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(pic)Been struggling with acne, blind pimple, scar, someone please give me advise

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Ive been struggling with acne for more than 1 year, I got so many pimple beneath skin surface, after emerging, they left scars, I was in hot weather, now Im in new country with cold weather, the pimple keep growing, some body can give me some advise, which skincare product I should use. Im now using only face wash ( simple ) and khiel mask ( grey one )

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depending on your skin type, it is possible to have a bad reaction to different face washes/creams, which could cause a reaction like acne lumps, redness etc... some products containing sodium lauryl sulfate can cause redness and irritation.

i would recommend  trying different products till you find something which agrees with your skin. i would also recommend washing your face no  more than twice a day (once a day is best)

for scaring and redness you might want to try vitamins to promote skin healing like vitamin c, zinc, vitamin d and exfoliation - i find "st ives apricot blemish control scrub" quite good.

in my experience aspirin masks are also good at calming down under the skin acne lumps. - do you research before trying it.  (health and safety etc)

have a read here:





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