Topical Silicone Treatment

Compare To Other Treatments

Topical silicone treatment is relatively inexpensive compared to other scar treatments. The total cost of topical silicone treatment may vary from about $10 to $60.

Your health insurance may partially or fully cover the cost of topical silicone treatment. Verify your coverage with your insurance provider before beginning treatment.

The total cost of topical silicone treatment depends on the:

  • Product type:

    • Gel or gel sheets: Silicone gel is usually sold in a tube and priced by the ounce, while silicone gel sheets are sold individually or in packs and priced by the sheet.
 Typical price per ounce/sheetTypical product unit price
Silicone gel$29-$85/oz.$10-$30 (0.35 oz.)
Silicone gel sheet$2.00-$2.50/sheet (for a 1.5” x 3” sheet)$10-$50 (1-8 sheets, variable sizes)
  • Brand-name or generic: Brand-name products tend to be more expensive than generic or store brand products.
  • Duration of treatment: Typically, your doctor will recommend continuing the treatment for at least 2 months before evaluating its efficacy. If your scars improve and you experience few or no side effects, your doctor may recommend that you continue the treatment for up to 6 months. The longer the treatment continues, the more refills you will need to buy, increasing your costs.
  • Number and size of scars: The larger your scar(s) and/or the more scars you need to treat, the more quickly you will use up your topical treatment product and need to buy refills. This will increase the costs.

If you decide to try topical silicone treatment, shop around with multiple vendors to find the best price.