Diane-35 : Oral Contraceptive

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Active Ingredients:
Cyproterone acetate 2 mg and Ethinyl estradiol 0.035 mg.

Inactive Ingredients:
Cornstarch, Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Povidone, and Talc.

Tablet Coating:
Calcium Carbonate, Ferric Oxide Yellow, Glycerol, Polyethylene Glycol, Povidone, Sucrose, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, and Wax.

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July 19, 2019
Not bad if your patient enough.

Started breaking out terribley 3 years ago at the age of 23..severe cystic acne all over my cheeks and forehead..my doctor recommended this pill..however it did break me out even more for the first 3 months. (It’s like it purged all the crap from your skin first before clearing it) at month 4 I noticed my skin started to clear...at month 5 my skin was 100% clear. So I do recommend to all the girls to stick it out it does work! You just have to be patient and give it time. It really does get worse before it gets better I’m so glad I didn’t give up as it made my skin break out more at first.however I did decide to go off the pill for a couple months last year and my skin broke out like craaazy again! I’m talking 20-30 cystic pimples in about a month! So just be aware if you do decide to go off it eventually you’ll probably break out really bad. Now 7 months in my skin is 100% clear.only time I get a pimple now is around my period just one or two small whiteheads which is better then the painful cysts I use to get.

May 26, 2017
Diane 35 Experience - 10 years
Hi there I am now on Diane 35 for the second time. I honestly regret ever coming off it! I had been on Diane for around 10 years. I was prescribed it for my moderate acne as a teenager (16-17years old) It cleared my skin right up but it did take a very long time. I would say 6-12 months before it was completely clear and under control. I very rarely suffered from breakouts after being on Diane. I maybe got 1-2 pimples occasionally. But my skincare was not amazing and I did wear cheap makeup. Diane is a life changer! However, after 10 years it wasn't working for me anymore, I started to get breakthrough bleeding and then regular pimples. 1-2 cystic ones every month, which was not normal for me. I decided to give my body a break and came off the pill completely for almost 2 months. My skin went ballistic around the 6 week mark! Pimples everywhere, my back and my chest were the worst and I also had breakouts on my face. Not to mention the other side effects from coming off the pill - nausea, cramps, headaches, loss of appetite and mood swings. I know that so many women have amazing experiences once coming off the pill and say they feel like "their 15 year old self again" but honestly it was the opposite for me. So, I decided to go back on it and it was fine for a while, until the breakthrough bleeding started again, about 3 months in. I ended swapping pills and was on Norimin for around 4 months and it was good, was also meant to clear skin due to its estrogen content. After the 4 month mark my skin went crazy, again! So I rushed back to the doctors and got a script for Diane 35. I have been on Diane now for almost 4 months and my skin is far from clear but not terrible. My back and chest have cleared up - that happened around 1-2 months of being back on Diane 35, so not too bad. But my face is not clearing as quickly. I am getting cystic pimples on my jaw and chin and have lots of tiny little bumps on my chin and cheeks. I definitely feel as though it gets worse before it gets better, I don't remember exactly how long it took last time for my skin to clear. I just remember it being a while. I'm anticipating around the 6 month mark that I should hopefully see a decent improvement. I know there are a lot of scary stories out there about this pill but for me the benefits outweigh the risks. I am lucky enough not to experience any major side effects but of course there is always risk associated with any type of medication.
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March 6, 2017
My experience with Diane
I have been on Diane-35 for almost 6 years now. I am 22 years old, and my family doctor prescribed me this medication in high school mainly to cure my acne but also to be used as a contraceptive because no other birth control properly regulated my period. I must say, for all of you who are skeptical about this drug... It works wonders. It did take about 6 months for me to start seeing a change in my skin, but after that, my skin was nearly free of pimples (I would still get a few every now and then), and it has been that way for 6 years. Aside from merely its benefits of curing acne, I cannot express enough how perfect it is for period and hormone regulation. After the 6 month point, I can honestly say that my period has been so regular that I will know exactly what day of the month (and even approximate time of day) I will get my period, and I know exactly what to expect of my moods/skin at different points in the cycle. It has been life-changing. HOWEVER, this is where my concern starts to come in. I've noticed that my hair throughout the years has been thinning dramatically and does not ever grow past a certain length. I use heat on my hair probably once every couple of days, and wash my hair about twice a week (I promise it's not gross; the natural oils make it healthy). So I know that can't possibly be the issue. It's gotten to the point where I got my hair dresser to put in sew-in extensions to make my hair thicker because I feel like I have no hair on my head. I am Italian mixed with Arabic, so you can probably guess that thick, long hair runs in my family. Recently I've read reviews about Diane about women complaining that they've lost close to 70% of their hair by the age of 30... and this freaks me right out. I went to the doctor about it and he prescribed me Tri-Cyclen (28) which I am hesitant to start taking because it didn't seem like he had any idea where my concern was and my body is so used to Diane at this point. If anyone has any insights PLEASE do enlighten me!!
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December 13, 2016
Wait for it!!
I started using this product 5 months ago. I had milde to severe acne on my cheeks and on my chin. My forehead was quite clear. First month was brilliant. No new whiteheads or pimpels at all. But then boom, month 3 was the worst. My face was covered in acne. I never had that much acne at once. One day I was losing hope but still hoped for a change. Then the end of month 4 was the time where my acne totally backed off. My skin started to improve so much, and I didnt worried about it at all. Now it's the ending of month 5, and my skin is better then ever. Still have to deal with some little scaring and redness, but acne is gone so far. You will still get some whiteheads around your period, that is pretty normal ever for a perso without acne. I can only say, that dont give up too soon. This is not a over the night product, it conteins hormons your body needs to get used to it.
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July 10, 2016
Sucks at first but ultimately works

