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Found 11 results

  1. Not every treatment that claims to cure acne actually keeps its promises. Most teen acne sufferers (and their parents!) have experienced the disappointment of products that fail to deliver, and this can, of course, be heartbreaking. Not only do many remedies fail to work, they can also be very damaging to the skin and sometimes even the rest of the body. Most prescription acne treatments fall into four groups namely: * Normalizing- the medication is shed into the pore to minimize block
  2. Hi everyone! Today is my first day on Accutane and I decided to read some logs on here to sort of give me hope. Well, it scared me more than anything. I would like to know what products you ex or current Accutane users are using to reduce common side-effects. I've heard about chapped lips so I got myself a repairing lip-balm. I've read that some users get nosebleeds and that is something I've never experienced before and I don't want to experience it so is it safe to use a nasal spray for dr
  3. I just finished a Z-pack antibiotic course last week for a mild bronchitis infection and started noticing a bunch of whiteheads and a mild rash pop up on my forehead, jawline, and neck earlier this week, but it seems to have gotten worse now towards the end of the week. I Has anyone else experienced this type of reaction from antibiotics use? I haven't made any recent changes to my diet or skincare regimen. Any feedback/insight would be appreciated - thanks!
  4. Hey all, Typical acne story: I've had some form of it since I was 12-13ish and I won't say I've tried everything, but I've tried most over-the-counter drugs, topicals, natural remedies, etc. The last few things I've tried are Differin, herbal medicine, and vitamin e oil. For the past few weeks, I haven't been putting anything on my face other than a little bit of makeup (which is amazing and terrifing for me - I used to wear a thick layer daily) and washing with CeraVe cleanser. I have m
  5. Hi I would like to start off by saying that I think I am losing all of my hair by the regimen. I know that is not one of the main side effects but I'm pretty sure it is because of it and I'll tell you why. I'm pretty sure because I stopped using the benzoyl peroxide for like 3 weeks and my hair began too grow but also my acne. I started the regimen again and again my hair began too fall. I don't know what to do I'm only 18 and don't want acne or hair loss ps. Sorry for any grammar o
  6. hi, so I am on accutane and I have been for around 5 and a half weeks now. I was just wondering if it is normal for my acne to be getting worse ??? as my skin has become extremely dry and flakey I can't help but pick it ( I know it's bad and I shouldn't ) . is my acne getting worse because I'm picking at my skin or is it just the initial breakout and when will it start to clear up ?? I don't want to seem impatient but my skin is so sore as I'm getting huge pimples I have never had before. Also
  7. Another quick before & now picture Before 100 Days Obviously there's a huge improvement but I've still got red marks that are difficult to see on that picture because they kinda merge with the freckles. The ultimate result would be my face skin looking like the skin on my neck, that would be incredible. Side Effects update: I've noticed that under my eyes is a lot darker than usual, and it's very obvious when your skin is as pale as mine. A teacher literally asked me
  8. Hi, roaccutane laid me low for many years, but now i'm close being back to full health. A year and a bit ago i found that doing a severe version of the atkins diet - avoiding vitamin A; so not eating fish, dairy, eggs or liver - for short periods at a time, cos so difficult, massively and enduringly improved my symptoms. I made a video explaining this. please share it with anyone you know suffering long term side effects. thanks
  9. UPDATE 09/29/14: The stomach pain has stopped. I still have rectal discomfort after sitting in certain position for a prolonged time, as well as walking for about 15 minutes or more. It feels slightly inflamed, like a rectal examination without proper amount of lube. TL;DR - Stomach upset, abdominal pain, and rectal discomfort after only 1 and a half months on second dose of Accutane. Anyone experience something similar? Hey guys, I thought I'd post this here to see if anyone experience
  10. Another accutane related post from me. Bleurgh. So it's been a week and I really don't feel good. Mentally I feel fine, just a tiny bit more irritable. Physically though is a different story. I feel exhausted within like 2 hours of waking up, eyelids feel heavy, my head aches... Not in the classic headache sort of way, just constantly a bit achey, mostly around the front/temples area. Also this morning I felt quite sick. Not to the point of actually throwing up but just a little. Is it n
  11. Hi! i've had this question in my mind for quite some time. let's say u've done the saliva test but it's come out negative. i'm told by a worthy fellow blogger here that one can still have topical fungal issues. one question on that, # does such fungal bumps itch for sometime?suddenly? so,now am going to focus on fungal folliculitis and it's solution. well, we all know what it is..antidandruff/anti-fungal shampoo like nizoral,scalpe,head & shoulders etc. but my point li