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October 19, 2017
Heaven on earth
I've always been prone to hormonal acne on my jaws and right cheek, so when I found out I was pregnant, acne wasn't an if but a when. My skin was perfect until I hit 7 weeks and I woke up with 6 cystic zits on my jawline and neck in one big clump. I thought they'd go away in a week or so, but didn't. They shrank, but never fully went away and at 11 weeks some even came back to be larger than before. Desperate and knowing nothing could hurt my skin worse than it already was, I saw a review for aloe vera gel. I bought the clear Fruit of the Earth brand at Wal-Mart and dabbed it on that area that night. I can't even believe this because I know how stubborn cystic acne is, but I woke up and my cysts were GONE. Completely gone. Flat. No one would believe that my skin looked like I had marbles underneath it the night before. I've been using it for 2 nights all over my face and haven't had a single new zit, small or cystic, pop up. It is drying, but it's also complete magic for me. Not to mention i was going into depression over not having the pregnancy glow everyone talks about. I use it all over my face at night after I cleanse and then I dab it on my problem areas in the morning and use my normal moisturizer to prep my make up. If you suffer from acne I highly suggest giving it a shot!
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December 22, 2017
Toxic product because of the ingredients. Lily of the Desert would be better.
September 10, 2017
Didn't seem to work, I used it for a while but my skin kept getting worse so nope
August 15, 2017
Ok so first let me say that I never write reviews but I had to for this. This will be kinda lengthy as I want to be as thorough as possible. For the past 2 years, I have been suffering from hormonal, cystic acne. I am nearly 27 years old and I have NEVER even had a pimple before this started. Normally, I had dry skin but it was great because I never had a pimple so I didn't care. My former dermatologist would joke that I just liked her because I had no need for her care. My pores were TINY so nothing got in them. I had no skin care regime or anything. Ohhhh the glory days. Anyway, I started a new job around the time that the acne started and it was very stressful so I thought maybe that was the culprit. WRONG! I left the job within two months and still the acne persisted. It actually got a lot worse. I spent over $3,000 on chemical peels and products to no avail. My doctor recommended that I go on birth control but I was reluctant because I am considering having a child soon so I declined. I continued on with my topical remedies, and chemical peels with no resolve. That is all until one day my esthetician told me that she was going to try something different on me than my usual (salicylic/glycolic acid peel). That something different was a vitamin A infusion peel (retinol) that I left on from 3:00 pm to 5:30 am. After sleeping in it and waking up eager to wash my face (with Cetaphil) and look for any signs of the acne calming, I was AMAZED. My skin looked flawless. The ugly dark spots that where all over my jawline and cheeks were faded drastically OVERNIGHT. I was right in the midst of a hormonal sh*tstorm so my cheeks were INFLAMED with acne the day before. This peel calmed it so much and gave me a glow that looked amazing. Back to my regular, no acne amazing. My esthetician warned me that I would not "peel" for a few days but when I did it would be DEEP, peeling off maybe 5 layers of skin. I mean under the dermis DEEP. By the third day, I was like a lizard. Shed for about a week and afterwards could see that my dark spots weren't gone but they were REALLY faded. Not a pimple in sight though. Good enough for me! After that I begin a morning and night routine of washing my face with Cetaphil, toning with witch hazel and rose water, then rubbing aloe vera gel on my face. I bought the plant from a local store for less than $2. Before getting the aloe vera, I would do the above regime and simply moisturize. My skin started to break out again though. The deep, pus-filled cysts on my cheeks and chin were starting to return. So that's why I added the aloe vera gel. My skin now looks amazing!! The aloe vera really took the healing process to the next level and within a few days, my oil control was much better, the new cysts that had formed where healed with in a few days instead of the dreaded 2-3 week process that would leave horrible scarring. This dries my face a bit but my skin is very oily since my hormones went wacky so this helps a ton. The overall texture has improved since introducing aloe into my routine and my face is now brighter and more healthy looking. In addition to all of the things stated above, I have also begin to treat the hormonal acne internally by cutting all animal-based foods (vegan) especially dairy. Sometimes I may eat like a small piece of chicken or something but not a whole meal and not very often. I drink a lot more water (Essentia Alkaline water hydrates better so all of the benefits of drinking water are captured), and I have learned to stop picking my pimples. I also added good probiotics to my daily routine. I still get a few pimples around my period time but its literally like 1-2 whiteheads and not 20-25 deep cysts. I believe the aloe vera plant calms my face before a breakout begins plus it keeps my oil down and my pores clean so it will remain apart of my regime until I see otherwise. I hope this helps someone because acne is a TERRIBLE confidence killer. Its been about a month or so since I begin with this process so I will update at 3 months to let you all know if this is still working. Good luck! UPDATE!!!!- Ok so I got my period and my acne flared again. Ugh. I am so exhausted with this crap. Anyway, aloe is still working and healing cysts much faster than normal. It seems like now my cysts are localized to one cheek instead of all over so I am happy about that. I am able to cover it with my hair now so one side of my face is really clear and the hyper-pigmentation has improved TONS since I use the aloe regularly. Again, I tone with rose water witch hazel (Thayers). I believe that has also helped the pigmentation. A few other things that I am trying includes calcarea sulpurica (got from a health food store for like $6. It supposedly drains the pus in cysts. Today is my first day taking it), maca root to balance my hormones, serrapatese to dissolve scar tissue (on the one cheek that is breaking out, I have hypo-pigmentation and the new skin cells are not breaking through because of scar tissue. It feels like a lump under the skin or like a deep bump that won't go away. Serrapatese is suppose to help with that), and a high grade Turmeric with biopeprine. I have used Turmeric before and it really works for inflammation. I am starting off with 900 mg. I am still vegan but I am eating even cleaner and doing balanced meals with lots of nuts, beans, etc. Staying away from gluten as much as possible and soy. Trying to do at least two "raw" meals per day. I believe this is helping me. All of the hard, tiny acne nodules that I had on my chin (which I could have like 30 or more at a time) are gone. I think I may have one that's healing but that's it. My left cheek is HORRENDOUS at the moment but I am hopeful that it will heal in a few days thanks to the aloe vera.
