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Green Tea
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Green Tea


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Green Tea

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Green Tea

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Great for glowing skin and general body detox!
Reviewed on August 7, 2017

Hi everyone! Drinking green tea for me is an acquired taste. I personally dont like the bittersweet leafy green taste but I have to admit that it does give my face a natural bright glow; a glow similar to like a person would have after exercising. So despite the taste, I would still drink 2-3 teabags worth daily.

I have adult acne meaning I only started to have horrible cystic hormonal acne, lots of whiteheads and noticeable blackheads, tiny bumps and a lot of redness around my T zone and cheeks area in my mid 30s. Prior to that, I had the normal occasional PMS acne from time to time. Otherwise, my skin was spotless, even toned and soft like a baby's bottom. Sun exposure without protection, high stress due to work and unhealthy lifestyle would be the main culprits.

So since then I have been making a lot of changes to my skincare regime, doing my own online research and that's how I found this great community website to be one of the most useful. Generally imho, the large chunk of acne cure works by fighting from inwards rather than outwards. So eating healthy food and drink is the way to go. Everybody knows drinking a lot of water and liquid is great for our general health. But I didn't know how serious it is until recently that dairy products is not one of them! I love drinking milk and milktea! Well now that I know, that explains a lot!

Coming back to green tea. This is the part where I would like to write about caution. The type of green tea that I use and found to be consistently great for my skin is Japanese green tea of the sencha type. Not matcha. Sencha is robust and made of matured tea leaves, exposed to sun (vitamin D). It is also cheaper and affordable for daily consumption. Matcha on the other hand is more delicate and leafs are filtered from the sun to make it greener. While it presumably has more vitamins packed and higher anti oxidants, a quality matcha can cost 3-4 or more times more than sencha. It is pricey and if you can afford it, why not? From my personal experience, drinking matcha for a month did not help my acne. Infact, more huge cystic acne were formed and made it worse. It hurt so much that some it grew so big, it popped on its own, puss and blood were flowing down my cheeks without me realizing. I have never had cystic acne this horrible. Thankfully this happened at home, else it would have been so embarassing in public! Some people mentioned to me, that's the body detoxing and purging the toxins through the skin. I think whatever that was in matcha was too potent for me. Maybe for others it would not be a problem, so I'd say, drink it with caution. I have since stopped drinking matcha and came back to just drinking lots of plain water and lots of sencha. Never fails me in giving the healthy glow that I want. Drinking green tea helps in overall good skin appearance. Try it 2-3 cups, hot or cold, and plenty of water to flush out the toxins, drink daily for a week or so, results are noticeable.

Good source of antioxidant
Reviewed on August 5, 2017

Good for your overall health but didn't cure my skin issue. It gave me hyperacidity. I suffer from acid reflux if I drink it 1s a day.

Good For Redness, Bad For Pimples
Reviewed on June 30, 2017

Green tea did help calm the redness of my skin, but it didn't work for my pimples.

It does not work for my hormonal acne
Reviewed on June 20, 2017

I drank 3 cups a day for 3 months. I didn't see any improvements.

It works!!!
Reviewed on June 7, 2017

Wow! What a difference. 4 months ago I started getting bad cystic acne. I tried proactiv, doxycycline, epiduo and nothing worked

3 weeks ago I cut out all diary and started drinking green tea. No new break out since after the first week. And things are really starting to clear up. Drinking 3-4 cups of tea a day

by kristeljade on 06/12/2017 14:09
Wow! good it works for you! Might work for me as well. do you think it can help also on my dark spots?
A drink for each evening
Reviewed on March 20, 2017

Hi everyone! I'd like to stress how important organic green tea has been to me throughout the years. My acne was always extremely persistent (although thankfully gone now, due to the products) and I relied heavily on green tea masks, as well as the drink to reduce inflammation and redness (which helped me greatly actually, but never cleared my skin completely). Green tea incorporated with a healthy diet is very beneficial to the body as it acts as an antioxidant, ridding your body of toxins. I believe (pardon me if this is incorrect) the Chinese (Japanese perhaps) have the tradition of drinking up to 6 cups of green tea a day. It's largely valued as a beauty and health product in many, many cultures. Personally, I aim to drink three or four cups each day.. morning, noon and night. I find it to be a lovely beverage. No harm in trying it for yourselves! Best wishes.

it helps but not alone...
Reviewed on October 9, 2016

Six months ago I went out of birth control, I had been on it for 10 years and while it was Amazing for my skin, it also had so many nasty side effects, so I decided to go natural. I waited for six months to write my review on, as I wanted to make sure I had totally cleared my acne before I shared my tips with everybody here. Thanks God it happened and here I am to share my story and hopefully help a lot of people who are struggling with it as I did.

