Glycolic Acid Peel

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September 1, 2008


Reasonably priced


-destroyed my skin
-made my skin crack
-over drying

I have dry skin and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who also has dry skin. It made my skin SO bad. Caused so much redness in my face and made my face have some sort of broken vein like line.It also cracked my skin causing scars and other marks. If you have dry skin I'd avoid this...
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April 9, 2008


Sheds the yucky layers of skin


Breakout, breakout, breakout!! Scaling of skin, too.

I've done peels for about 10 years - always under the care of a dr. I recently got an *at-home* one (Gly-Derm) from my dermo, and I broke out insanely. I look like a 14-year-old boy entering puberty. It's crazy - I am 31. My advice is to use caution w/ the peels. Now I have MORE red spots b/c of the breakout. I've got to get rid of them now. PAIN!
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March 19, 2008


Cheap and the possible results are apeeling


made my skin erupt bad!!!!!! had a couple blemishes,and then the peel caused a reaction and developed clusters of cysts

I did alot of research before i did a 10% lotion peel all natural saw alot of good results from others.It must have brought out alot of junk but it did not agree with me at all,it took 3 months for my skin to recover but it looks much better now.All I can say is dont mess with your skin too much since ive left it alone and wash only once a day i am almost crystal clear,i will deal with one to two blemishes anyday compared to that mess
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January 8, 2007


It gives skin a shiny glow for like a week or two.


First of all burns your skin off and produces bigger wounds and scars than any acne would, second when you stop using it the skin grows back to the same way it did before, but your skin is now more sun damaged.

Waste of time! if you want to fix the problem this is not the answer, oh and do not let the people who administer these products do extractions claiming that the pimples will heal faster because I have twice as many scars as before.
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