal behavior. I saw that movie in 7th grade..... and STILL I always remember it whenever I feel badly about myself. I guess lately I'm just trying to remember all the good things I have in my life and all the opportunities that I (and all of us) have. Sometimes I worry that one day I'll wake up and realize that my only regret is that I spent too much time worrying about what others think of me, rather than just LIVING.. at the end of my life I wont remember what kind of makeup I wore or if my skin was 100% clear and so on.. Many people of all kinds will come and go.. people of all shapes and sizes, colors, faces, people with disabilities and disorders, people with acne, short people, tall people, blind, deaf, you name it.. But I think we all just need to remember to LIVE, no matter what kind of people we are.
  11. collegecandy

    I hate my face...

    OK it has now been a month and a week. Within the first three weeks my forehead and blackheaded nose cleared right the F*** up! NOW, I STILL have a lot of pimples on my jaw line that Have NOT gone away. Now some are coming back on my forehead! I am dry though and keep using this CERAVE lotion which works great for dryness. I just wish my face didn't look so blotchy. Red and white and dry and with the makeup on too it makes it worse looking. But i can't not put makeup on b/c then you will see all the ugly jaw line pimples. I've heard wait until after 2 months...Also my neck is really dry too! I never get pimples there but now i have like a rash and dryness. Also, my hands OMG are soo dry. They have red dots of dryness all over them! I look like a sick patient or something with some skin disease... I can't wait until this is over...
  12. Hi. I am very desperate to get a quality makeup that won't have an effect on my skin. I'm using Jane Iredale mineral makeup right now, but they only have yellow tones, and it has mica in it. Also, my skin is somewhat dry and flakey from the regimen, and this makeup adhere's to the skn and actually brings out the flakiness. I have been doing lots of research trying to find good mineral makeup but everything has mica. And really want to order something soon cuz I live in canada and it takes a while to get through customs. I am very interested in Physicians formula but i need some reviews from you guys. Thanx for replying. Together we'll find the solutions.
  13. I've been using Dan's regimen for about 3 months now. I am clear but I've noticed that my skin tends to start to flake as the day progesses? I'm using Eucerin Skin Renewal as a moisturizer and thought maybe that was what was causing my skin to flake(the lactic acid maybe)? I use Bare Escentuals for makeup. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. sheesh...ive been doing the exfoliating with a brush and gentle cleanser and then applying neo all over ...now i got a cyst on my cheek, not fully formed, they never fully form (thank god) i always apply remede double oxygenating booster to them whenever i feel or sorta see that they are about to form(cysts) and ive noticed that now that i exfoliate this way, my product is working faster, because it stings like hell...ouch! i hope i look alright with makeup for 6pm(going to a concert) ... i wish i didnt have to go, but i promised already and tickets are like $52 w/ tax and all ...i wish it was a halloween concert so i could put a mask on lol
  15. wishiwaspretty

