Intralesional Corticosteroids

Compare To Other Treatments

On average, you can expect to pay $600 to $1600 or more.

A single treatment with intralesional corticosteroids cost from $150 to $200 or more per session, and multiple sessions are normally required.

Your health insurance may partially or fully cover the cost of intralesional corticosteroid treatment. Verify your coverage with your insurance provider before scheduling a treatment.

The total cost of intralesional corticosteroid treatment depends on the:

  • Scar size: In general, the larger the scar(s), the more treatment sessions will be required. Most doctors charge per session, so more sessions will mean substantially higher costs.
  • Response of scar(s) to treatment: Depending on how much improvement occurs after each treatment session, the doctor will decide how many sessions are necessary. Most patients need 4-8 sessions to obtain desired results. Each additional session increases the total cost of treatment.
  • Geographic location of medical facility: Intralesional corticosteroid treatment is more expensive in some cities and countries than in others.
  • Physician’s experience: Doctors who have more experience with intralesional corticosteroids may charge a higher fee.
 Cost per sessionNumber of sessionsTotal cost
Low estimate$1504$600
High estimate$2008$1,600
  • Recurrence of scars: Hypertrophic and keloid scars may potentially improve, but they are well known to sometimes regrow, requiring a new round of treatments. This will drive up the costs.

If you decide to undergo intralesional corticosteroid treatment, obtain price estimates from multiple doctors before scheduling a treatment.