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Found 28 results

  1. acneruinsmylife

    Day 3

    A few pimples came to the surface, but this seems pretty normal since I pretty much always have pimples coming and going 24/7. I'm just hoping this is my skin purging the bad stuff and then it'll start to clear up! I'm still not that dry - I MAY be producing a little less oil? I just don't feel the need to blot my face with a tissue in the bathroom nearly as often and I feel like I don't look as shiny as I used to. I think my lips might be a little dry? Still not a huge difference, I'm just tryi
  2. Well i'm stopping accutane for a while, probably for a week. I went to see the doctor yesterday and she said my blood results came up a bit high. My lips were fine then but after i went to play some sports and drank afterwards. Soon after i started to see little dots in my lips that burned. Today i realized they were COLD SORES! AGAIN! I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN COLD SORES IN MY LIFE, ONLY TIME WAS WHEN I WAS ON ACCUTANE THE FIRST TIME AND NOW!!!It's my fault. I have been careless about my lips, even
  3. Hi guys, I have been on accutane for 15 days now and I haven't had any alcohol because my dermatologist said to avoid it. However, I am a college student and drinking/the bars are a big part of my social life. I don't need to drink a ton/binge but I would like to have a couple beers. Would it be okay to drink a couple beers for one night every week? I know a lot of people who have had alcohol on accutane but I don't want to damage my liver badly.... any thoughts on this subject and if moderat
  4. Hey everyone!!I've had moderate acne for the past 4 years and after endless medications and prescriptions I have built up the courage to go on Accutane! I've read so so many threads and logs and so many people have had great results! For the past 3 months this summer my acne took a turn for the worst after I got bronchitis and had to take a lot of medication (i thought antibiotics would help me??). Anyway, I've been even more depressed than usual and I barely leave the house so I don't pigment m
  5. Hey guys! I used to go on this site quite frequently but over the years lost touch with the community. After battling cystic acne for the past 10 years I have finally taken the plunge and started Accutane. I created a new account to document my journey on a blog here. Anyway, I noticed there wasn't too much information out there on user's experiences of drinking and/or doing recreational drugs while taking Accutane. I know the warning is that you should not drink more than 2 alcoholic bevera
  6. First of all, I am a high school senior. I dont want lectures on why i shouldn't be drinking or some nonsense like that. I can't think of an adult that I know that didn't drink in high school. Anyways, I have about two weeks left of my accutane course, 60 mg/day. I drank on saturday (for the first time in the 5 months of the course) and i got pretty drunk. I drank a ton of water during the drinking session though. The next morning, I was tired. That's it. No headache, no puking, nothing. No real
  7. I just started accutane a week ago. I'm 5'3.5 and 120lbs. I was just out and had one beer and came home and took 20mg accutane. I'm aware this is kinda a low dose. Am I good?
  8. One week in now guys and still...not much to report!! nooo!! im bein really impatient i guess i feel fine, the initial breakout is not unmanagable, my hair is getting a little dry now and my lips also (i notice it at night) but other than that not much more to report!! Only one week has gone by though so i am obviously not expecting much. On New years eve we went to a pub. Obviously I can't drink - I had two small glasses of wine with water inbetween as my derm said 1-3 units a day is allowed b
  9. ok so im currently taking accutane and i had a few to drink with a friend of mine the other night. the next day i had the worst hangover i could imagine, so bad that it was more like a stomach virus: barfed many times, to the point where i had nothing left to throw up, but my body still tried too, and had bad diarrhea. ever since then (it was Monday, 3 days ago) i really haven't eaten, just havnt been hungry (Monday and a bit of tuesday i couldnt have eaten cuz i would have thrown up) but now im
  10. If you drink while on accutane would it show up in the blood tests? Also what are the long term effects of drinking on accutane. Thanks
  11. Hi everybody. I'm a 17 year old male, and i just started on Accutane 2 weeks ago, or more specifically 16 days. I'm on 60mg/day and for the first week, it seemed to work perfectly. I got super dry as i was warned about, and my back started hurting as well, but i didn't mind this as i saw it as signs of the drug working. Also i got a pretty bad initial breakout but i was okay with that. But then, last weekend, i went out drinking, and drank WAY to much. I didn't throw up, black out, or feel any d
  12. Alcohol and Acne

    What Does the Research Say? Only a limited amount of research has examined the relationship between alcohol and acne and at this point we cannot say definitively if drinking causes or worsens acne, or for that matter if drinking has no effect or even helps clear acne. Let's look at the studies we have: Two studies found: Drinking may be associated with an increased prevalence of acne We have two studies that are based on survey responses that...
  13. Will Staying Hydrated Help Keep Your Skin Clear?

