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February 6, 2021
Most effective acne treatment I have come across


I was not content with the results using Epiduo. It made my skin dry and negatively affected my complexion. I have found Aloe vera gel to be the most effective acne treatment. I wash my face with dove bar soap and then apply aloe vera gel once my face has dried. It does not dry my skin and my complexion has greatly improved. If you purchase an aloe vera gel tube please check the ingredients. I think it should only have two to four ingredients including aloe vera gel. 

February 1, 2020
Works wonders for the skin

I tried applying a Aloe vera mask ever night before bed and i let it sit overnight for my skin to absorb the benefits of the gel. Aloe vera holds antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and have helped reduce the redness and texture of my acne and it has also made my skin smoother and more hydrated. It can be used as a moisturizer and it helps with cuts and burns.

April 12, 2019
The cheap stuff is the good stuff

I got a gigantic tube of aloe vera gel for about $2.  (It says it's 100% aloe gel, but has a few minor preservatives.  I'm not too worried about it.)  I have also used gel straight from my own potted aloe plant when my skin was really irritated.  I use a tiny bit every day and it seems to help with moderate acne.  I mean, it's not a cure-all.  You won't get that baby's-butt-perfect skin that you get from slathering yourself in benzoyl peroxide.  Still, it has been great for healing scabs and calming inflammation.  Using too much will make me flakey--possibly due to the salicylic acid content?  I'm not sure what the percentage is... I plan continue to using it morning and night because it helps and it's cheap!  There might be other benefits long term as well: 

Go plants!