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July 31, 2017
great at controlling oil
really helped to cut down oil on my face, probably because the gel contains salicylic acid, and also pretty gentle.
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June 11, 2017
Not really
I used aloe vera in the morning to fade my pimple marks and I think it really works but not that very. It takes a lot of time to fully help remove your spots. Some benefits of this plant is that it helps to remove also the bumps in the forehead, but I think it didn't help in my bumps.
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July 19, 2017
"I think it really works but not that very" ?? This does not make any sense!
October 8, 2017
Duh? what I mean is, it needs time to fully remove your marks. Very simple words you can't understand?! Don't expect a miracle from this plant, what I want to say is you need to find also another routine to help your marks fade nor stopping any breakouts and bumps!!!!!
May 28, 2017
Best thing to use if you want to get rid of acne!
Best thing to use if you want to get rid of acne! I used benzoyl proxide on my face for 4 month and that completely ruined my skin. My skin was so so bad and I had acne all over my face, and it never disappeared. So I decided to stop using benzoyl and try aloe vera. I can say that was the best thing I have ever done. After 1 month I don't have any acne at all, just hyperpigmentation but the aloe vera helps the hyperpigmentation to disappear so that's great I really recommend this natural plant, Its's really good!
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August 15, 2017
did you use an aloe gel or a soap or the plant itself?
May 13, 2017
Redness and acne
Idk about acne scars but I use aloe vera from the plant itself for acne and redness and ugh its just amazing. I tend to get a lot of redness from acne cuz I'm kind of pale and it helps reduce it in about 30 minutes like I put it on and watch a show and yaayy it reduced. It also shrinks acne in 2 days I swear. Oh and sometimes I mix it with lemon and olive oil XD I hope everyone gets whatever results they're hoping for in whatever ;)
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May 10, 2017
So I arrived in Hong Kong over a year ago and suddenly my acne just got worse and worse. Particularly during the humid summer. I tried everything, used expensive products, used BP cream and wash, steamed my face regularly, put honey on my face, even put raw fig onto my face! None of this worked effectively except maybe the BP. But I felt it was more a topical reactionary treatment than a full cure from the inside. I then tried to go natural and let my body tackle it without any products or natural remedies. This helped for a bit but some cystic acne would still appear and the resulting dark scarring would stay for months. But then one time I was at my grandmothers house and she was using a fresh aloe Vera plant to rub on a foot wound. She told me to try putting some on my face, twice a day and leave it on over night. For the past month I have been doing this and it is the best thing ever! My acne has slowed down to just small pimples now and again which disappear after a couple days and the scarring has visibly reduced. My routine is to apply aloe Vera (fresh plant) in the morning for 15 mins, wash off and moisturise using Cetaphil non codomogenic moisturiser and then at night I will apply aloe Vera, let it dry and leave it on over night. I will still occasionally use BP on some pimples when they arrive but it is less and less now. Also note that I have found physical exercise to be a great help (running and football/soccer) as the sweating helps push out the toxins. I think this has helped immensely in controlling my acne. I guess grandmothers know best, I hope it works for you guys!!
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April 21, 2017
DIY mix with Aloe
I use 100% aloe gel + tea tree + neem oil. Mix together keep in a small jar or tube and apply liberally several times a day. Wash face at night with African black soap and use a good moisturizer because at least for me the aloe concoction is drying. Tested for 2 weeks now and it made a good deal of my acne dry up and made my face significantly less red. Not a miracle cure but it helped a lot for me personally. I got the idea from a YouTube video but added the neem oil on my own. (Be aware the neem oil smells foul nasty icky but darn it works the tea tree oil cover the smell)
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February 7, 2017
Magical plant aloe
So amazing!Must try out it overnight for instant effect reduces acne in about 5 days
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