Glycolic Acid Peel

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August 12, 2013
Oh. My. Goodness.




Hurts like no one's business. Itchy, burning, sensitivity, reddness, YOU NAME IT!
Takes forever to heal.
Ridiculously Expensive.

Two words: Never. Again. I don't know if it's because I have super sensitive skin or what, but this treatment did not go over well with me. It burned like heck when my esthetician put it on my face, and while she assured me that's normal I did not feel it should hurt that badly. I left her office with a red and irritated face. The next day things weren't horrible, but they weren't normal either. My face hurt and was noticeably puffier than usual. Then the next day I woke up looking like a million bees had stung me on my face. My skin was red, peely, excessively dry, and if the tiniest breeze blew by it felt like i was being stabbed all over my face. And the worst part is that I was breaking out ON TOP of all of that yuckiness. Let the record show, that I tried everything to reduce the inflammation and nothing worked. And worse than that, is when my face returned to normal there was absolutely no improvement... Waste of time, money, and pain.
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June 19, 2017
Did she do a skin test BEFORE to see if you were senstive? If not, take photos and call and attorney. You should get all your money back and some money for your pain and suffering and money to pay for future treatment if this damage is permanent.
July 6, 2011




pitted scars, doesn't reduce acne

i had a really bad breakout a few winters ago that i couldnt seem to get under control. I went to sk:n (uk dermatologists) and got 6 sessions of gycolic peels over the course of a few months. it did not help for my acne at all and i am left with permanent pitted scars on my cheeks to this day. the acid has a kind of melting effect and dissolves ur skin away leaving a big hole where ur pores used to be. this kind of treatment is probably best for ppl who do not have any active pimples and just want to get rid of superficial scarring - it's not the best thing to use if u have pustules. if anything it just aggravates ur acne even more.
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September 1, 2008




doesnt work at all, i used the 25% peel overnight and it did nothing.

waste of money