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Renewing Cleanser Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%). Inactive Ingredients: Water (aqua), magnesium aluminum silicate, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, sorbitol, dimethyl isosorbide, disodium PEG-12 dimethicone sulfosuccinate, tridecyl stearate, neopentyl glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, polyethylene, cetyl esters, anthemis nobilis flower extract, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, xanthan gum, tridecyl trimellitate, propylene glycol, Imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance (parfum). Revitalizing Toner Water (aqua), glycolic acid, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract, anthemis nobilis flower extract, rosa canina fruit extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sodium PCA, panthenol, glycerin, propylene glycol, allantoin, polysorbate 20, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, benzophenone-4, tetrasodium EDTA, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance (parfum), blue 1 (CI 42090), yellow 5 (CI 19140). Repairing Treatment Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%). Inactive Ingredients: Water (aqua), ethoxydiglycol, cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, panthenol, allantoin, xanthan gum, ceteareth-20, carbomer, triethanolamine, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance (parfum).

Items marked with red have tested a 3 or above (out of 5) in comedogenic (pore-clogging) testing.

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September 20, 2017
User for almost 5 years
I tried Proactiv for the first time in my oily-faced teenage years after a number of other products had failed to help me manage my acne problem. Since I had only heard of Proactiv via commercials, I was skeptical at first, but after coming across this review from Cosmo I decided to give it a shot: [link edited out] Since then, Proactiv has become a normal part of my daily beauty routine and I can happily report my skin is now smooth and acne free.
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June 14, 2017
Proactive Forever! ðŸ'œðŸ'ðŸ˜
I have been battling with moderate acne since I was 15. Last 2007, I discovered Proactiv and I can say that this product has helped me achieve the clear skin I have always wanted. I tried switching to ProactivPlus but I have discovered that I don't react well with Salycylic Acid so I went back to using the Original and for ten years now, it is still my go-to product. It has become a part of my daily regimen. It feels good on the skin and I have no issues applying make up on top of it. I also used Proactiv while I was pregnant with my second and I had the best skin compared to my first (Proactiv and pregnancy hormones - the perfect combination 😁). For those who are keen to give this product a try, please do not give up on the first few months. My face turned red and peeled off on the first few weeks, but I persevered. The acne did not just disappear instantly and about three months after using, my face cleared up. I have recently read Dr. Dubrow's book The Acne Cure and it actually makes sense that Proactiv contains the products that is needed to get rid of acne - Glycolic Acid (Step 2) and BP (Step 1 & 3). To those who took their time to read this, I wish you all the best. Thank you Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields! Proactiv Forever!
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February 23, 2017
Teenage Cystic Acne Finally Subdued!!!
I've had awful acne since the fourth grade, and I mean constant severe cystic acne due to natural hormones and stress. I've tried everything, from the drugstore to multiple prescriptions from the doctor, you name it, I've used it. Nothing seemed to really get rid of the acne. Then I tried Proactiv. It lessened my acne and redness significantly in just a few weeks. It was sadly the last thing I tried since I was skeptical from all the gimmicky infomercials. Don't let that deter you. It does make my skin very dry, (even the moisturizer has Benzoyl Peroxide), so I don't even use it as directed. Instead of twice a day, I use it before bed along with my rosewater witch hazel toner and then I just use the witch hazel toner in the morning. I look like a completely different person from pictures last year. I love this stuff. Thank you, Proactiv!!! P.S. If this is drying your skin out, go to using it ONCE a day and BUY A MOISTURIZER. I use Neutrogena's face lotion for sensitive skin. The Proactive moisturizer is great but it's meant to reduce oil and kill bacteria too, so it can really dry out sensitive skin. Just use the system, and then after everything dries, slap a squirt and a half of the Neutrogena on your face and bam. I use the Neutrogena along with my Thayer's rosewater witch hazel toner which actually tones and moisturizes. If it's drying you out, don't send it back before trying this! I've been using Proactiv for almost two years.