Hello all, So I'm doing a lot of things to control my horrible onset of cystic hormonal acne. I mistakenly went off of birth control after having been on it for 12 years and my skin went crazy. I'm almost at the end of my second pack and things finally seem to be under control. I now mostly have hyperpigmentation. Up until recently, my skin was awful and I'm pretty sure starting this birth control made things way worse. I also want to note that I DO NOT SKIP A WEEK OR TAKE THE SUGAR PILLS. Obviously this will just throw your hormones off again so if you want faster results, just keep taking the active pills for a while. Most importantly, DON'T STOP TAKING THEM NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU. This will seriously make things worse. Ride it out. You might get lucky and it might work for you in 2-3 months. If it doesn't, just keep going for up to six months and consider my suggestions below to help you along the way. SO...In addition to birth control, this is what seems to have worked for me. And trust me I have tried EVERYTHING and spent countless hours researching this. I'm also a nurse and doing a research PhD so I am providing you all with what I believe to be the best information and tips I've come across. Good luck! 1) I'm on my 6th week of Doxycycline 2) ICE! Every morning I ice my spots. This really helps reduce size and inflammation and there are no risks 3) Green tea (loose leaf organic. I drink it and apply the leafs to my face 5 days a week), I also take ECGC green tea extract pills. Clinical studies prove that this works for acne. So if you're going the green tea route check that the ECGC content is high. It's typically higher in loose leaf teas. Otherwise just buy the extract pills. 4) NO DAIRY, SOY, GLUTEN, or OILS (except coconut oil). I also started a VEGAN DIET 5) CETAPHIL products- I stopped washing with water and only wash with the foam cleanser, it seems weird but I find that it significantly reduces redness. I also only wash once per day if I'm not wearing make up. I moisturize once per day with the day SPF moisturizer. 6) MAKE UP: Physicians formula non-talc liquid mineral make up. I researched every ingredient in several products and this was the best product I found. I had to import it from the US (I'm living in Australia at the moment). I also have not worn any make up on my skin for 2 weeks. I am on a school break and had 2 weeks off of work because I was supposed to go on vacation but had to cancel because my skin got so bad. Sad I know but things are finally clearing and I've been able to work on my PhD thesis from home...I also learned to cook. So if you also plan to isolate yourself, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! There is light at the end of the tunnel. 7) 2.5 % BENZOYL PEROXIDE: I had given up on harsh topicals because my skin is so freakin sensitive and I found that Differin, Retin A, and anything over 2.5% BP made my skin look so much worse. However, 2.5% is PERFECT! it even reduces the look of the redness when it's applied. If I have to go out I have it on my pimples and I honestly don't care. It's probably only noticeable up close. 8) LOWER YOUR STRESS: Seriously ladies this is so important. Especially if your acne is hormonal. One night i was freaking out because I was supposed to go on vacation to visit a beautiful Greek boy I know and woke up with 4 new spots. Three of them were cystic. I've found that since cancelling and relaxing at home my acne is much better. 9) VITAMINS: Ok so I'm a little ridiculous when it comes to this and I now have a pharmacy in my room. But these are the best vitamins and supplements for acne. As a disclaimer, I wouldn't recommend always taking the Vitamin A like I have been doing because it can cause liver damage. So on that note: 1) Vitamin A- Retinyl Palmitate: I am mega dosing on these. So for the past three weeks I've been taking 10 a day. I realize there are risks with this but I've been getting my liver enzymes checked and I am fully aware of the signs of vitamin A toxicity. You could just try taking 1-2 per day. The logic behind this is that Accutane is a derivative of vitamin A in huge quantities. Mega dosing can really help some people. 2) Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide): this is the active ingredient is most expensive skin brightening/hyperpigmentation creams. I also break the caps and rub them right on my acne scars 3) Vitamin C: I mega dose with this as well. It tastes delicious and there are no risks with toxicity. I also have this in powder form (Skinstitute brand) and put directly on acne scars 4) Vitamin E. 4) Saw Palmetto (also great for hair) 5) Liquid Silica (also great for hair) 5) Omega 3 fish oil (also great for hair) 6) Zinc Ok my friends this is all of the advice I have. If I had to pick and choose from this list I would prioritize antibiotics to help you get through the initial break out phase on this birth control, Ice, green tea extract or loose leaf organic tea, and Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate. Feel free to e mail me with any questions: [Removed] (John is the beginning of my last name. My name is Shev). Cheers!

