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got new scars from subcision, what now?


Posted : 01/21/2023 5:15 pm

I tried subcision and rf microneedling (3 rounds) a year ago. I got new pinhole scars that wont go away and dont notice a difference in the others.

can anyone tell me what type of scars I have, what treatments would be best, and recommend someone to see in the Southeast for these treatments?


Every derm I go to just tries to sell me more microneedling packages before even looking at my skin.


Posted : 01/22/2023 12:08 pm

The scarring is quite superficial imo. Maybe you can benefit from TCA CROSS for ice picks, boxcar scars and enlarged pores, maybe subcision to break the tethers underneath the rolling scars, and fully ablative laser resurfacing for texture.

I suggest to invest time in searching for a real acne scar professional.


Posted : 01/22/2023 9:50 pm

We have a tendency to call anything that's not disaster level scarring superficial but it also means above the dermis technically so it sorta is but nobody means that it's not a bother to you etc.

As for procedures, that atrophy type stuff really only responds to subcision and/or filler as far as I've seen. I would avoid resurfacing because resurfacing doesn't help rolling scars (which I see) or depression type atrophy. For any non-rolling or non-atrophy scars you could try a laser or other type of in certain areas to resurface the indentations. But your ethnicity makes it riskier and most of the scars are rolling.

Microneedling will do nothing as you indicate.

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