Aloe vera Plant Gel

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February 1, 2020
Works wonders for the skin

I tried applying a Aloe vera mask ever night before bed and i let it sit overnight for my skin to absorb the benefits of the gel. Aloe vera holds antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and have helped reduce the redness and texture of my acne and it has also made my skin smoother and more hydrated. It can be used as a moisturizer and it helps with cuts and burns.

April 12, 2019
The cheap stuff is the good stuff

I got a gigantic tube of aloe vera gel for about $2.  (It says it's 100% aloe gel, but has a few minor preservatives.  I'm not too worried about it.)  I have also used gel straight from my own potted aloe plant when my skin was really irritated.  I use a tiny bit every day and it seems to help with moderate acne.  I mean, it's not a cure-all.  You won't get that baby's-butt-perfect skin that you get from slathering yourself in benzoyl peroxide.  Still, it has been great for healing scabs and calming inflammation.  Using too much will make me flakey--possibly due to the salicylic acid content?  I'm not sure what the percentage is... I plan continue to using it morning and night because it helps and it's cheap!  There might be other benefits long term as well: 

Go plants!

March 22, 2018
hydrating but not a miracle worker
I used to apply a layer of this on my skin before putting my makeup on in the morning, it acted really well as a barrier on my skin to prevent the makeup sinking into my pores and making them clogged. My skin felt nice and soft after using this and I do think it helped hydrate my skin but I don't think it had a massive impact on my acne. Ive now found a new daily moisturiser that works a lot better for my acne which i've replaced the aloe vera with. Overall it was nice to apply but I don't think it had the huge benefit to my acne that some people claim it has.
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May 28, 2017
Best thing to use if you want to get rid of acne!
Best thing to use if you want to get rid of acne! I used benzoyl proxide on my face for 4 month and that completely ruined my skin. My skin was so so bad and I had acne all over my face, and it never disappeared. So I decided to stop using benzoyl and try aloe vera. I can say that was the best thing I have ever done. After 1 month I don't have any acne at all, just hyperpigmentation but the aloe vera helps the hyperpigmentation to disappear so that's great I really recommend this natural plant, Its's really good!
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August 15, 2017
did you use an aloe gel or a soap or the plant itself?
February 3, 2017
Moisturized a little
Works good as a moisturizing serum but my skin normally needs more moisture added then this offers. After I wash my face I use aloe Vera then a light moisturizer on top like derma e purifying moisturizer.
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October 25, 2016
Give it a try
Wanted to give this a good rating, ive decided to incorporate it into my skincare after noticing it manages my oily skin really well without over moisturising or undernoursihing it. I dunno if its a combination of taking zinc, vitamin a and probiotics as well birth control but rcently my skin has been pretty good, pimple here and there. most is hyperpigmentation. The aloe vera really does take the redness out and leaves the skin feeling pretty supple too. I'm going to continue using it to reverse some dehydration lines from using benzoyl and maybe ill do another review to update my progress!
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June 7, 2016
Better than most products
I had acne skin like a year ago and I (who used to have no pimples or anything ) was really sad about my face. I would cry and buy tons of products and hope it would cure my acne but a year has gone and my acne is fading,and now there are scars & hyperpigmentation left but sometimes a 1 or 2 pimples here and there I was testing a new product , Zymogen Centella ferment cream, in the hopes of getting rid of my acne redness and scars but unfortunately I broke out . My grandma suggested that I apply the aloe Vera (from the plant),she said that it would heal. I applied it for two weeks and my breakouts reduced. It definitely made a difference! And you surely would notice the difference ,it's quite noticeable (for me) Although two pimples have popped up because I slept really late yesterday hahaa Try it out ! It's really amazing p/s : it really made a difference for me so I made this post (and this account) to share my review
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July 19, 2016
Does sleeping late affect acne?
January 27, 2016
not for acne
i applied it on my acne scar and totally nothing happen but i have tried it when i had sunburn and it absolutely worked for all the redness and pain was gone
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August 21, 2015
Gives relief from sunburns, sebderm, redness
I find aloe vera is a calming solution for inflammation. If I burn from being outside in the sun too long I'll rub a dime sized portion onto the burn area which brings relief. The aloe also helps soothe any redness from inflammation and I like using natural products. I plan to buy a aloe vera plants so that I can start growing my own plant.
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August 1, 2015
Healthy & Healing
I bought this product from Walmart. This is my current skin care routine using this product: AM: CeraVe foaming cleanser, Organic argan oil, birth control PM: CeraVe foaming cleanser (with konjac sponge to remove powder foundation), Aloe vera gel on spots and on nose for pores. I have found that this product helps my skin look healthier and plumper. It also helps flatten out and heal my acne, but I wouldn't say it is a miracle product for me. However, it really has done pretty well for the price, and it feels very gentle. It will burn your eyes if you put it near your cheekbones, but I find that I can put big globs on at night on my cheeks with NO irritation. If you are using harsh products with no good results, I would recommend this. I always recommend a gentler routine, and this definitely helps my skin!
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