    Just want to feel normal

    Hi Everyone, I am new to acne.org and I am so glad to have found it. Reading all of your posts have made me realize that I am not alone. But I'm sure we can all say that we feel totally alone no matter who else in the world is dealing with acne/scarring. I have had bad skin since my teenage years (I'm in my late 20's) and haven't felt like a "normal" person in about 15 years. I miss those days when I could put my hair in a ponytail and not be concerned over who is looking at me. I have worn my hair down for over 10 years now because I cannot bear to put it up or even to tuck it behind my ears. Luckily, I don't have too much active acne anymore, although lately I have had a few breakouts. My self-esteem is wrecked because of my scarring. I have hill & valley scarring - some worse than others but it's widespread. And I still have red (although light red but still red!) marks from 10 years ago that doesn't seem to completely want to let up. And I have EXTREMELY OILY skin that frustrates the heck out of me. I can go through blotting papers like crazy. Every 10 minutes it's like I never blotted 10 minutes ago! No matter where I go, or what I do, I feel like the ugliest person around. Even though people have told me I am a beautiful person, it's the negative comments that are remembered most. "Hey, Crater Face" "Wow, your skin is sooo oily!" What is wrong with people - do they think we don't know??? I feel best about myself in the mornings, because that's when skin looks smoothest. But, then I put on my makeup, stare at myself in the mirror to make sure I'm at least acceptable looking enough to venture outside, and by the time an hour or two goes by, I look horrible. And there may be a day that I feel ok about myself, then I'll happen to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and the "ok about myself" feeling goes completely down the toilet. I am considering going for a Smoothbeam Consultation, because I've done a lot of research and this seems like it could be good for me. I've already had a consultation for the Erbium and I cannot afford $4000 and a week or two off work. I am in Toronto, Canada. If there is anyone who has had a Smoothbeam treatment in Toronto and can recommend a doctor, I'd love to hear from you! I already have two doctors in mind I would like to visit so I 'm hoping I hear good things about them. I do not want to spend the next 10 years with my hair down around my face. I want to feel free.
  16. I am getting married soon and needless to say my face is still full of scars and a few zits (in the process of healing thanks to no wearing make up for a month and sleeping >8 hours a day) So I hire a makeup artist to do my makeup for the actual wedding and studio wedding pictures. The last time she applied makeup on me was a few months ago (for the studio pictures). And I was relatively clear at that time - only pigmented scaring and red marks. And she took one look at me and asked if I have been picking, and whether the red marks hurt, etc. I just felt so bad cuz she kind of had this disgusted look .. and she spent over an hour to make me look flawless. Great job nonetheless, but I felt so bad in the end.. I prefer to do my own make up in the comfort of my own home where no one will judge
  17. Kaylee02

    Which brand?

    Hi! I'm going to buy makeup tomorrow and I was just curious what brand I should get I have moderate acne and my skin is VERY oily! I need medium to full coverage. Any suggestions??
  18. Sunshine1234


    I visited my derm a couple weeks ago and she noted that my only problem is makeup... She also said she believes this because I don't break out anywhere else (back,chest,etc). I've suffered since I was about $14. My sibling eventually had Accutane so this runs in the family. She put me on Plexion (a face wash), Differin, an Azelaic (?) cream, and Doryx... She said this should clear it up. Should I believe this, esp. with my family history?
  19. In a few days I will be flying to california... From my past experiences with being on an airplane..it just makes my skin a total mess. The longer the flight the worse it is. When I flew to japan from NY, I arrived with soo many pimples it was ridiculous. In the past on shorter flights I wore makeup, plus at the time my skin didn't have a spilt personality, but now since my skin is more sensitive I am concerned. anyway, just wondering if any of you have an in flight makeup routine, or just skip it. I was thinking about going sans makeup and just applying it before I landed. I think thats the best idea. Ugh, flying always stresses me out haha, hope i don't break out!
  20. xxdancexx

