The total cost of subcision may vary between $500 and $4,000. Your health insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of the procedure.

The total cost of subcision depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Number of scars to treat: The more scars you need to treat, the greater the cost
  • Location of scars: Scars in some locations, such as on the chin and upper lip, may require multiple (typically 2 or 3) treatments for best results, increasing the cost4
  • Depth of scars: Scars with connective tissue fibers at different depths may require multiple treatments, increasing the cost
  • Geographic location of medical facility: The same procedure is more expensive in some cities and countries than in others

Sometimes, a doctor will combine subcision with a second scar treatment, such as dermal fillers. The second procedure will further increase the cost of treatment–in other words, the estimate of $500-$4000 does not include the price of the second scar treatment. Discuss with your physician whether combining subcision with another scar treatment will substantially improve your treatment outcome.4