Augmentation / Fillers

Compare To Other Treatments

The total cost of augmentation can vary widely from $420 up to $3000 or more. A single injection of the cheapest temporary filler in an inexpensive city may only cost $420. Treatment of a large number of scars requiring a series of injections of costly permanent fillers in an expensive city may cost $3000 or more.

Augmentation is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, so your health insurance is unlikely to cover the cost. Check your coverage with your health insurance provider before undergoing augmentation.

The total cost of augmentation depends on many factors:

  • Type of filler: Some fillers are more expensive than others. Fillers are typically priced by the syringe. In general, the more permanent the filler, the higher the price per syringe.
Filler typeExampleAverage price per syringe
Temporary fillersCollagen fillers
HA fillers
Semi-permanent fillersCH or PLLA fillers$1150
Permanent fillersPMMA fillers$1275

The type of filler also determines how soon the treatment may need to be repeated, if ever, to maintain the desired effect. Each repeat treatment will drive up the costs.

Filler typeHow soon treatment needs to be repeated
Temporary fillersAfter 3-18 months (depends on specific filler)
Semi-permanent fillersAfter 24 months or less (depends on specific filler)
Permanent fillersAfter many years or never (depends on specific filler)
  • Geographic location of medical facility: Augmentation with the same filler will cost more in some cities and countries than in others.
  • Physician’s experience: Doctors who have more experience with augmentation may charge a higher fee. When it comes to invasive procedures on the face, it is worth it to pay more for a more experienced doctor.
  • Number of scars to be treated: A large number of scars may require more than one syringe of filler, which will drive up the costs.
  • Number of treatments: Depending on the severity and number of scars and on how much improvement you experience from the first treatment, your doctor may decide to perform multiple treatments on the same area. This will drive up the costs. In addition, if you undergo augmentation with temporary or semi-permanent fillers, you will eventually need to repeat the treatment to maintain the desired effect. Otherwise, your scars will gradually return.

If you decide undergo augmentation, ask multiple doctors for their price estimates before scheduling a treatment.