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Found 196 results

  1. OMGmahface

    Day 2

    Day 2 -It's only day 2, can't say I see much improvement I tried to resist the urge... but I picked at one spot. thankfully, I didn't do any damage! it was only for 5 sec... Big improvement I did eat very unhealthy today.. 3 chili dogs from weinershnitzle and ramen and pepsi..... I'm not too sure if diet is a contributing factor to my acne. I've never had consistent outcomes. Usually, I get a pimple right away if I wasn't able to get a good night's rest.... but with food, iono. Hopefull
  2. I wish I could blame my hands for how my face looks. But I know its really my lack of self control. If I would quit picking at my skin I KNOW it would be so much better. But instead of stopping when I say I'm going to, I find myself in front of the mirror, hunting for any and everything I can possibly pick at. Then, when my face is oozing, red and sore, I blame my hands. Is picking an addiction? I feel like it is. Either that or a mental disorder. I WANT to stop!!!! If i ever get rid of acne
  3. Everything is in point form; I'm not done loathing myself. - got home looked into the mirror and LOST IT Can't explain it, just got into a head space and nothing I did could wrench me out of it FUCKED up my face. And cried, and cried, and cried, and cried, and cried. I disappointed everyone, including myself. I OBLITERATED any progress I made as well as my self-esteem toward body image I feel ugly, and so ashamed of myself. the elastic snapping no longer works and I have no idea how to make
  4. Ok, so I'm just finishing up my cycle and as always I'v experienced a breakout. But not as bad as they use to be...even though I went and picked my face to shreads which didnt help anything.... But the Spin Brush is really helping! It helps me heal and clear up alot faster I think. Yet again, I know that if I could stop picking, my skin would be so much better. I AM going to try though. I promise. I'm wondering if im drying my skin out too much and then just adding moisture to it..just a thou
  5. Its been a while since I'v written, Life is so busy. Vacation was ok. I spent it wearing make up every single day before anyone saw me tho. My face was HORRIBLE. But anyways..I'm trying not to pick at my skin in hopes of it getting better (I feel like I'v said this before).Its really hard when you have blackheads tho..ugh I hate them!!!!!! But I'v got those blackhead removing strips I'm going to use..I'm also going to try to up my water intake. I know one of the reasons My skin is so bad is
  6. Hi, So yesterday I got a big spot on my cheekbone and in attempt to get rid of it, I spent the entire day attacking it with several products. It was going fine and it seemed to have shrunk from morning till evening. But then, i got impatient and I picked on it, even tho It looked like a blind spot (one that has no head and sits deeper under skin). Of course, it became all red and inflamed. So, i decided to put some asprin paste with few drops of tea tree oil on it. What happened next was very W
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes... I don't get much acne anymore, maybe 2 or 3 pimples a month. Trouble is, I can't stop myself from picking. It doesn't matter if the pimple is big or small, 'poppable' or not. I HAVE to pick it...and I have the scars to prove it I've tried lots of things over the years (I.e covering mirrors, band aids, etc) but nothing has worked for me long term. Has anyone tried hypnosis to stop picking?
  8. Hi guys, I used to comment here a lot 7 years ago. I always had good skin until after high school when I became reclusive (depression). My skin still remained good for several years after. Eventually though, after becoming more neurotic (and developing OCD), I began to pick my skin. I'd think that a tiny spot was a big deal. I thought if I could just scratch it off, it would heal over brand new. So stupid, but I was in an irrational state of mind. I eventually went back to sch
  9. So I've lurked the site for some time now, however I this is my first time posting. Bear with me, this might be long. I'm 26 and am losing my mind due to my skin. I had perfect skin all throughout my teen years. Once I hit 21-22, it was like all hell broke loose on my face. Granted, it is not as bad as some, but I have made it worse. Compulsive picking and trying to "fix" my face have left my face scarred and red-marked all over. I have anxiety and I know that it doesn't help my picking proble
  10. Hi everyone I have mild to moderate acne and recently I got a raised bump. I tried picking at it thinking it was acne but there was no puss and it just formed a dark skin after being inflamed. It was a bit raised and just like skin not hard scab so i peeled it off thinking it would be normal but I peeled the skin off there are no signs of healing so far. It didnt bleed or anythn as such like usually acne does n Its been 2 days now.. The dark skin around is what was peeled and theres no new s
  11. I am 17 years old and live in Ohio. I have what seems to be fine lines and pitted scars inside my laugh lines. At 14 I started breaking out and I did not have the knowledge I do now to know not to squeeze at a red mark on my face. What treatments will work for this type of problem? Can i ever look like a normal person again?
  12. Okay, so I think that I've just done the most stupid thing on earth. I picked 4 (!!!) hard, growing cysts that haven't even been on my forehead for that long. The worst thing is that, I am now left with very red and swollen marks that probably will fade into scars... Or worse, end up being cysts again... But can I prevent that?! And get rid of the swelling as fast as possible? My parents are out of town and I am alone at home, and two friends will visit me this sunday, and will stay here for a
  13. Hello, my name is Lina, I'm 14 and I think I had acne all over my face since 2 years ago? 2 and a half? Anyways, it's really bringing my self-esteem down and the fact that I'm overweight doesn't help either? Do you think it's possible to actually get rid of my acne even though I'm fat and I don't wash my oily hair every day? So one thing that I do A LOT is not only pick dry flakes (old pimples that are gone?) and pimples and such, but I also hold up my head with my arms which means my hands
  14. Hey all I'm a 22 year old female who has acne for about 8 years now. I have always had a problem with picking at my skin. If I get a new spot, I pretty much have to pop it or peel off any flaking skin. I know for a fact that picking really and truly exacerbates my acne. In fact, I may even go so far as to say that it causes most of it nowadays. My skin is usually A LOT better when I decide not to pick at it very much. I really need a teammate (or teammates!) who will join me in a "No Pi
  15. So I've had this huge cyst since monday, and the spot is still raised and dry and bumpy It had scabbed a little, and i STUPIDLY thought gently exfoliating my face would make it better, but i knocked the scab off. The spot itself is red and raw, and the skin surrounding it is red and brown, and I'm worried it looks like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation Will it terribly scar? Will the dark mark go away? I have put some palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E on it, and a little bit
  16. Yes, I know the whole "don't pop/squeeze zits" shpeel, please don't give me that rant, I'm more interested in why every pore feels like it pops when it's squeezed. I don't know if you know what I mean, But the skin feels like it "pops" as if freeing a whitehead, but there is no visible zit. The spot can also be squeezed multiple times and pops each time its squeezed.., I don't see any liquid leave the pore, its more facinatng than concerning.. (I do have some acne on my face but It doesn't matt
  17. This is my post where I will be updating on my 15 day picking challenge. Normally, the challenges are around 30 days. I am doing the 15 day challenge with the hopes that after 15 days I won't need to. I have read a ton about picking and popping pimples and I've come to a conclusion. Popping can be helpful for when you have those NASTY DISGUSTING whiteheads that just need to be popped but other than that, nothing else should be popped! Through personal experience, I've noticed that my forehea
  18. Background on me: I had perfect skin about 4 months ago, but started washes and irritants that made my skin flare up. My "acne" isnt that bad, just uneven tone and small whiteheads on my forehead. I am currently doing the "caveman" regimen" and need "no picking" buddies for a month. Theory goes, I can restore the acid mantle and clear up my skin by not touching/letting water get on it for 1 month. I need help and encouragment on NOT picking or flaking the skin off too early
  19. I forgot to add that I am also a picker!!! if it comes to a head I have to pick it. I tell you, forcing myself not to pick is like trying to quit smoking! I quit smoking back in May. If i can do that I CAN stop picking right??
  20. sh1234

