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Water, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Methyl Gluceth-20, Squalane, Saccharide Isomerate, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl Olivate, PEG-12 Glyceryl Distearate, PEG-23 Glyceryl Distearate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Items marked with red have tested a 3 or above (out of 5) in comedogenic (pore-clogging) testing.

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December 26, 2022
Absolutely loved the yellow moisturizer - used it loyally for 7-8 years. Ordered 2 more bottles recently, unaware of the formula change. When I got it, there was a slip in the box saying you removed whatever made it yellow due to complaints - well here’s to me complaining, that this new stuff is not at all the same. The yellow stuff was perfect - light, very moisturizing but not thick, could barely feel it on my skin after it absorbed, which was quickly. Gave my skin a nice constant glow, etc. This new formula is much thicker, feels like it’s constantly clogging my pores, my skin doesn’t look the same after it’s applied compared to applying the yellow moisturizer, I’ve broken out for the first time in ages since starting to use it - there has been no other changes to my routine. I don’t know why it was changed, apparently because there were complaints of the yellow color? Well I’d expect for you to get x20 the amount of complaints about this product being much different and an overall bad product and absolutely incomparable to the old formula. And great for you guys because I just purchased 2 of the largest bottles of it with no way to return it. I’ve no other immediate option to turn to for my skin, as this regime is all I’ve known for a long long time. Very disappointing, honestly feels like I’d been let down in the biggest way by a close friend. Not even a heads up before spending hundreds of dollars on this “new formula”. I could’ve just went to the drugstore and bought ceraVe if I wanted a thick white moisturizer instead of spending hundreds on this without even knowing it was changed, for the worst. Speaking of spending I’ve literally spend thousands of dollars with you over these years, and feel as though you should know I, among I would assume many others, have just been set back to day one because of this shit. Thanks!!!!! Unbelievable. I would be giving a zero or negative star review if you allowed that to be on your website… Dan as someone who said they developed this regimen because you had acne and no where else to turn, you should know how this would feel….. horrendous.
January 16, 2023
There is no way on earth it is the cause of pore clogging. The moisturizer is the same exact thing other than the licochalcone. All Daniel did was change the type he included in the formula because it was yellow and it could cause a yellow tint to occur on white fabrics you would come in contact with throughout the day. I don't experience anything that any of the people leaving back reviews are saying. Please consider that there are many, many reasons for acne breakouts and something else might have changed to cause the issue you are claiming.
December 16, 2022
terrible. I don't know why they switched off the old formula. the new one made me break out horribly.
January 16, 2023
This does not happen with me. I am not sure what the issue is that people are having. All Dan did was change the licochalcone that he used in the formula.
November 15, 2022
New formula is very bad for the skin

This new thick white formula is so bad that it is making my clear skin breakout with rash all over my face. Please stop selling this product to customer. This is not the same Yellow moisturizer we used for years. This is so deplorable to have you change to a very bad moisturizer that is causing acne on my face. I am so disappointed. 

January 16, 2023
This does not happen with me. I am not sure what the issue is that people are having. All Dan did was change the licochalcone that he used in the formula.
November 7, 2022
New formula is disappointing

The old formula for this lotion was absolutely perfect for my oily, sensitive skin. This new lotion is thick and heavy, my skin does not absorb it well.  I wake up with clogged pores on my forehead and cheeks now. I’m so disappointed and have had to start looking elsewhere for something that will work.  

November 2, 2022
Too bad…

I?ve been using this for A LONG TIME and like others I have to make a review.  Dan, your regimen has been the only thing that?s ever cleared my acne!  The moisturizer was thin and absorbs well!  I wasn?t ever afraid to put more on.  This new bottle (bought last month) is white in color, thick like Cerave moisturizing cream, and it feels very heavy on my skin.  My skin feels like it has a layer of film on it and the product pills in the morning (balls up) when I wipe my finger across my face.  I?ve got horrible cystic acne in places I don?t normally have (my neck, middle of cheeks, by ears near hairline) and a red rash near my ears (see picture).  I only ever use the Regimen and the moisturizer is the only thing that?s different.  Also, has anyone else noticed the awful smell?  I tried to ignore it, but it smelled like liquid fermenting at the bottom of a trash can when I first opened it.  It makes me sad to see so many negative reviews, and even more sad to write one.  Dan!  Please change it back!  You?ve helped countless people struggling with acne MYSELF included!  I want to cry because this is the only thing that has worked for me and now I?m thinking about tossing it in the bin.


October 16, 2022
Acne and Stinging Why?

I just bought the lotion for the first time and I got the biggest bottle.  Up until recently I was afraid to add a separate moisturizer into my regimine.  I have been very happy with the BP and the AHA from  Since adding the lotion I've started breaking out and like others have mentioned it is causing stinging.  I never used the old formulation but I'm back to using no moisturizer.

October 15, 2022
Why did the formula change?