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January 19, 2017
It works
I been having acne sense middle school my grandmother use to buy me a lot of products for my face nothing had worked. She had order me Proactiv in 8th grade I had used it next morning I worked up my face was very red as if I had sunburn , face was kind of puffy , very tight. She sented it back the next day!! Still was having acne problems . Then when I turned 18 I was very tired of it I order it again and I put small amount on it same problem happen but my acne was going away so I just put up with it stayed in the house for a about 2 weeks took off work on paid leave until my face heeled and I had cleared skin I was very happy!!!! Everybody skin is different and reacts to certain chemicals differently if u can't take off work like I did and have the same problem my suggestion is start on 1 part of your face. For example put it on your forehead if its ance there and once it clears up put it on the other side. And continue around the other part of your face .
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September 3, 2016
Essential Skincare
I love Proactiv Solutions. I use the original system... not the newer Proactiv + system. I have Oily/Normal Combo skin, and I did experience some dryness when I first started using Proactiv. I found I had to back off a bit at first. Unless you're straight up super oily all over, I recommend easing into the Proactiv system. Start using it only at night for the first week or two. I also recommend using an oil free moisturizer once the Repairing Treatment dries. I like Proactiv's Green Tea Moisturizer for night and the Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 15 for day.
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October 3, 2015
I'm 48 and look like 38...thanks to Proactive
When my daughter started using Proactiv it cleared up her skin in only two days. She needed to use it less and less frequently over the next three years until she left for college which is when she stopped. When the new supply of proactive arrived in the mail I decided to use it instead of wasting it. I am 48 years old and my skin has never looked better. The people I work with at my new job all thought I was in my thirties. I love it! Also, I only use Proactiv 3 or 4 times a week and I never had a problem delaying a shipment for two or three months since I had plenty left.
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August 29, 2015
Consistency Pays Off!
Five months ago I was extremely insecure about my acne! Not only did I have it on my face, but on my chest and back as well. It was extremely unnerving and embarrassing. My mom decided one day that finally we would try proactiv and see how it worked. Turns out, for me, it worked miracles!! It took a couple weeks to kick in, but that was expected! It's unreasonable to think it will make a difference the next day. However, while the acne did not disappear straight away, I immediately felt cleaner and just generally better! Every morning I wash my face, back, and chest with the Deep Cleansing Wash, and clean the same areas every night with the Clear Zone Body Lotion and Clear Zone Body Pads. Using Proactiv has become a part of my daily routine and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon! I would absolutely suggest this product to anyone and everyone! It has allowed me to walk taller and feel stronger!
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September 11, 2015
I'm glad it has worked for you But the same happened to me. I had pretty clear skin thanks to proactiv for almost 2 years My acne came back slowly even though I stilled proactiv 2-3 times daily after came acne came back fully I stopped using it altogether and then my acne got even worse. My acne had never been this bad even before proactiv
July 24, 2015
IT far
I am 14 and have been getting pretty bad clusters of weird, not-whitehead, not-blackhead acne on my cheeks. And a lot of whiteheads on my chin and upper lip. My forehead gets really bad around my period. I never had any acne until the beginning of this year. I started using Proactiv almost two weeks ago and have already been seeing MAJOR improvements on my forehead and cheeks. Not so much my chin, probably because that's where my stubborn hormonal pimples are. But I am very pleased with the results I have been getting. I wake up to less and less redness everyday. I don't even wear powder on my face anymore. All of the bumps are gone and whenever I wash my face, it feels extremely smooth. I was worried about trying it because of the reviews, but I guess it's just based on your skin. I have very oily skin, especially on and near my nose. Because of this, I normally don't have to deal with dry skin side effects. I recommend that if you have similar skin to mine, try it. The results won't be overnight, obviously. But, with the results I've been getting, I see clear skin in my future. (:
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March 5, 2015
Be realistic!
I feel like anyone who has had bad experiences with Proactiv simply isn't using it right. Proactiv isn't a product you can buy once, use until the bottle is empty and then expect clear skin forever. You need to give it time to work. The first time I bought Proactiv the sales consultant explained to me that I'd be lucky to experience any significant changes in my skin within the first month. And that's simply because Proactiv isn't magic, and it isn't going to transform your skin overnight. Read the pamphlet, do what it says and you'll have clearer skin by the end of your first 3 months. I've been using it for about a year now and it has completely transformed my skin. I still get minor breakouts every now and then, but now I've got the products to control it.
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December 15, 2014
Best Acne treatment in India - Proactiv
I think Proactiv 3 step anti acne system is really great. It is one of the best acne treatments I have come across. I'm getting married in 6 months, and with Proactiv in hand, I have no worries for my skin. :)
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