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August 20, 2016
Congrats Shev!!!! I am so happy for you. I can't agree more with your tips and everything. My acne was cleared up around the 2nd month, but I am afraid that it would come back if I stop. I am planning to take the drug for 6 months, and then see if I can stop it/switch to another birth control. As I read through your tips, I just can't agree more and wish more girls can see this. I did pretty the same thing, except I took less vitamin A, and megadose B5. For hormonal acne/just acne in general, stress can be a major cause. Ever since I have come back home from uni, and started doing a lot more yoga and pilates, my skin got so much better. I guess my tip would be doing a lot of relaxing exercises and stop criticising yourself all the time.
December 7, 2015
I went on Diane 35 2,5 years ago and from the 4 month my face was completely cleared up! After 1,5 year of using the pills, I stoped them and in almost 6 months acne came back a hundred times worse.. In April 2015 my doctor prescripted me Diane 35 once again.. And the real problem began when I started taking them.. I was breaking out in a very unusual way as a result to have a dipression.. I started noticing results after 4,5 months, Now I'm on 7 month and I see a massive difference, but my face isn't clear yet.. I still have some red pimples.. When my skin is going to be flawless? I'm losing hope..
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May 21, 2016
Did it work again for you? having the same issue right now
September 29, 2015
Hi!!!! i started using diane a month ago and i discontinued after about two weeks. then again i started using the pill this month when i got a week early period (12th september) again i discontinued due to the severe migraine and headaches. and m bleeding since. (not heavily) please advise. thanks in advance, lauren
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June 18, 2016
Sounds like you're estrogen sensitive?
June 18, 2016
Sounds like you're estrogen sensitive?
June 18, 2016
Sounds like you're estrogen sensitive?
August 22, 2015
Give it time - it works!
Hi ladies - I suffer from mild acne with the odd breakout generally around chin area. I went on Diane 35 two months ago because my skin was becoming more irritated and oily from the summer heat. My doctor recommended Diane 35 and right now I'm on my second pack (finishing up my last week). During my first pack I didn't see any results. My face was still quite oily and I started to develop an acne rash of whiteheads along my chin and jawline - so yes, your skin does get worse at first! I was close to stopping but my doctor told me to ride it out. I'm glad I did! It wasn't until my second pack, halfway through, that I started to notice signicant results!!! I'm no longer oily and my acne has gone down significantly. I only have a few old zits but all the small whiteheads are almost gone. I'm hoping that my skin continues to heal during my 3rd pack and doesn't start to freak out again. So far I am extremely pleased with the results. Give it time ladies! You'll notice a difference! Also, I was using a cream called Tazorac on my blemishes. Check the reviews on this stuff - it's great and it really helped!
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August 28, 2015
Update - I know it's only been a week since I wrote my review but today I'll be finishing up my 2nd pack. I'm still noticing great results but my skin has gotten quite dry. This has helped me get rid of my old acne that I developed in the first 2 months (the hormonal acne and whiteheads along my chin and jawline). I haven't experienced any new blemishes yet and I'm starting to notice a smoother texture all over - but I wish the old blemishes and scarring would go away a lot quicker. That's the frustrating part! With my first 2 months, I noticed I broke out the most at the beginning (first 10 days) but according to some of the reviews I've been reading, the 3rd pack is where you get the best results. So fingers crossed! I don't think I can handle anymore breakouts!!
June 18, 2016
It also happens with Spiro. You're testosterone spikes once you start taking an testosterone suppressing pill. Do you not taking anything after you take the 21 pills? 3 weeks on 1 week off.
June 12, 2015
Breaking Out Badly!