Similar to many other reviews here, I have been an avid Acne.Org regimen user for the better part of a decade. It is the ONLY cleanser, moisturizer, and treatment I have used since 2014, and that is not an exaggeration (I briefly tried a Cetafil cleanser to save money for about a month and my acne came back so I returned to the regimen and never looked back). After seeing everyone else's reviews here, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is having issues with the new moisturizer's formulation. I just opened a new bottle of the moisturizer after finishing a bottle with the old (yellow) formula. I initially thought I got sent a mislabeled bottle of the Benzoyl Peroxide because that was the look and consistency of the new moisturizer. I put it on and it was sticky, so strongly scented, and burned. And not like sometimes my skin burns because I put my treatment on too quickly after showering, like felt like a chemical peel BURNED for hours. My skin burned and felt so tight and dry that I was convinced I applied a heaping amount of Benzoyl Peroxide and not moisturizer. I don't know what happened or why the formula was changed but it is so so so incredibly disappointing after having felt like I found the holy grail in the old yellow formula. If the creators are reading the reviews (and I would hope they are) PLEASE consider offering the old formulation as an option to your loyal customers. I have such incredibly sensitive, acne-prone skin that the slightest change in my skincare routine will send my skin into a downward spiral which is why I can assure you, not a THING in my routine has changed within the past 2 years or so (had to add in some anti-wrinkle serums, hi thirties!) to make this moisturizer behave the way it did on my skin, unless something drastic happened within the formulation. Please creators, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the old version back as an option. I'm quite literally BEGGING.

(I'm also editing to add in that when I started using these products in 2014, I read on this website that the yellow color was because of the licorice root being used in these products and to beware of moisturizers that are white in color because it means the moisturizer has been unnecessarily altered to have a whiter color. Seems odd that now the moisturizer is white...?)


October 1, 2022
New formula stings

The new formula stings and makes my skin quite upset leading to more breakouts as well as tiggering eczema to flare. I’ve been using this moisturizer for years, but unless it changes back I won’t be buying any more. Very frustrated to have to throw out a pricey bottle, and to have to find something else! There was nothing wrong with the yellow color before. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! 

September 26, 2022
New white moisturizer is awful, causing breakouts

Similar to everyone else, I don’t like the new white moisturizer. I prefer the old yellow one, my skin was glowing and clear for the past few years. Now With the new white formula I’ve been having breakouts, and won’t be ordering more.

September 21, 2022
New formula

I have used the regimen faithfully  for 10 years. I struggled with acne through my teens and 20s until I started using the regimen / products in my early 30s.  Simply put, It changed my life, and I am truly grateful. I have never commented on anything until now, and I feel bad giving a less favorable review after all these years of using a product that has done so much good for my life.  As soon as the licochalcone was swapped out, I started having several problems. I have stuck with it now for many months and I still struggle.  My face is often red and itchy. I get that burning sensation more often after application. I appear to break out more, possibly from some extra irritation. I've also been getting small hot spot rashes that seem like little eczema patches (have never had this before). Ive been struggling more with dry weather changes, having extremely dry and irritated flaky skin. I am also noticing faster wrinkle formation that may correlate with my struggles.  Overall my skin feels more consistently inflamed and irritated, which is frustrating after 10 years of being satisfied. It is as if it just doesn’t counteract the negative effects of BP as well as it used to. Even though I actually liked the feel and yellow tint of the old formula, I really don’t care about how a moisturizer feels, smells, or looks, as long as it works. I should say that I also regularly used the AHA, but that also appears to have had the licochalcone swapped out and the irritation is even worse when I use it. More recently (after trying to acclimate), I have been trying less BP, more moisturizer, more jojoba oil, etc to try and find a good combo for me, but have not had success yet. Note that there are no other obvious changes in my life that might have this impact. If nothing else has changed (excipients, ratios of excipients, etc)  for BP or moisturizer, then i am very suspicious of the licochalcone swap specifically. I am curious if even ratios of other excipients have changed recently, I am also curious if the BP excipient ratios have changed or if there is a batch or two that has elevated BP.   I have not tried any other moisturizer with the regimen, but I’m considering trying others. As a biotech drug discovery scientist who works in formulation development among other things (not making this up), I remain open to the possibility that an unknown variable other than the licochalcone change is the source of my problems. I also understand that my single anecdotal experience holds little weight, so I would encourage others to rate and review (good or bad) so that product decisions are made with the most accurate information possible. Perhaps a separate/new product review that doesn’t mix reviews with the old formula would be helpful. I am very curious if most people are having success with the change, which might help me understand if my problems truly are the moisturizer or not. Having both versions of the old and new moisturizer and AHA is probably the best option from a customer point of view (people appear to be more split on moisturizers in general than they are about the cleanser and BP treatment; perhaps a single moisturizer doesn't fit all skin types?)  but I understand that may not be possible from a business point of view. Also, I understand if there are supply and financial issues at play driving the switch, I guess not a lot you can do there. Again, I am truly grateful for the past decade, and I hope to continue use into the future. 

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