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September 23, 2019
Works for me!

Instead of just splashing water on my face, I wet a paper towel and very gently wipe my face with it. This way I'm exfoliating and cleansing at the same time. I've been doing this for 3 weeks and can't believe how clear my face is. This is the longest I've gone without acne in 15 years! Yes it was that bad! I'm also in the process of getting my digestive health in better shape because I'm almost 99% positive that it is the cause of my acne to begin with. Anyway, if you decide to try the water only method remember that you will still need to exfoliate somehow. Otherwise, those dead skin cells will pile up and clog pores causing even more acne than you had before. 

June 24, 2019
Was great while it lasted

I had a period of acne in high school where I had acne because of the fried junk I ate daily but it went away after I fixed my diet, put my bangs away from my forehead and did chemical peels + just said screw it and stuck with water regimen. However, as I transitioned into college, I started eating all those junk food again like pizza and added on with the stress of being a college freshman, all that acne came back to haunt me with a vengeance. My face was literally a grave because I bought into the garbage acne companies throw at you like Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and etc. It ended up as red as tomato from the burns (I think it caused the PIE/PIH I still have till this day 2 years later) along with the breakouts you get after you go cold turkey on BP. I was researching acne topics and stumbled upon the water regimen and it just hit a light bulb in me to try it again since it worked the first time. At first, the water regimen seemed alright in the first 2 weeks as it brightened the acne scars. There were dead skin problems so I used wet microfiber towels to gently remove them. However, I read up on how the real challenge was the 3rd week (and unfortunately I should've stopped during this week). My face exploded in acne and it just continued after the 3rd week (my family kept commenting throughout these weeks of how did my skin get so bad all of a sudden). I've decided to stop now after a month because my skin type is probably not the same as it was back then and I've been getting an increase in cysts which I don't usually get. This regimen is definitely not for everyone but it was fun while it lasted because I only had to do the bare minimum + I'm on summer vacation so it was more like an experiment. In addition, I wanted to say to proceed into this regimen at your own risk because I think it gave me seb. derm.

January 22, 2019
Tried Everything, This seems like it may work

I got a hydrating facial 4 days ago and I was going to do the no wash caveman to rebuild skin barrier, but I went out with the lotions and stuff on my face from the facial and it started to draw too much attention by day 2. So I decided to do the water only method. I got out the shower and rinsed with Luke warm water until my face felt rubbery so I knew I was getting everything off. It still feels really slick 3 days later but probably becuase the facial lady used so much lotion! So I just finished my 4th wash (I wash morning and night 10-12 hours apart after I shower) and it seems the lotion is almost surfaced and off my face. Skin is still shiny on forehead but not on cheeks anymore. It looks good. I think by day 4 my skin will be balanced again and I can keep on washing morning and night 10-12 hours apart. 


I lied. This is a 4 day update from when I initially posted this review. I don't think washing with water rebuilds the barrier when you compare it to leaving it untouched without water (or even steam from the shower). Starting today I will leave it untouched including water or steam. 

