Isotrex : Topical Isotretinoin Gel (0.05%)

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Active Ingredient:
Isotretinoin (0.05%).

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April 6, 2016
I have been using it for a while and it defiantly has helped my skin, it is do have some clear patches but also times where spots will appear. My only issue is that I don't moisturise as I haven't really found one that doesn't irritate my skin, however I'm need to start as my skin has really started to dry out, I'm just not sure when I should use it. I apply the gel once every night, so should I moisturise before I put the gel on? If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated
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May 14, 2016
Use Eucerin Dermopurifier range , literally the best skincare I've used ( and I've tried most !) designed to works in conjunction with treatments like retinoids . I've been using Isotrex 0.05 for 4 weeks 1 a day at night along with eucerin range in the day etc plus cleanser and have no sore skin whatsoever . Hope this helps
May 15, 2016
Also forget to mention , at night after I've cleansed washed my face , I let my skin dry with nothing on it for at least half an hour before putting Isotrex on ( no moisturiser apart from eyes ) . This makes quite a difference letting your skin dry thoroughly first . It will feel tight initially but resist the urge to moisturise , it'll balance within the half hour