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July 2, 2021
huge extreme yellow blackheads immediately


What a horrendous mistake. As soon as I put even a little on it just seemed to completely fill up my pores, especially my nose, with the oil and began looking like huge old blackheads. I can never do or attempt this again. I am not going to try putting it on my body either as I get acne on my body and it's a stupid idea if it clogs your pores up and causes you spots. 

October 19, 2016
Will never try this again !
So i read that olive oil was good for you skin so i started using it on small areas which where inflamed. One day i was late for the train and was rushing and i couldn't find my moisturiser so i thought i would put olive oil on my forehead because it looked a little dry and i had been using it previously and there had been no issues. Anyway... i put it on my forehead put my foundation over the top and left the house. A couple of hours later i saw my self in the shop window and was like WTF.. my whole forehead was completely covered in tiny and big bumps. Like completely covered very noticeable bumps all over. There wasn't one part of my forehead that was clear. I was so embarrassed it was so bad and so obvious anyway i have spent the last 8 months of my life trying to fix this issue and still to this day i have not ever got my forehead clear with no bumps. I am still trying to find something that will actually work for and get rid of all the clogged pores. I regret that i ever did this every single day! So be aware this may work for some people but did not work for me.. If this has happened to anyone and they have fixed this issue please let me know.
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December 31, 2016
Be sure to check that the oil that you applied on your face is EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and it comes from a reputable and trustworthy brand
September 20, 2016
Did not work for me
My hyperseborrheic skin did not react well to the topical application of olive oil. Did not see any improvement and got a few new pimple. Delicious to eat though!
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September 20, 2014
Oils depend on the skin type
I tried some different types of oils and olive was one of them. It did not work for me! But doesnt mean it wont work for anyone. After i had tried coconut and olive oil. I came acroos a website that put the oils into cathegories. I wish i could find it again and link it. Point is, there are two substances oils mainly have X and Y. Cathegories were divided into what had less amount of Y, less for X or equal... and what worked better for what skin type... so coconut oil worked the less for me and had more of Y, Oilve oil didnt work either and had equals mount... so i tried grapeseed oil which had more of X and it worked for me :D so if u have tried 2 of this and nun, try the 3rd.
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April 2, 2013




Broke me out

Watch out with EVOO, great for consuming, not so great on the skin. I tried the OCM (oil cleansing method) with olive oil, and broke out it thousands of tiny infected pimples which took MONTHs to resolve. Because of this, I threw myself in a terrible viscious circle of irritating my skin with topicals to resolve the acne, which in turn caused more acne, etc... Watch out with olive oil or the oil cleansing method. It is NOT for everyone. You've been warned.
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March 25, 2012


Easy to find


Too thick for my skin
Clogged pores
Gave me cystic acne

I have acne prone skin, and used this as a replacement to my usual moisturizer for a few weeks. My goodness, I noticed little bumps and whiteheads forming at first, then all of a sudden my face exploded with acne like I haven't seen since my teen years. Olive oil may work great if you have normal skin and not prone to breakouts, but for me it really clogged up my face and made things so much worse. I guess the oil was too suffocating, trapping dead skin cells and feeding the acne bacteria in my face. Anyway, stay clear of this stuff unless you have naturally normal acting skin.
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March 31, 2011
Unfortunately, this didn't work for me :( I saw this person on yahoo answers who recommended that people massage extra virgin olive oil vigorously (I used cold pressed) to our faces in up & down motions, claiming it will give you perfect skin. I tried it for like 2 days, the second day I started getting tiny little red bumps, rash like. My mom told me to quit doing that, but I thought it was nothing since it was only a tiny bit and that it would go away if I kept going. Boy do I regret that. The next day after I did it again at night, my whole face was covered in a rash. With tiny whiteheads all over! I know most people believe that olive oil is not comedogenic, but if you have sensitive skin or normal (because I thought mine wasn't sensitive!) you might want to go slow (even if you're using it as a moisturizer) because there is nothing worst than an ugly rash. I still have it as I write this, and lucky me, I have an awards ceremony tomorrow ! Oh well, if this happens to you try Aloe Vera because it helps some. Good luck to you all, keep searching and God will grant you the wish of perfect skin, or something close to it ;)
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July 18, 2010


Moisturizes wonderfully


I'm no too fond of the smell
Made my face break out worse than it has in years

For the passed few weeks I decided to try out the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method), because it just seemed so... awesome, and I felt like I had nothing to lose. "If it doesn't work, then I'll stop and go back to my chemical cleansers," For the first few uses I just used EVOO, because I had no Castor Oil on hand. At first, I loved it. But after just a week my face had broken out like never before. I decided to go and get a bottle of Castor Oil, because I thought that that was what I needed (since that's what OCM is centered around: mixing Castor Oil with an oil like EVOO) I made my first mixture, using 50/50 of both oils and tried that out. My face progressively got worse. I tried a few more mixtures and began to obsessively make sure there was no oil left on my face, but all of them showed no results. I'm so disappointed in this. I had been so excited to try this method out and, admittedly, I would have loved to have told people "I use oil as my cleanser!" I went out yesterday and bought a product for /severe/ acne. I have never had severe acne before now. But, it was one of those things you take a risk on. I'm happy to have tried it, but I'm having issues looking at my face in the mirror these days. =(
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