    Week by week Retin-A guide

    Well here is a series of emails I was sent from the ortho neutrogena website (the people who make Retin-A) when I first used Retin-A in December 05 hope this is helpful to everyone! Week 1: What’s happening? The unplugging begins! Acne plugs are being pushed to your skin’s surface…Blackheads are loosening upâ€â€and even decreasing in number! You may notice your skin becoming dry, red, warm, or starting to peel. Don’t be discouraged or stop using your medicine! Mild to moderate irritation is commonâ€â€and tends to improve after the first couple of weeks. However, if the irritation bothers you a lot, talk to your dermatologist. What’s the big deal about those little microspheres? Why is RETIN-A MICRO® the #1 acne medicine prescribed by dermatologists? It’s the only medicine with the MICROSPONGE® systemâ€â€specially designed to clear up skin with a minimum of skin irritation. RETIN-A MICRO is full of microspheresâ€â€Ã¢â‚¬Å“spongesâ€? that hold tretinoinâ€â€the “activeâ€? ingredient in your medicine. These microspheres allow your skin to absorb small amounts of tretinoin over timeâ€â€so it’s less harsh for your skin. SkinStyles Tip of the Week To get the most out of your RETIN-A MICRO, proper daily skincare is more important than ever. That means applying your RETIN-A MICRO (just a pea-sized amount) every evening, right after you wash your face. Week 2: Acne starts to lose its grip on you! By the end of your second week of treatment deep acne plugs are being pushed up and out, and dead skin cells are loosening. You may also experience some mild stinging, burning, feeling of warmth, redness, and peeling. Don’t worryâ€â€these reactions are common. Think positive: see this as a visible sign that RETIN-A MICRO® is getting down to business with your acne. And remember, this phase won’t last forever. Mild to moderate irritation should improve after the first 2 weeks. Bedtime reading… The best time to use RETIN-A MICRO is at night, after you’ve washed your face and you’re ready for bed. Also, RETIN-A MICRO works only as long as you use it. So keep using it for as long as your dermatologist recommends: once a dayâ€â€every day. In the weeks to come clearer skin may be more than just a dream! SkinStyles Tip of the Week Washing your face more often won’t help your acne! So gently wash (don’t scrub) your face twice a day (and no more) with an oil-free, non-medicated cleanser. Week 3: Keep pushing for clearer skin! After 3 weeks you may notice some positive results from your medicineâ€â€or you may notice more breakouts. That’s because more deep-down acne plugs are being pushed up and out. It just means RETIN-A MICRO® is really working. Hang in thereâ€â€and remember you’re 3 weeks closer to clearer skin. Too much of a good thing? When it comes to using RETIN-A MICRO, less will actually get you more. Don’t be tempted to put extra dabs on pimplesâ€â€this won’t make them go away any faster. Too much medicine could actually irritate your skin. Always use the amount your doctor recommends. Think pea-sized! SkinStyles Tip of the Week As much as you may love the sun and tanning, remember that RETIN-A MICRO can make your skin especially sensitive to the sun. Plus, too much sun year after year eventually can make you look older than you are! So get used to wearing sunscreen with a high SPF every day (better yetâ€â€wear a hat, too). And don’t forget that wind and cold can also do a number on your skin, so bundle up with a scarf and hat in the winter. Week 4: Smoother sailing… Good for you: you’re past the first few weeks, which tend to be the toughest. Plus, by now it may be easier for you to remember to use your RETIN-A MICRO® every night. Also, remember that controlling acne is an ongoing process. Sticking with your medicine can really pay off! How to treat your medicine: Avoid using cleansers or acne products containing benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient neutralizes tretinoinâ€â€the active ingredient in RETIN-A MICROâ€â€if both are used at the same time. Talk to a doctor before using products with benzoyl peroxide or any other acne-fighting ingredient. Also, watch out for astringents and aftershaves with alcohol, spices, or lime. They might irritate your skin. SkinStyles Tip of the Week Would you believe your hair can make your acne worse? The oil in hair productsâ€â€from shampoo and conditioner to hair gelâ€â€can transfer to your face. It happens when your hair rubs against your face during the day or while you sleep. Try to find products that are oil-freeâ€â€and keep your hair away from your face as much as possible. Week 5: Moving right along! Those deep-down acne plugs are now really moving on up and out. Plus your RETIN-A MICRO® is working to prevent new plugs from forming. Keep up your skincare routine and nightly use of RETIN-A MICRO. Don’t forget, parents are there to helpâ€â€so let them know what’s going on! A closer look at RETIN-A MICRO Ever wonder why RETIN-A MICRO is yellow? The color comes from the active ingredient, tretinoin, a yellow crystalline powder. The color is more noticeable in RETIN-A MICRO 0.1% due in part to the higher concentration of tretinoin. And did you know that RETIN-A MICRO is a gel and not a cream? The tretinoin microspheres have an opaque powder appearance and cause the gel to look more like a cream. SkinStyles Tip of the Week Even if you don’t wear moisturizer, be sure to wear sunscreen. That means you, too, guys! Using RETIN-A MICRO can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Find a sunscreen that is oil-freeâ€â€such as a gel or water-based oneâ€â€with an SPF factor of 15 or higher. Week 6: Still an every day thing There’s nothing better than seeing results after all the hard work you’ve put in. Although your skin might be looking better these days, RETIN-A MICRO® is still working hard day in, day out to keep those pores clear deep down. So keep on using RETIN-A MICROâ€â€every night. The best is yet to come! SkinStyles Tip of the Week Some quick makeup dos and don’ts: (Guys, keep reading so you can impress the girls!) Use products labeled non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). Always wash off makeup with a gentle cleanser at the end of the day (before you put on your RETIN-A MICRO) Makeup with built-in sunscreen saves you a step in the morning. But remember to apply sunscreen to the areas makeup doesn’t cover. Assessing your progress If you’re frustrated because acne seems to be winning the battle, step up: Step 1. Be honest. Have you used RETIN-A MICRO every single night, exactly as instructed? If the answer’s no, there’s still time for improvement. Just start following the routine recommended by your dermatologist today. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes. Step 2. Be consistent. Those extra “tricksâ€? you may have added to the routine to help speed things up might actually be slowing you down. Stick with what your dermatologist recommends for cleansing, medicating, and moisturizing day and night. Step 3. Be yourself. If you’re doing it all the right way, it just may mean that your skin is taking a little longer to respond. But it will respond, so just be yourself and stick with it! Week 7: Finish Line? Yes and No. On the surface, your skin’s looking good, thanks to RETIN-A MICRO®. Maybe not perfect (is there such a thing?), but you should be seeing real improvement. So what’s next? Just because things are looking good is no reason to change your routine. Your skin is still producing excess oil that can clog pores, so you need to keep using RETIN-A MICRO as your dermatologist recommends. Not to worry: the hard part was getting to clearer skin. Keeping clearer skin should be easy if you follow your established routine. SkinStyles Tip of the Week Even with clearer skin and continued use of RETIN-A MICRO, an occasional breakout might occur. When it does, avoid the temptation to pick or pop. The damage you cause could lead to scarring.
  21. has anyone tried the pore perfect oil-free shine control cream? does it help with oily faces? also is the shine control coisturizer good? I was think about getting the unclogging pore scrub and the triple action astrigent but i saw the shine control one and dont know which one to get? i have oily skin after i wash my face and but makeup on, is there anything else that i can but on before makeup to help with my oilyness!!!!!! that isnt too expensive??? please help me, am i making a good choice??????????????????????????
  22. ZoeBee