November 12, 2018
Two days in!
I never write reviews ever but I feel obligated to do this one if it can benefit any other acne sufferers. Long story short I have had acne since I was 14 very mild in the beginning (im sure it was from puberty because it was only on my forhead and very mild) I started buying every over the counter drug to try to solve it and in return It just got worse(cystic acne on my cheeks and couldnt even sleep)! Finally at age 18 I went on accutane and one year later I was clean and clear(everyday since then I stayed to my cerVe face wash that was recommended by my derm). My skin has got so dependent on my face wash that when I wake up its extremely oily!!! That was until 2years later my cheeks are starting to have moderate break outs again and I cannot even imagine starting from square one! So I sat and thought is this face wash making my skin oily?? This is my second day of using the water only method ( letting water run down your face not touching your skin, pat dry with paper towel) and my skin hasnt been oily once! I honestly think my skin got dependent on the face wash. Honestly so far so good! I will be leaving updates!!
August 4, 2018
Just started and need help
I started about 2 weeks ago. I have cystic acne (I didn't have any before I started this though), normal zits and just crazy amount of blocked pores which includes blackheads, whiteheads, and those tiny little bumps. I also have a lot of hyperpigmentation. The first week everything seemed really great I splashed my face with water in the morning and in evening used a face cloth. Now the second week my face was so oily and I got a really big chin and jawline breakout, the pimples were not cystic but they hurt. I do wear eyemakeup and I workout during which I sweat quite a bit. I'm wondering if I should just completely stop washing my face or just at night with a facecloth or without? I just find my skin gets so flaky and crumby feeling if I don't use a facecloth? Does that eventually go away? Please help
June 4, 2018
Going to try this!
I'm thinking about giving this a try I'm 31 yrs young lol and every time I use my cleanser and moisturizer within an hour my face is super oily and I've been doing some research and I want to give this washing my face with water a try but I want to know do you guys use any moisturizers after cleaning with just water?
April 11, 2018
hey guys. i've suffered from acne for 1-5 years now and it's only moderate nothing severe like that. i have oily skin but few breakouts anymore. i have tons of scarring from acne and i used to use all cerave products and an epiduo retin a thing prescribed by my derm. i'm really interested in this regime because im lazy to wash my face here and there because it takes me 20 mins morning and night! i'll update everyday and today is my first day :)
April 4, 2018
So originally I had a raw piece of skin about to become a scab on my face and this made me not wash my face as I didn't want to disturb the way it healed. I just let the shower water hit my face. BTW it never became a scab because I constantly left Neosporin on the raw skin and went back to normal skin in less then a week! I started to notice that my forehead cystic acne was clearing up a bit during this process. I started researching if this was a thing, not washing your face as our society has just became HUGE on beauty products. I started to hear these success stories and continued to only wash my face with warm water and finish with cold water. This got rid of about 98% of my cystic acne that is only on my forehead. Before this I had not oily, nor dry skin. Everyday I was getting another or multiple white heads which isn't normal for me. As everyday continued, my skin became VERY oily. After that I had to stop because the cystic acne that I had practically gotten rid of had became white heads everywhere and my face was VERY oily. My face was itching from how much oil was being produced on my face!! Then I got a little section of tiny bumps (clogged pores). I finally stopped washing my face with only water because the oily skin, white heads and tiny bumps. Now I have oily skin, slowly getting rid of the white heads and tiny bumps. I am 18 and I never had acne until I became overwhelmed with stress and anxiety about 5 months ago. Before this, I'd loose it because I'd have one tiny pimple on my face. Getting acne has really made my confidence fluctuate. I am stuck to say if I recommend this as most acne varies. My current routine after this is using a tea tree facial cleanser once in the morning and at night. I moisturize my face at night after I've washed my face and taken a shower. Then i put pure tea tree oil on a q-tip and run it under water then spot treat with it. This simplistic acne treatment, I've started has became effective and it seems that if I keep my stress under control that my acne will hopefully be gone! Last thing I want to say is please love youreself even if your acne messes with your confidence. I get it and it's really hard, but you just have to remember that at the end of the day if someone thinks you're not beautiful or handsome because you have acne then they don't deserve you. Remember that you're SO much more then your acne. That your acne doesn't get to determine if you'll live your life. Learn to accept the fact your acne is what it is and you're doing everything you can to get rid of it. That's all you can do!
February 22, 2018
This works for me
I did this for years (since I was a kid) and I had really good clear skin that I got compliments on. Everytime I used soap I would break out so I just used water. I told someone once and they looked at me like I was a freak and said, "Ew. How do you get your face clean?" So I never told anyone ever again, but I kept washing my face with water. Recently I found a very mild face wash that had water as it's first ingredient. I started using it and I noticed that the pores on my nose were a little better looking. I do have slightly oily T-Zones. So I started using this face wash regularly. But what do you know, the area around my mouth started to dry out, chap and discolor, and my cheeks started to break out which caused me to want to pop them (I can't help it), which left hyper pigmentation. I went back to washing with just water.
February 7, 2018
Don't try this if you are having closed comedones!
This will work fo people who are suffering from acne that's caused by irritation or who are using products that are not suitable for them especially people with rosacea acne and sensitive skin type.. sooo plez plez for anyone with congested skin ( having closed comedones, those tiny bumps under the skin) don't try this method as it will make your case even worse.. our acne type needs exfolation in regular basis.. I'm using retin a now for the CCs and it's doing a great job, alhamdullah..
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