    Does Hydrating Your Skin Help with Acne? How Much Water Does the Body Need? The Body Makes Sure It Has the Water It Needs If You're Dehydrated, Drinking Extra Water Might Make Your Skin More Hydrated Is it Possible to Drink Too Much Water? What about Caffeinated Beverages? What about Alcoholic Beverages? The Bottom Line According to many articles and conventional wisdom, drinking a lot of water every day can boost your health in all sorts...
  14. 1st month: 60mg/day I went to get my blood work done today, i hope it comes okay considering i have been drinking these days, 4-6 beers/ week. I just couldn't help it; friends, it's the holidays, several dates, i haven't told anyone yet that i'm on Accutane. Gonna go cold turkey on alcohol after Thanksgiving. I currently have two cysts, and one regular pimple on my face. One cyst refuses to go away, it's dark and unpopable for some reason and it's been there for like a week and the other
  15. I'm a 21 year old male currently on day 2 of accutane(oratane), 20mg a day. I want to know about how you go about taking accutane and drinking alcohol... I know drinking alcohol taxes your liver and is even worse for you when you are on accutane, but I'm a college student and it's pretty hard not to have a few drinks at the end of the week with your mates. I asked my derm about this before we started and he said it would be perfectly fine to have a few drinks while on the drug. But is it oka
  16. Catherine3D

    Day Two

    Today was day two. I had several new pimples - white heads and the formation of cysts alike. I'm trying to keep my hands off my face....It's hard. My skin is starting to dry out a little, and it's more sensitive. My cheeks are red, and I can feel my lips beginning to dry. My friends are still getting used to me not drinking with them. On Tuesdays, we go out after one of our classes and celebrate the fact that it's over for the week. Last night, I went out with them, so as not to b
  17. I've never been one to blog but felt compelled to share my experience on Accutane after reading countless blogs and reviews from others. I feel that other people's stories about being on Accutane has helped me enormously during my own experience with it thus far so I feel it is my duty as a fellow acne suffer to share my story in hopes of helping others who are either starting or contemplating starting the 'tane! First let me give you some background information about my personal struggle wit
  18. 1st month: 60mg/day My lips have started to get a little dry. I have popped all blackheads a few days ago and have no new acne except for a little one on my jaw line. I'm still washing my face twice a day with BP 10% Since i'm starting to see the side effects of accutane, no more drinking alcohol socially, as the liver has enough on its hands The first time i took accutane i didn't get the IB, hopefully it's the same now. I think during the first two weeks when the initial breakout u
  19. So lets start this blog with a little info about me; I'm 21, female, caucasian, I work, I school, I play (don't want to bore you with the details). My acne fluctuates in intensity but I am NEVER clear. I have acne on my face, arms, back, neck and chest It's usually moderate and sometimes severe cysts (not attractive!!!). My brother and all my cousins have taken accutane and it helped them soooo much so I'm pretty excited to finally have this extremely annoying acne taken care of. It would b
  20. Is it okay if I have a beer or two while on accutane, once a week? My main concern is failing the blood tests.
  21. Why is there not any warning about drinking alcohol in the iPledge program or in any of the prescription medication warnings from makers of Accutane/Isotretinoin like Claravis? I am 48 years old and started taking Accutane 3 months ago. Recently I drank a beer, had 2 cocktails with dinner and drank lots of water over the course of 5 hours and I BLACKED OUT. While I was blacked out I left my apartment (the last place I remember being) and was found several blocks away. I woke up 6 hours later
  22. I know the title of this post was a little odd, haha, but here is my dilemma: I have been prescribed Accutane (60mg) after 2 years of having NOTHING work for my skin. I'm actually really, really excited and want to start my Accutane journey ASAP. I'm 21 and almost done university, so I'd love to get my acne under control by March when I have to interview for internships. ANYWAY. I've had my blood work done and have my first 30-day round of treatment filled. Its currently sitting on my desk. B
  23. So I've read some posts from people claiming their acne does better when they lay off the water with meals: 20-30 minutes before and 1 hour after seems to be pretty commonplace. But is drinking water with meals really a bad thing? I find if I avoid water 30 minutes before and 1 hour after, then DURING meals I get increasingly hungry and usually overeat. Mayo Clinic posted a Q and A on the subject: Question Water after meals: Does it disturb digestion? Does drinking water during or afte
  24. I was wondering something about consuming alcohol. Can drinking alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, sake, martini, etc affect acne? My belief since alcohol damages brain cells and tissues within the body and can kill ya, I thought it would kill the oil glands and weaken the sebum oil produce rate. And possibly kill acne since using rubbing alcohol tightens pores and eliminates bacteria. It seems so ironic...
  25. I went to Thailand for 5 weeks as a reward for my hard work at university and working as a control engineer intern at a local factory. This brought to me a few issues. Sun, alcohol, and food. I enjoyed my holiday a lot with lots of drink and other various things. This do doubt put a strain on my system. However I love scuba diving and snorkelling and I spent around 50% of my time on the beach playing football (not the american boring version! (ruffle some feathers ) or swimming or just