Ok so, I've just gone back on Diane 35 after having a 7 month break and I'm currently on my second pack and my skin is psycho!! However, thankfully people are talking about this because I actually didn't know that it got worse before it got better. I started Diane when I was in school around 17 years old for acne, but I don't remember my skin getting worse before it got better. However, I'm now 27 so I probably don't even remember that far back or took much notice anyway. But Diane never really cleared my skin completely like it did a lot of other people. I still got some pretty bad skin only on my chin/mouth area, but it was bad enough that I was put on Accutane twice, even though I was on Diane and it had already kicked in. However, my skin eventually broke out after both Accutane treatments (one when I was 18, the other when I was 19), which led me to believe that there is no cure for my acne, the only thing I can do is manage it. So I thought what could I do do get rid of these crappy break outs I keep getting as Diane only took the edge off. Well, I started using Proactiv, and I have to say it worked a treat. Combining Diane with Proactiv was like a god send, and I didn't get 1 hint of a pimple in like 4 years. Then I got all cocky and forgot what it was like to have bad skin, so I stopped using both. Anyway, I've had shocking skin for the past 2 years now because I was mis-diagnosed with 'perioral dermatitis' instead of adult acne which meant I couldn't just go on proactiv again, no skincare at all. Then I was thinking what if the pill made me get dermatitis?? But long story short I never had dermatitis, I had acne all along and Diane helped, but stopping Proactiv was the wrong thing to do. So there you have it. I've now been using Proactiv + for a while and love it. It can't stop those horrible hormonal acnes from coming up but it does help a lot. And the only reason my skin is so horrible now is because I've just started Diane again and thankfully have read other peoples experiences and realised that it's because of Diane that I am breaking out. I"m hoping once it kicks in and combining the pill's benefits to Proactiv that I'm already using, my skin should go back to its former glory. The key is to use a formula like Proactiv that has a small dose of BP, but that is a light exfoliator to get off the dead skin cells and get down into the dermis and clean it out, preventing potential pimples. Also, Salicylic acid helps a lot, and the new Proactiv formula has that in its moisteriser. I just wish I could fast forward time and bypass this whole crazy break out period from Diane!!!
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April 29, 2015
There is hope!
I started my first phase of Diane-35 around February, 2012. I had severe acne which wasn't limited to my face- shoulders, back, and scalp were also badly affected. I started seeing results after 5 months, when big, and horrific acne were less recurring. By the start of spring 2013 I had clear skin, and great hair. Since my doctor prescribed me the medicine for 1.5 years, I decided to complete my course and then went off it around February, 2014. The real problem started after I stopped Diane. My acne came back worse than ever, and I had added depression. When I was on Diane I was very normal, even cheerful because it really helped to stabilise my hormones. I guess it must be some sort of withdrawal symptoms, that I had severe depression. I went back on Diane during July, 2014 for a 8 month course, so I was done by February,2015. So far, it has worked wonderfully to stabilise my hormones, and get rid of acne and depression. I'm still carefully monitoring my skin to spot recurrences, and so far all is well. I still get a few bumps and stuff, but it isn't as horrifying, because mind you, mine was acne vulgaris of the nasty type. The mild acne disappears within a few days. One thing my doctor (endocrinologist) repeatedly told me was not to depend too much on Diane to regulate my hormones. I was strictly told to workout and stay active everyday, so that I don't become too dependent on medicines. And believe me, it works. Diane will work differently for everyone, because we are dealing with hormones after all, but don't be disheartened if its not effective after 3 or 5 months. Be patient. And if you do get depressed, remember that its only the medicine, not you. There is hope. Good luck!
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June 12, 2015
Hi, did you break out initially when you started using Diane again? Because I've broken out badly and I'm on my second pack, and it's acne that I wouldn't usually get. Also, I noticed around the 5 month mark after going off Diane the first time my skin was getting worse and worse so that's why I've decided to go on. Exercise does work but I've gotta have clear skin before I can even think about hitting the gym! lol