Isotrex : Topical Isotretinoin Gel (0.05%)

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Active Ingredient:
Isotretinoin (0.05%).

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June 7, 2017
I've suffered from acne since 14 and I've suffered with my skin really badly. Never in 15 years have been a day without a zit, pimple of redness on my face until I came across two medications. ISOTREX has worked wonders for me. I wish I had known about this back then, maybe I could been scar free. Isotrex in conjunction with doxycycline cleared the acne on my face within two weeks. It's simply amazing.
July 15, 2016
This stuff has worked miracles for me **********
Ok i've never written a review before but feel i need to now after discovering 30 years old and have adult cystic acne ever since i was 24 and on the pill....i have tried EVERY topical, antibiotic bla bla bla - the usual acne forum comments that every poor sufferer has had to endure....i resigned myself to the fact that i was going to have to wait till i was in my 40s and "grow out of this!" My dermatologist prescribed me ruaccuatane for 4 months before i had to come off it, my hair was falling out in clumps and was making me so stressed worrying about being bald as well as spotty! (the lesser of two evils?!) Anyway - after feeling like i was losing the battle against acne again i went back to a dermatologist 3 years later and asked them for ISOTREX after reading about it on the internet....initially my skin broke out on my chin but much much smaller spots...more like pimples than bad cysts....within 2 weeks i started noticing how my skin looked "normal" i had a few pitted and red scar left but the spots and pimples were shrinking I've been on this 6 weeks now and have NO spots (just scars) but with make up on you cant see the red scars just a few small pits. The red scars are fading as they do with time, but its so nice knowing that once these have faded they have gone!! Rather than thinking, "yeah great the red scar is fading but no sooner than its gone there will be a new one to replace it!" I had to wear factor 50 sun-cream on holiday last week as it does thin your skin so take care when in the sun with this....but i actually braved going make up free for the first time in 7 years!! I feel liberated! Its so nice to feel normal again - like yeah my skin isn't perfect as its scarred,...but its not covered in huge lesions anymore and i actually feel like i can blend into society again a bit more rather than feeling like i'm walking around with spots that shout at people to get their attention!! My dermatologist also prescribed me 'Spironalactone' as well to take at same time - i only started this last week so cant comment on this but its a double protection method really - spiro helps to reduce androgen and sebum production so its probably going to end up assisting the isotrexin but i can totally put all the gratitude to clearing my skin up, on Isotrexin only!!! Please guys if you've tried everything and have given up hope....especially if you are a 30 something female and fed up with feeling like you have the face of an 18 year old (and not the youngness of an 18 year old lol) PLEASE TRY IT!!!!
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July 15, 2016
Id also like to add that isotrexin stopped me having an oil slick of a face....i can apply my make up at 6am when i get up for work and when i arrive home at 6pm its still on....perfectly!!!! No greasy and shiny forehead that looks like someone threw a chip pan at me! Hallelujah!
October 5, 2015
This stuff is the holy grail of acne treatment! I started this treatment on the 18th of August this year, and now, my skin is almost clear! The only thing that's bad about this is the 'Initial breakout', which is the product and the treatment bringing all the yuch to the surface of your skin. I had it extremely bad around my chin with many whiteheads, now, i literally have one that's on lip. The dryness is also a pain, but with a good moisturizer it's manageable. There's also some burning when you first start but that will stop around a week to two weeks into the treatment. You must persevere with this gel, even if it looks really bad and sore, you must keep using it or you will just be stuck with horrible skin. Also, start small with this, like using it 3 times a week and not everyday, gradually build it up until you use a pea size amount for your whole face a night. It's an amazing treatment and I would recommend it to everyone with moderate acne.
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October 2, 2016
im 16 and I've been using isotrex gel for 12 days so far. my acne has worsened, at the end of 6 weeks will there be a good chance that my acne will improve? and how much should i be using every night? thanks.