December 16, 2018
Didn't cure my acne

Or maybe my gel wasn't pure enough

Who knows

August 16, 2018
How I cured my acne
I have had perfectly clear skin for the past 6 months using this product. I started having horrible hormonal acne breakouts following going off my pill (Diane 35) in November 2016. By June 2017 my face was a mess, huge cystic acne on my chin, jawline and neck. Things I tried that did NOT work: Clinique anti-blemish solutions regime, Clarisonic, benzoyl peroxide gel, Azalaic acid gel, Apple cider vinegar (drinking and as a toner), spearmint tea, (you can see I was starting to get desperate at this point), Estroblock, Cod liver oil... What finally and miraculously worked for me was this regime: Removing my makeup with organic witch hazel; Washing my face with Manuka honey (the first few weeks I'd leave it on as a mask for 10 minutes then wash it off, but now I just wash quickly in the shower); Moisturising with organic aloe Vera gel (which, by the way, is the best makeup primer I have ever used!). I'm absolutely so happy with my regime. It's simple and has worked SO WELL for me. For me personally, harsh and nasty chemicals may have even made my problem worse. Treating my skin with gentle natural products was the best call I ever made!!
July 16, 2018
The best acne treatment ever
I generally don't write reviews,but this my aloe vera gel and i wont skip it. I was a victim of hormonal acne and it was worse,i went to a dermatologist and she prescribed clindamycin phosphatee gel and it did nothing,I tried for almost a year. Then I tried fuller's earth and still nothing. After lot of research,I started using aloe vera gel,for first 2-3 weeks no result,thought of leaving it,but waited for the tube to get over. And after 3 weeks,in a single night,my pimples shrinked,it didn't go away but shrank a lot,huge surprise,started using it continuously and made changes it lifestyle also(lot of water,healthy foods,exercise,avoiding oily foods,etc) and my pimples are almost gone,and when I was continuously using aloe vera gel,I got no pimples. Truly a life saver. I initially used a local brand which was good,then started using patanjali aloe vera gel. I have even used tea tree oil,but it wasn't that effective compared to aloe vera gel,it doesn't irritate the pimple,it is cooling and soothing and also does it's work.
May 11, 2018
We will see!!
Okay , I have had acne ever since I was 12 in 4th grade .. yes I was the only girl in the 4th grade with acne it wasn't as bad it was just a pimple here and there but when I got to middle school BOOM my acne isn't as bad as it is now I have tried to get Dr. to give me things to help my face and I have to say I have been using these 2 products ... they have worked some .. but I have a lot of scarring like A LOT so I have heard good reviews about aloe Vera I have very oily skin but when I give this a try I will give feedback .. if u have very sensitive oily skin like I have I recommend you to go to your Dr. and ask for a acne wash and cream for your face for a healthy face routine but yes I will give feedback ! I hope this works I really hope it does because I am 14 I don't want to feel ugly because I have acne and that I can't go nowhere without makeup :(!
March 22, 2018
hydrating but not a miracle worker
I used to apply a layer of this on my skin before putting my makeup on in the morning, it acted really well as a barrier on my skin to prevent the makeup sinking into my pores and making them clogged. My skin felt nice and soft after using this and I do think it helped hydrate my skin but I don't think it had a massive impact on my acne. Ive now found a new daily moisturiser that works a lot better for my acne which i've replaced the aloe vera with. Overall it was nice to apply but I don't think it had the huge benefit to my acne that some people claim it has.
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February 10, 2018
Aloe Vera Gel
If you never tried Aloe Vera gel, now is the time to apply on our skin or sculp. I had poor knowledge about the Aloe Vera plant before using it. We can use it or we can also drink Aloe vera juice for number of other health benefits like Hydration, Clear Constipation, Nutritious Boost, Soften hair and so on. Most of the people can not apply row aloe gel onto their skin because of the irritation or allergic symptoms. My skin also sensitive. So I have tried Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel which is a Korean Product. So let's see what this product actually is.  Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel (What Company says about this product): Product Description: The soothing gel moisturizes and soothes rough, sensitive skin caused by external irritants with the ingredient of moisture-rich aloe vera. Country of Origin: Republic of Korea. Major Ingredients: Aloe Extract 99%, Natto Ingredient and Sugar cane Extract. How to Use: Mild use for Face, Hair, Arms, Legs and Body. Use proper amount to apply onto face and body evenly to sooth moisturize. How does this work on me: Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel comes in 300ml tube or jar with fresh green Citrus scent unlike cream and petroleum. This gel most fast absorbing and leave no sticky residue. I have been using this gel since October 2017 and it's amazingly worked on me. I have very sensitive skin and it's easily burn on sun. Sometimes sunscreen also doesn't work on my skin. It's really very difficult to protect your skin which parts of your body are generally not covered by clothes. So, I have started using this gel on my affected areas e.g. Face, Arms and Legs at every night. Keeping this on my skin throughout night and wash it at morning with face wash. After cleaning my face I found healthy and oil free skin. After 2 months I can notice it reduces my sun burn. The Verdict: 1. You will have your result within 2 weeks. 2. It's really affordable 3. People, who have allergy, should not use this. 4. Really effective for Oily skin. My Blog Link; [link edited out]
February 9, 2018
Good for those who have picking problems
I've suffered through acne for over a decade. I pretty much knew early on it would be a problem for me since my mother always suffered from it and my sisters did as well. To no surprise I started breaking out on my forehead in the 6th grade. I'm 25 now. I've never had the type to cause large cystic spots (minus some terrible hormonal breakouts during early teenhood) but more the type that spreads quickly as blackheads or pustules along the jaw line and cheeks, and of course hyper pigmentation/ scarring that lasts forever. My largest issue would be going at my skin, and trying to pop the never ending blackheads. You think you might be fixing the problem but in reality you're just aggravating the skin more and causing the acne to spread. I have combination skin, and live in New England which means I'm usually suffering from terrible dry spots around my chin and mouth during the winter and perpetual oil in the summer. A few months ago I went for a facial, hoping the esthetician could help me out with flaky, oily, pimple ridden skin. I've tried so many products. Proactive, tea tree, oils as moisturisers such as jojoba and rose hips, witch hazel as toner, the Lue system, lush products, cleansing milks to acne scrubs, any drug store brand and basically everything at whole foods as well. I thought she'd do a lot of extractions because my skin seemed so bad. She didn't do any at all, she simply suggested I start using aloe as a moisturiser, that it's very helpful for those who have combination skin and her daughter uses it with great success. To me that says a lot seeing as she probably could have convinced me to buy her expensive salon products. It's been two months now, I've controlled the picking and use 98% aloe gel every time wash my face. I use about one pump, and follow with the jojoba based moisturiser that I've had for like 2 years. This seems to work for me. I don't always have time for toners and facial masks. I don't use the other products because I think they're too drying and way too expensive (the set I received was a gift). Basically if you have the type of acne that is noticeable but not always 'poppable' and seems persistent AF, I would recommend aloe. If you're the type of person who is dry but will break out from using even the Simple brand moisturisers, I recommend aloe. If you're a PICKER and you can't help it, I recommend aloe. I use basic $4 clean and clear scrub now (switched from buying the philosophy scrub cuz $40) and I've seen vast improvement. It's also mid feb and I haven't suffered ANY dryness this winter, like at all. Wearing any sort of pressed powder over foundation was impossible for me during winters of the past. I'm not dry, I'm not oily, and I don't have anything to pick which means I'm not really breaking out anymore. I say give this a try if you haven't yet, and try to be mindful of touching your face. I picked up my bottle of gel at whole foods for about $6 with my employee discount and I've hardly made a dent in it. It takes a little while for your skin to get used to it as a moisturiser but it will transition. It doesn't feel sticky or oily either which is great. I can sometimes skip the jojoba moisturiser and just wait a couple of hours for my nature face oils to complement the aloe. Obv if you are putting makeup on you want to moisturise and prime further. It works guys, I say give it a chance!
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