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December 16, 2018
Didn't cure my acne

Or maybe my gel wasn't pure enough

Who knows

June 11, 2017
Not really
I used aloe vera in the morning to fade my pimple marks and I think it really works but not that very. It takes a lot of time to fully help remove your spots. Some benefits of this plant is that it helps to remove also the bumps in the forehead, but I think it didn't help in my bumps.
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July 19, 2017
"I think it really works but not that very" ?? This does not make any sense!
October 8, 2017
Duh? what I mean is, it needs time to fully remove your marks. Very simple words you can't understand?! Don't expect a miracle from this plant, what I want to say is you need to find also another routine to help your marks fade nor stopping any breakouts and bumps!!!!!
January 9, 2017
I've been using aloe vera for at least 4 weeks now. And i have a moderate acne. It does calm and soothes the inflammation , but my acne is still in my face which is kinda sad. But i'm not saying that aloe vera cannot remove pimple. This is just my experience. Maybe it works for you? Who knows.
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January 20, 2012


All Natural


Burned my skin slightly

I started using this as an all over treatment at night hoping it would help my acne (Hormonal & whiteheads :P) but as I said above, it burned a bit ... nothing TOO unbearable and i felt that it was making me breakout a little more more. So I stopped using it as an all over treatment, but one day I had to extract a large pimple on my nose (after washing of course) and with a clean finger, dabbed a nice amount on the spot and IT REALLY DID HEAL IT! fast like overnight :))) ... so bottom line, I will use this if I ever have a bad breakout and it pops .... I THINK this Pure Aloe Vera gel definitely helps to heal the wound! :)))
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August 6, 2011


versatile, lots of uses


not totally natural
doesn't really work

I was soooo excited trying this. People say it's moisturizing, defines curls, heals acne, soothes skin, etc. I bought this for a good price and tried it for all of those things. Here's my review for all of them: As a curl definer- It was OK...not that great. It dried out my hair and made so of it straight (?) I don't even know how that happened. As a shave gel- At first, this was AWESOME! No nicks, cuts, or anything. However, the next day, I noticed bumps :( This might have been from my razor, but not so sure. As a moisturizer- Disappointing. I heard it makes skin soft and hydrated, but not for me. It actually dried my skin out! Not to the point of flaking or anything, just tightness. It simply didn't do what a moisturizer should.. As a spot treatment- This was actually pretty good. When I apply a lot to a blemish or scar, it helps it go away a lot faster and reduces redness a little. *Bottom line* I wasn't really happy with this because it didn't do all the things aloe is said to do. I started thinking, though, that might be because of all of the additives. It says 100%...but just read the label. I'm going to use this after my cleanser but before my moisturizer--kind of like a toner. I'll keep using this as a spot treatment for blemishes and scars, but when this runs out, I'm buying the actual plant. :)
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August 4, 2011


-Not oily (which is great for my acne prone skin)

- Reminds me of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel from Clinique (:

- It does make my skin feel softer and a bit smoother

-fragrance free

-No color added

-absorbs quickly


-it is very moisturizing at 1st but then after it absorbs into my skin, my face feels dry and really tight.

-it did break me out the 1st time i put it on my face, just a tiny bit though.

-i have these tiny cyst bumps on my face & this product seemed to make that problem worse -__-

-doesn't really make a difference on my face

-Makes my eyes watery and burn when i'm 1st applying it :

I started using aloe vera gel for sunburns this summer, then read online that it was also great for acne and dryness. I wanted to use it more as a moisturizer though since my acne is pretty much gone now, all i have left are these Cyst bumps on my cheeks, but i do still tend to break out every now and then. My acne products have made my skin face really dry, specially my cheeks, so i used this more as a moisturizer for my acne prone skin. I've been using it pretty consistently for about a month now and i have to say that i think it's just an okay product. For one, i don't notice a huge difference on my face after this product was absorbed into my skin. it leaves my face feeling tight and dry. It's not super moisturizing. i find i still have to apply a different moisturizer after. i would say that it does help a little bit. My face isn't as dry, but its dry enough where I still feel like I need to moisturize. I haven't noticed a difference in my acne scars either. Overall I feel like it's okay, but honestly i can do without it if i had to. I'll probably continue finish using this because it's not bad, it does help a little bit and i do like how it feels at 1st, but i just don't think that it makes a huge difference for me. So i don't know if i would repurchase it again, but i'll definitely finish using up my bottle. Overall it's not a bad product. i would say give this a try if you're looking for a super light moisturizer, it's not THAT bad. i'd recommend it if maybe you have super oily skin. It's worth a try, i just don't think that it makes a huge difference for me.
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June 17, 2011


*healing and soothing power of aloe vera
*forms protective barrier on raw spots when dry
*inexpensive and available many retail stores
*mixes well with too strong drug store BP products for easy dilution


*rubs off and balls up with any friction or moist products
*has a few additives I don't need since I keep it in refrigerator
*face gets slimy as soon as you sweat

The balling up and rubbing off is really inconvenient, so I won't buy this one again unless I need it for first aid or burn treatment. I'm gonna use up most of what I have now, then try aloe vera juice instead for better absorption.
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May 17, 2011


Helps heal acne & scars.


Caused me to breakout in small bumps & blackheads.

It helped to heal my larger breakouts & acne scars but it caused me to have small bumps & black heads. Exfoliation seems to help lessen these issues but my blackheads persisted until I switched out the gel for pure Aloe. Pure Aloe Vera from a plant doesn't seem to have the negative side effects.
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October 17, 2010


reduces redness
speeds healing of blemishes


I don't know how they can call this 100% pure Aloe vera, just take a look at the ingredients it contains a bunch of chemical preservatives

It works well to reduce redness and speed healing of zits, cuts, sunburn....etc. Id rather stick with an all natural Aloe product such as Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera which contains only Aloe Vera, Grapfruit Seed extract and Vit-E or just buy an Aloe plant and get it straight from the leaves.
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August 27, 2010


helps reduce redness


a little sticky
doesn't treat acne
takes a lot of it to work

it helps with redness but don't expect it to treat your acne. for me, it takes A LOT of aloe to take the redness down,but in the end it works.
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