First of all.. Take a look at a website called “clearskinforever”, that is where I got most of the advices on how to clear my skin naturally, and they also explain in details things that are good and bad for the skin and how they work exactly…Of course everybody is different and maybe what it works for me won't work for you, but it doesn’t hurt to try… Based on their tips I have cut coffee and dairy, started taking Zinc 25 mg every night, Vitamin D 1000U, I drink lots of green tea and some Turmeric tea time to time. I cleared most of my acne after I started taking zinc and cut coffee and milk, but I was still getting some bad cystic acne on my chin… About 3 months ago I went to my gynecologist and she recommended me some topic antibiotic to put on it and it has been like miracle, since I started with it I haven't got one single cystic acne and I am so happy and grateful for it, the antibiotic lotion is called Dalacin T, the component on it is Clindamycin phosphate 1%, I like it because it doesn't have smell, it absorbs very quickly and It doesn't make my skin dry or peel. I guess there must be other brands that sell the same formula, so you can try any of them (just saying because I don't want people thinking I am advertising products here haha, my intentions is just to help).

I think it is also very important to be careful about products that we put on our skin… make sure to use the right sunblock and cream for acne prone skin and also read a lot of reviews to make sure that they DO work.

If you have red scars from acne I highly recomend to apply ice cubes of chamomile tea on it, I have been doing this and saw great improvement. I also use Saline solution 0.9% as a toner after washing my face, it recovers the natural Ph of the skin, close pores, control oiliness and give a nice glow, with the advantage of being chemical free and cheap.

I hope my review helps. Feel free to ask me any question about it if necessary. The best of luck for you guys

by Yoona on 05/04/2017 07:41
Which brand grrent tea did u drink?
by nawalfatima9 on 06/30/2017 17:30
Hi there l am 19 i had clear skin uptill now excep for one break out after puberty but now i am bareking out it started with pustules in my upper lip area now some papules between my eye brows and on chin otherwise i have pustules right now i am having 5 pustules and 3 papules plz help me i know its not hormonal acne
Reduces redness
Reviewed on November 2, 2016

I just started a new facial routine which has green tea. I make a single serving, put ice and honey in it and use the tea bag on face. It seemed to reduce redness on my face. I will try to update in a week or two. I AM USING THIS WITH OTHER PROTUCTS, NOT ALONE!!! I also read that it has antioxidants, so it might aide in getting rid of acne. My morning routine is: Wash (using oil free facial wash), Cleanse, Tea (do not rinse off!!), once the tea is dry, I use a few drops of jojoba oil, rub into finger tips and gently pat onto face.

I also read that it helps significantly to remove or minimize fried foods and dairy products, however yogurt is fine. So if you like to eat ice cream a lot, switch to frozen yogurt.

Relieves redness
Reviewed on October 16, 2016

I have lots of old red acne blemishes and on the days when I can't drink green tea they are noticeably redder. On the days when I do, my face is not as red and oily. I steep loose-leaf organic green tea throughout the course of the day. Let's be clear though that it doesn't help to actually get rid of acne, it just helps the appearance of my skin. I love it though, it has so many health benefits!

It worked but not completely
Reviewed on October 2, 2016

Green tea is great. I drink it three times a day after every meal (it can cause acid reflux if you drink it on empty stomach). Probably any loose tea (not in tea bags) will work but I have been drinking Gyokuro (probably the most expensive but I buy Chinese, which is cheaper) and Thai Nguyen (Vietnamese, cheap but good quality). I take a table spoon per cup, let it steep in 80°C water for 20 minutes. Put tea in and let it cool in a teapot, no need to keep it on a stove to keep it at 80°C. The taste will be bitter but once you get used to it, it is actually very pleasing. If the bitterness is unbearable either the temperature was too high or the tea is bad quality (or maybe you just need to get used to it). Although the tea helps greatly I'd like to note that only after removing gluten from my diet my acne disappeared altogether.