    Dec 23rd Report

    Okie dokie well here i am, the day after my December 22nd challenge.. and i must say im pretty happy with where my skins at right now. It was *decent enough* for my hair appt yesterday, and i found something while shopping yesterday that i think will hit it home. Its a retinol cream i found at winners, i used it last night and already could see an improvement this morning. Will keep using! My picking has been pretty under control since theres not much to pick at right now. However, I did have an
  21. OK. As i am writing this it is the morning after a big pick, after I was on a pretty good roll with nice skin. Yep, I played myself again. It started how it always does, went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Was going to remove one tiny flake off of a healed spot, very meticulously and controlled..... and BAM !!!!! 30 mins later my whole face has been extracted and is beet red. My favorite cream has mitigated some of the damages, its not the worst its ever been by any means but like c
  22. sh1234

    For Pickers

    Also, i forgot to mention a new cream i just got that in 2 days has healed picking wounds like nothing ive ever tried! (ive said his before about Derma E Psorzema cream, and maybe the Dermatouch retinol day cream) but this one is FOR REAL, better than everything else!!!! IS Clinical sHEALd Balm. OMG. You guys. Pickers out there....we are all looking for some magical lotion to put on after a picking spree. This is it. I thought ive found it before, but no. THIS is the one. A
  23. Day 1 Hello readers! I hope that by keeping a daily blog on my progress that I can motivate myself through this challenge and help combat my utter lack of self control. Today has been a stay at home day so I’ve not worn makeup which is nice. I picked and squeezed the hell out of my face these last few days so right now my face is a red, scarred, blotchy, scabby dry mess. I tend to pick when I look in the mirror. I always find myself looking for imperfections as I suffer from low confiden
  24. Steph G


    Let me begin by saying that I have tried many many many different ways to cure my acne. From all different types of home remedies (applying tea tree oil every night does not work for our skin, guys) to prescription medications.Things I've tried (to name a few):apple cider vinegarhoney maskstea tree oil (my boyfriend really didn't appreciate the smell)antibactitial soaphomeopathic oral dropsremoving dairy from diet (torture)increase water intakewitch hazel acne pills from another county (DO NOT A
  25. Fairlie

    Day 11

    Hey! Hope everyone has had a good day! I woke up in a pretty good mood and then went to work (I'm a dog trainer) and within 5 minutes a dog decided to pee on my legs...so that was fun. ANYWAYS, today has been good. My skin is noticeably dryer and WAY more red. Does anyone know what works well for this? I don't typically wear makeup unless its for a special occasion. My cheeks are getting really red mid-day. Lips are good so far and my eyes haven't been as noticeably dry anymore so thats great! I