    I have A LOT of zits right now all over my chin due to the IB with this Diacneal cream I'm using to get rid of my clogged pores. I'm spot treating these HUGE zits with BP and it's helping to dry them up and heal more quickly. But putting conceiler on it afterwards takes the redness away but leaves a big crusty mess all over my chin. It's looks HORRIBLE and I don't know what's worse, crustiness or REDNESS! Any tricks, products etc in covering these things without it looking so darn crusty!!!!!????? FYI - I'm still waiting for my mineral makeup to arrive so I need to find a solution in the meantime. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
  23. lolinternets

    avon's mineral makeup

    i've used bear minerals for a couple months and it's been okay for me. i just have problems with coverage- i'd have to apply quite a bit to actually cover stuff and then it'd get cakey. avon's mineral makeup, however, has been working great and i've only used it two days. it takes very little to get great coverage so it doesn't cake at the end of the day- or at least not that i've noticed. i recommend it.
  24. Kitty_Collins

    Day 1

    AM Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask (never used as a mask) - BP Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner - GA/SA Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF 15 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream PM Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser - SA Neutrogena On The Spot - BP Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion - GA Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream I've found, in the past, that using salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide twice a day clears my skin fast. The problem had always been that my skin would get very dry. I was using Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser, which did completely eliminate dryness but it didn't felt more like it was locking in makeup rather than taking it off. And I broke out. I haven't had a real breakout in quite sometime. So, I stopped using it at night. My skin hasn't returned to it's traditionally uber dry state. So, this morning I returned to Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. That may be a mistake, we'll see. I'm hoping my skin miraculously maintains it's softness. No matter what happens, I'm sticking with this for 3 months. So, here goes nothing.
  25. beany

    physicians formula

    alright, my questions is...why does physicians formula seem to SUCK so much when its made by physicians!? shuldnt it be the best makeup????? who are we putting our skin in teh hands of! :S